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Love Me Baby Me
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Kind Organics  - Organic Gluten Free Vitamins

All Pure & All Natural
Baby & Adult's Skin, Hair, Body Care!



Love Me Baby Me is:

  • Paraben free
  • Phthalate free
  • Propylene Glycol free
  • Tear Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Pure and Natural
  • Pediatrician Tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • SLS-free
  • Mineral-oil/nut oil-free
  • Absent of oats, soy
  • Vegan Friendly
Love Me Baby Me - All Natural & Organic Baby and Children's Skin & Hair Care Products


Love Me Baby Me Price List and Quick Order Form

Butt Balm (for rashes, burns, shingles, tatoos, cuts)

4.5 fl.oz Butt Balm ($7.95)
ORGANIC Butt Balm ($10.95)

Organic PRECIOUS PAK (travel sized!)

Adorable gift collection of all 5 organic products! ($18.95)

Smoothy Shampoo

8 fl. oz. Smoothy Shampoo ($9.95)

Pure, Safe & Gentle Enough for Babies, but Luxurious Enough for the Whole Family!

Love Me Baby Me, Pure Natural Organic

Love Me Baby Me all pure & natural skin and hair care products use an all-natural preservative as effective as the synthetic preservatives that are extremely dangerous, not only for adults, but especially a baby's skin which is very thin and tender! Love Me Baby Me's ALL-natural preservative is gentle enough for even the MOST sensitive baby's skin, plus it combines this special preservative system with herbal extracts and nourishing botanicals for a whole new approach to luxurious skincare for babies, children and even adults! All of LoveMeBabyMe's products are paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested, tear-free, phthalates-free and gluten-free - resulting in baby care that is totally pure, totally safe and totally gentle.

iParenting Media

Love Me Baby Me's preservative system, which comes from exotic flowers imported from Europe, is 100% natural and does not contain ANY harsh chemicals. You NEVER need to be afraid of the ingredients that will be absorbed into your child's skin with Love Me Baby Me. These ingredients are actually HEALTHY for your baby, your child & even adults! This ALL-natural children's skin and hair care line includes five amazing products that both you AND your child will fall in love with! Smoothy Shampoo, Creamy Cream, Hair Putty and the miraculous Butt Balm. The Bubbly Wash is SOLD OUT (except it IS still in the Travel Pak!

UTTERLY FANTASTIC PRODUCT YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE ON HAND for every person in your home!!! Heals over 101 things! Love Me Baby Me's miracle BUTT BALM (works not only on diaper rash but on CUTS, SHINGLES, TATOOS, ACNE, etc) comes in an All-Natural form AND and in an Organic form. BOTH work like a dream!

This 3 in 1 formula contains Zinc Oxide to keep the skin dry by forming an invisible barrier to seal out wetnes, preventing diaper rash & soothing cuts, shingles, tatoos, scrapes, etc. You only need a very little bit to work, so it lasts a LONG time!

Sunflower Seed Oil provides a protective barrier resistig skin infections & SOOTHING, red, irritated, burning skin. Vitamins A, C, & E and Zinc Oxide promote quick, effective healing - NATURALLY soothing your baby's tender bottom & adult's problems, also! Not only does Butt Balm work on diaper rash (actually it PREVENTS it!), it also heals any other rashes, cuts, scrapes, burns, shingles, even acne for ANY AGE!

This is one of the MOST amazing, versatile products created by Love Me Baby Me!!! It clears up ANYTHING!!!

For adults - Works like a dream on shingles, acne, heals tattoos! Also helps women that have had a breast removed, and then have surgery to have nipples created. This heals the oozing, painful problems of over 101 things!

My one year old suffers from psoriasis and the Love Me Baby Me line is the only system of infant skin care products that keep his skin soft and supple while preventing scale build up
. We keep two bottles of the Butt Balm and Creamy Cream - one set for the changing table and one for the diaper bag and every one we have sampled these products to can't believe how great they are. Well worth the price, the sample bottles (Precious Pack) last for up to six weeks with daily use and the full size last up to six months. If you are worried about the price think about this - a woman would not hesitate to spend 40$ - 50$ on facial skin care and an infant's skin is just as sensitive.
Susannah M. Duelfer (Helena, MT)

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ORDER line: 1-800-841-4248. (You can also leave a message on this line.)




