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How to Win a Pinewood Derby

       Pinewood Car Racers...If you came directly to this page from a search engine or another site, you need to click here or on the banner above to go to "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby." Come and visit!

Pinewood Derby Winners testimonies

Pine Derby Car Winning Testimonies Page TWO!!

Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

It Really Works!
        "After two previous years of not having my kids even place I decided to download your book. I was amazed that it really did work. I have three kids. There were about 60 cars racing and we took 1st, 2nd and 5th overall. Later I was informed that the child that got 5th place was slowed down by something on the track...he won every race up to that point easily. Everyone was asking what the secret was...Thank you." Scott Lewis

Last Minute Victories!
        "We just returned from our Pinewood Derby and I had to let you know right away that we won! With only 12 days until the race when I ordered it, I was skeptical but we used the tips from the booklet to build the cars and BOTH of our boys won - 1st Place and 2nd Place! Thank you so much for putting such a good, reasonably priced booklet together and making it available via email for those of us who wait until the last minute!" Alethea Cook, Fairfield, IA

I'll Remember His Smile!
        "Thanks for the great tips. This past Saturday was our pinewood derby for Royal Rangers Outpost 22 here in Kenosha. I followed your guidelines. The first race, just like I read in your book, my son's car seemed to accelerate the last 5 feet! He won!!! The 2nd and 3rd races, he finished second. My car also ran great! The end result - 2nd place overall for both of us. When my son went up for the trophy another commander said look at the smile on that kid's face. It's one I'll remember forever as he's never even come close in the previous 3 years. When he came back from the stage with his trophy I asked him how he felt. He said he will cherish this moment forever!! Thank you again." Ed Koslowski

A Grand Champion Girl
        "We just wanted to thank you for the book we bought from you. Our daughter is a girl scout and this year the boy scouts held the first annual powderpuff derby here in KY. Our daughter couldn't wait to race the boys. My husband bought the book and had already made the car and was fine tuning the wheels and your tips for placement of the weight and ect. were great. She first raced against the girls in her troop and won 1st place then raced the boys and it came down to 3 girls and 5 boys. She ended up in the top three and we were so excited to watch her race the other two boys and they were racing three heats and she won right away by winning the first two. She was the grand champion of the day and even got here award given to her by the mayor. She gets her name engraved on a big cup that sits at the sponsors business. It was awesome and we just wanted to thank you!!!! Last we also took your advice to pray. We have been Christians for a long time and we know to also thank God for helping us find your website of all the websites on the web.God bless you all and thank you again!!!!" Lisa

Follow-Up Victory
        "I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. I ordered your book on building a winning pinewood derby and that's just what my son's car did. It won every time! He ran that car in almost twenty races last Tues. night and he never lost a single race! Until the final race he didn't even have anyone within three feet of him at the finish line!!! Some races he won by almost six feet. He also won the award that night for the most aerodynamic car. Thank you again for helping to make his night a huge success...and yes, Iguess I was pretty excited too!Second note: I wrote to you thanking you for your pinewood derby plans about a week ago...and now I'm writing again. My son, Garrett, after winning every race here in our hometown, went on to take first place in our district. Just as last time he never lost a single race! It was a good day last Saturday here in our household. It was definitely worth the money to purchase your book. Actually, it would have been worth 10 times that amount just to see the look on my son's face. Thanks again!" Charles I. Graham,, Jr. Simpsonville, NC


Smoking the Engineers!
        "Ian, my cub scout son and I just came back from the pack Pinewood Derby race. He took 1st without even losing a heat! We followed your directions explicitly and they really paid off. Greenville South Carolina is FULL of engineers, so we were expecting to barely place. Well, we smoked them all! This was our very FIRST derby outing and without your directions, we would have been lost. God bless you and your wife and thanks for the fun." Charles I. Graham,, Jr. Simpsonville, NC


Tricks Paid Off!
        "My son is 8 yrs old. Last year he finished near the bottom of the pack, and was sad. This year with your tricks he finished first overall in the whole pack. They have a computerized track and the excitement was unbearable as the race was very close. All the four races that he ran scored the 4 fastest times. People were shocked, but he was thrilled. Everybody was kidding that I should hold classes next year. Thank you very much...the best money I ever spent." A.R., New Jersey


Winning Edge Over 100 Cub Scouts
        "My son Scotty had a happy day when he won his Pinewood Derby Den and went on to WIN the overall Pack that was over 100 cubscouts. The final race was close so we must have had the winning edge that made the difference. Thanks for the help and the great father/son memories we now have!" John Lontine


