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Love Me Baby Me
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Kind Organics  - Organic Gluten Free Vitamins

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Rash, Cuts, Burns, etc
Butt Balm (heals rashes, burns, shingles, tatoos, cuts)
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Butt Balm (heals rashes, burns, shingles, tatoos, cuts)

UTTERLY FANTASTIC PRODUCT YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE ON HAND for every person in your home!!! Heals over 101 things!
Love Me Baby Me's miracle BUTT BALM (works not only on diaper rash but on SHINGLES, TATOOS, ACNE, CUTS, etc) comes in an All-Natural Butt Balm OR an organic But Balm. BOTH work like a dream! I have customers tell me it helped their shingles which TOTALLY made me a believer!

This 3 in 1 formula contains Zinc Oxide to keep the skin dry by forming an invisible barrier to seal out wetnes, prevents diaper rash, heals cuts, shingles, tatoos, acne, scrapes, rashes, etc.
 You only need a very little bit to work, so it lasts a LONG time! Sunflower Seed Oil provides a protective barrier resistig skin infections & SOOTHING, red, irritated, burning skin. Vitamins A, C, & E and Zinc Oxide promote quick, effective healing for children's AND adult's problems! Butt Balm prevents diaper rash, heals cuts, scrapes, burns, SHINGLES, TATOOS... even  ACNE for ANY AGE!

This is one of the MOST amazing, versatile products ever created!!! It clears up ANYTHING!!!

Info for adults:
 Works like a dream on shingles, acne, heals tattoos! Also helps women that have had a breast removed, and then have surgery to have nipples created. This heals the oozing, painful problems of over 101 things!

4.5 fl.oz Butt Balm
ULTRA PURE and ALL-NATURAL! Heals over 101 things including diaper rash, TATOOS, SHINGLES, scrapes, cuts, burns, wounds, also!
MSRP $29.95
Now ONLY $7.95

26 items in stock
This is exactly as described on our Love Me Baby Me Butt Balm page, but this is completely ORGANIC! Heals adults and children with rashes, cuts, shingles, scrapes, burns and even tatoos!
MSRP $34.95
Now ONLY $9.95

14 items in stock
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