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How to Win a Pine Wood Derby

       Pine Car Derby Racers...If you came directly to this page from a search engine or another site, you need to click here or on the banner above to go to "How to Win a Pine Wood Derby." Come and visit!

Pinewood Derby Winners testimonies


Pine Car Derby Winning Testimonies - PAGE ONE!

Order How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby!

Woohoo...Great Memories From our Pinewood Derby Race!

       "Just wanted to tell you that my son just won our pack's pinewood derby. 49 cars were entered and we were 4-0, undefeated in 4 heats. Just wanted to thank you for the great book. This was the first pinewood derby car I had built since I was around 11 years old and was my son's first year as a cub scout. If you could have seen his face, he was beaming! The fact that he and I made the car together, made it even all the more special. We had many a dad inspecting the car post-race...I have a feeling we will see many imitators next year. What a great pinewood derby book, well worth the money for sure. Thanks for some really great memories!" John A. (A happy dad), Feb 23, 2008

The Tips Made the Difference!

        "Thank you very much for your outstanding book that REALLY made the difference to my son Joshua in his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. This was my first year building a pinecar so I applied my success formula - see if there is a solution online somewhere! I did a search for, found and ordered your book and wow did it work! Well, I did everything in the book I could within the framework of our Pack's rules. On race day Josh and I couldn't believe it. Our car won every single race it was in, (about 30 heats or so)! Some of the Webelos, (older scouts) had been building pine wood derby cars for 3 years and knew what they were doing but we still beat them. Here are the results...

  • Bear Den Race - First Place Medal.

  • Best Design - First Place Award (a note on this, usually the judges give out an award for the car that's the fastest and an award for the best looking car - Josh won for both).

  • Fastest Cub Scout - First Place Award - (a race between all of the cub scouts not including Webelos).

  • Pack 397 First Place Trophy - (the big cheese - he beat every scout in the pack - more than 50 boys).

       I read the testimonials before ordering the book but never thought I would be writing my own. There is something I would like to add to one testimonial that I read before buying your book that really struck a chord for me. Another gentleman wrote that his car seemed to start out a little slow "off the line" but then accelerated past the other cars during the rest of the race. That's exactly what happened to me.
       Without your book I wouldn't have won, plain and simple - there is too much valuable information in it that I simply didn't know. All I can say to the other Dad's and Mom's reading this is that it is worth every penny I paid for the book to see the new trophy, plaque and ribbons that we now have. It is also something that my son Josh will never forget."
Chip Darnell, Cub Scout Pack 397, Garner, North Carolina

Amazing Results!

        "My son and I built the car from your book and we had AMAZING results. Our pack race was this past Saturday and my son won 1st place for tiger cubs, runner up for best-of-show (looking), and 1st place OVERALL!! (against all cub scouts, total 24 cars) Our car was the ONLY car to break the 3 second barrier, and he broke it twice out of 5 race runs. with practice (17 races total) my son NEVER lost a race! My gratitude to you for writing the book, it was indeed a winner!" Cary Citro

It Ain't Hokey!

        "I have looked at this web site for several years. I thought the winning testimonies were hokey. This year I broke down and bought the book and paid a couple of extra dollars to have it e-mailed so I could get started. We had less than a week and a half to get started and completed with building the car. This is my families sixth year participating in a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. That first year my son's car won second or third place in his Tiger Scout group. That was the last year we had a car finish in the top three.
        "My middle son did win a trophy for Best Craftsmanship one year and he was very happy. My youngest son is a Wolf Scout now, all we hoped for was at least a third place finish in his rank so he would have a trophy like his two older brothers. He won first place for his rank. His times were 3.8044, 3.8043, 3.8032, and 3.0820. My son was thrilled. The thrills did not stop there. He moved into the Grand Champion races. He is the Pack 315 Grand Champion for 2004. We have 64 boys in our pack, 53 cars raced in the Pinewood Derby. It was an exciting day. Thank you for your book." Ron and Jeffrey Phillips

Six out of Six Pinewood Derby Races!

       "Yesterday, "we" won 1st Place out of about 30 or 40 others for the fastest pinecar in my son’s Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. The car won 6 of 6 six races and had the fastest time in a number of years. I attribute our success to your very helpful book and your many suggestions. Since my son is only 6 yrs old, the book also served to channel his thinking towards speed and answered many of his questions as to, "Why" are we doing that?" — such as a speed focused body design. Thanks again!" Richard Smith

Got the Edge!