For a New Generation of AWARE PARENTS
and their Children



Did you know that a baby's skin is 5 times THINNER than that of an adult? Since our skin is the largest organ on our body, babies need purity at it's VERY best! That's why Love Me Baby Me will convince you that you've discovered a GOLDMINE in a TRUE all natural and organic skin care and hair care line that is actually affordable because of the small amount you need to use. Try Love Me Baby Me Bubbly Wash, Smoothy Shampoo, Butt Balm, Creamy Cream, and Hair Putty Gel for your child. You can even use the same products while you're pregnant and your baby will reap the health benefits in advance!

Did you know that many of the PRESERVATIVES used in baby and children's products, such as propylene glycol, are the same as those used in anti-freeze, detergents, paint thinners and are even used to de-ice airplanes? That's DANGEROUS!

Did you know when PARABENS (a synthetic preservative) are applied to the skin in a cream or lotion, they are absorbed DIrectLY into the body? And directly into your skin's cells?!!

Did you know that a British researcher found high concentrations of parabens in 90% of breast tumors? Hmmm....

iParenting Media

Did you know recent studies in China and Japan have linked parabens to low sperm count and decreased testosterone levels?

Did you know parabens mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers?

Did you know that parabens may be passed through your breast milk to your baby? Ah, now THAT is scary!

Did you know that our entire product line is hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested, tearless, paraben-free and propylene glycol-free? Unbelievable, considering the affordability of the products, let alone the luxurious quality!!

Did you know that our Love Me Baby Me products have no synthetic fragrances? The unique and delicious aroma comes from the pure, flower extracts which are imported from Europe!

Did you know all Love Me Baby Me skin and haircare products are so pure and gentle, that even the most sensitive of skins is able to use these items??? (That's why mom and dad are using them too!)

Did you know that the Love Me Baby Me Precious Pak is airplane approved for traveling? So don't throw away those bottles! You'll want to refill them with the larger sized bottles every time you travel. The Precious Pak is adorable, affordable and a perfect way to try EVERY product!!

 Love Me Baby Me soft and gentle Bubbly Wash
THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT! (But it is still in the Precious Travel Pak, as you will see below!)

Love Me Baby Me's soft and gentle Bubbly Wash bubble-bath is free of those nasty ingredients that cause urinary tract infections and skin irritations. This unbelievably luxurious tear-free formula contains vitamins, herbal extracts and nourishing botanicals that help cleanse and soften your baby's tender skin, let alone mom's! Most women are advised to NOT have bubble baths because most bubble bath's on the market include ingredients that are not pH balanced, and also have ingredients that cause bladder infections, etc. Not so with Bubbly Wash! Enjoy having a bubble bath again, women! You will love the feel and smell of your skin afterwards and you will KNOW that this is a fantastic product for your children!


Love Me Baby Me Bubbly Wash Directions for Use:

TO USE: Once again, a little goes a long way with all our products - Apply just a small amount of Love Me Baby Me Bubbly Wash on hands or wash cloth, work into a creamy lather and gently massage into baby's skin. For bath time, pour a small amount under running water. Rinse clean. Same for you, mom & dad. Experience this for yourself!

Love Me Baby Me Testimonials:

"I've used all the Love Me Baby Me products. I do not have a favorite because they are all great!! The Bubbly Wash smells good and is the perfect bath time essential for my baby. The Smoothy Shampoo lathers really well and leaves my baby's hair smelling fresh and clean. Being "tear-free", I feel even that much better about using it. The Hair Putty is great for thin, fine baby hair. It isn't sticky, helps hold the hair in place, and is easy to "put in" and "wash out". It is perfect for bad hair days and it smells good too! I love the Creamy Cream. As a mother, I love the way it smells and softens my baby's skin. As an Infant Massage teacher, I like that it is not too heavy or goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin well. Love Me Baby Me products are the BEST I have seen in a long time. Being paraben-free and hypoallergenic, this is a line that needs to be used on babies. The natural scents are gentle, clean and baby-friendly. This is a truly high-quality, pure and natural line!"

Octavia L.
Woodland Hills, CA
Mother of Three Children

"The most positive characteristics of this product line is that it is natural and has no synthetic preservatives. It is packaged attractively in easy-to-use, mommy friendly bottles. "

iParenting Media Team

Love Me Baby Me Gift Baskets


 Love Me Baby Me Creamy Cream

Love Me Baby Me Creamy Cream is luxurious enough for not only your baby but for moms, too! Creamy Cream is the perfect lightweight moisturizer formulated to hydrate and nourish even the most sensitive of skins. Rosemary, the creator of Love Me Baby Me products came up with creamy cream on a desperate search to find a gentle, safe product that would not irritate her children's extremely sensitive skin She soon learned that not all "natural" products were created equal and many contained the same synthetic preservatives found in traditional skin care products, many of which are the same as those used in antifreeze, detergents and even paint thinners. No wonder children her children were reacting so violently against the "typical" children's skin lotions! Finally, Rosemary found a safe, effective preservative that was gentle enough for her children's delicate skin.

