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World Nutrition
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Diabetes / Neuropathy 1 Product(s)
Vitalzym & Vitalzym Cardio 2 Product(s)
World Nutrition

ALL World Nutrition's health supplements ship to the U.S only!

We ship either UPS or USPS (orders received in 2-4 business days, depending where you live), so make sure you give your street address, AND your P.O. Box (if you have one!) No military or Canada addresses, sorry!

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Ketsumeisei by World Nutrition for Diabetes, Liver

Ketsumeisei now comes in a 180 CAPSULE BOTTLE! Super important for diabetes and many other microcirculation problems and detoxing the liver.

Ketsumeisei is a highly potent formulation with healing power 
from World Nutrition. Ketsumeisei NATURALLY heals illnesses stemming from metabolic and microcirculation disturbances throughout the body. Ketsumeisei improves liver functions, increases microcirculation, restless leg syndrome, cleanses the blood and promotes natural healing and regeneration of a damage liver on a cellular level.

Developed by renowned Chinese medical expert Dr. Xianen Wang, Ketsumeisei is a proprietary blend of Chinese herbs, including Chinese Wild Yam, Cape Jasmine fruit, and Chinese Ginseng.

Ketsumeisei’s proprietary blend also contains Sicklepod Senna, Safflower, Astragalus Root, Kudzu Vine Root, and Chinese Licorice.

 100% Natural, No Side Effects, No Contraindications

Take three capsules twice per day, at least one hour before or after meals or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Here Are a Few Areas Ketsumeisei Excels In Healing:

  • Maintains Normalized Blood Sugar Levels
  • Liver Detoxification (SUPER detox but very gentle!)
  • Sexual Health/Erectile Dysfunction (widespread problem cured)
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Type I & II Diabetes
  • Microcirculatory Disturbances
  • Neuropathy
  • Brain Fogginess
  • Cerebral Infarction
  • Mental Health
  • Cellular Damage
  • Cardiovascular Benefits
  • Positive Effects on Mental Health
  • Obesity
  • Healthy extremity circulation (cold hands/feet)
  • Healthy Vision
  • General Organ Health
  • Normal blood viscosity
Ketsumeisei - 180 capsules
Super important Chinese herbs by World Nutrition!
Normalizes Blood Sugar, MicroCirculation, Pre-diabetics, Diabetes Type 1 & 2, Neuropathy, Erectile Dysfuntion, Restless Leg Syndrome, liver detox & much more! 
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free
MSRP $199.99
Price:  $149.00
PuraCell Systemic Cleansing Detoxification System by World Nutrition
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PuraCell Systemic Cleansing Detoxification System by World Nutrition

PuraCell by World Nutrition is a powerful, body-brain systemic whole-body cleansing system with a blend of powerful minerals, enzymes, herbs, a super high quality Zeolite (which has an incredible ability to target radiation, heavy metals, toxins and harmful chemicals, which will bond with World Nutrition's Zeolite and are then flushed out through the urine.) DO YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, HAWAII OR ANY WESTERN STATES? TAKE PURACELL REGULARLY AS A MUST-HAVE! RADIATION LEVELS FROM JAPAN ARE SWEEPING INTO THE STATES! FLUSH IT FROM YOUR BODY DAILY!

PuraCell is made with THE BEST chlorella out there - Cracked Wall Chlorella - a green food with high amounts of protein. These proteins have special characteristics in their ability to gather heavy metals, pesticides, and dangerous chemicals and carry them out of the body through the stool! Even better, it does NOT bind with minerals and things that your body needs, like calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper.

PuraCell is one of the most desperately needed health supplements for these times we are living in. PuraCell not only cleanses your body from such serious things as radiation, mercury and heavy metals, but also has milk thistle, which protects the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and removing them from the liver cells. It protects the liver from alcohol, pollution and is a natural antioxidant, helping to detoxify a wide range of potentially damaging contaminants, including drugs and chemicals.

PuraCell can be used as a "Gentle Daily Cleanse" or "Quick 30-Day Body Detox," which is a much needed detoxification flush for everyone! PuraCell delivers coverage on vast array of toxicity concerns in a very gentle manner. I've already done the 30 day body detox and it is nothing to be scared of. For those of you doing the 30-day, get 2 bottles to last you the month. I recommend doing that first and then continue with a maintence dose of one bottle to keep your body purified, cleansed and detoxified every month thereafter.

PuraCell addresses heavy metals, radiation, mercury, and toxic buildup in your whole body-brain:

  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • GI tract
  • Blood
  • Skin & Cells
  • Muscle Tone
  • Brain
  • Spleen
  • Pancreas
  • Gall bladder
PuraCell Systemic Cleansing System - 120 Vegetable Capsules
This is a must-have! Systemic (WHOLE BODY Cleansing/Detox System) by World Nutrition.
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free
MSRP $39.99
Price:  $29.99
Flexera Full Spectrum Joint Support Formula by World Nutrition
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Flexera Full Spectrum Joint Support Formula by World Nutrition

Has your arthritis pain become so unbearable that every movement leaves you cringing? Is your sports injury forcing you off the field and away from the game you love? Don't let debilitating joint pain take away your life. Take it back with Flexera from World Nutrition.