        "My son and I have competed in the pinewood derby and the ROYAL AMBASSADORS R.A. Derby for three years now. Our boyscout pack has between 40 to 50 kids in it. The first two years we went home early and disappointed. We had a good design and were doing about half the things in your book. This year we got "The Edge!" Twelve times down the track and ZERO losses! We now have a den and pack champion! My eyes watered as he was jumping up and down in celebration. In our county baptist church association we have an countywide race in which anywere from 130 to 150 kids race in three age brackets. In ours three years ago he finished about 65th of 90 racers. Last year he finished 25th of 82 racers. This year he lost his first heat and moved to the losers side of an double elimination race. His car got moving and cruised all the way to the championship heat. Since the winners side car hasn't lost, we had to beat him in two heats to be the grand champion. Well, what can we say but four trips down the track and four wins! My 9 yr. old son was grand champion of 72 racers! That smile could light up the room! Thank you! Now we have "The Edge!" Alan and Bret Gilbert, Nashville, TN

Pack Championship

        "Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail of thanks. Our cub scout pinewood derby was this past Thursday night. We finished waxing the car about an hour before. We had done as many of your suggestions as we could. The first heat was a classic from your book. Luke's (my son) car was behind by at least a car length at first but as it hit the flatter part of the track, it went screaming past the other cars. The remaining races were about the same because you could always see the car pull away from the other cars near the finish line.When Luke won the tiger cub division he got the Trophy and I had to shed a few tears I was so happy for him.
        "Then they had all four winners of each level of cubs race for the pack champion. Whoever won two races would be the winner. It was a close race, but Luke's car pulled ahead at the end and it only took two races before he won the pack championship. Thanks again and may God bless you." Kent Barnes

Didn't Lose a Race All Day!

        "I am pleased to inform you that my son Adam won his first Pinewood Derby and that it was the first time he/we had ever built a car. Adam helped with several keys aspect of the car and we had fun building it together. We paid close attention to all the key factors that you mention in your book.
        He is a Tiger Cub. The first heat was not even close. We took them by 3 feet. Then the quarter finals we were winning by several car lengths. Semi finals, same thing, several car lengths. THE FINALS... Over one car length in the first heat. Second heat, same thing. The last and final heat we did not need to win, Adam put the car up on the track and failed to set the car up the way you mentioned in your book, all the other races he set it up right. So, the last heat we were in second by the time we reached the bottom of the slope, BUT, on the flats we pulled ahead to win by well over half of a car length. WE DID NOT LOSE A RACE ALL DAY!!!" Tom Muir, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Crush Time

        "Just thought you would like to know the results of my sons Pinewood Derby. In his Den he placed 1st overall, in the Pack of 55 cars he tied for second place overall and will now get to go to district. I followed your instructions in your book and it worked! It wasn't so much the winning as it was the joy on my sons face and my pride in my son as he received his trophies! Thanks again for passing on your tips, your book really was well worth every penny. On to District wish us luck." Steve

No More "Almost"

        "I had to e-mail you to let you know what happened last night with the pinewood derby race. For three years we lost almost all the heats. This time I built the car exactly the way you explained in your book. My son won first place and in addition received a second trophy for the fastest time. You made that little boy very happy and proud. I can't thank you enough for your insights. Again, you're just the greatest!" Richard Gabriel, Pinebrook, New Jersey

Lifetime Memories

        "When I was a kid I remember coming in dead last in my pinewood derby race. My car barely made it down the track. When I heard about the plans for my son's first pinewood derby race, I didn't want him to have those same type memories being with him for the rest of his life. I wanted him to remember winning!!
     After viewing your website, I was excited about ordering and could hardly wait to get the booklet. It brought back all those memories and feelings for redemption. When I got your booklet, to be frank, I was kind of disappointed. I couldn't fathom that these seemingly simple things could make any difference. I couldn't have been more wrong!
     My son's Pack had his pinewood derby race today. We followed your booklet to the letter minus the shape of the car. Well to make a long story short, my son's car won first place in his division and was the fastest car amongst all in his pack...nearly 100 competitors. My son, his siblings, grandparents and friends were so excited, and have not stopped praising him and talking about it. He now moves on to the next stage of competition and we are all looking forward to that. Thank you for helping create memories that will last a lifetime." Bill Bergman

The Gold!