From there, Love Me Baby Me skincare products were born! Enriched with natural emollients like aloe and jojoba known for their softening benefits. Panthenol helps replenish the skin's natural hydration while allantoin and vitamins A & E help soothe and protect the skin. Creamy cream is soft and silky, yet amazingly never greasy like some children's lotions are! Another big benefit of using Creamy Cream skin lotion on your baby is this: since we've all read and know that massaging your baby helps promote physical and emotional well-being in your newborn infant, this will be a fun treat for well as moms and dads as they will be catching themselves sneaking in some of those strokes on their own arms and hands, as well as all over your body because it smells so fantastic and feels so luxurious!


Love Me Baby Me Creamy Cream Directions for Use:

TO USE: A little goes a long way with ANY of our Love Me Baby Me products - Massage a small amount of Love Me Baby Me Creamy Cream gently over your child's entire body after bathing or whenever necessary. (Or, your OWN body!)

Love Me Baby Me Testimonials:

"I've been plagued by acute atopic eczema for thirty-eight years and have tried every medicinal cream and non-allergic moisturizer on the market, but NOTHING has provided the relief and healing that Love Me Baby Me's Creamy Cream has. It is SO GOOD, I'm not even embarrassed to be buying a baby product for myself!!"

Michael D.
Brooklyn, New York

Love Me Baby Me all natural and organic baby products order page
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 Love Me Baby Me Butt Balm

Love Me Baby Me's Butt Balm's 3 in 1 formula contains Zinc Oxide to help keep your baby dry by forming an invisible barrier to seal out wetness and irritants preventing future diaper rash. Sunflower Seed Oil also helps provide a protective barrier resisting against skin infections helping to soothe red, irritated skin. Vitamins A, C, & E and Zinc Oxide promotes quick, effective healing and smooth healthy skin. This is our miraculous approach to naturally soothing your baby's tender bottom. This is truly the last diaper ointment you will ever need! Our butt balm also soothes those cuts, scrapes and burns...when those toddler years approach. And one more thing, moms and dads, this product is so incredible that you should try it on yourself whenever you get a cut, scrape, burn or any injury. You will be shocked at how this truly HEALS any injury you might incur.


Love Me Baby Me Butt Balm Directions for Use:

TO USE: Apply a SMALL amount of Love Me Baby Me Butt Balm as often as necessary, with each diaper change...especially at bedtime or anytime exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged. This also applies to any injury you or your child may need this Butt Balm for!

Love Me Baby Me Testimonials:

"My name is Jenni and my husband's name is Isaac. We have a beautiful son named Braeden. My husband was deployed in Irag and I was home with a new baby. Breaden was about nine months old when I decided to make the transition from breast milk to formula. When I started the transition, he ended up having a horrible allergic reaction in the form of a red, raw rash...all over his butt area. I tried EVERY ointment out there! I took him to the pediatrician and the ointment that she prescribed did absolutely nothing. I started asking friends what they suggested....I had discovered a brand new baby skincare line, called Love Me Baby Me through one of their suggestions....I tried their Butt Balm. The result was AMAZING!! My son's entire red, raw rash was gone in less than two days.

It totally disappeared like magic!! Braeden's pediatrician was also amazed with the results. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! To this day, Love Me Baby Me's Butt Balm is the only diaper rash cream I use!!"

Jenni C.
Fort Irwin, CA
Mother of Two Children

Love Me Baby Me all natural and organic baby products order page
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 Love Me Baby Me Smoothy Shampoo

Love Me Baby Me's Smoothy Shampoo is TEAR-FREE and is gentle enough to use on your baby's fine hair. It is specially formulated with naturally derived sudsing agents. We have carefully selected PURE and NATURAL ingredients and herbal extracts to cleanse, soften, condition and rinse away without any residue and no tears... leaving a shiny, healthy, easy-to-comb head of hair all ready for our Hair Putty to style and/or add body to your child's hair. Once again, try this shampoo for yourself and you will fall in love with the luxurious feel of your hair and the priceless smell of flowers imported from Europe!


