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How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby

       Pine Wood Car Racers...If you came directly to this page from a search engine or another site, you need to click here or on the banner above to go to "How to Win Your Pinewood Derby." Come and visit!

Pinewood Derby Winners testimonies

Winning Edge Pine Wood Derby Testimonies - PAGE THREE!

Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

The Biggest Smile Ever Seen!
        "Thursday, March 1, 2007 we had our church wide RA car race. My son's pinewood derby car came in 6th out of a field of 8. BUT, on Friday, March 2nd, I ordered a PDF download of your book, "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby". It was too late to start over so I decided to shift the weight as you suggested, and other tips you gave. Saturday, March 3rd was our associational race. There were 50+ cars in Alex's group. He never lost a race. I've never seen him smile any bigger. Thank you for making our day a very memorable one. You can bet next year we will incorporate ALL of the suggested design aspects." Brian and Alex, March 3, 2007


Sweet Victory!
        "My name is Scott Plaisance and my son is Alec. My testimony is lengthy, but it makes our win so much sweeter. This is my son's first year in Cub Scouts and Pinewood. We designed our car similar to your black designed car. Our cub scout pack started inspecting cars on a Friday at 6:00 pm and ended at 8:00 pm. Once the cars were weighed and inspected they got a chance to run the track, then they were kept overnihgt at he race site. My son and I entered the car at sharply 6:00 pm and hung around to see some of the competition. At about 7:45 pm 15 minutes before end of entering we began to leave the building. While I was walking to my vehicle one of the Scout leaders stated he had to talk to me. He stated that the three person race committee had met and they were gonna ask me to change my wheels or face disqualification. I had sanded down the lettering on the outside of the wheel slightly, but they could not produce any written rules against that technique. They offered me some wheels that were left over from previous events. I stated that I disagreed with their decision, but that was my only alternative. I had fifteen minutes to remove my wheels and use what was provided by them. Inside I was disgusted, but knew I could not quit at this point because of all the effort we had put in to the car. The next day was race day and we very anxious. To make a long story short my son won 13 races in a row to become the division champ and all around champion. The only car out of 22 not to lose a race. I want to thank you for your book which provided me with the techniques despite some setbacks provided my son and I the winning edge. This story is long, but is a good example of never giving up." Scott Plaisance, April 1, 2007 


At Last We Did It!
        "Wow! We did it! We just came home from our Pinewood Derby in Rocklin CA. Jacob placed 1st in Webelo's. 6 heats and he was undefeated. Thanks to your book and following your pinecar tips Jacob won after 5 years, placing 2nd only once before. This was his last pinewood derby and you helped him go out a winner. Placing the weights as you instructed allowed winning on the flats. Unbelievable! We wish we found you sooner!" Gary and Jacob Lambeth, Jan. 7, 2006


Money Well Spent
        "I just wanted to thank you for making my families first Pinewood Derby a success. I was never a Scout and had no idea how to go about making a winning car, but after purchasing your guide to building a winning pinewood derby car and following it as close as I could with the car styles my sons wanted to build, we had a blast. Zachary finished 3rd out of all Tiger Cubs and 6th out of the whole pack and Grant finished 2nd in the Siblings division. Thanks for the tips, it was money will spent." Marcus B., Jan. 27, 2007 


The Best Investment!
        "One of our major customers has an annual pinewood derby race that includes a separate supplier’s cup. While we had won the suppliers cup a couple times before, last year was not one of those years. So this year I decided to do a better job of representing our company by trying to win the suppliers this year. My first step was to search the internet for “fast pinewood derby car” and your book came up. I bought it immediately figuring I had nothing to lose. I followed your simple directions to your basic design concepts. It took me about 16 hours to build and the paint wasn’t even dry when I went to the contest. Since we did so poorly last year no one even looked twice at our new car. Soon as we started to win heats in the suppliers cup people started to show some interest. As it turns out we won the suppliers cup with ease, undefeated, and entered the overall race. We had never made it out of the first round of the overall race so expectations were low. There were 40 cars entered in the overall event from this engineering company. While some of the cars were display speed only, several of the entrants we engineering works of art with more than 80 hours time invested. We went undefeated in the 8 or so heats and our only losses by a ½ car length were in the main to the 6 time defending champion! I had never built a pinewood derby car before, and in tech the stewards told me “we have never seen such a simple car go so fast”. I wish to thank you for sharing your experience in this book that provided such an unexpected result. This result earned our company a lot of respect with my customers engineering team that will provide valuable for our business relationship. Without a doubt one of the best business investments I have made! I don’t normally write these kinds of things either.,….Great product." Ethan Wilson, Western Grinding Service, Belmont, CA, Aug 2006 

Pinewood Derby Race to First Place!

        Today we raced our Winning Edge Pinewood Derby car to first place! The car raced in 10 heats finishing 9 - 1, second place in just a single heat. We followed the Winning Edge formula to the tee but no modifications to the wheels by rule. It was clear in the 1st couple heats we were built for speed. Most heats we finished a full car length in front! In 2 heats the car ran through a towel at the end of the track and stopped under the scorers table. Your winning edge formula is truly a WINNING formula. We are really looking forward to next year. Thank you Winning Edge!" Carl and Kellen Newton, Katy, TX, Nov. 12, 2005 

Thanks for the Tips!
        "Thank you for your tips. Out of 150 cars the next closest was 3" behind me." Jon Frost, Santee, CA


We Are The Champions!
        " Hi Winning Edge, I downloaded your book. I had no idea on how to build a pinewood derby car. My 9 year old and I followed most of your tips. WELL...........We Won it all! We beat all of the cars to take home first prize. Over 100 cars raced and we won every heat and took 1st for the Bears Pack. Then we beat the cubs and wolves and yes even the Webelo cars. Only one race was even close to us. WOW! Every parent wanted to look at our car after the races. THANK YOU,THANK YOU WINNING EDGE !!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS TOO !!!!!" Bob Henrique, BSA Dighton, MA, April 2006 


Converted Skeptic!
        "Well – I was skeptical at first, and only utilized a few of your winning edge points in our Pinewood Derby car. Like I said, I was skeptical, but I had no idea what I was doing (a rookie) so I purchased your on line download. The car came in second one heat, which qualified him to run the final; he came from behind to win. We WON!Thanks for giving us... The Winning Edge!." Mark Muckelbauer, Severna Park, Maryland


A Microsecond Win!
        "The winning edge tips and tricks I ordered a few weeks ago is proof positive that it works. My 8 year old son Matt had his Awana Grand Prix a few days ago, he ran 4 heats in the first round and advanced to the 2nd round with an overall best combined time .300 of a second faster than the second place car. He went on to win the 1st place trophy for speed and a 5th place for design. Not only that, he also set a new track record for speed, 2.630 seconds on a 30 foot track, a full .120 seconds faster than the previous record. Converted to a scale speed of 188.00 mph. All in all, I have a very proud and happy little boy. Thanks a thousand times.." Mr. Wegener and son Matthew


See His Face!
        "We used the ideas from the book and were very successful. You should have seen my son's face. He is a Tiger Cub and his "Golden Tiger" beat every car at the derby. Thanks so much. It was a wonderful experience." Greg Willis, Scherr, WV


Second Year
        "This is the second year we incorporated your tips and this is the second year we have walked away with first place. This year Sean not only walked away from this Den's derby with first place but he raced 34 cars at the Scout-O-Rama and took the first place trophy there as well. Thank you for writing the book Winning Edge." John Hansen, Worland, Wyoming


Tremendous Tips!
        "You're right! It did help my son tremendously. Not only did he get the "First Place in Den" trophy, he was awarded the "Fastest Looking Car" one as well. The only regret he had was that he took a 7th Place finish overall in his pack. Regardless, we'll take these tips and apply them next year when my youngest son starts Tiger Cubs. Thanks!" Enrico Elizan, Alpharetta, GA


Another Winning Repeat
        "This is the second year my son and I have used your book to build a pinewood derby car. Last year Steve took 1ST in his rank at our pack race. He finished 4Th at the regionals for the first year Webelos. This was Steve's last year to race and we knew competition would be very tough. Not only did Steve have the fastest pinewood derby car in the second year Webelos group in our pack, his car was the fastest overall. I have to confess that his car even beat the one I had used in the adult races. We are off to the regionals again thanks to the great tips in your book." Frank and Steve Polter, Euclid, Ohio. Pack 312