Great Book of Suggestions!
        "I wanted to thank you for your great book. This was my son's first Pinewood Derby as a Tiger cub and by following your book, not only did he win his Den but won the whole Pinewood Derby against all the other Wolfs, Bears, and Webelos! Our rules did not allow any modifications to the axel position, axles, and no wheel modifications. I thought that without these additional mods, we wouldn't really have an advantage but we still won! In fact, I couldn't even get an exact alignment of the car (it pulled slightly to the right). Despite all of this, the rest of your suggestions is what put us ahead of the pack. My son was shocked and thrilled. I was also very excited watching his car win nearly every heat, especially as a Tiger. Thanks again," Ken from Maryland

Final Year Victory
        "I want to thank you for the "How To Win A Pinewood Car Derby" book. Due to the local Cub Scout's restrictions, I wasn't able to follow all of your suggestions. The tips I did use were enough to win my son the second place trophy though! I followed all your other suggestions and only the first place winner was able to beat us...and not by a lot! This was my son's third and final year in the Pinewood Derby so winning the trophy really meant a lot to us. I'll be sure to use your tips when my youngest son is old enough to enter his first Derby. Thanks again." John Picarello, Macungie, PA


Three Time Winner
        "I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that my son and I have won our third derby thanks to your information from the booklet that I purchased last October. Although there were quite a few people gunning after us this last derby we still managed to claim the fastest overall time out of fifty cars. I want to let you know all of the joy and happiness that you have brought my son and I competing in all the derbies. Thank You, for creating the winning edge it really works. I have now been elected to run the derby's and it's been a lot of fun listening to the kids tell me how their dad's really want to take our crown away. It makes me work even harder." Tom & J.T. Sawyer, Johnsonville N.Y.


Overall Championship & Acceleration
        "I purchased your booklet for ideas that could be applied to building a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car for my son. My own experience as a Cub Scout was terrible as my Father never took it as seriously as the other Dads. I was determined not to let this happen to my son. They said they were having an adult race as well as a kids race so I build a car too. This also kept me from taking over my son's project. He won both the winners bracket and the overall championship! I was the only adult with a car as many of the other fathers built their son's car (I made my son do his car) and let their son's race them. They then said my car was TOO GOOD, and ADULT CAR and so they would not let Trevor race it. So he raced his car only and won by over a car length every race! It did what you said, it was close on the hill but when they hit the flats it looked like his car took off! Thanks again I really appreciate your sharing as I starting from scratch. P.S. They raced my car against the last 2 years winners between heats as a demo and I beat both by two car lengths! I only beat Tevor's car by 1/2 car! Not bad for an 8 year old!" Darryl E. Wise, Waldorf, MD


Taking 1st in Jackson
        "We ordered your book on winning a pine car derby....we won! First Place/Fastest Car. YMCA Indian Guides Pine Car Derby...the book was a real help!" Morgan Shands, Jackson, Mississippi


We Never Lost ONE Pinewood Derby Race!

      "Thank you for your Pinewood Derby instruction manual. You have another winner. We never lost a race! When we got to the race all the kids were having a great time racing the cars prior to the official heats. We won every practice race and every official heat. Your instructions certainly helped us construct a winning car. We had brought a few tools to the event and were able to help a couple of parent/child teams repair their disabled car and make sure their car was able to compete and avoid that horrible feeling that your mentioned in your book. One of the cars I had assisted came in 3rd. Thanks for your help." A.J. and D.J. Watson


My Kids Finally Won!
        "My kids just had their pinewood derby last week. One is with the Tiger cubs and the other is with the Webelos. To make it short, finally my kids' cars were winners! Their pinewood derby cars beat every car they paired against. It really boosted their confidence. They were so proud to go home and show their friends their winning car...definitely the "winning-edge." Thanks for the tips...they worked for my kids. And lastly, you are 100 per cent right that the best technique to have a winning edge is pray, Amen! God Bless You!" Rusty Malia, Naples, Italy


Win and Witness!
        "I recently purchased your fine How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby and I must say THANK YOU and THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU! I followed the instructions along with my 7 year old Tiger scout, Trevor and we smoked em. Out of 83 cars in our Tiger & Cub troop, we managed victory in the Tiger heats and were undefeated in the semi-finals against the Bears. We ran 3rd in the finals against the rest of the older kids and we're headed to district in April. This was such a special moment for me to show Trevor the power of honest preparation and prayer. We prayed at every stage of the process and after we had turned the car in, we went outside and sat down and asked the Lord to bless and efforts. One of the Dad's walked up to me later and wanted to know our secret. I explained the booklet I had discovered, the process of choosing the design and the the important ingredient of prayer and faith..perhaps this will lead to an opportunity to further witness to him! God Bless you," Horace Noland and Trevor, Tucson, AZ


Winning Within Constraints
        "In my son's very first Derby he finished third out of 55 cars in the field, easily winning all 6 heats he was in. We have very conservative rules but the car performed beautifully and was easy to build. Thanks for the tips - they added immensely to my son's pride in building a car together." Steve T. in Lake Forest IL


