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Adult Sleep CD's
Sleep Like a Baby Again - Adult Christian Version CD (35 min)
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Sleep Like a Baby Again - Adult Christian Version CD (35 min)

This 35 minute Christian version for adults comes with a different cover than shown..A typical shrink-wrapped CD for adults needing help for peaceful sleep. Even as an adult, beloved childhood songs like Jesus Love Me, Kum Ba Yah and Jesus Loves the Little Children can calm the storms of life that are stealing your serenity and sleep. Even as a grown-up, Christian children's songs you've heard all your life can minister to you in a special way. Has been found to be especially helpful even with Alzheimer's patient's.

The 35 minute Christian lullaby edition, "Adult Sleep Like a Baby Again" Therapy CD, is designed to reach deep into sources of stress and insomnia and address the spiritual needs at the core of many such problems of modern life. The Adult Sleep-Like-A-Baby Again CD features 10 traditional Christian songs that you'll remember from childhood in a beautiful and soothing lullaby style. The delightfully simple yet innovative arrangements of these childhood classics, familiar from home and church, are specifically designed to dissolve your insomnia and bring sleep to your weary soul. Includes Adult Sleep Tips and educational booklet. 90 day Money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

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Audio CD
HUGE SALE! Plays approx. 35 min. Has a different cover than shown (this is a typical music CD cover) and it is the Christian edition for Adults.

NOTE: We marked it below cost because there is a small crack on the cover. Won't matter if it is for yourself, but if a gift to someone you might care about that!
MSRP $17.95
Now ONLY $9.95

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Adult Lullaby Therapy Sleep Like a Baby Again  -Traditional Version (60 min)
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Adult Lullaby Therapy Sleep Like a Baby Again -Traditional Version (60 min)

HUGE SALE!! Traditional Version - Same 18 songs as on the Baby Go To Sleep Musical Therapy - One hr. Combo CD - only for adults! 
Exhausted from lack of sleep? Hard time falling asleep? Lie awake and can't go back to sleep? Adult Lullaby Therapy CD recordings help you sleep.
Therapeutic arrangements of favorite songs that calmed you to sleep as a child. Validated by two years of medical development, by major clinical research projects, and by 19 years of actual use. There is no other music on the market today with equal credibility for helping people relax and go to sleep.

As you focus on the compassion in the singer's voices, your mind will tend to block out other thoughts and sounds. Feeling safe, you'll be able to relax and drift off to sleep. 90 day Money back guarantee from the manufacturer. Same 18 songs as on the Musical Therapy Combo CD, plus Adult Sleep Tips. 60 min.

Audio CD
HUGE SALE! Plays approx. 60 min.
MSRP $29.95
Now ONLY $18.95
Out of stock, temp!
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