Her Face Was Priceless
        "I was so excited when my daughter received her awana grand prix kit last Saturday night. She had been sick for a week or so and her best friend brought her kit to her. As it turned out the race was in just 4 days. I got online and discovered your book, so I ordered the pdf file and we got to work. It seemed like we take 2nd place in everything we ever competed in so she really wanted to win this one. We followed your book to the tee and it paid off. We won every heat we ran. The first heat we won by about 6 inches, the 2nd we won by a foot. The final heat we won by less than an inch, so I am a believer that every little detail is important. It was real cool, every Dad in the place was looking over her car trying to figure out what made it so fast. I revealed no secrets as we are already planning for next years race. The look on my little girls face was priceless. She beat all 35 boys and girls and that meant more I think to her than anything. I just wanted to say thanks a lot." Eric Dahlberg, April 2006 


Ear to Ear Winning Grin
        "I purchased the 2004 Pinewood Derby Book several weeks ago and wanted to share my experiences. My son Daniel and I worked together on the car and followed your outline. We weren't quite sure what to expect or how the car would perform. The cars wereall different shapes/sizes. Some didn't quite make it to the end of the track. We knew something was different when our car ran. It ran thecomplete length of the track and impacted a barrier wall at the end, bouncing backwards. My son and I just looked at each other and grinned.Daniel smoked his competition in the Webelos II group and took second overall place in the pack, losing by a hair. The top finishers were tomove on to the district race the following weekend.
     We took a hard look at the car and determined the problem we had at the pack race. At the district race, Daniel's car smoked the competition and took first place in the Webelos II class. The winners from the district moved on to the council racethe following weekend.
     In the interim, we checked the axles one more time and did a little more twinking. The council championship was held today in a local shopping mall. The track was gorgeous with integrated computer race management. The times were accurate to a thousandth of a second. Competition was tougher but Daniel's car took first place again in the Webelos II. The difference between first and second place was tight...margin of victory was 2.39 seconds versus 2.41 seconds. Daniel's car had the fastest time of the entire day (including the carwe lost to at the first pack meeting).
     Your booklet was a critical success factor to enable this to occur. This was definitely some of the best money I've invested as evidenced by my son's ear-to-ear grin." Mark T. Hoshor, Savannah, GA


Bragging Rights
        "I was involved with building five pinewood derby cars this year. We blew everybody away! My two sons won every race they were in until they met each other in the overall finals. In that race they finished one and two, leading the third place car by a full car length! My daughter, my girlfriend, and myself raced in the siblings division. My girlfriend wouldn't pay attention to all the little details thinking some of it silly. She changed her mind when she was eliminated and I took first, leading my daughter who took second. In the unofficial "bragging rights" race at the end of the day, I beat my two sons and my daughter by a nose; again there was no competition. Everyone was asking us for tips by the end of the day. The pack leader wanted me to teach a pre-race course in construction tricks before next years race. The cars were examined and reexamined looking for illegal techniques, but the bottom line was they were legal and fast! My sons are still sleeping with their cars and trophies. Thanks for the tips." Randy Brown


The Biggest Trophy
        "I wanted to let you know I bought your book and my daughter and son (who are 4 yrs old) just entered their first pinewood derby today and with the help from your manual my daughter took first place and my son took 3rd. My daughter had the fastest car on the track. We raced in the royal rangers through our church. I just wanted to let you know your techniques were a great help. She got the biggest trophy for overall fastest car and went unbeaten in a field of 40 cars. Thanks again for the book - the best 10 dollars I've spent on the net! Praise God for blessing my efforts!" Don Edinger, E. Taunton, MA


We Couldn't Believe It!
        "I just wanted to write and say thank you for the book. My son, Alec, just took undefeated first place in his Tiger Cub/Cub Scout/Webelos pack!!! There was only one car that came within three inches at the finish line. We could not believe how well his car raced. Now we are off to the divisional races. This is our first year of doing this. We are both very happy that I purchased your book. Thank you. P.S. - We had a wonderful time building the car together, you were right about that part as well." James Upshaw, Goffstown, New Hampshire


Valuable Information
        "I just wanted to let you know we received the pinewood derby book. I also wanted to thank you for the valuable information. My second grade son competed in the wolf pack division yesterday and won his division! He got to compete for overall champion and placed second by five thousands of a second. He was thrilled! We now qualified for the regional competition in Rockford, IL. Thank you very much for your help!" Michael Elsbury, Winnebago, Illinois


Growing List of Believers
        "Just had to drop you a line regarding the results of our Pinewood Derby competition. We entered the car even though Danny, my 9-year old, had been sick the last 3 days and was considering skipping the race. The scoutmaster said that if Danny could not make the race, they would still race the car for him. About 4 hours later Danny received a call from his denmother. She said Danny won the derby. I got on the phone with her and she asked me about my 'engineering talents'. She said that Danny's car not only won, but blew the other cars away. Please add me to the growing list of believers. Thanks for the tips in that great book of yours." Bob and Danny Loies, Frankfort, IL


Undefeated in District
        "My son and I just won the district pinewood derby race using your book. He was undefeated!" Wade & C.W. Betts, Elizabeth City, North Carolina


A Wonderful Day
        "Several months ago I ordered your book in anticipation of my son's first pinewood derby. Today, the day after the race, I'm pleased to send you the attached picture of my son holding his first place den ribbon, and his first place pack medal! After the official race, his car raced a car one of the fathers had won first place with over 30 years ago. Once again, my son's car was the fastest! Thanks for a wonderful day!" (Here's another from Robert, a year later): "I'm pleased to send you yet another picture, from this years derby! Once again, he didn't lose a race... we stuck with the same design, and it was a repeat of last year! Thanks again for what may be an annual memory!" Robert Cordes, Amelia, OH


Officials Stunned
        "Just a quick thanks. We followed your instructions to the letter, and my son (and I) won "Fastest of the Pack" here in Raleigh. On the final race, his car got a momentary snag at the starting line, the car stabilized quickly and literally ran the other cars down and finished half a car length in front taking the title. His car was a full car length behind the rest of the cars at the start. I started to protest the start but quickly shut my mouth when I saw what was happening. I'm amazed. If it's possible for a Pinewood Derby car to have a "hole shot" that was it. The car literally accelerated down the track! Then the officials all wanted to re-weigh the car which of course was a perfect 5.0 oz. Thanks again!" Craig and Darren Hensel, Raleigh - North Carolina


2 Overall Championships
        "Just back from the District race and Dan came in 1st place and Sean came in 2nd Place overall. Dan won for the Bears and Sean won for the Tiger Cubs. I know have lost track of the number of individual heats they have won, but can count on one hand the number of times they have lost a heat race! For Sean, thats a total of over 25 races and for Dan over 20 races! Thanks for the tips, we couldn't have done it without you! That makes a total of 2 overall championships and 6 division championships in three races for two cars. In short, Dan and Sean clean up wherever they race." Scott Rasmussen, Omaha, Nebraska


A Big Hug & Huge Smile
        "After not winning a heat in two years, I bought your book last week. Tonight we finished third in the 2nd and 3rd grade class at RA derby. It's only a white ribbon, not a trophy, but my son ran all the way across the room to hug me with this huge smile on his face. Thanks, we're looking forward to the next race." Terry House, Augusta, GA


2nd Place Not Bad
        "Just wanted to let you know that Dan's car built with your instructions came in second in the Boy Scout pack pinewood derby tonight. He easily won all contenders in several heats, but in the final race he had an outside track that had some edge problems. He was an inch behind first. Thanks!" David Crowley, Riverside, California


Fun & Fast
        "After purchasing your Pinewood car derby booklet, my son and I applied some our your helpful hints...we had fun building his car together. His car finished first (fastest) in the whole pack (out of approx. 90 cars). All the kids came up to him after the race and wanted to know what his "secrets" were...he's still deciding if he'll give them your web site address! Thanks," Jim and Ryan Anderson


After 2 Years We Won!
        "After 2 years we finally won! Thanks! My sons, Jonathan 9 and Darryl 7, won 2nd and 3rd places respectively. I do owe you my gratitude and appreciation." Ferdie and Pat Tan, Garden City, NY


