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Worship Music in Three Dimensions - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God
Worship Music in Three Dimensions - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God

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Winning Edge Ministries 3 dimensional worship manual

Worship Music in Three Dimensions:
the Presence and Power of God
During Your Church Worship This Week!

       "Your worship music manual is terrific! Your style of writing reminds me of Chuck Swindoll and I love his manner of speaking. As I read this book, I am loving every minute of it. Thank you." (Grace Copia. Homemaker from Fort Myers Beach, FL.)

Three Dimensional Worship Music Manual
180 pages size 8-1/2"x11" (Would be 360 pages if sized 5-1/2" x 8-1/2")
This worship music manual is PACKED with spiritual life-giving information!

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Would You Like to Experience Life-Changing Praise and Worship?

       "WORSHIP MUSIC IN THREE DIMENSIONS - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God," was written to help churches bring their congregations into the very lap of God. Impossible, you say? Not at all! In this powerful worship manual, you will learn how this can come about, through a simple musical progression during your worship song service that is similar to the Old Testament's "Temple Pattern." It involves a threefold process of musically moving from the "Outer Court" (celebration and jubilation) to the "Inner Court" (meditation and anticipation) and into the "Holy of Holies" (adoration and spiritual communion). AND NOT JUMPING IN AND OUT FROM ONE COURT TO ANOTHER (out of order), but STICKING TO THE "TEMPLE PATTERN"!

       This material is for every Christian — no matter WHAT your "church label" might be — if you want to experience the moving of God's Spirit through praise and worship music. There is a progressive and biblical method taught - that will teach you step by step - how this can happen. We are so convinced that this method can bring about revival in the hearts and lives of believers, that we are asking that you DO it — not only because we've seen it work, but because hundreds of thousands of Christians are LONGING for the opportunity to be there - in YOUR church service - in that "Holy of Holies" moment! As Christian leaders, we NEED to enhance intimate union with the Lord on a corporate church level. Tens of thousands of Christians today, when asked, are literally starving for this intimacy! Should I repeat that one more time? WE LIVE IN A HUGE CITY AND CAN NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE in most of our evangelical churches! Instead, we hear a rock band with drums so loud you can barely sit through it and barely any songs with an "identifiable melody.", which makes it practically impossibly to sing along. That means, you can't go away humming it all week long, because it can't stick in your spirit. Hard to explain until you read this book on TRUE worship music! Go to church this week and watch people's lips during the worship music. How many people look like their lips are even moving? THIS is the reason! Not that they aren't longing to worship God. They just can't get the melody, because there IS NONE!

       Ok, I know I'm coming on passionate here, but this is something that I've been missing for about 15 years now and I can't barely stand to sit through the worship at most churches. My husband and I have actually had to LEAVE a few churches because I felt like my heart and organs were being BEAT to death with the drums and loud music. In the WHOLE worship time, this was ALL they had! No quiet moments of even getting into the "Inner Court", let alone the Holy of Holies"!

       Whether you are attending a "traditional" church or representing a "contemporary" church, we want you to have a spiritually moving and dynamic worship service. Our goal is to create a spiritual environment where you will seek the Person of Jesus and sense the Presence of God's Spirit through worship music. YES, we can do it partially through our own quiet times at home, but there is NOTHING like the CORPORATE experience of God coming DOWN into our church services. Honestly, I doubt He even visits most churches anymore. No one is ASKING Him or INVITING Him! READ this book and you will understand what you're missing!

      When I have been blessed enough to be in this type of worship music setting, this is what AlWAYS happens to me. I get the chills and tears start streaming down my face. I feel like "I've come home" when I've reached it - the "holy of holies." PLEASE, Christians, SEARCH and BEG your pastors for this type of worship. We need it to survive the week ahead of us - with the world coming at us from all sides. This type of music "with an identifiable melody" will STICK in your spirit, and just like the Scriptures, will help you in this battle we fight daily! This book presents Christians and church leaders — both traditionalists and contemporaries — with suggestions for each segment of your church music worship time, so that you truly have a life-changing worship service.

