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Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers & Pastors
Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers & Pastors

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how to help the wife of a fallen pastor - Broken Clergy Wives

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Pastors & Ministers

A Manual for Talking & Working Through Your Raw Emotions AFTER the Moral Crash

by Rev. Tom & Cathy Pedigo


Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers Book

Hot off the press!

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133 pages - size 8 1/2 x 11

(If it was only a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 book, it would really be 266 pages!)
Filled with loads of help for the wives of fallen pastors who also need to be ministered to!


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Broken Clergy Wives & Restoration Materials

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Restoration Manual - A Program for Restoring Fallen Pastors and Religious Leaders


In this rare, but treasured book for wives of fallen pastors, you will find a complete set of honest, forthright stories, testimonies, questions and suggestions for broken wives of fallen ministers and religious leaders, hurting family members, and even church leaders that want to help by setting up a personal woman’s support group for the wife of a fallen minister!
This book was not written lightly, but with years of soul searching and accumulated experiences. Healing the wounded spouse of a fallen pastor is a very complex issue, with many variables to every situation. This is an area that is achingly empty when you scour your Christian bookstores, and we believe this book is going to be critical in beginning the healing process for the broken, hurting wife of a morally fallen pastor.
"Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers & Pastors - A Manual for Talking & Working Through Your Raw Emotions - AFTER the Moral Crash" is loaded with powerful emotion-filled information and advice that will help you to work through all the painful emotions you will be dealing with after your husband's moral crash. With the live interviews at the end of the book, from two pastor's wives who will share everything they went through and how they dealt with it, you will NOT feel left alone during this painful journey, which is one of the major issues you will be dealing with. 
The moral fall of your spouse has probably hit you head on - and devastated not only you, but your husband, your children, your church, your friends...even your community! Where to start?!! As a wife who has been there, I know that you desperately need help to sort through all the myriad of emotions you're going through - pain, confusion, numbness, anger and hurt. We pray that this book will be the beginning of learning how to gradually heal through this crisis in your marriage and family.
You may look at the title and think that “this book can’t help me…my situation is different…no one can help me through this…”etc…etc… You are SO hurting right now. Just trust me. I’ve BEEN there as the hurting, angry, lonely, confused, embarrassed, grieving wife of a morally fallen husband and pastor. Over 20 years ago I would have given anything to get my hands on a book written just for ME and not just my husband (who needed different kinds of help)!!

Read through the following testimonies and you’ll realize that the women (and men) that HAVE read this book - have that same common desire. They all wish desperately that there had been a book written on this subject when they and their husband hit the WORST, horrific wall of their lives. Public AND private humiliation of the worst kind!

We’re here to identify with you and prayerfully minister to you.
 You fallen pastors will find some great help yourself by reading this book alongside your wife and hearing what MY husband had to say while helping me write it and seeing things from her perspective, also. It may take a while before you're ready to truly want to minister to your wife's needs while you are so wrapped up in the nightmare you have just found yourself in, but please try. It's important if you want to put your marriage back together.

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Pastors and Restoration Manual for Restoring Falllen Ministers
Some of the issues discussed in this manual for broken clergy wives entail:
Exposure and disclosure, initial feelings, immediate impact, repentance vs. restoration, marital commitment, future uncertainties, family intervention, emotional consequences, immediate counseling, long-term counseling, emotional eruptions, misplaced blame, the sexual spider web, foes not friends, sexual relations with your spouse, empowerment and embracing, decision making, renewing intimacy and relationship, sexual co-dependency, renewed trust, forgiveness, how to find closure, victim vs. victor, vocational insecurity, stupid comments, misplaced concern, intuition and gut feelings, length of grief, family and in-laws, and much more. Below you'll see what others are saying about this manual:

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Pastors Ministers


Testimonies for: Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Pastors & Ministers

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers "Dear Tom and Cathy, I just finished reading your book Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers. My heart was deeply moved and tears flowed freely as I read through the pages; especially the chapter containing the interview with Gayle and Cathy. Oh, how I wish this book had been available when my wife and I were walking through our own personal restoration process. Thank you for taking the time to write the book. A big thanks to Cathy and Gayle for being honest and transparent. I will wholeheartedly recommend the book to others; both those who are personally going through the process as well as though who are walking the broken through the process. May God richly bless you and I look forward to seeing how the Lord will bring our paths together."  (Tommy Oestreich, River of Hope Ministries.)

