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Sovereign Silver
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Kind Organics  - Organic Gluten Free Vitamins

You Will LOVE Our Best-Selling Duo: Sovereign Silver Vertical Nasal Spray & Horizontal Fine Mist Spray! You can use it ANYTIME YOU NEED IT..especially during COVID!


Sovereign Silver Vertical and Fine Mist Sprays

The Gold Standard of Immune Support World's ONLY Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

    MSRP Our Price
  2oz Vertical Nasal Spray $14.99 $12.99
  2oz Fine Mist Horizontal Spray $14.99 $12.99
Buy Sovereign Silver Today
A NATURAL alternative to products like Neosporin plus they are SAFER than antibiotics.


Immune Support & Travel Alert

We can't live without these! The horizontal spray can work multiple ways, but the most exciting I've discovered is that it makes a fantastic underarm deoderant!!! Just try it on smelly armpits - immediately kills the odor!! Plus kills bacteria and germs, so you can spray it everywhere you go!

The vertical spray is fantastic for  stuffed up nasal passages. I use 6-10 sprays per nostril sniffing it up each time and then can blow  your  nose and it starts working immediately! Use DAILY (as many times as you need to) for a clear head!

With growing concern about immune health, there's no better time to ensure a strong immune system.

While Natural-Immunogenics makes no claims for its dietary supplement against any disease, you can always count on Sovereign Silver& to provide you with the immune support you need.*

We suggest an immune-building* protocol using our Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™: 1 teaspoon, three times a day, held under the tongue for 30 seconds, before swallowing (which equates to two 8oz. bottles or one 16oz. bottle per person, per month). If you are already in throes of an immune challenge*, you may increase dosage schedule to 7x daily (short term immune support*).

Among CDC recommendations are to wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitizer. As an adjunct, we recommend our topical Homeopathic Silver First Aid Gel for topical cleanliness. Our gel contains no harsh chemicals and can be used as often as necessary.

Concerned about traveling? We have 1oz. and 2oz. gels and 2oz. hydrosols available and conveniently under the 3oz. TSA travel limit for carry-on items. You can always pack larger bottles in your checked baggage, of course.

Buy Sovereign Silver Today

What Consumers Are Saying About Sovereign Silver Spray

Sovereign Silver Spray

Sovereign Silver Vertical Spray is Excellent

"Sovereign Silver is excellent. I occasionally get bumps or sores in my nose. Prior to using this, they would last until I visited a doctor and got an antibiotic (a hassle as well as expensive). I can spray this in my nose and hold my nostrils pinched together for about 30 seconds or so and the bump is gone within 24 hours. I usually do that at least twice during the day when I have a bump. My son-in-law had a cut on one of his fingers that just would not completely heal. We sprayed the Sovereign Silver on it and it cleared up with a day or so and is still healed. My children spray it on acne pimples and it heals those as well. I read an article that stated that colloidal silver has anti-bacterial properties and was used extensively by doctors before the advent of modern antibiotics. I have a friend who works with a textile manufacturer and they are now manufacturing military clothing with some "silver" coated threads due to these properties. I have used it on sties, pimples, sinus infections and other sore spot skin problems and it works great for me. I have never tried another silver other than Sovereign Silver since I know it works. Great product and something most people have no knowledge of the healing abilities it possesses." - William C., SC

Sovereign Silver Vertical Spray is a Great Decongestant

I use the Sovereign Silver Vertical Spray as a decongestant. I like the upright nasal spray bottle. I stopped having a stuffy nose. - K. H., Tennessee

Sovereign Silver Horizontal and Vertical Nasal Spray

"People mock some of these homeopathic remedies, but, this product has helped with my immune system. I also purchased in nasal spray form, and it helps the dryness." - J. Syracuse, NY

Sovereign Silver Vertical Nasal Spray Helps Stuffy Nose

"I used to get a very stuffy nose every night...since I've been using this, I do not wake up as stuffy. I feel my nose has been much better. I love this brand." - New York

Vertical Nasal Spray Instantly decreases puffiness and kills bacteria

"I use this 3x daily as an immune builder aid. I have chronic sinusitis and this product has kept my sinuses clear and clean (along with netti pot) for a year. I have to have this." - By C. G., Kentucky

Sovereign Silver Nasal Spray WORKS GREAT!!!

"I use this for any stuffed up nose/sinus infection/cold and it gives almost instant relief. I spray 3 sprays in each nostril and breathe in so it really gets up in my nose. It works great even for a really bad sinus infection." - New Jersey

SOVEREIGN SILVER - small diameter of this solutions silver is the secret!

"This is great for poison ivy, acne, sore throat, ear, and eye problems. Its germ killing power is amazing. At 10ppm these silver globes are small enough to set where others cannot." - R. J., Virginia

Natural antibotic/fungal

"Sovereign Silver has successfully controlled an infection under a tooth filling and cleared up a case of athlete's feet from having wet feet for 12 hours a day!" - Pennsylvania

Keep Sovereign Silver Horizontal Spray in the medicine cabinet

"I like to have Sovereign Silver on hand for eye infections or to use as an antiseptic. This brand is a good as any I've used and I like the size for travel and the convenience of a horizontal spray bottle." - California

You Need Sovereign Silver Horizontal Spray in Your Medicine Chest!

"Everyone should have Sovereign Silver in their medicine chests. I use it for many things, and have recently discovered that it's very effective at getting rid of tooth infections and the associated pain. I was able to avoid a dental appointment by spraying this on the affected tooth 2 or 3 times a day for 3 days! The horizontal spray is great for throat pain, too. Works like antibiotics, without the fear of developing antibiotic resistance. This is good for skin infections, cuts, etc. Sovereign Silver is a must-have product during cold and flu season." - Washington

Sovereign Silver Horizontal Spray Makes a Powerful Underarm Deoderant Spray!

"I couldn't believe my husband when he said he had been using the Horizontal Sovereign Silver Spray as an underarm deodorant and he had not had any problem with it stopping his "stink" in the armpits better than any other deodorant he had ever used. I eagerly tried it the next day and went the whole day and night with NO ODOR! I was able to wear the same shirt 3 days in a row!" - Cathy P., Colorado Springs, CO

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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