2nd Place
        "I just want to drop you a quick note to say thank for the help and insight that your book gave us. Our race was last Friday and we came in second place out of 28 cars. We will now be racing our car in the Boy Scout Expo in April. There is no way that we would have come in second place if it wasn't for your book. Thanks!!!!!!!!" Kevin Sutherland, Snellville, GA


The Grand Champion
        "Cathy, I appreciate you getting your book to me so quickly. We had our Pinewood Derby last Friday night. As usual, I procrastinated putting our car together until the night before. However, I did follow the steps in your book and my boy won the derby. He was the winner in his Cub Scout Bear Den and he also raced against the winners in the Wolf and Weblos Den and won the grand champion. Several of the races between other cars were close and the races had to be run several times to determine a winner because they were so close. When our car came down the track, there was never any question as to who was the winner. Our car won all of its heats easily and was usually at least a full car length ahead. I currently have five boys and this is only our second Pinewood Derby with our oldest boy. I figure that over the next several years we will have to build 13 more pinewood derby cars. So if I were to amortize the cost of your book over the next several years, I figured it would cost me about 76 cents per car. Based on the results we had last week, the price of the book was well worth it. Thanks again for your help. We look forward to many more successful pinewood derbys (13 to be exact)." Max Barker, Hurricane, UT


No More Humiliation
        "Dear Cathy, Last year on April 21,1997 I ordered your book on "How to Win a Pinewood Derby." I was humiliated last year at my daughters race. I needed some help! You might remember me. Your comment to me was - "Next year you won't be humiliated." Let me tell you the results of this years race. Out of forty or so cars, my daughters came in first and second. Hip hip hooray! This was due in part to your good information and I just wanted you to know I appreciate it. P.S. Both cars beat out last years National 3rd place Winner!" Jeff Weide


Where Credit is Due
        "I bought your book at the beginning of Jan. I am an attorney with little ability in the wooden-car building department. We followed your basic design, but were unable to incorporate some of your suggestions because of local rules. The Pinewood Derby was last Sat., and my son's car won 1st in the Pack for speed (about 35 cars total). Needless to say, he was thrilled as his friends cheered him on to victory. I really can't figure out why we won, so I have to give you the credit. Thanks for your help." Gregory Black, Oak Park, IL


One Foot Ahead!
        "I have two sons who are Cub Scouts, and have helped them build Pinewood Derby cars twice before. They never won anything. This year we bought your book, and followed your design and construction ideas. We built two nearly identical cars. Both of my sons' cars won first place for their age group. And one car was fastest among all the cars there. In fact, that car won every heat, and finished at least a foot ahead of the other cars every time. (One foot is a huge lead in a Pinewood Derby.) Thank you" Eric Kalkbrenner, Cedar Grove, NJ


Dad and Son Bond
        "I had great results...I won first place in our pack derby. The final race was very close but I won by half of an inch. My dad and I had fun reading your booklet and building my car. Thank you very much for your help." Clay Kruse Pack 310, Arnold, CA


We Won!
        "Just wanted to say a big thanx for your booklet. We employed many of the ideas in your booklet, and....WE WON !!!! Thanks again." Jim and Ben Holahan


Sound Principles
        "My family not only learned how to win in the Pinewood Derby from your book, but we took the same sound principles and applied it to Soap Box Derby racing. It took awhile, but we won there too. You guys are great!" Mark Hopkins, Bradenton, FL


A Real Nice Trophy
        "Just wanted to extend our thanks ... we took 1st in our division (wolfs) and 2nd place in the Best of Pack (top 5 cars). We did all the tips in your book that we could do under our local rules, and for our first go at this pinewood derby stuff, I was really surprised at how well we did. It was a great event, and my son Shaun came home with a real nice trophy. Thanks for being there, and for making your book available. The big smile on his face was worth every penny spent on it." Bob Andrews, Lusby, MD


Crazy Last Minute Winner
        " ordered your pamphlet last Monday and you sent it out right away. Built the car to the specifications in the instructions, finished painting it and put the wheels on only 15 minutes before the weigh-in and inspection and went racing and here's what happened...We arrived at the race site with only a few minutes to spare. Then all the wheels came off - really. I had improved the wheels as you suggested and had the car weighing-in at exactly 5.0 ounces. Then at inspection I was told that, for our Pack, what we did to the wheels, was not allowed. I was so disappointed because I really felt that with your help I had built a Winner. After a brief discussion with the officials, they found an extra set of wheels pretty much right out of the box, that I quickly put on the car; then back to the check-in and inspection. This time, with the heavier wheels, the car was over-weight. Back to the work table, where I took a screw driver to the bottom of my car, my beautiful car, that I had just finished only moments before, and gouged out one of the weights to just try and get the car into the race. At this point some of the heats for the Weblos (My son's class) had already started. Our car did meet the race inspection requirements this time but only weighed 4.7 ounces. Needless to say at this point we were very disappointed and felt all hope of a strong showing, let alone winning, were gone. Well let me tell you, we won every heat (Six races, six #1 finishes) Not only did we win First Place in the Weblos class, we one First Place for the whole pack, out of about 120 cars. I can't explain how exciting and happy you made an eleven year old boy and his Dad. We succeeded beyond our wildest expectation, even with all the crazy last minute changes. Thank You, Thank you so much." Matt and Michael Landini, Carmel, IN


Book Now Secretly Hidden
        "Thank you for your information in your book. It helped my son goundefeated in his pack. I have twin boys so I designed two cars the exact same way. I even used the design that you have in your book! The only difference I made was on one car. It lost pretty early, but the other car was the big winner! It felt great to have all the dads ask me what I did, especially since both cars looked the same. I have your book secretly hidden for next year!" Greg A. Munson, Norcross, GA


1st Place Each Year
        "I purchased your booklet on How to Win a Pinecar Derby in 1998. Since then I am not sure if our church car derby will let my family race anymore. We have taken 1st place each year and 2nd and sometimes all 3 spots! Thank you! We took a lot of time on our cars, paying attention to all details. Everyone thought we were crazy, but crazy won!" Brian Robbennolt, Ithaca, MI


State Competition Bound!
        "I was just writing to tell you after the purchase of your book, I built my nephew a car for a Royal Ambassador pinewood derby. I'm pleased to say he won 1st place and will be racing in our state competition." Trevor Thompson, Carnegie, OK


This Stuff Works!
        "My son took four awards with our first car! He took first place in his division as well as went to the finals and took the trophy from the whole pack. He also had the three fastest times and won the award for single fastest run. If there was second and third fastest run he would of had those also. He now goes to the districts! This stuff does work! I'd give my name and location but I don't want anyone else getting their hands on this bag of secrets in my area!!" M up North!


Tickled Son
        "Just a note to let you know my son won 2nd place at our church's Royal Ambassador Pine Car Derby Race. He was just hundreths of seconds fromwinning. We were actually a little surprised because we began working on the car on Wednesday night and it had to be registered and weighed in on Friday night. We got to do a test run and he beat everyone he put his car up against. Needless to say he was tickled. Thanks for the tips!" Dona Mason, Archdale, NC


Kidding Parents Silenced!
        "I would like to thank you for the book on building a winning derby car. We just returned home from our son's pack meeting. This is his second year racing in the Pinewood Derby. Last year we had a miserable car that only won one heat. Tonight He finished third in the pack. and received a trophy. He was very proud to have improved so much. We only had four days to build his car and that wasn't enough time to build the car as we wanted. I'm sure with more time we could easily have won. Several of the other parents had kidded me about buying your book. However they have already asked me tonight where to get it. Again thanks for making my son a happy young man who is already showing his trophy and car to family." Jeff McCulloh, Woodleaf, NC


Did It Again!
        "We DID IT AGAIN! Thanks to your tips we again came home with the first place trophy. And this time we also came home with the all around speed trophy. We beat a family who hadn't lost a single race since 1996. Thank you again for a fantastic memory. My son is already talking about next year's race, he wants to go out being the champion again. Thaaank you!" Chad and Tyler Roberts, West Green, GA


On to Districts
        "Just a note of thanks, I purchased your book about 6 weeks ago and My son and I each built a car following your specs. Zack went 18-1 to win at the pack level, first time he has ever finished in the top 5. I raced my car in the open class, and wasn't touched by anyone. Zack also ran the open class and finished 2nd. You've made one happy 10 year old and proud father. ON TO DISTRICTS! Thanks Again" Steve Renner, Mansfield, PA