       Whether you are a senior pastor, worship leader, associate pastor, minister of music, choir director or a starving and concerned believer, we have a question for you to ponder.
      Is it possible that when Christians come together in corporate worship, there is a simple but effective process to actually come into God's presence? We say YES! The Old Testament tabernacle and temple can give us those clues into approaching God.

Worship Music - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God

How to Truly Lead Worship Step by Step in Your Church Service

       Worship music is not entertainment nor is it necessarily an evangelistic hook to draw John Q. Public into the four walls of the church — although both CAN be accomplished. While some worship music can be entertaining and evangelistic, the ultimate goal should be spiritual edification through celebration, meditation and adoration. That is the heart of leading worship during your church music time.

       When true worship is fulfilled…there is a "holy" moment. It's hard to explain this "moment", but if you've experienced it, you know what we're talking about. There is that time during musical worship, when you know you are standing on holy ground. There is something in the air — like electricity. Your heart pounds (physical) — your emotions are sensitive (soul) — something is happening in your spirit (spiritual). We've seen hearts broken in humility and repentance and those who burst into tears out of loving adoration because the praise and worship music has truly brought them into the Presence of a LIVING and Holy God.

       Most traditional AND contemporary services have a huge gaping, missing dimension in their music "worship" or singing time — and that is the Presence of God and the moving of His Spirit upon believers. The Body of Christ desperately needs to re-direct their focus; we must revitalize our worship time; we need to restore expectancy; we have to have a renewed hunger — let's just say we need a revival!

Worship Music - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God

What Others Are Saying About This Worship Manual:

Three Dimensional Worship Music

Christian Radio Announcer
       "I just got your book and started reading it last night, intending to only read the preface and the first few chapters but I found myself at the end of chapter 13 before I knew it. It's a super book, Tom, and I can't wait to finish it! I think you are absolutely right on in all that you say, and yet very humble and loving...and humorous. Your ideas of moving from the Outer Court to the Inner Court to the Holy of Holies are easy and understandable and as a praise and worship leader myself, they make perfect sense. The principles on worship music are very clear. I'm very excited about the concepts!
        I have been struggling with just how to lead the worship music in my own position and your ideas have been very helpful to me. For instance, I was the worship leader for a three-day retreat for my Sunday School Class. I used your book to help me to decide how to place the 8 to 10 songs of music we did per set — almost 40 songs. I am so thrilled to tell you that we had so many compliments on the worship music selections and arrangement. On the first night, one of my good friends, who didn't know I was using your book, said, "The worship music tonight was incredible. It really ushered us into the Presence of the Lord. By the last song before the speaker, I knew I was unquestionably in His Presence!" Isn't that awesome? The concept that the Temple can be a pattern or guide for us in areas of intimate worship is one that I am now serious about. I feel certain the Lord is going to bless your efforts."
       (Sharon Dominguez. Christian radio announcer with Lightpraise Radio Network in Colorado Springs, CO. In addition to this, she is also a worship leader and a teacher.)

Mega-Church Worship Pastor
       "Thomas Pedigo has the heart of a worshipper! He possesses the unique ability to articulate the Old Testament ideas with a New Testament heart. His biblical concepts will help every church seeking a deeper expression in their corporate setting. This book is not a prescription for worship, it’s a template for a lifestyle of the presence of God."
       (Ross Parsley. Former Minister of Music at New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO. Ross has led many worship seminars nationally and internationally and has recorded numerous CDs with Integrity! Hosanna music.)

Worship Leader
       "I am so impressed and excited after reading Worship Music in Three Dimensions! This is the most informative and helpful guide for a music and/or worship leader - like myself. Having served in traditional churches for 30 years, I have been frustrated many times with the 'going through the motions' routine in so many of the worship services I have led. You put into words what I have been feeling and experiencing for years. Thank you!! I now have a guide - a manual - to help me in the selection of worship music and the progression this music should flow to lead the sheep towards the Great Shepherd. I can't wait to see how God will use me as an instrument to carry out His calling in and through my life before I leave this earth. Again, thank you so much for your ministry through this great book!"
       (Jim Boyce. Worship director and high school music teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina.)