Love Me Baby Me Smoothy Shampoo Directions for Use:

TO USE: Remember, a little goes a long way with ALL our products - Wet hair first, and then apply a small amount of Love Me Baby Me Smoothy Shampoo. We suggest shampooing with a quick, light lather first. Rinse and follow with a second richer lather. And don't forget to try it for yourself and fall in love with our Smoothy Shampoo!

"I just purchased your Smoothy Shampoo and Bubbly Wash last night and I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! It smells so wonderful and it lathers up real good, too! I was using another, well known, "natural" product up until now, but it wasn't nearly as good as this. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your product line!!"

Jennifer I.

Love Me Baby Me all natural and organic baby products order page
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 Love Me Baby Me HAIR PUTTY

Love Me Baby Me HAIR PUTTY styling gel is filled with gentle botanicals and nourishing emollients that add fullness, luster and softness to even the finest child's hair. This baby and child-friendly styling gel not only protects children's delicate hair, but rinses easily and is pH balanced. Why is pH balance important in your child's haircare? Believe it or not, the farther away from perfect pH balance you are, the more serious health problems can develop.

The pH balance or acid/alkaline ratio of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Why not start your baby's life out with products that are pH balanced exactly for your young child's hair, skin and body? All hair textures and all hair types will benefit from this unique natural formula. It is great for spiking boys hair or adding more curl to girls' curls or needed volume for your child's fine, delicate hair. Smell the luscious freshness of flowers imported from Europe in our Hair Putty and you will see why our hair putty styling gel is the # 1 choice of moms and hairstylists!


Love Me Baby Me Hair Putty Gel Directions for Use:

TO USE: A little goes a long way with ANY of our Love Me Baby Me products - Apply a small amount of Love Me Baby Me Hair Putty into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to evenly distribute it. Gently work through your baby or child's hair. Let it dry naturally or blow dry for even extra volume. Mom's try this for yourself too! You'll love it!

Love Me Baby Me Testimonials:

"I enjoyed having all of the daily care routines at my finger tips. The natural ingredients made me feel comfortable knowing it was safe for my child. The pleasant smell made our night time massage with the lotion enjoyable. The Hair Putty was one of my favorite items.. I don't like the idea of using adult hair care products on a baby, so this was a clever solution to our daily hair problems!"

iParenting Media Team

Love Me Baby Me all natural and organic baby products order page
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Love Me Baby Me Precious Pak AIRLINE APPROVED

Beautiful all-organic gift set available for baby showers, christenings & birthdays and new baby gifts.

Love Me Baby Me's adorable and unique Organic Precious Pak is a travel size collection of our five amazing products. Each Organic Precious Pak includes a generous 2 oz. bottle of our Bubbly Wash, Smoothy Shampoo, Creamy Cream and Hair Putty, with a half ounce jar of our miraculous Butt Balm - the last diaper cream, or "owwie" healer, you will ever need that lasts a LONG time! These products are beautifully presented in an attractive gift box, perfect for that next baby shower, newborn baby gift or just for a fantastic way to sample all of the products for yourself! You will fall in love with Love Me Baby Me after trying any ONE of the five products presented in this beautiful box. Truly, an amazing deal for such pure, natural, organic children's products. You won't find anything even CLOSE to this ANYWHERE! Sold only in the finest baby stores and used by Hollywood celebrities and regular moms. Pure....Natural....Organic....Love Me Baby Me's preservative system is 100% natural and does not contain any harsh chemicals.


Love Me Baby Me Testimonials:

"I love all of the Love Me Baby Me products, but never appreciated the company's ingenious Precious Pak until I was travelling for a long weekend with my daughters, ages 2 1/2 and nine months. Staying in an unfamiliar hotel is difficult enough without having to worry about whether the hair and skincare products are safe for your kids, and it practically takes a separate suitcase to pack full sized bottles of the products I use at home! The Precious Pak lasted through three days of baths and diaper changes, and I had the peace of mind, knowing exactly what I was putting on my children's skin - I'll be giving Precious Paks as gifts to all of my friends with kids!"