        "We took home the gold! Walker, my son, won every race. Thanks!" Doug from Idaho Falls

Informative Booklet

        "Just wanted to drop a line and thanks for the very informative booklet. I followed the advice from the book, some of the ideas were not allowed by our tiger cub scouts, but others came in very handy. My son won 1st place in his den and then won 2nd place out of all of the den's, he was only beat by .001 of a second from the 1st place winner. He will now have to compete in heat races against the boy scouts. Thanks again for the helpful information." Corey Reid

Highly Recomended

        "I purchased your book and m son's name is Kolbey. This is his first year of cub scouts. We had our derby race today. Out of 70 cars we finished 5th. Our car weighed in at 4.7 oz. We are going to districts 5 in a month. Your book was great. I would recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!! Thans for your help." Ernie & Kolbey Stewart

Another Converted Skeptic

        "When I ordered your book about building these cars, I was very skeptical. After using your techniques, my son and I not only built a fast pinewood derby car, we built the fastest car in our Cub Scouts pack. We went in knowing we had a much better car than the previous year but we did not know until the first race of the first heat. We won by a comfortable margin and the wins did not stop there. All in all we ran down the track 24 times and went undefeated. My son Vance was so excited about winning his own den that he did not realize until all racing was finished that HE was the leader of the pack. I want to thank you for this book and I have told other people to check out your website because you really do give racers The Winning Edge!!!" Doug & Vance Halfaker, Den #8, Pack 444, Sullivan Missouri

60 Wins & a Trophy

        "A little less than two weeks ago, I ordered "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby". My son CJ and I read the book and meticulously followed your husband's tips. Tonight, CJ won 1st place out of his entire cub scouts pack (Pack 246, Waunakee, Wisconsin). There were approximately 40 to 60 or more entries. This was my and CJ's first pinewood derby. I firmly believe that our result is a testament to how good your book is. CJ was very happy. He brought home a big trophy. I thank you and your husband for an excellent book and for the very enjoyable experience of CJ winning. You do good work and put out a good product." Troy M. Hellenbrand, Waunakee, Wisconsin

Den Mother Wins Big!

        "My den and I would like to say thank you!!! In September when I became a new den leader, one of my greatest fears was the pinewood derby. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to help my boys. I was never very good with tools and building things. I decided to look up information on the internet for some help. When I found your web site, I was so glad that someone was willing to help. So many times people are so competitive that they won't help anyone else. After I read your book, I told my husband about your suggestions. He thought I was crazy. The boys and I spent a lot of time in the garage working on their cars. When I walked in to the race I couldn't believe how long the track was, and I didn't think the cars would make it to the finish line. I started praying for help. Once the race started, I couldn't believe what was happening. My boys were winning. Not one race but all the races!!! My youngest boy, Jason, won first place and my other boy, Brandon, won third. I honestly can not thank you enough for the joy and happiness you helped me to bring to my children. Thank You!!!!" Rita Biro, Smyrna, DE, Pack 239, Den 6

Simple and Sensible Secrets

        "Our Aztec Nation Indian Guides had a Pinewood Derby race today. We took 1st place. We had 9 heats (4 car lanes) and about 50 entrants. My son Won EVERY heat. All 9, undefeated. Several of the heats were done two or even three times due to orchestration issues, kids bumping the track, etc., and he won EVERY one of those, too. I enjoyed your book, it was simple and made sense from a physics point of view - I am a PhD EE and I must admit that the book reminded me of a few basics that I did know but hadn't applied to the race before. Thanks so much." Mike Workman, Saratoga, CA

Unimpressive Book? Then We Raced!

        "First, let me say that I was not impressed with your book. Many of your tips were things our rules prohibited us from using. Most of the other ones were things I already knew about. Nothing special. But my son and I followed it anyway, as you suggested we must do. THEN WE RACED!
       Oh my gosh! We were the fastest car in the place. We won every heat in 1st place and were the only car to make it to the end of the last portion of the track. This portion was lined with wooden strips covered in rubber to decelerate the cars. It stopped everyone cold, but we even traveled farthest on this decelerating track (or so my wife assured us). An engineering friend told me you were crazy, but we followed your advice. He asked me later to help show him how we got the car to run so straight without wheel wobble.
       My only complaint is that now, thanks to your advice, my son now has ownership of the Pack’s traveling trophy for the next year. This trophy is almost as tall as he is! Where are we to put it!? Oh well, I guess we’ll manage to find a place." Michael A. Roman, Ph.D., San Antonio, Texas

"V" For Victory!