Easy to Follow Instructions
        "We purchased your Pinewood Derby book and I must say we were very pleased. This is our first year in the Pinewood race and we didn't know where to begin. Your instructions were easy to follow and made a lot of sense. Well, to make a long story short, we only had a very limited time to get the car done, and the morning of the race Murphy's Law went haywire and we were breaking wheels left and right and had to borrow some from the pack leader...but we still had a car that was built for speed. We came in second place, only losing one race - to place second in the finals. Another father whose son has been completely undefeated in the last three years (we beat him) was in amazement. His son had never lost a race and the rookies beat him by a hair. We did face him again in the finals and they did take first place, but next year with the same design, and the maximum weight that first place trophy is OURS!!! Thanks for your secrets," Lisa Perry - Mother of the two proudest second place winners in Chicago (husband has the trophy on his desk at work)


The Look on His Face
        "We ordered your "HOW TO WIN A PINEWOOD CAR DERBY" book. This was the first year our son won anything! He won second place in his pack and second place for our division! NEXT YEAR WE WILL BE #1!!!!!! I can't begin to tell you what it did for our sons self esteem. I'll always remember the look on his face when he held those two trophies! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Gina & Mike Fox, Danville, VA


Five First Place Trophies!
        "Just a note to let you know how my pinewood derby car did. I made 2 cars, one beat out 73 other cars for first place and the other came in third place. We took a total of 5 first place awards home!..." Kevin Rooker


More Excitement
        "We did it. We took the car to congress and won. My son has never been so excited...thanks again for the book." Doug Sanders


Happy Dad & Happy Kid
        "Just wanted to let you know that Zack's first pinewood derby race was last night. He won every single race except one which was really close with the 2nd place car. He won first place!!! The cars raced until they lost 3 times on a 3 lane track. His good buddy who also used your book on building a winning car placed 3rd. Thank You so much. I'm a happy dad of a happy kid." Fred Taylor, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan


Dad is the Greatest
        "My son's car won 1st in his den, 1st in his pack, and 3rd overall, in the pack. At the district races his car won 1st in the Tiger Scout division. Needless to say my son is one happy scout, and can hardly wait for next years race. And he thinks dad is the greatest. Again, thanks for the most useful hints in your book." Bill Peacock


Smile on His Face
        "Thanks for making these car tips available. My son made a car like your plan tips described...we got bumped on the track twice and caused what could have been a first place finish to be a third place finish, but that's the breaks of competition. Third place was just as great as first place as far as my son was concerned. The smile on his face brought great happiness to me and my wife so I thought you would enjoy hearing the story. Anyway thanks again and we will try for first place again next year. By the way it was third place out of 54 cars." Dan Butler & Andrew Butler - Bear Scout, Glendale Heights, IL


2nd Place & a Tad More Weight
        "Cathy...I wanted to drop you and your husband a line and let you know how we did. Following your book, Ben won 1st in his Tiger Den and 2nd in the overall troop...not bad for a 6 year old. We could have had just a tad more weight but I think maybe its good not to win the whole thing the first year. Again, thanks for your help!" Leland & Ben Grooms, Plattsburg, Missouri


Overall Speed
        "Just wanted to let you know, my son's car "THE MACH ONE" took second place overall in speed." Bob Parr, St. Louis, Missouri


The Value of Winning
        "Hello - Just another testimonial for you. I remember when I was a kid, I was a rabid Indy 500 race fan and the pinewood derby was my big shot. I made a beautiful car that looked just like Jimmy Clark's 1965 Indy winning Lotus Ford No.82. It just didn't run like Jimmy Clark's car. We got blown out badly in the first round.
     My son and I were rookies in the cub scout pinewood derby. I was determined that what happened to me would not happen to my son. We got your book, read it over and over, designed a car and built it following your tips to the letter within the established rules for our cub scout pack.      We ended up with a very fast car that came in 3rd behind two brothers in their last years of scouts. They finished 1, 2. The oldest boy has won the last 3 years in a row and his brother has been 2nd 3 years in a row. We thought that was pretty darn good to come in 3rd behind the two Rodger Penske like cars, by Grant Brothers. We have many ideas for next year. At the banquet my son stood there next to the older boys with trophy hand. He said, "Dad, nothing better than standing there with a trophy in your hands and flash bulbs going off." I guess he learned the important American value of winning. I can't recommend your book enough to anyone who is not in Pack 1 Diamond Hill!" Jim Hartke, Cumberland, RI


He Had to Look
        "I ordered the book 3 days before my tiger sons pine wood derby race. Well we did great 1st place in the tigers a second place in the whole pack. The guy who beat us has won the last 2 years and nobody has give him a run for a while. We just about beat him. Afterwards he had to look at our car to see what we did. It did work and I thanks you for the tips." Dan King, St Paul, MN


