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Baby Go To Sleep
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Baby Go To Sleep for Crying Babies! - Ordering Categories
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Baby Go To Sleep for Crying Babies!
Getting Your Baby to Sleep, Made Easy 2 CD Set - Lullabies & Nursery Songs
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Getting Your Baby to Sleep, Made Easy 2 CD Set - Lullabies & Nursery Songs

Getting your Baby to Sleep Made Easy - Lullabies & Nursery Songs!!
Get LOADS of interesting and helpful information with this 2 CD set. I have a friend I gave this to because her grandchildren at age 2 had NEVER slept through the night before and it worked immediately...still is! The first CD is the audio Heartbeat Lullabies MusicTherapy Stops Crying CD #1, which is what you will play in your baby's room, and the second CD is an audio book teaching CD for the parents to listen to (37 min.) that's SO informative, we LOVED it!

Parents will play the 9 heartbeat music therapy nursery songs which use a real heartbeat, in their portable CD player to calm their baby to sleep. This CD contains all the nursery songs from Heartbeat Lullabies Stops Crying CD #1.(London Bridge; Rock-A-Bye Baby; Are You Sleeping?; Lullaby and Good Night; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; Mary Had a Little Lamb; Hush Little Baby; and Old McDonald Had a Farm). Plays 30 minutes

In the separate 37 minute audio book CD, "Getting Your Baby to Sleep, Made Easy," expert Terry Woodford teaches parents all the important basics about how to help a child sleep through the night and explains a nurturing method to get a baby to sleep without having them cry themselves to sleep, promotes a good sleep schedule, why jiggling your baby can be dangerous and how to use the music CD to soothe symptoms of colic.

(Personal note: My husband and I listened to the audio teaching CD and absolutely LOVED it....we learned so much....wish we'd had it when we had our children!!) BEST thing is: 90 day Money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Audiobook & Lullaby/Nursery Songs CD
HUGE SALE! 2 CD's included!
Audio Lullabies & Nursery Songs CD for baby's room plus another teaching CD for your computer with loads of great tips!
MSRP $20.95
Now ONLY $17.95

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