        "We were very skeptical ordering a how-to book on-line. But we got it and followed as much of the tips as our rules would allow. The car was very slick looking since we polished and added a Victory "V" on top. We never dreamed that the V would come true. In a field of 60 cars at our Indian Guide race, our car never lost a heat and won the overall Nation First Place Trophy. My son still has not stopped shaking his head and saying "He can't believe the car never lost." We had won some heats in previous years, but never gone as far as this year. It was truly exciting and we could not have done it without your Winning Edge. Thanks again." Mike and Michael Mattox, Springfield, PA

Your Book is the Best

        "It had been a long time since I made my first Pinewood Derby car with my Dad when I was in Indian Guides. I remember we didn’t’ do so well. So now that I have 2 kids, Blake 6 & Alexa 8, I decided to give it our all. Both my kids came in first in their classes, racing against about 35 other kids in their class. Then we competed in the overall finals with all age groups included and came in 2nd & 3rd overall.. Your book and advice was the best. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was for the whole family to see Blake and Alexa win heat after heat. If they were any more excited, we may have needed a few more “pit stops”. Wouldn’t it be fun to get all the winners that read your book together to see how we would compete against each other. Thanks for making such a valuable resource available. I almost hope that the secrets in your book don’t get out to the other Indian Guides in our Nation, but after all, it’s what brought us to the winners circle. We’re looking forward to next years event. Thank you for the education and information. Best $10.00 I’ve spent in a long time!!!" Scott Lazarus, Long Beach, CA

Embellished Endorsements?

        "Okay, so I thought maybe some of those testimonials sounded made up, or at least embellished, but yes, my nine-year old won all six of his races today, won best in his den and third overall in the Pinewood Derby (missed secondby a few hundreths of a second and first by two-tenths of a second, CUMULATIVE over the six races). This being my fifth racer, I thought I knew most of the tips already (plus a whole lot of clearly unhelpful tips), but your book combined them in a way that obviously made all the difference (we never got even close to these sorts of results the other four years). Thanks for helping make this a great day for the two of us! " Joe Calabrese, Los Angeles, CA

A Blessed Book

        "Forty years ago, my father "helped" me build a winning Pinewood Derby car. In reality, he built the car and I hardly touched it. It placed third two years in a row. This year, my son Michael is in Tiger cubs. Since I'd never really built a Pinewood Derby car, I decided we would try to get some help, so I ordered your book. What a blessing! We just returned from our Pinewood Derby, and Michael's car took 1st in the Tiger Den, and then went on to win the Grand Championship for the entire Pack consisting of between 50 and 60 entries. He never lost a race out of the entire 12 heats! His car just seemed to pull away from the others.
     One of the finish line judges kept picking up the car and looking at it like he was trying to figure out how such a plain looking car could go so fast! During one of the championship heats, his son's car was running in the fast lane, and it was a close finish. The judge even had his fist up in the air (like his son's car had won), but the clock showed that Michael's car was the winner (running in the SLOW lane). What a day!!!
     But the best part was the time we worked together on the car. We used all of the tips in your book that were within our Pack's rules. Michael was part of every step of the process. He could answer any question about the construction and design of the car, as well as the names of the tools used. Thanks so much for your hints and tips, as well as your encouraging words. We're already talking about next year's trophy!" Larry and Michael Ward, Independence, MO

Thousandths of a Second Do Count!

        "My son Austin is 6 years old and a Tiger Cub. Today we raced against 41 other cubs, many older than he. I made sure Austin did all he could - sanding, painting, etc. I did the least I could - power cutting and weighting. As a Mechanical Engineer I appreciate that the sum of many small things often makes the difference in the end.
       Austin's car won 2 of 3 heats in the first round. That put him into the second round of 21 finalists. I was getting excited. The competition was getting much tougher in the second round, though - Austin won 1 of 3 heats, but all were incredibly close, it was impossible to know how we placed. There were 5 trophies for the top 5 cars. As the trophies were given for 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, my heart dropped a little bit....I thought we hadn't made the final cut, but at least we gave it a good run and enjoyed it together. Then the Cubmaster announced, our Grand #1 winner is also a Tiger Cub...Austin Pokluda!!!! Wow! My heart leaped to the sky and so did Austin's.
       I watched his smile as he high fived his friends on the way to accept his trophy. What joy to share this with my son and our family. I think I heard, the time difference from 1 to 21 was only 0.17 seconds. So even thousands of a second DO COUNT! I have Winning Edge to thank. I did as you said - we implemented as many of your tips as I could. It worked for us - WE WON!!!" John Pokluda, Woodbridge, CT