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers "In a day when there is so very little help for wives of pastors/missionaries struggling with moral failure, it's refreshing to know that there is now material dedicated to helping these faithful women. The wounding that wives of ministers go through can only be felt by others who have experienced this "scud missile" that rips through their heart! "Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers" is a great help book that touches real life issues in real time pain. It also provides, through actual interviews, questions, personal experience and sound biblical presentation, a large dimension of true healing for the wounded at heart. I highly recommend this excellent book for those who are longing to come out of the, "weeping endures for a night" part of their life and into the "joy comes in the morning!"  (Fred Antonelli, Ph.D., LPC, Easton, MD. Founder/Director Life Counseling Center.)

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers "I solidly endorse Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers as a tool for hope, healing, and restoration. I did not have access to this type of material years ago when I needed it. I found it to be honest and direct in dealing with difficult issues while at the same time encouraging and gentle. To have the feelings and thoughts that come in this situation addressed and 'normalized' was very helpful. I loved the Scripture verses at the head of every chapter, pointing me back to the ultimate Restorer. This manual clearly addresses the critical needs and broken hearted places of ministry wives caught in the aftermath of a husband's moral failure. Thank you!"  (Cathy O, St. Paul, MN. Recovering Pastor's Wife.)

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Pastors "Broken Clergy Wives addresses an often overlooked problem in our churches. Clergy wives are often invisible. Where does she go to vent? Who understands? She is not alone. Broken Clergy Wives helps diagnose the situation and support these valuable, important and lovely ladies."  (Ruth Graham. Author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart.)

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers "I am only at the beginning of this book and had to put it down to relax my mind. My heart was aching because of all you went through. I will finish the book and just pray that it can help other ladies get through similar situations. So many women have been hurt, but of course being in the church makes it that much more difficult because of so many eyes on you and where would you expect to get help and not be turned against. Tom is a great writer and it is obvious how sorry he is for hurting you and understands the pain you had and are still getting over." (Grace C., Cincinatti, OH. Mother of a fallen pastor's wife.)

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers "While others choose to turn a blind eye to the epidemic of infidelity in our society or to give up on marriages that suffer from it, Tom and Cathy Pedigo courageously reach out to offer understanding and solutions for healing. Because they are personal friends, I can attest to the love and strength of their healed marriage and to their sincerity in sharing a message of hope to others." (Gayle Haggard, Author of New York Times Bestseller “Why I Stayed.” Colorado Springs, CO.)

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers "Hi Tom. I devoured your manual yesterday after church. You really nailed it!!!!! It is terrific and will be a wonderful resource. I know you said that a woman shouldn't go through the process of healing without a counselor or a support group and I would agree. These are things that shouldn't be worked through alone. My heart is heavy though, because I know that support groups for pastors wives to share these things are few and far between.
     The manual, "Broken Clergy Wives" by Tom and Cathy Pedigo, shows their great understanding, compassion and love of women who have been through this heart-wrenching experience. This book is sure to help every woman who has gone through this heartache. It contains practical how-to tips as well as articles of depth that will lead to rebuilding and restoration."
(Michelle Tenneson, Group Facilitator for Women of Partners with Sexual Addictions. Colorado Springs, CO.)

     "...But God does not take away life; instead, He devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from Him." (2 Samuel 14:14b)



Chapter 1 – Reality Explosion (Ground Zero)
Chapter 2 – Identifying Your Feelings
Chapter 3 – Identifying Thoughts and Future Direction
Chapter 4 – After the Affair: A Wife’s Story
Chapter 5 - Quotes, Questions and Suggestions
Chapter 6 – The Perfect Life (Another Emotional Story – Robin Lee Hatcher account)
Chapter 7 – Same Song – Different Verse (Tim LaHaye account)
Chapter 8 – A Legion of Losses (Winebrenner & Frazier account)
Chapter 9 – Revisiting and Rebuilding Areas of Brokenness
Chapter 10 – Your Marital Future
Chapter 11 – The Restoration Manual Excerpt – Marital Checkpoint
Chapter 12 – Living with Your Husband’s Secret Wars (Marsha Means account)
Chapter 13 – Verses of Hope and Healing
Chapter 14 – Two Broken Clergy Wives in Recovery – Extended Interview with Gayle Haggard and Cathy Pedigo
ALSO: Appendices
Pastor’s-Wife-in-Residence Program; Guidelines for the Wife’s Reparation and Rebuilding Team; Initial Meetings Purpose Planner; Suggested Bibliography 


    You have a choice of purchasing this manual by itelf, or save $10.00 ($5.00 per book) and buy both Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Pastors and our Restoration Manual: A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders or save $5.00 per book when you buy 5 or more of EACH separate title! See this page!


SAVE $10.00 and Buy BOTH Books Together as a Package Deal!

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers & Pastors
Talking & Working Through Your Raw Emotions - AFTER the Moral Crash

Restoration Manual -

A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers & Religious Leaders

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers AND Restoration Manual Book Package

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