3rd Place but Great Time
        "Wanted to update you on our running of the derby. We had a great time. My son's car ran the third fastest time in the wolf/tiger heats, and lost the first of his double elimination races in the finals to the overall winner. We felt good about our car, and never lost by more than a third of a car length. In spite of the intense competition between the adults, the boys seemed to enjoy themselves. My son's last race of the day was against one of his best friends in our den of eight, they hugged each other before and during the actual race, even with the knowledge that the loser was eliminated from further racing. I think that tells me that the day and the experience was a success! Thanks again for your help." Bart Darling, Spring, TX


Had Fun Building Together
        "I thought I'd let you know how we did in the race. Aaron and I had fun building the car together and decided to follow everything by the book. We won every heat we ran - 8 out of 8! But so did another car. So in order to determine a winner, we had a race-off between the two. Since one particular lane was faster than the others, we switched lanes each time in the race-off until someone won twice in a row. After 6 more runs, we were finally edged out. Aaron took home a very nice 2nd place trophy and couldn't have been happier. Without a doubt, it was a fun day. We're supposed to go on to a city-wide race and we'll let you know how that goes!" David Miller


We Won Every Time!
        "Just wanted to say thanks! Yesterday was our local pinewood derby and our Tiger Cub scout took first place. Were we shocked!! It has been a great experience and now we're looking forward to districts. Thanks for all the expertise in your book." Brent Henderson


Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

He's All Grins
        "I just couldn't wait to share the good news. My son, Egan, won third place last week in our Pinewood derby. We go to district this weekend. He's all grins and so are we. Last year he didn't even place. Next year we will have two cars racing, our middle son, Evan, will be a Tiger scout. He can't wait. And a couple of years from now Ethan, our youngest will be racing. We plan on using your tips then also. Thanks for the help." Angie, Anthony, Egan, Evan, and Ethan Haddix


From Dead Last to First Place
        "Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with the results I got from your book. My son and I went from dead last, last year to first place this year. My son was truly thrilled to see his car win. My son and I are looking forward to next year. Buying this book was money well spent!" Jeff Geither, Twinsburg, Ohio


Still in Shock!
        "Another Victory!!! Jarrid (my son) and I won another first place trophy. This time we won the district for the bears. We missed the overall trophy by inches, but were the second best overall. The overall winner was just a first place trophy only! Maybe next time? Not bad for our first year huh! two first place trophies.....I am still in shock. P.S. - Thanks again for making our first year pinewood derby car race such a memorable one!" Randy S. Hartenstine, Ocean Springs, MS


Second Place Overjoy
        "I would like to thank you for the tips in your book. It was a very big help as my son was overjoyed that he won second place in both the Webelos 1 and Pack finals (he lost to the same car in both divisions). Thanks again." Jon DegRoot, Saudi Arabia


99th Out of 100
        "Just to let you know that we used the book. We raced the district race last Saturday. Out of 100 races my tiger cub son won 99! My son was the 1st runner up to the overall champion and he barely beat was a dead son was a very happy little tiger. Thanks for the winning edge!" Eddo Ortiz


Not Even Close!
        "Thanks you so much for your book. We used all your tips. Out of 15 races, we won all of them! No other car even came close! We were a car length ahead of even the second place car!" Ben Anderson, Cub Scout Wolf, Pack 416, Phoenix, AZ


First Try Contentment
        "My son took 2nd in an 13 car race at his local pack meet. Not too bad for our first try at this. At the multi county regional finals he took 5th out of 45 cars." David Walch, Scottdale, PA


Technique Motivation
        "Just to let you know, My son and I ordered your booklet and followed the directions and tips... guess what? His car won both his den and the overall race......We even came across a few more techniques because we were som motivated by the material...." Anthony C. Trivelli, New Jersey


Sum Total Secrets!
        "Just a note to let you know that I recently ordered one of your booklets on "How to win a Pinewood Car Derby". I had never built or even seen a race. After reading it all the way through twice, I began to pick up that it was the sum total of ALL the comments and ideas that would make the difference. And make the difference it did! We won all eight of our Pack races and took first place in the speed division!!! It was great to have people asking, "George, what was your secret?" And know there isn't ONE - it is the sum total of all the little things. Thanks!!!!" George and Daniel Lipford, Apex, North Carolina


Pinewood Pride
        "My son Kyle and I ordered your book How to Build a Derby Car. I hadn't built a derby car before and didn't know where to begin. Your book helped us out a great deal. We did everything you suggested. Everything. It came in a winner. It was his first time ever racing and mine also. Really don't know who was more son Kyle or me. Received 1st place in Tiger Cubs & Wolves division. So far he now has three 1st place trophies, locally and city wide. Thank you guys so much for the valuable information you gave us. It worked!!" Tron Klingensmith, St. Joseph, MO