Nissa O.
Philadelphia, PA


Love Me Baby Me Testimonials:

"Dear Rosemary,
It is my pleasure to recommend your product line, Love Me Baby Me. I congratulate you for creating products that are not only gentle enough for sensitive skin, but are paraben and propylene glycol free. Finally, a skincare line that both mother and child can use! "

Andrea Reiche, M.D.
Obstetrics and Gynecology
815 Noble Avenue, Suite # 408
Van Nuys, CA 91403


Love Me Baby Me Organic Skin and Hair Care Products for Kids

Love Me Baby Me all natural and organic baby products order page
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Ours (Love Me Baby Me) vs. Theirs

* THEIRS: Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Grapeseed Oil are some of the more commonly used preservative in most natural and organic products.

* OURS: Love Me Baby Me uses a cutting edge preservative system that is imported from Europe. This 100% Natural preservative is derived from a proprietary blend of pure, flower extracts...creating a unique aroma that gently appeals to your senses!!

* THEIRS: Most natural and organic products ( lotions, inparticular ) usually feel sticky or tacky , "to the touch ", and tend to have a medicinal/aromatherapy smell to them.Parents assume,to have a natural product that is good for their baby...this is the price they have to pay.

* OURS: When parents try Love Me Baby Me, they are pleasantly surprised and quite taken back, that a natural & organic product could be so very luxurious!!

* THEIRS: Most other natural and organic formulas are rather the touch and must use large amounts of the products to get the results they were looking for.

* OURS: With all Love Me Baby Me's products ..." a little goes a long way". Our special formulas are rich, luxurious and extremely concentrated !! Making our products last 3X longer than most other brand out there!

* THEIRS: Most natural & organic products are packaged and made to satisfy the natural & organic market.

* OURS: Love Me Baby Me's award winning packaging and proprietary ingredients universally appeals to both natural and mainstream arenas...resulting in a "Luxury you can Trust !!"

Once you... Experience the Luxury, Feel the Difference, Touch the Silkiness and Smell the Freshness... You will discover - Purity at its Best!!


"What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Kids
Staying Informed About Children's Skincare"

As a parent, you only want the best for your children. You feed them the right foods, make sure they get exercise, read books to them and spend most of your time and energy helping them become the best people they can be. But you may also be putting them at risk for rashes or allergic reactions as a result of the lotions, shampoos, and diaper creams you use on a daily basis.We all know that babies have delicate skin, but did you know that a baby's skin is five times thinner than that of an adult? As a result, their skin (the largest organ in the entire body) is at much higher a risk for irritation by harsh chemicals found in many skincare products, even by those targeted to children. While irritation can occur from fragrance, humectants, and surfactants in the products (used to create lather in soaps and shampoos), the real danger may lurk in the preservatives.

Love Me Baby Me, Pure Natural Organic

Preservatives are a necessary part of any product and play an important role in limiting the growth of bacteria that could harm delicate skin. Some such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are relatively safe since they are mostly salt, but can irritate a baby's skin. However, many baby products contain a class of preservatives called parabens (methyl, ethyl, propel and butylparaben), which act like hormones and disrupt the body's immune system.

This hormonal link may be the most cause for concern. Parabens, used as food preservatives, are flushed out of the body during the digestive process, making them less harmful. However, when parabens are applied to the skin in a cream or lotion, they are absorbed directly into the body. Recently, British researcher Dr. Phillipa Darbre conducted a study on samples of 20 breast tumors and found traces of parabens in eighteen of them, suggesting that parabens applied to the skin were absorbed and remained in breast tissue1. This danger does not only apply to girls and women. Recent studies in China and Japan have linked parabens to low sperm count and decreased testosterone levels.

Although it is not yet proven that parabens are the sole culprits in this health crisis, A NEW GENERATION OF AWARE PARENTS is opting not to take the risk with their children. These parents are looking for a safer, gentler alternative to the synthetic preservatives found in most baby products (both name brand products and those found in the local health food stores). They have finally found it in LOVE ME BABY ME a brand new children's skincare line.

LOVE ME BABY ME combines herbal extracts, nourishing botanicals and the most advanced approach to a natural preservative system to creating a proprietary blend of ingredients in a class by itself. Each product in LOVE ME BABY ME'S line, which includes Bubbly Wash, Smoothy Shampoo, Creamy Cream, Hair Putty and their miraculous Butt Balm is tearless, hypoallergenic and pediatrician tested. The products have undergone the rigorous Micro-Challenge test, proving the preservative in LOVE ME BABY ME is as effective as any of the synthetic preservatives currently on the market.

Parents owe it to themselves and their children to know all about the products they use. Whatever you choose for your children's skin care or hair care, make sure you understand the benefits and any potential risks. Knowledge is power, and aware parents make all the difference in happy, healthy children.