Won Every Heat
        "Thanks so much for your book. My son won 1st place in the pack and is on his way to District in May. He won eveery heat he was in. Thanks again." Tony & Ray, Colorado Springs, CO


On to Districts
        "The information provided was extremely useful. My daughter (8 years old) and I, through Indian Princess, participated in our first Pine Wood Derby event inMarch. I / we built a car using the Winning Edge techniques and I have to admit we were very pleased with the final results of the car and competition. There were approx. 45 cars in the competition. We won our first four races, three cars in each heat, before we finally came in second place in the fifth race. As it turned out, we did not capture the first place trophy but did come in fourth place. We were still very pleased since we were both first timers at this event. Thanks again for making our first time experience a memorably one! One that we will never forget!" Kevin Link, West Chester, PA


Worth $10,000!
       "Just wanted to drop a line and let you know my son and I went through your book and it was great. He ran 5 heats and won all but one by a good margin. Then he ran a 3 heat run-off for first and lost one. Both losses came on the same lane with a bad bump in the first foot of the track. I'm sure with a new track next year we will take it all. As it was, 2nd out of just under 30 is a great feat. The pack had 22 extra kits so thay let the fathers buy them and have a derby themselves. I didnt get a bad lane in 5 heats and crushed them. So in one night we took home 1st and 2nd. The smile on my boy's face was worth 10,000 dollars, and it only cost me 10.00. Thank You" S.R. Anderson, Pack 825


Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

1st & 2nd!
        "Thanks so much for your book. My sons had their pinewood derby Thursday 3-23-00. My oldest son took 1st and my youngest son took 2nd. Thanks again" Kelly Haag, Rawlins, WY


Thank You!
       "Just a quick note to say thank you! My son's Pinewood Derby car came in 1st out of 19 cars in his division and 3rd out of 79 cars in the entire pack. Thanks again!" Phil Foti, Scotch Plains, NJ


Won Every Year!
        "I purchased your booklet on How to Win a Pinecar Derby in 1998. Since then I am not sure if our church car derby will let my family race anymore. We have taken 1st place each year and 2nd and sometimes all 3 spots! Thank-you!!!! It was because of your information that we blew out the competition. We took a lot of time on our cars, paying attention to all details. Everyone thought we were crazy, but crazy won." Brian Robbennolt, Ithaca, MI


Truly Amazing
        "I just wanted to let you know that we built our first car according to your booklet, and we won all 13 heats of the race! No one could even come close! Our winning margins looked like they averaged 3 to 4 feet! The closest competitor in one heat came within 4 car lengths. It was truly amazing! The car took the early lead every time from the gates, and just extended it down the straight-away. The smile on my son's face was something I will never forget. He knew that we had a winner in every race. I also took your advice and gave glory to the Creator for the win. He made it a truly outstanding day!" Jim & Jason Cenac, Houma, Louisiana


Not Even Close!
        "We thought we would drop you a little note. We just returned with the first place trophy for our ENTIRE scout council. Our car took first place in Tyler's division [wolf pack] . There were thirty-eight cars in our division. We really hate to brag but there wasn't even a race that was close. We were asked a lot of questions on what we did and we told them about your GREAT BOOK.{We really couldn't keep it a secret} Thank you and keep up the great work." Chad and Tyler Roberts, West Green, GA


The Winning Smile!
        "I purchased your husband's booklet on the pinewood derby cars. I just wanted to let you know...We Won first place...Thank you so much...I couldn't believe was great, and the smile on my son's face was worth all the work that went into his car. Just wanted to say thank you so much...great tips." Darlene Roy, Manchester, Maine


Going Out in Style!
        "I just wanted to let you know that my son Michael (2nd yr Webelo) and I used a number of the tips in this booklet. Bottom line: Michael took First Place among 20 entrants (representing two packs) in Santa Cruz last Saturday. He will be going on to compete in the Scout-o-Rama. Needless to say, he was THRILLED with the results. Thank you SO much for helping my son go out of his last Pinewood Derby "in style"!! Your booklet was worth every penny!" Ray Reinhard, Scotts Valley, CA


Division Winner
        "Just a note to THANK YOU and to let you know that my son won 1st place inhis division for the Pinewood Derby race for the Boy Scouts. He managed to take 3rd for all the age groups combined. Your design is a WINNER!!!" Dr. Reginald Tall, Winter Park, FL


Priceless Memories
        "Thanks, the memories are priceless compared to the cost of your booklet. My son Jarrid and I went to our first Pinewood Derby Car race ever, and with the help from your car building techniques, we WON FIRST place! My son was so happy and so was I...more shocked than anything else! His car was won all of its heats hands down. In the closest heat, the second place car was a car length and a half behind Jarrid's car. It sure did give us the winning edge! With our deepest thanks...keep up the good work!" Randy S. Hartenstine, Ocean Springs, MS


Blah..Blah..Blah - I Won!
        "I got the email last Friday after I asked for it. I read/skimmed it from 4:30-4:45...made my first cut at 4:50...and showed up for the derby 45 minutes late at 7:15 with rubber bands around my car holding the weights on...I had to shave some weight...but no problem because the glue had not dried. Blah, Blah, Blah...I did not lose a race the entire evening. I won the veterans division and then beat the youngster that won the real derby. Thanks for your help." Greg Madsen, Santa Cruz, CA


Details Do Matter!
        "Hi there! My son is a Webelos II Scout with Pack 580 of Kirkland, Washington. Last night he won the Pinewood Derby with his car, the "Black Widow!". He won every heat except one, and ran about 8 heats. As a Webelos II, he's been racing for several years and has done well but has not placed better than 2nd. His dad is an engineer so they have put together some really beautiful and efficient cars. But this year, I was looking on the internet for information since I write the newsletter for the pack and I saw your website, so I thought "why not?". So I diligently read your pamphlet. I think it motivated my son to spend more time getting his car ready and really help reinforce the fact to him that details domatter (other than hearing it from his family!) It was a memorable evening. Thanks for the hints! " Jan Fields, Kirland, WA


Sharing Secrets
        "I bought your book on how to build winning Pinewood Cars about two years ago. You'll be pleased to know that my son and I applied your tips to his car that year and completely blew away the field in his boy scout competition. His car won most of its races by two or even three feet. The second fastest car there, out of about 70, was at least two lengths behind at the finish. This was a great psycological boost for my son - he found out he was a winner. The following year, he organized and gave a presentation to his scout den on how they could make their cars go faster too. It was great to hear this little eight year old explainingaerodynamics, friction and alignment. As a result of this talk, one of his troop mates took first place last year, with my son and his younger brother coming in close behind." Ron Stakland


Came in 2nd Out of 104 Cars!
        "I bought your book last year,and I'm pleased to say that my son came in 2nd. That's not bad considering he had never raced before and we had 104 cars compete. Thanks." Jeff Adam, Orlando,Florida


Brotherly Face Off
        "I have two sons age seven, who entered their cars in the cub scout pinewood derby last night. It was their first time to see or race and using your tips did quite well. Dad had not raced as a cub scout so your book was quite helpful. My sons WON their first two races and then had to face each other. My son Russell beat his brother and faced another undefeated racer in the final but was defeated. We learned quite a bit. My son also got a sportsmanship lesson in congratulating his buddy for winning the race. He has been sporting around his second place ribbon proudly! Thank you very much for writing the book, it helped a great deal!" Thomas R. Olmsted, M.D., Harahan, LA


Second and First!
        "I must thank you for your book "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby". We just came back from our division race and my son's car placed 2nd for the Tiger Cubs and last Thursday won 1st Place at his den meeting. Thanks again," Patrick Buono, Staten Island, NY


First Time Out Winners
        "I would like to thank you for your most helpful book. I have never made a pinewood derby car so I had no idea on how to make one, other then it was made from a block of wood. So when my six year old son's pack announced that the derby race would be on January 20th, I looked for help. I got a lot of different ideas from friends but no direction on weight placement and shape, etc. I went to the net and found your site. I used all your information and my son and I made a second place car (In the final race we had a tie so we had to race another car for the championship). Not bad for our first time out. Thank you for writing your gives direction to people like me who have never built a pinewood derby car." John and Raymond Baldovin


Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

Proud Parents
        "Just wanted you to know that after 3 years of not winning, my sons 4th year at his pinewood derby was a success, thanks to your book. We read it over and reread the rules of the pinewood derby, and used many of your suggestions and he came in 3rd place. He is one very happy Webelo Scout! (and his parents are very proud too) Thanks again." Margaret Ann of Oneida Lake, USA


Going the Extra Mile
        "I just had to let you know that your book helped us win 1st place in my son's den (out of 8 cars.) The real test came when the whole pack raced one another - about 50 cars, and out of nowhere our car WON every race but one, which gave us second place over all. My son and I did the whole project together which is what made it so great! The winning just topped the day off to take home an emblem, 1st place ribbon and a TROPHY (second place trophy looks just like 1st & 3rd) so it just made him feel so great to have something special. I wanted to add that really getting to the project was bringing back what I shared with my dad, so it goes to show that if we try hard enough we can make a difference, so thanks to all those dads that go the extra mile to share these types of experiences with their kids. Thanks again for the winning edge. Winning is not everything but it sure makes a kid feel special." Kevin & Griffyn


Looking Big in Son's Eyes
        "We purchased your book, the winning edge, and went to work. My son is 6 yrs. old so we had to have a good looking car as well as a fast car. Our son is in the Tiger Cubs division. We told our son that it was quite an accomplishment and not to be too discouraged if he lost against theolder boys. Some of them have had several years of trial and error. Just before we left for the races I brought out your book and had my son read the last paragraph. "A little prayer might help." Well, sure enough, a little prayer did help. Our car took the Pack championship. The fastest of all thirty cars. Not bad for a first time outing. Of course when he was presented with his trophy I turned to my son andasked him what his winning secret was, everyone was impressed when he said, "All glory be to the Lord". Thanks from a dad who still looks big in his son's eyes. Oh yeah, thatwas my prayer before the races." John and Matthew Heppert, California



Quite Ecstatic
        "I used your book to great success with one of our two cars. It came insecond to what was clearly a professionally built car in a parent/sibling race. Given the tools and engineering that went into the car that beat us, I was quite estatic with our second place finish. I really did enjoy reading your book and now I have the pinewood derby bug. I want to make sure I do it right all the way around next year. Thanks for your help." Bob Marshall, Lake Forest, IL


Grannie Helps - Sets Record!
        "We are pleased with the pinewood derby information which I ordered from Winning Edge. As a matter of fact, I have built 5 cars using your manual and the last I built for my youngest grandson, set a new speed record in his community. We now hold the record "TO BEAT." He is no longer involved in Cub Scouts and pinewood derby, but both of my grandsons have several trophies, thanks to the help I received from your manual." Elaine Behling


A Self-Esteem Booster
        "I wanted to personally thank you for making your tips available to us. We had a disappointing year last year and we were determined to help Kyle do better this year. Guess what? He took home the first place trophy, in fact, he won every race!!! Thanks again for giving us the tools to help our son be successful. It was such joy to see his reaction and the boost to his self esteem!" Sue McArdle-Falconer, Taylorville, IL


The Elite
        "Wanted to let you know that we made it to the elite eight out of 140 cars. Your tips provided us with the winning edge as we won 4 out of 5 heats before being edged out to advance to the final four. Thanks." Mike Mazon, Kansas City


One Night Preparation
        "A note of thanks for your quick son and I were able to take the e-mail that we received and with only having one night to work on the car, produce a car that was competitive. Only one first place trophy was awarded for all age groups, but he was able to win 5 of the 14 heats that he ran. After our dismal failure in the boat races last summer, it was a joy to see him proud of what we had done. We're looking forward to next year when we will have the time to put in more of your tips. Thanks again for your quick service." Les in Hutchinson


Followed the Directions
        "Last year, after losing our derby, I ordered your book "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby". My son and I followed all the instructions exactly for this year's car. We won the entire race!!! There were over 70 cars entered as well. It was a real thrill for us today.Thank you for your book." Jere Mammino, D.O.,


15 Heats Won!
        "My son and I used your tips to win his first pinewood derby race... it was awesome! He raced in 15 different heats and won EVERY ONE OF THEM BY A CAR LENGTH OR MORE! Your information was right on the money and he was so excited I couldn't believe it. Thanks so much for everything!" Tom Kauffman, Phoenix, Arizona


The Big Prize
        "I wanted to let you know that we won our Pinewood Derby last night and ithad everything to do with the aerodynamics and weight tips we found in your book. Our car didn't win best of show for looks, but it won the big prize and that's what counts." Steve Bowers, Mitchellville, IA


It Worked!
        "It worked. I tried almost all of the tips and my sons car won every race in our pac. Thanks for all the tips they really worked." Mike Richards, Mesa, AZ


Sons Sweep Race!
        "Just wanted to say thank you for all the great tips In Your book. After afirst round mishap, (front wheel too far of the track so it jumped). My sons car then won his next five heats to place second in his group. Setting three coarse records for his group in the process. But that's not the best part. Since placing second got him into the overall where he competed against seventeen cars from 6 other groups. he took third overall!!! What a great day, and what a difference over last year when he placed fifth out of ten cars and had nothing to show for it. He went home with two trophies and thehuge smile on face. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help." Bruce Hicks, Riverside, CA (Son Harrison - 10yrs)


A Smiling Birthday
        "My twin sons went to their first pack meeting on their birthday last night. Knowing that it was going to be a pinewood derby race we got them the car kits and let them sketch out their design ideas with a pencil. One made his into a shark and the other made an arrow. Not very arrow dynamic but they did design them on their own. I was able to find your web site before they began painting. We followed many of yours tips while still allowing the boys to use their own creativity. They came in 3rd and 4th place over all. They had the best birthday! Race after race they came back smiling. Thank you again!" Virginia in California


        "I don't usually write about being either satisfied or dissatisfied with the products I purchase but your book on Pinewood Derby cars put the biggest smile on my sons face and I had to say thank you. We just returned from our Pinewood Debby Competition and my Tiger Cub won in his Tiger Cub Group. There was then a Grand Champion runoff from the next 2 older group winners and my son came in 2nd. I believe that had the competition been run a little more carefully he would have won the whole thing (his first year). I wanted this to be his project and with your suggestions we were able to build a car that my 7 year old did actually build. Thanks." Anonymous


Grateful Hugs
        "My son is involved with Pack 24 of the Boy Scouts and their Pinewood Derby was this past Saturday. Even though our son is 9 1/2 it is only his 2nd year in Scouts. Last year his car placed eighth out of the 15 Cubs that participated. Not bad for his first year. This year we searched the Internet and found the Winning Edge, so we ordered your manual. What a difference!!!! OUR SON'S CAR TOOK 2ND PLACE!!!! Thank you so much for those "hints and suggestions" provided in your manual.They really worked for us. Watching our son so proudly retrieve his car after each winning race was awesome. After each winning heat, my son would go over and gratefully hug his dad and say "Thanks, Dad!" It was so emotional for me to watch this go on, all because of your manual. To sum up this terrific night, my husband received nine big hugs from his son and our son received a big Second Place trophy. Many thanks to Winning Edge!!!!" Two grateful parents in Delaware County, PA


The Book Worked!
        "Thanks for email! The book worked. Last year my son’s car did not even make it all the way down the track. This year he came in first in his Cub Scout den AND FIRST in the entire pack!!!" Jack Denniston, Sugar Land, TX


Speed Record Set!