Best Day of His Life!
        "Dropping you a line to thank you for helping us win! I had no idea how to get started, but with your help we made it. We came in 3rd place out of 33 cars!!! The top 3 cars were all similarly made (must have had your help too). Although I was unable to attend due to work, my wife said it was very exciting and that my son had a grin from ear to ear! He called me at work as soon as he got home and has been proudly showing his trophy to everyone! He told us recently that it was the best day of his life!! Thank you very much from our entire family." The Bonanzio's, Seymour, CT


Motherly Bonding & 1st Place
        "Hi, I just wanted to write to let you know that my 6 year old son who is currently in Tiger Scouts won 1st place in his den and then went on to win 1st place in his pack!! We are continuing on to Districts in April! Since my husband is not very handy and I enjoy building things, I helped my son with his derby racer. I was very glad to find your website and your book. My son & I enjoyed very much working together on his car. We had discussed that there was a chance he might lose, but the fun was in producing a car that he would be proud of. I never expected us to win the whole thing!! Needless to say we were thrilled and couldn't keep from smiling at each other throughout the rest of the day!! Thanks again." Lisa & Cameron Schneck of Rhode Island


Text Version Helped
        "I ordered your book on pinewood derby cars yesterday and received the text only version. We had just hours to complete my sons car for the race today at 2pm. We felt good about our car in just our second year of racing. When the racing began we knew we had a fast car, we managed to finish 3rd. When I inspected the winning car I could see he also must have read your book. I learned a lot and will be better prepared next year. My son and I were very pleased with the results and thank you very much for providing the information." Chris & Justin Carney, De Witt, Arkansas


Blowing the Competition Away!
        "Hurray!!! Hurray!! Another Great Success Story for Winning Edge! Tyler Skalski (Jr. WEBELO) and Ben Skalski (Bear) Pack 360, Baltimore, Maryland take home First Place Trophies and placed #1 and #2 in the Pack -- all thanks to "How to Win a Pinewood Derby". This past Saturday, Pack 360 held their 1999 Pinewood Derby. Tyler and Ben each won first place in their respective dens and were champs for the Pack. After ordering your book, and following your instructions, we blew the competition away. Even my 5 year old daughter's car in the sibling races had nothing to compare. The boys won all of their races with Ben's one and only loss to his big brother's car in the pack race off. Thanks for a wonderful experience. It was very special to see my two boys, jumping up and down, all excited about winning their races. The other boys were excited for them too. That's what it is all about!!" David Skalski, Columbia, Maryland


Hints Made All the Difference
        "We came in 2nd in the final heat. Thanks for your booklet. We followed every hint that we could apply within the rules of our pack and it made all the difference." Greg Boek, Mt. Prospect, IL


The Winner's Platform!
        "My son read your book, used your design, and won his pine wood derby race! He had not experienced "the winner's platform" on anything before so this was a great day for him! Thanks." Dave Smith


Flying High
        "I have two sons, one a wolf and one a bear. The big race was tonight. One raced against 24 kids, the other against 30. (Its a large pack!) They each came away with a 3rd, both in race-offs. They are "flying high!" The best part, however, is that they both pulled me aside and said, "Dad, the best part was building the car." Thanks, guys. Your directions turned an old marketing guy into an engineer, and you were right ... the best part was building the cars." Mike Martino, Woodinville, WA


Putting Advice to Use
        "Thanks for the booklet. We were tight on time. The race was yesterday and out of the 15 heats, my son's car placed in the top three in all but 4 of them ! He was so proud when it came in first twice (we were, too). I am actually looking forward to next year when we can put more of your advice to use. Thanks again."


The Winning Edge
        "We followed the basic rules of your book & won the pack race. I'm not saying the book was 100% responsible, but it did give us an "edge". Thank you again." Larry Mullins, South Vienna, OH


A Standing Ovation
        "I ordered your book two years ago after my son had a relatively dismal showing as a Tiger Cub scout. We followed the advice in the book the following year - and we won the Wolves competition, then won first in the pack. We went on to District and took third place. This year we followed the directions a little better - got first place in Bears, first place in the pack, then went on to take first place in District. 2 years, 4 races, 4 trophies. My son got a standing ovation from his pack for winning the trophy at District - the winning cars from over 40 packs competed. The most important thing is that the tips have helped us have fun discussing and building the cars." Don Faust


Tips Proved Invaluable
        "Just a follow-up...Took 2nd place today in our YMCA program...your "tips" proved invaluable. Missed 1st place by a fraction...we'll get 'em next year.Thanks for the help." Cody & Marty Taylor, Hamilton, NJ