Lightning Strikes

        "I recently ordered your book, hoping it would help me and my son in his first pinewood derby race. After looking at many different sites I chose yours. I was a little skeptical at first about buying a book on building a winning car but I wanted my son to do good in his first race. After getting the book and reading we started making his car. We went with pretty much all your secrets. The only change was a small change to the shape to give it our own trademark. We put lightning bolts on the hood and my son called it Lightning!! We showed up at the track for weigh in and my son Trevor was nervous. He asked me if I thought we would do good and I told him we would have to just wait and see. And, boy, did we do good!
       There were 8 boys in his age group (8 and 10 year olds) including the boy who had won the last 2 years. We never lost a race and not only that, they had an overall race between the winners from the other two classes and he smoked them too!!! I would like to say thanks a million for the help and the book! We could not have done it without it! Seeing my son accept his first place trophy in this first competition made that the best $ I've ever spent!!" Carl and Trevor Bjorling, Clayton, NC

Convinced of Techniques

        "Thank you for publishing "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby." My 7-yr old son and I followed your instructions as closely as possible. Our car finished 1st (out of 8) recently in a Tiger Scout competition andlater that night finished 2nd amongst Tiger, Wolf, Cub, and Webelo Scout winners (winners out of 20 cars total). I am firmly convinced that your techniques made all the difference. we learned alot and the money we spent on your book was wellworth it!" Stu and Preston Garrett, Bartlesville, OK

60-Year Old Grandmother

        "Just got home from my grandson's Cub Scout pack Pinewood Derby. I won't beat around the bush. He took first place over all! He won every heat he was in, most by a good margin. Only one other car even came close to beating him in the finals. It has only been about two weeks since I offered to help my grandson build his Pinewood Derby car. I am a 60-year-old grandmother with no experience and little skill, so I turned to the Internetfor help, found your book and ordered it. We followed your suggestions to the letter. Matt was involved in every aspect of building the car. If there was something too difficult for him, he watched and I explained why we were doing it that way. Some people told me, "Oh, you don't need to that," or "That won't make any difference." I paid no attention to their advice but went by your book. Matthew's victory today proves that following every little tip can add up to a winner. The look on his face when he won was worth ten times the price of the book. I know he will still remember this day when he is a dad, (or grandfather), helping to build his son's, (or grandson's), Pinewood Derby car. Thanks," Matthew's Grandmother, Orange County, California

Followed Directions

        "Just a quick note. I was excited about the book when I got it. My experience as a child was very similar to your husband's. We followed everything we could do, and we tied for 1st!!! My boy got the trophy, and had a huge smile across his face! Thank you very much." Bob Olson, Gold Canyon, AZ

Rookie Turns Winner

        "With two boys in their first year of scouting and as a rookie to scouting myself, I was looking for some ideas to help me help them with their Pinewood Derby cars. When I found your website, I decided to order your book to give me that help. As a first timer in the Pinewood derby and not knowing how much to push the envelope, I stuck to the basics you point out in your book as we built three cars (dad had to build one, too). The results came in today: Dad finished first in the Family event and my two sons came in second and third overall for the entire pack. Needless to say, all of us were thrilled. The results of the top cars were so close that next year we are going to implement more of your suggestions and see if we can improve on the great results we had this year. Thanks for the terrific advice." Todd, Kurt, and Kyle Schansberg, Pack 332, Jordan, Minnesota

Dear Winning Edge:

        "I can't tell you how happy I am that I purchased your booklet. My son and I spent a few days together working on the car and using your tips in the hope that we would build a car that would make it down the track without falling apart. You see this was our first experience with pinewood derby car building.....I was not a scout when I was a kid. We put it together and I sent my son off to his race by himself. You see, I work the 3-11 shift. I told my son to call me and let me know how he had made out. I thought he would call and say he had fun but I never expected him to call and tell me he won first place!!!! I was so happy for him especially since he was there without me racing against 35 other scouts. He was so excited he kept saying "Dad we won! We won!!" I just thought you should know that we had a great time building the car and although we never expected to win anything, your booklet has made this an experience that we will remember for ever. Thanks again." Dan Fofi, Syracuse, NY

1st and 2nd!