Love Me Baby Me Gift Baskets


Frequently Asked Questions on Love Me Baby Me

Question: My baby's skin is dry and he tends to get tiny dry patches all over his body. What makes your lotion the best moisturizer for him?

Answer: A baby's skin is five times thinner than that of an adult. As a result, their skin is at a much higher risk for irritation by the harsh chemicals found in so many skin care products - even those made for children. While irritation can occur from fragrance, humectants, and surfactants (used to create lather in soaps and shampoos) in the products, the real danger may lurk in the products' preservatives. Here at LOVE ME BABY ME, we use nothing but the gentlest, purest and safest preservative system available, putting LOVE ME BABY ME in a class by itself!


Question: I cannot use traditional body washes because of my daughter's tendency towards urinary tract infections. My baby cannot enjoy bubble baths. How is your product different from other washes available today?

Answer: LOVE ME BABY ME Bubbly Wash is completely surfactant free. This unique formula is non-irritating for even the most sensitive babies and children - making baths safe - so let the bubble baths begin...again! Don't forget, our bubbly wash is totally tearless and so luxurious, you will want to steal it for yourself.


Question: I have tried lots of different "natural" baby products...but something is always missing! They are either too medicinal smelling or they feel too sticky. Quite frankly, I feel this is the price I have to pay to go "natural". Are your products any different?

Answer: LOVE ME BABY ME is in a class by itself because the products are not only good for you and your baby but they are also appealing to the senses. Not one of our products have that medicinal smell because our natural preservative system is derived from flowers. Forget about that greasy and sticky feeling...all of our products are soft and silky! Parents everywhere need to know that not all "natural" products are created equal. I believe there is a new generation of aware parents today, who will not settle for products containing harsh, potentially harmful preservatives. LOVE ME BABY ME is the safer, but just as effective, alternative that parents have been seeking.


Question: My children have extremely fine hair. I love styling their hair but it is a challenge and I am concerned about the alcohol and harsh chemicals in many of today's hair

Answer: Children's delicate hair needs special care. All of our Love Me Baby Me hair care products are alcohol free and have no harsh chemicals or preservatives. That's why our smoothy shampoo is tearless and specially formulated with extra mild botanicals. We use natural ingredients to cleanse, soften, condition and rinse away without any residue - leaving a clean, refreshed, easy-to-comb head of hair. Once hair is clean, our hair putty adds luster, softness and fullness, to even the finest hair. No more toxic chemicals found in so many brands. It is great for spiking boys hair or adding volume to girls' curls!


Question: My baby's delicate skin often gets irritated. How can your products help?

Answer: Our Love Me Baby Me Creamy Cream is like no other lotion available on the market today. It is the perfect lightweight moisturizer formulated to hydrate and nourish your child's skin - soft and silky, yet never greasy, and gentle enough for even the most sensitive of babies. Say goodbye to those tiny dry patches and hello to a more renewed and supple skin. Once you try our creamy cream you will see what so many of our moms are raving is so luxurious they end up using it themselves!!! An added benefit: massaging your "little one" helps promote physical and emotional well-being.


Question: What are parabens and why are your products paraben-free?

Answer: Parabens (including methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl paraben) are commonly used as preservatives in food and skincare products. Parabens applied to the skin in a wash, cream or lotion are absorbed directly into the body. In these cases, parabens may act like hormones and disrupt the body's immune system. Recent studies have linked parabens to women's tumors and to low sperm count and testosterone levels in males.


Question: How can I treat and prevent diaper rash?

Answer: The best way to prevent diaper rash is to keep your baby's bottom clean and dry. Our miraculous butt balm is a unique 3-in-1 formula containing herbal extracts, Aloe, Vitamins A and E, and Zinc Oxide that soothes and heals existing rashes while creating a barrier to prevent new ones from developing. We recommend applying a thin layer of butt balm after each diaper change to keep baby's skin smooth and healthy every day. This is truly the last diaper cream you will ever need!


Question: What is propylene glycol and why are your products propylene glycol free?

Answer: Propylene glycol is a humectant used in many washes, creams and lotions, and is also a component of antifreeze and paint thinner. Propylene glycol has been shown to cause rashes and other skin reactions among users with sensitive skin and has been shown to worsen acne among users who are already acne prone.


Question: I just love using LOVE ME BABY ME for my children - can I use it too?