2nd Out of 77 Cars!
        "Just wanted to drop you a quick note. My son won the Bear's division of the Pinewood derby that had 18 cars. We then finished second in the pack out of 77 cars. We had the fastest car hands down. Unfortunately, we had some damage during the finals, and were unable to do any repairs. The car went off the end of the track and bent the rear axle and was rubbing the side of the car. Thanks for your help. My son's already looking toward next year's race. We won every race by 1-2 car lengths. Your book really works. Thanks" Tom and Tommy Glenn, Phoenix, AZ


Undefeated in Our Den
        "Thanks for all the great tips in your book. My son and I had never built a Pinewood Derby car before. We followed many tips in your book and finished undefeated in our den. We finished first in our pack. We finished first in every heat except one second place finish. Not bad for thirteen races! Thanks again for all your great tips, and I will let the other kids know where I got the information. After the seeing how fast our car was, I'm sure they'll be in touch with you. Good luck in your business." Doug Lyons, Greeley, Colorado


5 Car Lengths Ahead!
        "My son won first place in his Boy Scout pack race. The second fastest car was always four to five car lengths behind at the finish line." Dale Rutherford, Chattanooga, TN


A Funny Victory
        "We have to tell you our funny story. Our son designed his own body and then we did as you said with the wheels and axles. We raced a car that was made by a physicist also and we won hands down. The last thing that was so funny was that my son didn't have time to paint his car so we threw the whole car into a bag of graphite shook it up and left it overnight. We did everything else that you said in your book about the axles and wheels. We thought for sure we weren't going to win at all, but we were always 3-4 inches in front of the fastest car! My son was so elated! Funny huh?" Debbe Hanson, Escondido, California


Better Than Last Year!
        "Another year of Pinewood Derby races have come and gone and our results were even better than last year. The championship race for pack 76 came down to Dan, Sean and another boy. Dan finished 1st and Sean finished 3rd. Sean also was the champion Wolf and Dan was the champion Webelo, so they both get to go to the Omaha District Finals race in May. Next year we will have 3 boys in scouts, maybe the finals will come down to Dan, Sean and Jack! Thanks for your help....(We received this next portion a couple months later): Just a short note to update my last post. Saturday was the District Race and Dan came home with the championship for the Webelos and for the overall race. He was the district champ last year too! Sean came in second for the Wolf division. He lost to someone who appears to have your book also. Thanks for all your help." Scott Rasmussen, Omaha, Nebraska


A Real Tribute on Tips
        "We had our race on Saturday and for the past month my son and I have been working on our car.....we followed your instructions and used the blueprint in the book.The car really turned out nice BUT an error that I made on wheel placement violated overall length of 7" and the day of the race we were told that we could race as is or go to the pit area and redrill the holes by hand and replace the wheels........I'm not a tool type of guy and had drilled the original holes at my workplace using the maintenance drill press so each hole was straight as an arrow.........I knew I would not be able to duplicate that by hand but I wanted my son to race with a approved car so my son and I went to the pit area and redrilled the 4 holes and repositioned the four wheels. All turned out ok except the front right was a tiny bit crooked. With this I explained to my son that the high expectations that we had coming in probably were not going to be realized however we still had fun and we would do better next year. HOWEVER to my surprise my son won his division (Tiger Scouts) and in doing so posted the fastest time of the day in his last heat 2.424!!!!!!!! The Four Division winners then raced and my son tied for first against an older scout and during the tiebreaker race lost by .001 of a second!!!!! We are new to these races and Jared is only 7 so as he raced this older guy he would simply place his car on the track while the older guy straightened and spread the wheels........The fact that your design car had to be reconfigured at the last minute by an unhandy man and then raced by a seven year old who didn't take the time to straighten and spread the wheels and still won and was only .001 away from overall winner is a real tribute to your book and the tips it contains. We will be racing in the district but I'm sure our last minute problems will hold us back some but we are still very happy with his large division trophy!!!!!!!! We can't wait til next year! Thank you for giving my son and I something real special to share......the winners edge!" Al Christensen, Michigan City, Indiana


It Really Worked!
        "Just wanted to say "THANKS" for the book! It really worked. After 2 years of not winning, my son Zach took second place in his pack race and went on to the "winner's class" at the District level. He would have taken first place in the pack race but the other lane was a faster lane. Thanks Again!" Vic & Zach Bonnett, Nitro, West Virginia


Tips Bring Results
        "I have two sons, each in different cub scout packs. I followed your tips. Son #1 won 1st place in his den and 5th place overall! Son #2 won first place in his den and 3rd place overall! Thank you!" Todd Hummel, Reading, PA


1st in Every Heat!
        "I thought you would be interested in knowing that my son's car won the Pinewood Derby in his pack. He raced against approximately 35 other cars and won 1st place in every heat. He also won Best Design. Thanks for your tips, they really work." Paul A. Bregman, Laurel Hollow, NY