        "We had our block car race tonight. We have twin boys and they placed 1st and 2nd! Your tips really helped. The fastest car's fastest time didn't come close to their slowest time. It was a great race. The difference between their cars was 1/100 of a second in the race for 1st and 2nd place! Thanks again!" Richard Sheffield, Elizabethton, TN

We Whipped 'Em!

        "Guess what, our car won. My son's car whipped 34 competitors. Your ideas helped us a great deal. Our car excellerated like mad as it descended to the flat area of the track and continued to pick up speed as it finished strong each race. Tommy Boy's car won 11 straight (including two practice runs). His car led and finished first in every race that we were involved in. For a first timer, that's really unbelievable and your tips were on the money. We retired the "Black Night" undefeated, and it ruled Bahrain during the 2002 Pinewood Derby. What really makes it rewarding is that my son and I shared the experience together. We invested the time into the car and it was great winning. We're ready to build another car for our next Derby in North Carolina and we'll try to do it again.. All the Best from Bahrain," H.L. Troutman and son (Thomas Jay)

Blowing Away Competition

        "Thank you for taking the time to write your book. We used your tips and we won...I mean my son won. He blew the competition away at his derby race with his pack. Then did the same with over thirty cars at the Scout-a-Rama. We have the happiest boy in town." John and Sean Hansen, Worland, WY

First Race - First Place

        "I just wanted to let you know that we read and followed the instructions contained in your book. My son - who entered his first pinewood derby as a Wolf - took first place out of the entire Pack. He never lost a heat. First place 12 out of 12 times. The closest anyone ever came was 3/4 of a car length." Steve Kellogg, Southboro, MA

Putting It All Together

        "We followed almost everything in the book. Simply put, in a pack of 22 boys starting with the den competitions followed by a double elimination round for the top three winners from every rank level, we went UNDEFEATED! My son, Hunter (Bear Cub), was all grins because he did almost everything to his car with the exception of the sawing and the weighting, and he assisted with that. We studied the physics and the science your book explained as we built it. He understood why we took every step, and all the hard work paid off. We took home the big hardware! I owe you many thanks! It was my 6th try (I have a Tenderfoot Scout that started as a Tiger), and although we came close several times, we didn't put it all together until this year. Thanks a million!!!!" Staley Cash, Pack 370, Lone Oak, Texas

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Snuggle up with this one of a kind pregnancy CD featuring original songs from today's hit songwriters. Each romantic song captures and enhances these precious moments and creates musical memories you'll treasure forever. Perfect for while you're pregnant, in labor, delivery and beyond, this is music you will treasure forever! As a bonus for you and your baby, we have included over thirty-minutes of soothing and relaxing Celtic Harp music.

During the last few years my husband decided to learn how to start cooking and we've discovered he has a tremendous gift....This guy can COOK!!!!! We decided to compile every fantastic recipe that he has cooked for our guests and our own family that literally have people begging for us to invite them over again. The highlight of my day is looking forward to the fantastic meals he prepares. He has a gift for making my mouth water before I even sit down at the dinner table. The smells are fantastic! These are truly recipes to die for and we're now offering them to you also. Bon appetit!

WORSHIP MUSIC IN THREE DIMENSIONS - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God
This book was written to help churches bring their congregation into the very lap of God. This can be accomplished by adapting a certain musical progression during the time of congregational singing. The author, Rev. Tom Pedigo, calls this model "The Temple Pattern" which involves a simple threefold process of musically moving from the Outer Court (celebration and jubilation) to the Inner Court (reflection and expectation) and into the Holy of Holies (adoration and spiritual communion). A must-read for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper. After visiting hundreds of churches, Rev. Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival.

How to Stop Smoking and Quit the Nicotine Habit!
"How to Stop Smoking" will give you winning strategies for quitting the tobacco habit and overcoming your nicotine addiction by providing powerful, step-by-step, WORKABLE tools for you to use in your battle to quit smoking. The author, Dr. Roger Aveyard, has been working in the behavioral health field for over 25 years and has experienced the struggle of smoking, the agony associated with the habit, and an unrelenting desire to learn how to quit. He's been there, done that, and has come out a winner!


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