Memory to Last a Lifetime
        "I would have paid $50 for your book to see the smile on my 7 year old son's face as we won all 5 races for his Tiger Cubs Den. The closest race he still one by a good 12 inches or better. The smile stretched all the way across his face as he knelt down to hold his trophy with the other den winners. I truly have a memory to last a lifetime. He said he was going to save that car and give it to his son one day. A 16 to 17 year Boy Scout was there running his super fast F-1 styled derby car allalone during breaks. It looked very fast until I put it up against my sons. My son's won easy and that Boy Scout had probably been building them for years. That little 8-year old boy you talked about at the beginning of the book is being avenged by all who buy your book." RONALD D. CROUCH, RICHMOND, VA


Info Brings Smile
        "I ordered your book a week ago and my son's cub scout troop had their race this past Saturday. He took first place in his Tiger Cub den and second place in the overall pack so he is the proud owner of two trophies now. Thank you for all your valuable information as just the "biggest" smile on his face and the show of excitement he displayed was enough to make any mom happy." Cindy Chaya, North Charleston, SC


We Kicked Butt!
        "First, I want to say THANK YOU so much for the information you shared with my son and I. Second, I want to say it works! We kicked butt, there wasn't a car there that even came close. Right out off the starting line my son's Flaming Black Magic came out running first and it never looked back every time. The way they had things structured he only ran four heats but, the very first run of the day the car ran it's fastest time and it held up all day long after 37 cars ran four times each. I couldn't believe what a rocket ship this car was and the looks of it compared to the other cars was unmatched, it was designed exactly like your diagram. What an awesome looking car, a black onyx with flames. As soon as we walked in people were trying to take it out of my son's hands to check it out, beings he is only 6 yrs. old he would of handed it to anyone. I took your advice and had to take over the duties of carrying the prize possession. One child came up to me he was around 8 or 9 and said can I see your car? I showed it to him, he spun the wheels, looked it over and said to his friend that's the winning car. This being our first race, I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical at first but, after watching the clock for a few heats and seeing my son win out of all the cars from his pack in a dominating fashion, by several car lengths, my confidence grew tremendously. I stood by the clock all day to see if his time would hold and it did. This was a very exciting experience for the both of us from building the car to experiencing the thrill of victory. Thank You Again for the Winning Edge." Tom and JT Sawyer, Johnsonville N.Y.


Followed the Exact Directions
        "Our den, comprised of 8 wolf's decided to build our cars together as a group. We followed the details of your book to varying degrees. Two of us followed your book exactly. Of those 2, we took 1st and 2nd place. Two others followed your book fairly closely and took 13th, and 14th place out of 80 or so cars! The only difference between any of the 4 cars was workmanship and care taken in the building of the cars. The two cars carefully built were so far better than the competition that the margin of victory between 1st and 3rd place EXCEEDED the difference between 3rd and 25th place. Our races were timed with a laser to within 1/10,000 of a second. Each car ran 4 times and the worst run for the 1st place finishing car was superior to any of the other 320 runs! The worst run for the second place finishing car was better than any of the runs made by cars 3 through 80. Frankly, the difference between car 3 and car 15 was almost insignificant. Our goal next year is to have all 8 of our cars finish in the top 10, a feat I think we can expect to accomplish after seeing the results this year. We even plan to paint and detail each car exactly the same." Rick Quade, Pack 122, Den 9, McCordsville, IN


Little Things Make Difference
        "I'm writing to you to let you know the results of Hunter's (My Son) Pinewood Derby Race. Hunter is a Tiger Cub and one of the youngest to participate. There were a total of 96 cars including an Open class for Mom's and Dad's. This was our first ever attempt at a pinewood derby car. My wife came home after one of the pack meetings and told me, "You've got to get going on this thing it's a pretty big deal!" So, having never built anything but computers I did what any computer geek dad would do...turn to the internet. That's where I found your site. I had asked Hunter if he wanted to go for looks or speed. He said emphatically, "SPEED!" I read some of the testimonials on your site and thought, "What do I have to lose?" We followed the directions as close as our rules would allow. When we got to the race Hunter's car was the plainest looking car there. My wife was even a little embarrassed. I said it's not in how it looks, but how fast it goes. Hunter agreed. After the first heat Hunter was tied for second overall. After the second heat he was still in second overall. He had one each race that he was in and in the final race of the four fastest cars he was just edged out for a second place. But when it came to the combined times of all three races there could be only one winner. Out of 96 cars Hunter's was number 1! Even out of the open class! And as far as "the little things making all the difference" Hunter won the overall by .014 of a second! We only weighed in at 4.7 oz so, next year we'll try for the full 5 oz. mark for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this information it was most importantly a great father son activity that we both enjoyed immensely! Thank you so much!" Dain Linder, Castle Rock, CO


Anyone Can Do This!
        "My son, Chas and I purchased your book "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby." Following your simple steps, we only spent approximately 4 hours working together on the car and he won 1st place for the pack (out of 53 cars). He never lost a heat in the double elimination races. Anyone can follow your simple hints to make a faster pinewood derby car. Thank you for making this a special event in my son's scouting trail." Charlie Silcox, Tallahassee, FL


We Won!
        "I live in Warsaw Indiana, and my son Ryan is a Tiger Scout. Last night we had our Derby race and HE WON!! He won every heat and overall fastest car. My husband kind of made fun of me when I ordered your book, but being the only Mother at the pack meetings and having no idea whatsoever about how to get started, other than the design, I needed help. We surprised them all, and even ourselves as we figured we had an edge on the rest, but never expected the results we got. With the regulations we had, there really wasn't a lot of changes we could make, so we concentrated on weight placement and wheel alignment and IT WORKED!! Thank you so much." Donna and Ryan Kreft


We Won! Thanks For the Book!
        "I want to thank you for your resource material. Building the pinewood car with my son was a great experience and winning the pack derby made it that much sweeter. We tried to incorporate everything in the book, thoughwe were limited on what we could do with the wheel size and axle placement. Thank you again!" Tom Deckard, Indiana


After All These Years
        "Thank you very much for this GREAT book. Yes...after all these years {we} took first." Frank and Steven Polter, Euclid, OH


My Whole Family Won
        "I wanted to send you a note letting you know about my experience in derby racing. Last year I made my first car for my son and it was not a pretty picture. His car didn't make it through 2 heats and he was out (SLOW) to say the least...I knew nothing about pinewood derby cars and what to do. After the race and talking with other people atchurch where the race took place they told me of some trick of the trade that I could do the next year and we could improve our performance. So I decided to get on the internet and do a search for pinewood derby cars, races, RA's. Anything that related to racing these little cars. That's where I found your book. I didn't start doing anything until I got the book and read it from cover to cover. NOW.. Its time to start..
       I followed all instructions and tips that you gave even to making one like the one pictured in the back of the book. I made 4 cars one for my son, my daugther, wife and myself. At our church they have an Open Division that lets BIG kids like myself race too. The RA's raced by themselves then all cars are entered into the open division. My son's car won the Ra's divison..1st Place. We began to race and our cars in the open division and won every heat at every level. There were 27 cars in this open race and we won every race. Now for the shocker. I built all four cars the same way exceptfor the body style. At the end of the race my car which was the design in the back of the book took 1st place, My wife's car took 2nd place and my son's car won again by taking 3rd place. My daughter's car came in 4th place. I could not believe it and there were looks of disbelief and mouths hanging open. Wonder what was going on. The other racers were stunned to say the least. I just wanted to say thanks for publishing the book and I would suggest it to anyone who wants build a winning car and have that Winning Edge." Steve Hull, North Carolina


How Can You Improve the Best?!!
        "I recently ordered your book for my son's first Pinewood Derby. As a Tiger Cub I wanted him to make a good showing at the Derby. We worked on his car, implementing many of your tips for design and speed. And do you know what? We won the enitire race! Out of six heats, we had 4 first place, one second, and one third. Out of 108 cars, we had the FASTEST car in the race! The look on my son's face as he received his trophy was priceless. And so was the look on the faces of the Wolf, Bear and Weblo scouts as well! How could a little Tiger Cub beat all the older scouts! Well, I know it was because of the tips you gave in your book. Everyione wanted to know what our secret was. Thank you for making this a truly memorable night. We are already working on improving for next year's race. But the question is, "How can you improve on the fastest car in the Pack?" I still can't believe it. The first year either of us have built a car!" John and Johnny Goldak, Sugar Land, TX


Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

Thanks So Much!
        "My name is David Archer, My son is Caleb. This is our first year in the cub scouts (He is a Tiger Cub). We bought your book just before the 2002 update. It was very helpful in our car building experience. I visited your site first and spent lots of time reading the hints and decided I could not live without your book. I ordered it and got the print version e-mailed to me that night. I stayed up till midnight that night reading and chuckling, knowing we had a great chance to place at his race. And place we did...FIRST PLACE!!!!!! Even though we could not use some hints! Then I took my son to get his WINNER, and the Track Master said "You need to leave that with me." I said "Why might that be?" He informed me that there was to be a over all race at the end off the day. Well I saw the other cars that the "Dads" had built. (MY SON DID MOST OF HIS CAR) And I got nervous, to say the least. So I told him he did a fine job and whatever happened I was proud of him.
        "Well!!!! HE WON THE OVER ALL PACK RACE TOO!!!!!! Now I was about to burst!! Next stop was District, where he was to race only against other tiger cubs. There were 50-60 cars there. After many races and eliminations he took home a very respectable Third Place, and a Trophy. Needless to say we can't wait till next year to build another car!!! Once again thank you for putting a book out there for us dads that turns us into INSTANT HEROES." David Archer