Directions Followed Exactly
        "Last year we purchased your book "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" and last year my oldest boy won 4th place over all and first in his Wolf Cub class. I wish I had followed your directions better. This year, my oldest is no longer in the Cub Scouts but my second boy is a Tiger. We followed your advice EXACTLY this time, and he won 1st place in his entire Pack! I have never seen him so excited and proud. We can't thank you enough for your book. With two more boys that have yet to even start Elementary school, I can look forward to WINNING many more Pinewood Derbys, thanks to the advice in your book." Bruce R. Crain, Ph.D., P.E., Marietta, Georgia


Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

Skeptical Internet Order Paid Off
        "I just want to thank you for giving me some great ideas on how to win the Pinewood Derby. I followed your book and my son and I won the whole derby!!! I admit, at first I was very skeptical about ordering a book off of the internet, but it truly worked!!!! There isn't a better feeling than the one we had last Saturday winning that race!!! Thanks again." Todd Schultheis, Evansville, Indiana


A Father's Joy
        "I followed all your tips in the book. My 8 year old son, Mike, helped with the car.This was his first year in scouts. He raced against 50 other cars. The book is right. Mike's car held it's own on the downhill and then seemed to actually speed up as it hit the straight away. While they had an electronic finish line, Mike's car finished so far ahead, it wasn't needed. In every heat, Mike's car zoomed past the others smoothly and quietly. Eventually, it was down to the finals. He was still undefeated. I held my breath, Mike was cool, drew his lane assignment, handed his car to the official and stood to watch. Many of the boys were chanting for one of the other boys to win, Mike was not shaken. The race started, and just as before, Mike's car seemed to almost magically accelerate in the stretch. He had won the whole derby without a loss and with a wide margin every time. He finally showed emotion. He stood, pulled his fist down and quietly said "YES!" Even when he received his trophy, he didn't make a scene. He was very gracious. He had won the 1999 Cub Scout Pack 24 Pinewood Derby. He was a first time scout, a first time derby participant and the best winner I've seen. When he won the whole derby, he came down to me with the trophy and his car, and said, "Dad, thanks for helping me build this car and for being here with me." He learned much about how things work, and how to win without being a jerk. Winning the race and doing it with his dad was enough. I thank you for the book. The tips were very helpful. Hope others will follow your advice." Tom Schornak, Cincinnati, Ohio


Placing and Praying
        "Just wanted to let you know that my 9 yr.-old son is a winner thanks to your book. Michael is in Cub Scouts and is in his 1st year Weblos. The last 3 years he never even placed. This year, he learned about resistance from your book and placed 3rd over all in a group of 39 boys! He followed every suggestion except one. We both forgot to pray because I was so involved in organizing the event. Next year will be he last Pinewood Derby race since he will be moving up to Boy Scouts. Thanks again for the secrets." Michael & Joe Leone, New Hartford, NY


Tips Paid Off
        "Your tips really did pay off. My two sons had a great time. Out of 60 cubs and scouts we finished 2nd and 3rd and only missed 1st by thousands of a second after 6 runs." David Sooy


We Won With No Experience
        "Incredible news! (I am the mother who ordered your booklet at the end of December.) My husband is an attorney and we home school. Although my background is engineering and computers, we had no tools and no woodworking experience and nothing to help our 8 year old Cub Scout with this Pinewood Derby business. Long story short: Our son loved the profile of your car so we involved a friend and his teenage son who had the right tools and they all cut it out (actually got two cars from the same block of wood) according to your booklet. I was unnerved because we had no way to test it!!! Final result: The car won first place in his den and SECOND place overall in the field of 24! Thanks to you! Thank you again," Rosemary Moore, Las Vegas, NV


Brains & Prayer
        "Just wanted to let you know of the results of our Boy Scout Pinewood Derby. Matt our 9 yr. old son took 1st place in his Den. He took 3rd place in the entire Troop. (Probably a total of 50 or more cars) He even beat the winning car from last year the "Millineum car". Interestingly enough no one else could beat the Millineum car, not even the car that won 1st in the troop. Thanks for writing your brains on paper. It really helped and I look forward to seeing father and son put together another car next year. (My husband had as much fun as our son did) Oh, and by the way, they did pray over their car!" Cheryl, Mike & Matt Gwartney, Virginia Beach, VA


A Good Book
        "Thank you for a good book. My son, who is in his first year of cub scouts as a tiger cub, & I followed your tips on building a winning car and guess what?? My son, Scott, won 1st place (out of 51 cars) on his very first try at racing. He won 10 of 12 races, and placed 2nd in the other 2. Thanks again for a good book and a good father/son experience." John & Scott Stavorski, Troop 141, Hatfield PA.


