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Sovereign Silver
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Sovereign Silver Helps Female Problems!


Sovereign Silver and Cervical Health

Many gynecologists use Sovereign Silver Hydrosol with their patients. Why? Because the silver hydrosol kills bacteria, viruses and yeast that cause vaginitis, urinary tract infections yeast infections, and even STD's in liquid AND gel form! If necessary, Sovereign Silver CAN be taken in conjunction with antibiotics and will amplify the benefits (ESPECIALLY because it also kills the candida that antibiotics can cause!)

There are so many ideas for the daily use of this gel and/or the liquid. Liquid Sovereign Silver can be taken orally - 1 tsp or more twice daily for complete prevention of female problems on an ongoing basis. If you know you have an infection, take one tsp every hour until you start feeling better. Other women, whose identities want to be kept hidden, have claimed that they were able to cure their yeast infections AND bladder infections without the use of any prescriptions other than the liquid silver hydrosol and the Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel. The reason is simple. Most women struggle with issues that Sovereign Silver can deal with very effectively, by destroying bacteria, viruses and yeast that, in most cases, are the cause of women's diseases.

But use sound judgment! If it's a bad infection, use a LOT of Sovereign Silver (meaning 1 TBL hourly on an empty stomach plus insert the gel on the tip of a tampon vaginally for 90 minutes a day! Also, drink a LOT of water! If you see no improvement in those first hours, go to your doctor for a prescription but continue using the Sovereign Silver to amplify the benefits!!

The fact that Sovereign Silver hydrosol and the gel are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal make these one of the most important health discoveries for women, let alone men. Natural-Immunogenics, the makers of the top rated Sovereign Silver, recommends douching with the liquid Sovereign Silver hydrosol for any female problems, with a pump, twice a day and leave 3 oz in the vagina and hold for 20 minutes and then release.

Make sure you're taking LOTS of probiotics also! Garden of Life's Primal Defense Ultra are fantastic during and after any of these episodes! In either case, keep on doing it for five days or until ALL your symptoms are gone.

A NATURAL alternative to products like Neosporin plus they are SAFER than antibiotics.

Because yeast, candida and bacteria can be spread sexually through intercourse, the gel can also be used as a lubricant during sex. The man can use it on himself, also, to protect his wife in case he is the culprit of the yeast!!! And knowing men and the way they eat sweets, they often ARE the culprit! For women in menopause or post menopause, experiencing dryness and pain, the gel might be the answer to your prayers!

Use the gel every morning after a shower and as often as necessary. Make sure you also are drinking at least 2 tsp a day of the LIQUID on an empty stomach and most people suggest that you always take it at least an hour or more away from taking probiotics. Questions? You can call me ONLY on our question line at: 1-719-598-5050 Monday-Friday 11:00am-5:00 pm MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME! (2 hours before EST or 1 hour after PST)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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