Worship Pastor
       "When I was called to be a worship pastor God led me to "Worship Music in Three Dimensions". I felt that Reverend Pedigo was speaking my heart on his pages. This book has influenced me more than any other resource that I've found. In using the temple pattern of worship God's presence was undeniable at every service. I believe that this is a must read for anyone called into music ministry."
       (Pastor Vernon Porter. Vernon Porter Ministries, Orange County, CA.)

       "I just finished Tom Pedigo's book Worship Music in Three Dimensions and I was so excited about it! My prayer is that God will use Tom's voice so that the Church might humbly and earnestly seek His face and give Him the praise and adoration that He deserves. My heart is to see the church united in spiritual revival of real corporate worship. May God use Tom as His tool and voice to speak to this generation. In late 1961, Dr. A. W. Tozer wrote the following:
       "Worship is the missing jewel in modern evangelicalism. We are organized; we work; we have our agendas. We have almost everything, but there's one thing that churches, even the gospel churches, do not have: that is the ability to worship. We are not cultivating the art of worship. It's the one shining gem that is lost to the modern church, and I believe that we ought to search for this until we find it."
       Worship Music in Three Dimensions: How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God is a voice like Dr. Tozer's crying out in the 21st century to discover the missing jewel in our churches: worship. It is a must read for all Christians who hunger for the presence of God and earnestly seek His Presence. Tom challenges us to cultivate the art of worship and to utilize one of our most powerful tools: music."
       (Dr. Michael J. Stabile. Educator, consultant, life coach, ordained minister and author from Cincinnati, Ohio.)

       "I was brought up in a liturgical church and found the music to be simply a time-filler. I later attended an evangelical church and was entertained by their music. I never realized the importance of effective worship music until I attended another church that practiced a three-dimensional "Temple pattern" of music. Very few churches and music leaders understand the vital need for proper praise and worship.
       Tom Pedigo's book has very adeptly nailed this subject with Biblical backup and excellent quotes. This is must reading for worship leaders whether they minister to children, teens or adults. It's also vital reading for every preaching pastor who desires to set the proper tone for the worship service and to have the congregation ready for his message. This book also helps worshippers (like me) understand why there is a feeling of something missing every week at church. This material is useable whether your church flavor is liturgical, traditional, contemporary or charismatic."
       (Dr. Mike Ledtke. Physician and Lyme disease specialist from Saginaw, MI.)

Christian Talk Show Host

       "Worship in Three Dimensions offers insightful perspectives as to what constitutes true worship in the 21st century. In an age of entertainment values, this is a refreshing understanding of biblical models offering guidelines for the future through the lens of the past. This is a worthwhile consideration for all who are thirsting for a greater dimension of personal and corporate worship."
       (Dr. Bob Grant. Former Program Host for KGFT-FM in Colorado Springs, Colorado.)


Christian University Student
       "It's extremely refreshing to read a book that tackles this particular area of corporate worship. Worship Music in Three Dimensions will teach you the importance of praise music in your relationship to Christ and it gives you plenty of insight in avoiding the process of just going through the motions. One of the things I admire most is the author's boldness to point out some of the weak spots of current praise worship as well as highlight effective methods to grow more intimately with Christ in the context of song. I really like this book!"
       (Dustin Henry. Former Graduated Student at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.)

Mega-Church Senior Minister
       "I enjoyed your insightful book on worship music. As a pastor who loves both the old hymns and contemporary praise and worship, I found your book theologically thoughtful and ecclesiologically practical. Churches need to better understand their orthodoxy and orthopraxy in worship. This book does this in a very thoughtful and down-to-church way. I would highly recommend this book to any pastor or worship leader."
       (Steve Holt. Senior Pastor of Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs, CO.)