Zoomed Ahead!
        "I wanted to let you know that our nephew won first place in his Pinewood Derby thanks to your help! His car was nose to nose with the others on the slope, but when it reached the straight track, it just zoomed ahead and he won by almost a full car length. It was amazing! My two sons' Derby is coming up after the first of the year, and I just can't wait to see what happens." Virginia Jeanes, Memphis, TN


Confidence to Win!
        "We are proud to announce that our son, Jeb, came in second place at his Pinewood Derby race on Friday evening. The booklet that we received from you gave my son and his dad the confidence to win that race. Thank-you," Debbie, Paul (Zim) and Jeb Davis, Edinboro, PA


We took 1st Place!
        "Thank you! We took 1st Place! All the parents asked how we did it and we showed them the book. They will probably order one for next year!" Cara Flynn, Carlsbad, CA


Manual Stressed Togetherness
        "Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful booklet. Yesterday my son and I placed 3rd in our Troops annual derby. I think the first two finishers also had your booklet. Our cars were almost identical, and it was so close in the end that you couldn't tell who won with just the naked eye. Last year we placed 13th and it was very evident that our car wasn't close to being as fast as the winners. This year, after following your tips, we improved by leaps and bounds. It was a gross display of Power and Speed. Although we still had fun last year working together on our car, it was especially nice for me as a father this year to see my son experience a little taste of victory. It also was a lesson that I always preach, that hard work and preparation almost always pays off. Your manual stressed togetherness, which I really admired and made me really want to read your guide. Your tips and instructions really work. Just wish that I was the only one who knew about them. Again, thank you for a wonderful booklet and helping a Dad look good. Next year we'll again use your tips and hopefully with a little more tweaking, we'll come home with the gold." Manny Felix, Lynn, Massachusetts


Completely Undefeated
        "I purchased your booklet, "How To Win A Pinewood Car Derby," last year after our first experience with a Pinewood Derby. My 8-year old cub scout was somewhat disappointed as his first-ever car only managed to get him a "participation" trophy. I decided after that experience to learn more about this derby business, and that is when I discovered your booklet. This year we used your guide and created a sleek, streamlined car that looked nothing like last year's. Guess what? He won the championship!!! He was completely undefeated and took first place in his entire pack. And the best thing of all was that one of the coordinators had a "show car" which had won him the district championship a few years ago. He wanted to race it against my son's car. We did ... and my son's car beat his by about 2 inches! Needless to say, my son had one of the best experiences of his life. And so did his dad. Just wanted to let you know. It works! Thanks for helping us experience this treasured event." Randy & Jeremy Tracy, Memphis, Tennessee


Like a Swiss Clock!
        "Dear Winning Edge, Thank you for the timely manner in sending your information to me. It all worked like a Swiss clock! Tonight we had our Pine Wood Derby and using ideas we got from your booklet we came in FIRST PLACE!! Seemingly small little things made a big difference! Thanks for the great service and good information!" Dan Hale, Vancouver, WA


Raising the Bar!
        "Just a quick note to let you know how much your husband's book on Pinewood Derby cars helped us! Neither my son nor I had ever even seen one of these events before. We just followed your step by step instuctions and won every heat we entered! Our closest race of the whole night was the first, against our buddy, with whom we shared your secrets. If anything, I came away from the evening feeling a little guilty for raising the bar so far. Winning is fun and it was quite a thrill for my son. After all, he did help with most every step. It is just that his attention span was considerably shorter than mine. Thanks again for your tips. Oh, and by the way, we do give Jesus all the glory! In His name," Jeff & Mark Cannon, Atascadero, CA


A Night to Remember
        "Cathy, last night was a night to remember for my son, Thomas. After following the tips in your book, How To Win A Pinewood Derby, my son took second place at his cub scout pack's pinewood derby race. The look of satisfaction on his face was well worth the cost of your book. Now we are on to the District races in March. I just wanted to say thank you very much. By the way I came in first place with my car in the leaders' races. Thanks again, " Alan Nelson, Niagra Falls, NY


A Happy Little Boy
        "We just got back from this years pinewood derby, and after using the tips suggestion from your booklet for the 2nd year in a row, my son won his divison and placed 2nd overall! For the 2nd year in a row!!! Thank you for making the book available. You've helped make a little boy very proud and happy. Thank You," Tony Wolf, Girard, OH


Second Time Around
        "This is another year of winning testimony! Last year I wrote and told you it was our first year of EVER WINNING and we won 2nd place it the pack and almost won in the division. Well let me tell you so far, my son Zach, has won 1st Place in his pack, beating all time records. He will be competing in March in the divisional. His car was so fast it was embarrassing to watch him beat all the other cars. In March he will go to the finals to compete. THANKS AGAIN FOR MAKING YOUR BOOK AVAILABLE!!!!! Wish us luck, but you already know that with your technology we will do GREAT! Thanks again for the second year in a row." Zach Bonnett (master racer) and dad Vic, Nitro, WV



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