From Dead Last to First Place
        "My son, who is a cub scout, won first place! Last year, his car did miserably as we came in dead last. I can't tell you how gratifying it was to see my son get that first place trophy this year. The local paper is going to be calling him soon to do an interview. Very exciting. You stressed not to overlook any of the critical elements that were outlined in the book. You were absolutely right. In the initial heats, we won pretty easily. However, in the finals, we won by a very small margin. Clearly, paying attention to the details that you highlighted culminated in giving us the extra edge needed to win. What can I say - We won first place!" Michael Cogar, Bowie, MD


Thank You!!
        "THANK YOU!! My son's car beat over 100 others and took the Grand Champion trophy home yesterday. And that was just from the help your e-mail gave us. The competition will be tougher next year, now that people have seen our car and will use similar techniques." Don & Dana Taylor, Brooklyn, CT


First Place
        "My son took first place and is off to the Districts next week. Thanks, he (and I) are thrilled with the results." Don & Joe Soldovieri, Staten Island, NY


        "I just wanted you to know that my son Tanner did well with his pack on his first derby. His car was the fastest at 2.47." Dana Fink, East Alton, IL


Detail Paid Off
        "My son's Cub Scout pack had their race today. With the tips all applied from the book my son and I each placed 1st. Thanks for the tips. It is really nice to see the look of victory in a child's eyes. I havebunches of trophies including 2 best of show for restored cars that I own in my garage. I enjoy seeing my fine attention to detail paying off with recognition. Thanks again for the book." Brad E. Siringer, Nokomis, FL


King of the Hill!
        "When I first visited your web site and saw the amazing testimonials, I'll admit I was a bit leery. But, I had to help my 8 year old son Jack build his first Pinewood Derby Racer and I was in desperate need of I took a shot and ordered your book. I recall my first Pinewood Racer. My dad was an mechanical engineer and quite good with design and building but my car didn't do so well. I didn't win any heats, the car was wobbly, paint was still sticky, etc. While I enjoyed building the car with my dad, I was disappointed not to be the least bit in the race competition. Needless to say, I was determined to find a way to give my son a fighting chance to compete and at least win a couple of heats, if nothing else.
       Thanks to you, Jack and I are looking at a First Place Blue Ribbon AND the Pack "King Of The Hill" Trophy. We absolutely blew everyone off of the track at the Pack 30 Pinewood Derby tonight! Jack creamed the competition in the Wolf Pack race and went on to beat the winners of the Bear Cub and Webelo 1 & 2 divisions to win the whole match and be crowned "King Of The Hill"! I wish you could see the look on his face right now!
       We owe this to you and your outstanding book. Take a have a big part of another trophy. Most important, my son and I have had a wonderful experience together and will always share this moment. Jack has alsolearned an important lesson. Do your homework, plan carefully, work patiently, do your best and hang out with winners. You are that "winner" Mr. Pedigo and you have our sincere thanks. 1/25/02" Sam and Jack Kaiser, Santa Barbara, California


The Best Day of My Life!
        "I can't believe it, We just won 1st place Pack 3054 in Desoto, KS, because I bought your book and used your secrets. I just had to e-mail you to let you know how thrilling it was when my boy and I drove home with the 1st place trophy. He said quote "This is the best day of my life!" unquote. My biggest mistake was letting my neighbor borrow the book two nights before the race because he came in a very close 2nd! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 1/26/02" John and Joshua McCarthy, KS


No More Losing
        "I bought your book for my son. I built derby cars as a kid and always lost, seemed like a waste of time and effort. As long as my son was going to put forth serious effort I wanted him to have some chance at doing well. The results surpassed our expectations as he has brought home 3 first place trophies in 3 years. Thank you - Thank you." Peter and Jacob, Hortonville, WI


No Money Back
        "Tom, Well I guess I won't be asking for my money back. Nick won 1st PLACE last night at the race. He also won for fasting looking car and WOW was that car fast. The first race he won by about two feet. The rest were a little closer. Thanks for the great tips." Steve and Nick


Cherish it Forever
        "Thank You so much for the information. Today was my son's pinewood derby race and he did exceptionally well thanks to you. He won every race in his division and they weren't even close. He was the only boy to achieve this feat. He was so proud to have won a trophy for 1st place. The smile on his face as he prayed before each heat was so exciting. After the divisions awarded their 1st place trophies my son was in the championship round with four cars. He won 4 of 6 heats along with another car from another division won four of six heats. The four heats that they faced each other they split and tied for the fastest cars in the pack. They had a tiebreaker and during one of the heats my son's car came off the track and I think the tire got messed up a little. He ended up coming in second overall in the championship. He was fine with that finish. He was a proud young man today. This was his first pinewood derby and he can't wait until next year!
       I definitely reccommend your book to others who want to give their child a chance to succeed in this event. I was a little caught up in the emotion of him winning, but I think he realized with some hard work he can achieve anything. This was the first trophy he has ever won and I know he will cherish it forever. I will cherish forever the look in his eyes when he realized that something he created made him a champion. The book is well worth the money spent. Thanks and God Bless." Jeff and Brett Sarneck, Plainfield, IL


Giddy With Pack Win
        "Thomas, thanks for your booklet and the step-by-step easy to follow procedures on how to build a winning pinewood derby race car. I'm not exactly a hobby shop, tool-time guy but we followed all your racing tips except for what our rules wouldn't allow. My Tiger Cub not only won his Tiger Den out of a field of 15 but also won the overall pack too! It was the first car we've ever made together and we really did win big. We're still giddy. Thanks from my son Evan and from me. Happy Pinecar racing from a very old scout!" Evan and David Martin, Anticoch, CA


Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

Winning With Last Minute Tips!
        "This was our first year in Cub Scouts and first Pinewood Derby Race. My 9 year old son Cody, had already cut, sanded and painted his car by the time I found and purchased your booklet. (Two weeks before the race.) He and his dad were not especially excited about finishing the car and racing on Jan. 9. I purchased your booklet, read it to my husband, and he looked at me like I was a "nut case". They let the car sit around the house unfinished (against my constant nagging to finish it), until the night before the race. They did use several of your procedures mentioned in your booklet, including the positioning of the weights. We did not have the time to use all of your ideas (next year we will)!
       We were overweight when we weighed in, and my husband kept working until the weight was perfect. We had already told Cody, "This is our learning year....if you don't win, you will still have fun." We mentioned he should congratulate the winners and all the other boys who participated. We were excited when he won the first heat. My husband commented, "Well, at least he won one race, that will make him happy." Then Cody won the next heat, and the next, and my husband and I were almost in shock. All the other parents knew we were first timers.
       To keep things short, I will just say Cody's car "smoked" them all. He won first place, over 68 contestants, and the look on his face when we watched the video, was priceless! Even he was surprised his car won, and seemed shy and humbled by it all. We were most proud of him when he paid the other boys compliments when they were eliminated. Thank you so much for giving us A WINNING EDGE!" Cathy Vickery, Wichita, Kansas


        "I wanted to drop you a quick line! My 9 yr old, Paul, won the bear scouts pinewood by .0114 seconds - 32 contestants! He is thrilled! Jackson our 6 yr old Tiger scout won most original! Great Day." Brad Singleton, Birmingham, AL


        "I bought your book, How to Win a Pinewood Derby, and we did just that. My son, a Tiger Scout, won first place! He was thrilled, and so am I. Your advice was right on the money, and worth every penny! Thank you!!!!" Lisa Hoffman, Westwood, NJ Spite of...!!
        "Thanks for getting the book to us so quickly. We built our car (actually it is my son's car, but it was fun for me too) to the specifications you gave us. We were allowed to do almost everything you suggested. We didn't know it until the day of the race that we were allowed to use (secret), and because we didn't have any we thought we would lose for sure. But we ended up winning first place in speed despite our lack of (secret). My son named his car Flat Out, just like one of your cars, so that should give you some idea how closely we followed your plans. Thanks for the Edge," Mike and Andy Kay, Beecher, WI