Flexera can help alleviate chronic joint problems, pain or, along with Vitalzym, (which immediately starts working on eliminating scar tissue, inflammation & pain) - potentially eliminate your suffering entirely.

World Nutrition has secured the BEST ingredients - the most potent, best absorbed, purest cutting edge sources - designed to rebuild the body's connective tissue. Flexera will help to:

Rebuild Connective Tissue
Increase Elasticity
Lubricate Joints
Improve Mobility
Increase Range of Motion
Reduce Discomfort

Why choose Flexera over other joint products? For years, World Nutrition has been a trusted name with doctors and health care professionals in providing pain and inflammation relief through its renowned Vitalzym product set. Flexera builds on that reputation as a leader in relieving pain and takes the next step toward a healthy body by helping to rebuild the connective tissue in our joints that is often the souce of that pain and inflammation.

Say goodbye to sore knees and bad hips. Vitalzym takes away the pain and inflammation. Flexera will rebuild the connective tissues, lubricate the joints, etc. Taken together you WILL have a new life!)

Flexera Full Spectrum Joint Formula - 180 capsules

BRAND NEW STOCK! We have a temporary small price increase on what we have left, because they are out of stock at headquarters until the end of Feb/beginning of March.

Flexera - Full Spectrum Joint Formula by World Nutrition. Gluten-free, GMO-free, Yeast-free, Talc-free
MSRP $59.99
Price:  $55.99

Bottles in stock
2 items in stock
Vitalzym for Pain, Inflammation, Fibroids, Scar Tissue, Immune System!
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Vitalzym for Pain, Inflammation, Fibroids, Scar Tissue, Immune System!

FREE Shipping on Vitalzym & ALL Products over $75 in Continental U.S!

100% Vegetarian, NON-GMO, Gluten-Free, Yeast Free & Dairy Free!

Vitalzym TOTAL SYSTEM SUPPORT Systemic Enzymes from World Nutrition are an incredible, powerful blend of systemic enzymes that fights off inflamation & pain, DISSOLVES scar tissue, cleanses & purifies the blood and clears out sludge in the bloodstream (which helps thin the blood), plus Vitalzym PROTECTS AGAINST VIRUSES & fibrosis and modulates your IMMUNE SYSTEM for optimal health. (Vitalzym Cardio thins the blood and therefore cleans out arterial plaque and lowers blood pressure even more!)

Please call with questions on 1-719-598-5050 about the difference between the two bottles you see here. The fatter blue label bottle is the original hybrid version of powdered capsules. The slim metallic bottle is the Extra Strength Vitalzym and are tiny little gelcaps. The Extra Strength Vitalzym is TWICE as strong as the Hybrid capsules! Both do the job and everyone has their preferences. READ the pages thoroughly to understand how the original hybrid version loses 30% of it in the digestive tract so it works a little in that area also, but is NOT a digestive enzyme to be taken with meals!!! BOTH need to be taken on an empty stomach. 100% of the NEW Extra Strength Vitalzym reaches the small intestine before opening up and going to work which is exactly the preference of most people. Some prefer the original, some the newer tiny gelcaps that are more powerful!

Countless sufferers of chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, fibroid tumors, fibrocystic breasts and MANY more conditions have found healing with the regular use of Vitalzym.

Finally you'll be able to throw away your bottles of NSAIDS that tear up your stomach lining and watch how using Vitalzym will take away your pain & heal you naturally! I believe that ANYONE taking Vitalzym systemic enzymes should supplement it by taking 3 Vitalzym Cardio a day - MAX!, at the same time as their Vitalzym dosage to maintain a healthy heart, thin blood, no sticky platelets & unclogged arteries for life! I have had SO many customers tell me stories about what Vitalzym has healed in them that I'm overwhelmed with the vast array of health problems it can help with!

Vitalzym helps with healthy circulation, because of the way it cleanses your blood of toxins and impurities. With Vitalzym Cardio you will NO longer have "sticky platelets" since your blood now flows freely and the platelets become "unstuck" so that they are moving freely and you are able to get oxygen to your brain and heart. It is ALL 100% natural and vegetarian, lactose, yeast and gluten free!

Take between meals - empty stomach. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE ON BLOOD THINNERS, without doctor supervision! (MOST people are able to back down on their blood thinners and JUST be taking higher amounts of Vitalzym which is MUCH healthier, but you WILL need the support of your physician to do this)! Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day and work your way up slowly, until you feel the result you're looking for. You can take as much as your body needs (no more than 12 Extra Strength Vitalzym a day is ever needed or up to 24 of the Original hybrid Vitalzym in extreme cases!)

If you experience detox symptoms, increase your water intake and back down on your amount and move up slower! Your FIRST order will be accompanied by a FREE 65 min. audio CD and brochures explaining the importance of Vitalzym systemic enzymes & brochures on Vitalzym, Vitalzym Cardio, Stabilized Oxygen & other products!