Worship Pastor
       "I love the way you bring out the biblical example of Outer Court to Inner Court movement in our worship. This to me is the heart of Worship Music in Three Dimensions: How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God - this is the main take-away that the Lord impressed upon me. When I'm praying and planning worship for each Sunday, this is in the forefront of my thinking. Thanks for putting your heart into print. I admire you for taking the time and I know your heart is to further God's kingdom. I'm proud to be your friend."
       (Kirk Lauckner. Former Worship leader at Hopevale Church in Saginaw, Michigan.)

Rescue Mission Director
       "Your book on worship music is very encouraging and seems to explain many of the challenges we experience as we interact with friends from a variety of church affiliations."
       (Ken Streeter. City Rescue Mission Director from Saginaw, Michigan, Retired.)

Minister of Music
       "Tom’s book is a guide to worship that all mainline, traditional, and even contemporary church leaders would do well to read. Within are fundamental principles on how to construct a service of worship music. Tom provides a very practical and biblical approach to praise and worship. If all leaders followed these guidelines, I believe we would hear more stories of lives being impacted by their praise and worship services."
       (Mike Burwell. Worship Pastor at Mountain Springs Church, Colorado Springs.)

Youth Group Worship Leader
       "I've been a worship leader for over five years now, and I've seen many patterns and styles of worship used in various church services. Out of them all, the pattern that I've personally seen draw people closest to God is the pattern that the Rev. Tom Pedigo lays out in his book, Worship Music in Three Dimensions. This tri-fold approach to worship has, in my experience, been incredibly successful in bringing people closer to God more than any other style of worship. Most churches I've observed either focus too much on one type of worship, or break up the worship into two or three interrupted parts, so the people worshipping never fully experience God. The approach to worship outlined in Tom's book is a guide that truly helps everyone, be they leading or participating, experience more fully the presence of God through worship. Spiritually-satisfying worship is a valuable goal, and Tom's book can help in achieving that goal."
       (Michael Fiebig. Youth Group Worship Leader for 5 years in Denver area of Colorado.)

A Garden of Life Customer
       "I just read "Sing Down the Presence and Power of God". What a fantastic book! And here I thought that Winning Edge at: was just a place I ordered Garden of Life vitamins!" (Bill Rutledge, HI)

       It is our personal belief that there could be revival within our churches if the worship music was presented in an effective and spiritually moving way. The Lord has laid this on our hearts. It is not only our burden, but the burden of countless thousands of hungry believers.

      Tom's just given this agenda a voice. What if your song service was presented in a biblical, three-fold progression whereby people's hearts and lives would be touched and changed? Is this not the desire of every minister's heart? Is this not the longing of every believer? We say "YES!"

Worship Music - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God!

       If there could be a revolution of soul and spirit within the church because of worship music, what would keep ministers from seeking after this? As a former pastor of twenty years, Tom understands the mindset of ministers — traditional and contemporary. He was the president of a ministerial association while he pastored in Michigan. His "clergy bunch" had occasional discussions about music. In the midst of their debates, it became clear why a church does not "sing down the Presence of God." When it comes to having an effective worship service, Tom, himself, used to embody some of following reasons and negative characteristics:

  • Apathy — "I don't care that much about music. It's not a priority to me. Our church is just fine with the tried-and-true rituals and music forms."
  • Fear — "I don't want to rock the boat. Our old timers won't like the change. Really, I am afraid to try something new. It could backfire."
  • Pride — "I don't need a lot of music. It's just unneeded filler. Just save me more time to preach. Besides, I know what's best for my congregation."
  • Ignorance — "I don't know how to integrate and initiate a flowing, spiritual song service. I never learned about this in seminary."
  • Openness — "This will be an adventure but I am willing to learn and will try to incorporate new worship methods for hungering hearts."