First Year Win
        "Thanks for your help, our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was held today. We took 1st in 25 of 27 races, 1-2nd place and a head scratching 4th place finish, to take 1st overall out of 56 cars entered. My son is onlya Tiger Cub so this was his first year." Jeff Johnson, Maple Valley, WA


Happy With the Results!
        "Wanted to pass on my son's success story with his pinewood derby car. We used the tips and information within your how to book and built his car. Race night was exciting as he was asking me, "Dad do you think we will win?" Within his bear den, we had to race 11 times and his car finished 1st in all races. My son was very excited although he would not show it. He received the 1st placce trophy and ribbion for his den and now we are off to the Regionals in February to compete against other Cub Packs within the Richmond area! Thank you very much as we are very happy with the results!" John Miller, Richmond, VA


Timely Manner
        "I wanted to thank you for your Pinewood Derby book and for getting it to me in a very timely manner. We just finished our 1st Pinewood Derby today and we won! My son is a Tiger Cub and our Pack does not let them compete for the overall win. So, out of 20 Tiger Cubs we came out on top! In the four heats we raced in, which consisted of 4 cars each, we won all 4! In our heat races we did get to race the older scouts and it was nice to see how our hard work paid off. I will never forget the smile on my sons face or the sounds of him cheering his car on. From the information provided in your book I think we had one of the fastest cars there and one of the best looking. We got many compliments on the paint and how it shined. My son put some dinosaur stickers on it and named it Jurassic Attack. Well, now we have a whole year to improve on what we have started." John & Connor McEntire, Blue Springs, MO


Great Book
        "Cathy, great book. Matthew and I spent untold hours working his "Rainbow Warrior" into shape. At the local pack 211 he won 6 of 8 races and was the Tigercub champ and runner up in the entire pack (37 cars). (2nd e-mail) After a few modifications to our little car we went to District races in Biloxi Mississippi yesterday. 7-0 in the Tigercub division 3-2 in the championship round (the same car beat us both times!) He finished #2 of roughly 90 cars. Matthew has 2 shiny trophys and we have enjoyed the best father son bonding ever. We followed most of you husband's intructions and had great success. The recommendation to pray and thank God for everything that has to do with the project was my favorite and most useful advice. Thanks, you two are great!" Brian and Matthew Brouckaert, Gautier MS


Anxious Moments and Awesome Memories!
        "As predicted in your book, race day was a day of anxious anticipation that resulted in a glow of pride on my 8 year old boy's face. His nervousness and anxiety turned into happiness and confidence. As a father, my fondest memories of the race will always be the moments immediately after each race heat, where my son would pick up his car from the track, then seek me out amongst the on lookers. Our eyes would connect and at that moment he would make a conservative smile and slightly raise in hand with a thumbs up as he carried his car back to the pit area. Interestingly, his car placed second and missed the winner's cup circle by .006 of a second. Yes, six thousand of a second. Incredible!!! At the end of the experience, the car creation, which turned out to be a family event, and the race day, were awesome memories. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us." Curtis Bissonnette, Boerne, TX


2nd in the Pack
        "Just to let you know that we got great use from the tips in the book. Last year at the Pinewood derby we came in about 15th in our pack. This year, using your tips we not only finished second in the pack, but came in 9th out 4000 cars in the Regional Championship Races. Thanks very much!!!" Dan Edney, N. Potomac, MD


Tiger Cub Victory
        "I just want to take the time to say thank you for your book. My Tiger Cub son Joey just won his first Pinewood Derby tonight, the first time he ever competed in one. We ran 22 heats and he won all but one of them! Thank you for your helpful hints on weight placement and the contour of the car, we (he) had 6-10 people come up and say that the car looked like it gained speed as it neared the end of the race. Thanks again." Gary J. Caprio, Mt. Prospect, IL


        "Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you. With your help my son took first place last Saturday in his pack. Fastest! We did it all in less than 48 hours. Thanks again." Herman Fernandez, Fayetteville, NC


Another First Place Trophy!
        "After failing in our first two pinewood derbies, we bought your book and just won first place out of 50 competitors! Your tips really worked. Thanks very much." John, Nick and John Costable, Long Island New York


Remembering the Look Forever
       "I just wanted to thank you and let you know how we did in the race. I will remember the look on my son's face forever the first time his car went down the track. It won the first three heats by about two to three feet. It was fast!!! I guess the winner had your book as well, because in the final race we lost by about half an inch, but what a race! My son came in second place and got a medal. Our first Pinewood Derby will be oneto remember for a long time. Thank You. God Bless You" Mike Schlereth, Westminster, MD


Neck and Neck!
        "Guess what, we came in 2nd place. We were neck and neck with the car that beat us. The car that beat us had modified wheels (a fine line in the middle of the tires). We did not modify our wheels at all because when Icalled to find out the rules, they told me that the wheels could not be altered in any way. But they did say anything to the other people with the winning car. I guess nothing was said to them because they did not want to create any problems." Kevin Ethington, Bountiful, UT


Single Mom Praying and Praising!
        "I wanted to send this to you to let you know how much my son and I appreciate the book you wrote on how to win a Pinewood Derby. I knew I needed some help! I looked online and found your website and I liked the information I read so I ordered the book. When the book arrived, I read it from cover to cover. I studied it, underlined several key points and mulled over it in my mind. One secret caught my eye. It was to pray! My son and I prayed before he did something on the car or if I had to do something to the car! The black car (Kyle named it "To God's Glory") with the first and second place trophies behind it was the results of our efforts. He won First Place in his division and second place overall out of all the divisions!! The person who won first just beat him by a nano second! We have to give God the Glory, Kyle's Green Car (The Burning Bush) won First in his division and Overall speed champion out of 98 cars that raced that day! Thank You so much for the tips! P.S. I'm a single mom who has no idea how to build any thing!!!! I have to give all the glory to God!" Miss Sandi Delk, Kyle's Mom


A Memorable Night
        "Just a quick note to let you know that because we only had a week before the big race, we read through your Winning Edge book the first day we received it. My husband and son had a wonderful time building their car this year because your tips gave them the keys to success and encouraged them to spend time on details they never knew about before! And as a result, they made their fastest pinewood derby car yet. Our son's car won 11 out of the 12 races it was in!! Not only did our son take home a 1st place trophy for speed in his age group but he took home a 3rd place trophy for best scouting theme in the pack too! It was so much fun witnessing the excitement in my son's face every time his car crossed the finish line in first place, hearing the other boys ask him what his secrets to building a fast car were and then carrying home not one, but two trophies! What a memorable night! Thank you for your prompt handling of our order and for the great information. I've already passed your website on to our friends." The Bettins, Wheaton, IL


Good Embarrassment
        "You know I couldn't believe it last night. Who would have thought my son's car could go from last place, last year, to first place, this year!!! Our son was almost a little embarrassed as to how far out in front his car was than the rest of the pack! Your tips proved to be the difference! Your booklet has become my husbands bible!! He's already talking about next-year's car!!! Thank you" Sally E. Snyder & Son


1st Place in District
        "I can't thank you enough for the winning tips in your wonderful book. After two years of nearly last place, we ordered your book and built a car to your specs--My son won every heat in his pack (Pack 78 in Vienna, Virginia). We went onto the George Mason District just hoping that he wouldn't finish last. Instead he finished 1st place in our District! Thank you again for making a little boy very very happy!!! PS--You should have seen the look on his face when he won." Jonathan Glazer, Vienna, VA


The Most Fun Ever!
        "I ordered your book about a week and a half ago in desperation trying to do a last minute car for my son's Cub Scouts Pack Pinewood Derby Race. I have some great news for you. My son's pinewood derby car won, using your book and the details from it. This is my second son doing this race, our seventh car. We have never placed EVER in this race. This was the most fun I have ever had seeing my child win. I was very nervous and sat in the crowd on the sidelines. The thrill of watching my son win and his joy was overwhelming. His pinewood derby car won by some pretty good margins and several races were not even close. I had to control all emotion until we got home and then my wife and I had our own secret yahoos. Thanks again," Lyle Tabata, Lihue, Hawaii


Refused to Lose!
        "I ordered your How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby booklet for my grandson this year. It turned out to be the best thing I ever bought him. He created his pinewood derby car with help from his uncle and Grandpa, and followed your instructions carefully. That little car refused to lose and ended up winning him the Grand Champion Trophy! Thank you for all of your good ideas!" Mary Tungsvik, Auburn, WA



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