Answer: Absolutely! While some lines are specifically targeted for babies and children, LOVE ME BABY ME is mild and safe enough for newborns, toddlers and older children, yet luxurious enough for even the most discerning of moms! It is truly a hair and skin care line for the entire family.


Question: What makes LOVE ME BABY ME different from other baby lines on the market today?

LOVE ME BABY ME introduces a whole new way of thinking about your children's skin care. All of our products are tearless, hypoallergenic and pediatrician tested, as well as free from synthetic chemicals, fragrances and preservatives. LOVE ME BABY ME's preservative system is a proprietary blend of pure and natural extracts from flowers. This all-natural solution has undergone a battery of tests and has proven to be just as effective as the synthetic preservatives used by other brands. With LOVE ME BABY ME, you can now rest assured that you are pampering your baby with the purest, gentlest products available.

LOVE ME BABY ME has discovered the newest approach to a Natural Preservative. This special blend of pure, floral extracts is the safest, non-toxic, chemical-free preservative available in the market today. It has a natural unique aroma of vanilla and almond.

LOVE ME BABY ME's complete care line is the remarkable effort of many fine professionals: chemists, pediatricians and dermatologists. We have hundreds of moms throughout the United States who participated in testing groups during the development process resulting in baby care products that are in a class by themselves. Our holistic approach takes into account all of the personal care products that come in contact with your baby's tender skin.

Here at LOVE ME BABY ME our baby care products do not contain parabens or other harsh preservatives, propylene glycol, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or petroleum-based ingredients. You may now rest assured that these chemicals will not be absorbed into your baby's delicate skin. LOVE ME BABY ME is the purest, safest and most gentle, chemical-free preservative baby line available in the U.S.A. today!

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Vitalzym & Vitalzym Cardio Systemic Enzymes from World Nutrition
Vitalzym reduces inflamation, swelling and repairs damaged tissues, which alleviates pain. It actually dissolves scar tissue and guards against fibrosis. Vitalzym promotes healthy circulation and fights off viruses. Vitalyzm is completely natural and works to enhance overall health.

Vitalzym Cardio is a highly fibrinolytic cardiovascular blend with most of the same ingredients as Vitalzym, maintaining circulatory wellbeing. World Nutrition has added nattokinase and other "heart healthy" nutrients to create an enzyme formulation for cardiovascular wellness. Vitalzym Cardio is a must-have product for anyone experiencing ANY type of heart problem, poor circulation, clogged arteries, possible blood clots, etc.

PuraCell SYSTEMIC Cleansing of Radiation, Mercury and ALL Toxins from World Nutrition
PuraCell by World Nutrition cleanses your body of all types of toxins lurking everywhere! It even attacks mercury and heavy metals. Detox liver, brain, fat cells, blood, kidneys, colon, skin, gall bladder, organs.

Flexera Full Spectrum Joint Support Formula by World Nutrition
World Nutrition's Flexera Full Spectrum Joint Support Formula can provide joint-building support, rebuilds connective tissue, increases joint elasticity, lubriactes joints, improves mobility, and increases range of motion. Flexera REPAIRS the cause of arthritis pain and sports injuries!

Ketsumeisei by World Nutrition Fixes Blood Sugar Levels, Detoxes Liver, Heals Diabetes
Ketsumeisei by World Nutrition helps blood sugar levels, Type 2 Diabetes, liver detox, erectile dysfunction, microcirculation, mental health, cardiovascular, neuropathy, cellular damage!

How to Have BIG Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales by Cathy Pedigo!
Proven methods will triple your garage sale income! The vast majority of garage sales are poorly put together and the organizers are not maximizing their potential. This manual, featured in Woman's Day Magazine and McCall's Magazine, will teach you how to organize a garage sale and packs a lot of valuable information between the covers.

Self Publishing, Writing and Marketing Your Own Books and Booklets by Cathy Pedigo
A complete honest guide on writing and marketing informational how to books. Valuable information on self publishing - how to write, copyright, and sell how-to books and booklets in your own home business. Most book experts will tell you that your best sales will not come from bookstores. You can become very well-to-do marketing your books through your own website. We're going to teach you HOW in this manual.

How to Attack Panic and Anxiety - A Comprehensive Battle Plan for the Victim of Panic Attacks
Many anxiety sufferers and those suffering with panic disorder do not know how to how to effectively control this personal, lonely, and sometimes painful emotional battle. We'll give you the tools to win the victory over panic attacks, worry, anxiety and fear. We are not going to teach you just one “miracle method” — anxiety disorders must be attacked at a variety of levels using multiple methods. Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, worry, and fears wreck the lives of innocent people and their loved ones. We need to fight back ANY way possible with ANY means at our disposal.