CALL US if you need to order the Vitalzym Xe if your doctor recommended it  (4 times stronger than the original) at:  1-800-841-4248 


Vitalzym Hybrid 450 powder capsules
BRAND NEW STOCK! This is the Vitalzym Original Hybrid powder capsule that helped push World Nutrition to the forefront of the systemic enzyme market!
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free
MSRP $164.99
Price:  $114.00
Extra Strength Vitalzym 60 softgels
BRAND NEW STOCK! This size made for those of you that just want a mini-trial size of our powerful Vitalzym Extra Strength enteric coated softgels! Twice as powerful as the Vitalzym Original Hybrid!
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free
MSRP $49.99
Price:  $39.99
Extra Strength Vitalzym 180 softgels

BRAND NEW STOCK! Extra Strength Vitalzym 180 enteric coated softgels ULTIMATE version by World Nutrition! Smaller dose, smaller pill, yet twice as powerful as the Original Hybrid version!
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free

MSRP $119.99
Price:  $89.99
Extra Strength Vitalzym 360 softgels
BRAND NEW STOCK! Extra Strength Vitalzym 360 enteric coated softgels ULTIMATE version by World Nutrition! Smaller dose and twice as powerful as the Vitalzym Original Hybrid!
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free
MSRP $200.00
Price:  $149.99
Vitalzym Cardio by World Nutrition for Heart Health
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Vitalzym Cardio by World Nutrition for Heart Health


Vitalzym Cardio is formulated for cardiovascular health & has heart healthy nutrients like Nattokinase, Serratiopeptidase, CoQ10, Bromelain, Papain, Lipase, Protease, Rutin, Arnia & Magnesium, to reduce C-Reactive Proteins (inflammation markers) & unclogs arteriesVitalzym Cardio has exactly the same ingredients as the original VitalzymSEB, just a new name!

Vitalzym Cardio is effective in fighting angina! Nattokinase helps the body fight blood clots, matched by no other enzyme. Vitalzym Cardio is a must-have product for anyone experiencing ANY type of heart problem and/or poor circulation or any of the above issues, along with carpal tunnel syndrome and other fibrinolytic, viral, and ALL inflammatory conditions. Vitalzym Cardio helps with varicose veins, by opening up any fibrosis blockage, improving circulation, getting rid of arterial plaque and anything else clogging up your arteries.

Stacked red blood cells often reflect poor protein digestion
. Symptoms can include FATIQUE, STRESS on the heart and POOR CIRCULATION. The ingredients in Vitalzym Cardio have been shown, using darkfield microscopy, to significantly reduce the stacking of red blood cells. Also proven to reduce vascular inflammation and reduce the levels of C-Reactive Proteins. Vitalzym Cardio dissolves fibrin more completely than any other substance.

The miracle of Vitalzym Cardio is that you do not have to take the dangerous prescriptions to thin your blood, because that is another job of Vitalzym Cardio. If you ARE on blood thinner medication, DO NOT TAKE VITALZYM CARDIO YET!!! (If you are taking 1 aspirin a day or so, you can cold turkey off of that and onto the Vitalzym Cardio,

BUT, if it is a PRESCRIPTION medication, YOU MUST wean off of them very carefully under the care of your physician and then add in Vitazym Cardio very slowly (1 a day the first day or so, 2 a day the next few days and finally only 3 a day the third week - BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE BEING MONITORED CAREFULLY BY A PHYSICIAN SO THAT YOUR BLOOD DOESN'T BECOME TOO TOO THIN AND YOU ARE FINALLY ABLE TO JUST STAY ON VITALZYM CARDIO!

Vitalzym Cardio so powerful that you can only take 1 capsule 3 times a day on an empty stomach, which is why we tell you to supplement it, by also taking the regular Vitalzym WITH it, so that you can get up to a higher dose of enzymes. These World Nutrition products (Vitalzym, VitalzymXe, Vitalzym Cardio and Stabilized Oxygen) are wonderfully created to be taken together! You can even put the Stabilzed Oxygen drops in the water when you take these supplements (6 drops 3 times a day!

This product is NOT FOR HEMOPHILIACS OR THOSE ON ANTICOAGULANTS (BLOOD THINNERS). Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery and start up again right after surgery. ONLY 3 Vitalzym Cardio a day, don't forget!!)

A FREE 65 min. audio CD and brochures on Vitalzym,VitalzymXE, Vitalzym Cardio & Stabilized Oxygen will be sent to you with your FIRST order, explaining all World Nutrition supplements! FREE SHIPPING!

Vitalzym Cardio 300 ct.
BRAND NEW STOCK! AMAZING product dissolves blood clots, helps varicose veins and unclogging arteries! Heart health from World Nutrition.
Gluten-free, GMO-free, Vegetarian, Yeast-free, Talc-free

MSRP $164.99
Price:  $129.00
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