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Minami Omega 3's
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Minami Omega-3's
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Minami PLATINUM Omega 3's by Garden of Life

OUR PREMIER one a day Omega 3 product!!!
Don't forget this important Omega 3 supplement!! Minami PLATINUM Omega 3's from Garden of Life is an ultra premium Omega-3 supplement
utilizing Supercritical CO2 Extraction Technology that delivers an unprecedented 1,098 mg Omega-3 nutrition with 300 IU of Vitamin D3 in a convenient, once daily serving.

Omega 3's are important for:
Bone, nerve, and joint health
Healthy blood cholesterol profile
Thyroid support & Hashimoto's
Reduces Inflammation in the body
Mood support (more serotonin - the "feel good" hormone)
Alzheimer's disease
Baby development (DHA)...
and lots more!

* An average fish oil has 300 mg (EPA & DHA) Omega-3's.
* A higher quality fish oil has 600 mg (EPA & DHA) Omega-3's.

* BUT THIS Minami Platinum Cold Water Fish Oil beats out the competition with their Omega-3's totaling: (765 EPA & 240 DHA) 

Orange Flavored 60 Softgels Omega-3's
Take 1 a day - This bottle lasts 2 months!
MSRP $61.99
Price:  $43.99
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Minami Prenatal / Nursing Omega 3's by Garden of Life

A BEST SELLER for women that are pregnant, nursing, or even trying to get pregnant! NEW look on box called Minami Prenatal Omega-3 fish oil.

Supplementing with a premium Omega 3 DHA formula like Minami Prenatal (& nursing!) ensures that both Mom and Baby are getting a healthy amount of a high quality DHA-rich fish oil with only ONE softgel a day!

Minami Prenatal / Nursing Omega-3 is a once daily formula containing 480mg of DHA and 104mg of EPA, along with 56mg other Omega-3's. Minami Prenatal Omega-3 undergoes rigorous testing to ensure unsurpassed purity, providing you and your child all of the benefits of Omega-3s AND peace of mind, since it is sold by Garden of Life at Winning Edge. Here is one of our customer's testimonies:

"I am 14 weeks along in my pregnancy, and have been taking the Vitamin Code Raw prenatal vitamins by Garden of Life and the Minami Prenatal-Nursing Omega 3's and I must say... I am in love with them. I haven't had ANY morning sickness, and feel better than ever. You can feel the benefits in these vitamins the moment your start taking them. Thank you, Winning Edge, for the personal touch and recommendation for this vitamin! It's a must have for pregnancy at the very start."

Cara Benson

Lemon Flavored 60 Softgels Omega-3's
BRAND NEW STOCK! Lasts TWO months. 
A MUST-HAVE for you & your baby during your whole pregnancy AND nursing months!!
MSRP $40.99
Price:  $29.99
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