Pinewood Derby Racers...How to WIN Your Pinewood Car Derby!
The excitement of competition! A detailed, inspirational booklet that explains the specifics of building your pinewood derby car for speed. Make your car the fastest it can be with secrets that will give you the winning edge! Useful for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts Pinewood Car Derby, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, Awana Grand Prix, Shape N Race, Kub Kar Rally and other groups.

Order Garden of Life Vitamins and Nutritional Health Supplements by Category at the Lowest Prices!
Have fun choosing ordering any of Garden of Life's PURE, whole food, organic, raw vitamins and health supplements on the market. Free shipping  - up to 50% & more below retail!

Sovereign Silver Hydrosol HEALS!
Sovereign Silver by Natural-Immunogenics kills bacteria, viruses, yeast and other pathogens. It boosts & detoxifies the immune system and heals wounds and burns with no risk of infection. It is also a NATURAL preservative - just put a few drops into not so pure water, and watch it do it's magic. Sovereign Silver is the #1 silver hydrosol in the U.S. and comes in PURE glass bottles as a liquid you can drink or a First Aid Gel that you can apply topically on your skin or in any orifice of your body! It is an amazing, SAFE product to always keep in your home or office.

How to Quiet a Crying Baby and How to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night
Statistics show that 40% of children under age 5 keep their parents up at night, and 1 out of 3 babies has colic. Baby Go To Sleep CD's are GUARANTEED to quiet crying babies, fussy newborns, colicky, or premature infants, soothing them to sleep. They give help to parents of newborn babies, and children up to age six. They also make fabulous baby shower gifts!

Honey, I'm Pregnant, Too! - A Pregnancy Guide For Men
Pregnancy is not just about the mother! Enjoy a highly informative video that takes the husband and wife through the roller coaster nine months of pregnancy. It gives expert advice as the soon-to-be dad goes through this exciting transition from husband to father. It will explore everything the expectant father needs to know to share in this important nine months of pregnancy - up to AND including the actual birth experience.

Expectant Hearts CD - Romance & Relaxation for Parents-to-be
Snuggle up with this one of a kind pregnancy CD featuring original songs from today's hit songwriters. Each romantic song captures and enhances these precious moments and creates musical memories you'll treasure forever. Perfect for while you're pregnant, in labor, delivery and beyond, this is music you will treasure forever!

During the last few years my husband decided to start cooking and discovered he has a tremendous gift....This guy can COOK! We decided to compile every fantastic recipe that he has cooked for our guests and our own family that literally have people begging for us to invite them over again. The highlight of my day is looking forward to the fantastic meals he prepares. He has a gift for making my mouth water before I even sit down at the dinner table. The smells are fantastic! These are truly recipes to die for. Try them yourself! Bon appetit!

WORSHIP MUSIC IN THREE DIMENSIONS - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God
This book will help churches bring their congregations into the very lap of God by a simple musical progression during the time of worship. It's a simple threefold process of musically moving from the Outer Court (celebration and jubilation) to the Inner Court (reflection and expectation) and into the Holy of Holies (adoration and spiritual communion) right before the sermon. A must-read for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper. After visiting hundreds of churches, Rev. Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival.

How to Stop Smoking and Quit the Nicotine Habit!
"How to Stop Smoking" will give you strategies for quitting the tobacco habit and overcoming nicotine addiction by providing powerful tools to use in your battle to quit smoking. The author has been working in the behavioral health field for about 30 years and has experienced for himself the struggle of smoking, the agony associated with the habit, and an unrelenting desire to learn how to quit. He's been there, done that, and has come out a winner!

Can a Fallen Pastor or Repentant Minister be Restored to the Ministry After a Moral Fall?
Do you believe a future ministry is possible for a pastor after a moral sin? Are there solid, biblical reasons why a pastor can or cannot return to his vocation? "Restoration Manual: A Workbook For Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders" is a step by step process for organizing a Restoration Team for a repentant pastor, with practical recovery steps. This unique workbook will help the broken minister pick up the pieces of his life as it gives hope, help and healing direction. It's received numerous endorsements for its format of ministerial healing from a variety of denominational leaders. Over 2000 church leaders representing 25 denominations now have this unique manual!

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