       Of all these scenarios, Tom has reasoned with a variety of ministers about the first three hang-ups. Although, he always found out the hard way that there is not much progress made when it comes to personal apathy, fear, or pride. There is some hope for those who are without knowledge and yet are willing to learn. Unfortunately, the old axiom should be confronted because "Ignorance is not bliss." Some Christian leaders may maintain a lack of knowledge to prevent any change in their "religious" routine. Therefore, we want to concentrate our time on those pastors and worship leaders who are open to be trained and willing to integrate into their church service a time of effective worship.

       Tom's heart leaps when he finds Christians who have a teachable spirit. Acquiring knowledge and then acting on it can be an exciting thing! But, dealing with hindering emotions like apathy, fear, pride, or perpetuated ignorance, requires a change of heart. Obviously, we can't change the heart; only the Spirit of the living God can do that. Tom's calling is to share the knowledge he has and the experiences that have proven effective. It is up to the ministers, and sometimes the parishioners, to weigh facts and information in the balances. Our prayer for every pastor, Christian and church, is to experience true worship being fulfilled during our corporate times of praise and worship...that each person can experience that "holy" moment we crave, even as a church body. May this book be just a beginning...May God bless you as you as you "sing down the very Presence of God!"

Worship Music - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God!

worship music manualTable of Contents in 3-Dimensional Worship Music

  • Chapter 1 – In Defense of Definition
  • Chapter 2 – Two Kinds of Musical Traditions and Torment
  • Chapter 3 – Problems: Practicalities, Preachers & Pre-Service
  • Chapter 4 – Possible Pastoral Scenarios
  • Chapter 5 – Ritual or Relationship?
  • Chapter 6 – The Pattern Presented
  • Chapter 7 – Tabernacle and Temple Background
  • Chapter 8 – The Three Principles of Temple Patterned Progression
  • Chapter 9 – Understanding the “Presence” Principles
  • Chapter 10 – Denominational Duels or Duets?
  • Chapter 11 – Dearth or Dynamism?
  • Chapter 12 – Outer Court Music
    Traditional Outer Court Music
    A Traditional Challenge
    Contemporary Outer Court Musings
    Contemporary Outer Court Music
    Minor Key/Jewish-Sounding Songs:
    Outer Court Music Procedures
  • Chapter 13 – Inner Court (or Holy Court) Music
    Traditional Inner Court Music
    Contemporary Inner Court Music
  • Chapter 14 – Holy of Holies Music
    Experiential Observations
    Holy Happenings
    Entering In
    Inner Court Flowing into Holy of Holies Songs
    Contemporary Holy of Holy Songs
    My SPECIAL Holy of Holies Song Selection:
    Traditional Holy of Holies Moments
    Traditional Holy of Holies Hymns
  • Chapter 15 – “Holy of Holies” Moments and Silence
    A Holy Expectancy
    A Holy Hush
  • Chapter 16 – Blended Services
  • Chapter 17 – Practical Progression Pattern
    Traditional or Liturgical Church Setting
    Song Selection Seriousness
    Contemporary Church Setting
  • Chapter 18 – Worship Progression Detractions
  • Chapter 19 – Pondering Preaching & Pandering Preachers
  • Chapter 20 – The Worship Pastor or Director of Music
    The Mission
    The Calling
    The Focus
    The Leading
  • Chapter 21 – Effective Worship Music
    The Questions
    The Criteria and Evaluation
  • Chapter 22 – The Worshipper
  • Chapter 23 – A Theology of Music…“Kind Of”
    In the Beginning
    Music’s Spiritual Dimension
    Strength Through Songs
    A Critique of the Critics
    Raucous Rock and Roll Reflections
    Spiritual Dynamics
    Physical Dynamics
    Sexual Dynamics
    Plant Dynamics
    Animal Dynamics
    Philosophical Dynamics
    Praise and Worship Examples in Revelation


three dimensional worship music book
180 pages size 8-1/2"x11" (Would be 360 pages if sized 5-1/2" x 8-1/2")
PACKED with life-giving information!

A MUST-READ for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper!


Worship Music - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God!

ONLY $24.95!

(Purchase 5 or more copies for only $20.95 each...IMPORTANT for whole worship team!)

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Worship Music - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God!

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