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Very Private
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Very Private Ph Balanced Body Wash
and Very Private Daily Intimate Moisture

(Possibly being discontinued)

Very Private Intimate Moisture Very Private Body Wash
  • Feels as natural as a woman's own moisture
  • Gynecologist approved
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Ph balanced
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Water soluble
  • No fragrance
  • No chemical dyes or colors
  • Protects tissue
  • Enhances couple intimacy
  • Pure, safe, very effective

Very Private's seal of approval     We have discovered the safest and gentlest products for pH balanced DAILY intimate care. For a total feeling of cleanliness, safety and femininity Very Private is the VERY best! Very Private's Intimate Moisturizer does miracles for women experiencing painful issues and can also be used daily for dryness and as a lubricant. Very Private Body Wash actually helps prevent yeast and bladder infections, while also giving you the smoothest, silkiest skin! BOTH are FDA approved and have the Seal of Approval!

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 Very Private Order Page

Call us toll free to order Very Private at: 1-800-841-4248

Very Private and Dr. Jennifer Berman

     Very Private is pleased to introduce Dr. Jennifer  Berman, former Assistant Professor of Urology and Director of The Female Sexual Medicine Center at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Currently the Director of Female Urology and Female Sexual Medicine of the Rodeo Drive Women's Health Center.

     Dr. Berman is a female urologist and pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of women's sexual health. In addition to appearing as a special medical correspondent on ABC's Good Morning America, she also co-hosts the successful Berman and Berman show on The Discovery Health Channel, which explores relationship and female sexual issues.

     We are also proud to announce that Dr. Berman recommends the Very Private products to her patients.


Visit our Very Private Body Wash and Intimate Moisture Pages

You can order these products on our Very Private order page

Very Private Very Private PH Balanced Body Wash

     Very Private pH balanced Body Wash gently washes and protects your whole body, including the most intimate areas. Very Private Body Wash is different from any other body cleanser. It is hypo-allergenic, non-drying, and specifically formulated to cleanse, care, moisturize and help protect the entire body as well as the most delicate area of a woman's body, the intimate area. Dermatologist tested and approved, the Very Private formula also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help protect the health and integrity of a woman's intimate area. It contains no fragrance, no allergens, no chemical colors, no plant or extraneous additives to interfere with the natural healthy vaginal environment. It is formulated with effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection to help prevent vaginal irritations with each use. NOTE: We never have seen a vaginal infection if the pH is normal.", Dr. Alexander, OBGYN" (Available in a 6 oz bottle) I LOVE this product!

Very Private safe products for washing women's intimate areas Very Private Intimate Moisture

     Very Private pH balanced Intimate Moisture - Dermatologist tested and approved - is the first daily intimate moisturizer created specifically to help protect a woman's most delicate intimate tissue and to correct vaginal dryness instantly and effectively. It does wonders for women experiencing painful sex and gives a woman ultimate comfort from morning to night, every day, no matter what her age, by adding moisture to those delicate, intimate skin areas. pH balanced, water soluble, and hypo-allergenic. No fragrance, hormones, chemical dyes or colors. Gynecologist and dermatologist recommended. Gives maximum tissue protection, literally cushioning the female tissue with moisture so activity is completely comfortable. Fantastic product – feels as natural as a woman's own moisture - no stickiness and no superfluous ingredients to change the natural PH environment. (Concentrate formula, approx. 64 applications) The best on the market!

What Doctors Say About Very Private Body Wash
and Very Private Daily Intimate Moisture

Dear Jacqui: (founder),
My experience with your product Very Private Intimate Moisture has been excellent. I far prefer the product to KY-Jelly and other gel-type lubricants because it is a great deal more natural and leaves no residue. In fact, it is the closest thing to a woman's own natural moisture. Jacqui, you really have a great product that addresses the needs of most mature women. I have recommended Very Private to many of my patients suffering from dryness because the product is safe and instantly restores moisturization. My patients report that they are very satisfied with the product because it works instantly and feels so completely natural.
Richard W. Bank, MD FACOG
Very Private body wash Dear Very Private:
For myself, as well as my patients, Very Private Moisturizing Lubricant has greatly enhanced intimacy during these "middle years". This product takes all the pressure away from those special times, and allows for greater comfort and relaxation. It's wonderful to know I can count on Very Private products to increase the pleasure and enjoyment of being close.
Warm regards,
Sharon Dunas, Psychotherapist
Very Private for women Gary Schubach, Ed.D., A.C.S. is an internationally known sex educator, lecturer, writer and group facilitator. He is a graduate of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. He greatly advanced the awareness of female intimacy issues in the medical and academic communities and currently leads support groups which counsel and train men how to more fully honor and please themselves and their partners.
Dear Very Private:
As a practicing gynecologist, I have used Very Private Intimate moisturizer and body wash with my patients for the past year and have been very pleased with the products. Many women can't use estrogen because of the side effects, etc... That is where Very Private is a blessing. Also, most people don't know that the moisture is most needed on the outside. The intimate moisturizer works much better than any on the market. It lasts longer and does not become gummy; in short, it is more like the bodies own natural lubrication. The body wash has worked well also being a gentle cleanser. In the many patients who have used the product, I have had no allergic reactions, or complaints - even in those with chronic allergic skin problems. In fact they all seem to be reordering more when their supply runs out. In general, I have found the Very Private Moisturizer and Body Wash very helpful at many times in a woman's life when dryness is a big problem: after childbirth, after and around the menopause, while on the birth control pill, after many cancer treatments. I have no problem highly recommending Very Private to other physicians and patients, It has been very helpful to me in my gynecologic practice.
Daryl Alexander, MD. Gynecologist
Very Private intimate moisturizer Lou Paget, acclaimed sex educator.
Ms. Paget holds a B.A. Degree from the University of Calgary in General Studies, with a concentration in Physical Sciences. She was an AIDS ward volunteer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for 11 years and in the workplace. In September of 1996 she left her position at 20th Century Fox to dedicate herself full time to her seminar business. She currently lives in Los Angeles. "The Very Private line is a gem and has all the qualities I look for in products for my clients. Great quality, integrity and knowledge base of the manufacturer and terrific results. My clients have loved The Intimate Moisturizer and indeed it does as Jacqui says, "feel like little pillows." The Body Wash has been a hit with ladies and men alike because of its gentle unscented nature. As one 44 year old former professional athlete said, "This stuff is great! Send more, my wife loves how I feel."
L .Lou Paget, Author
Very Private lubricant Dear Jacqui,
Thank you so much for taking the time to invite me over and also to introduce me to your line of personal feminine products. I used Very Private as soon as I returned home, and was delighted to discover that it was all you had promised, and even better. As a professional educator, I wanted to test it to its limits. I found that one application lasted for an entire hour of testing. I have experienced dryness and burning that could not be completely eliminated, despite taking estrogen, using estrogen creams, and a variety of personal lubricants. As such, I was a demanding product tester. This product is fantastic. I emerged, having felt unrestricted by dryness in doing whatever I wanted. I felt no irritation of any kind before, during, or afterwards. This product will be source of great pleasure for those who have experienced limitations in intimacy due to dryness. I wholeheartedly endorse this product and will make it available to my clients without hesitation.
Patricia Taylor, PhD, President, The Enchantment Center
Dear Very Private,
Speaking both personally and professionally, I find Very Private to be the perfect lubricant and my clients agree.
Michael Perry, PH.D., A.C.S

Dear Ms. Brandwynne, (founder)
This letter is to thank you for producing such an elegant and effective moisturizing lotion. The Very Private moisturizer is an excellent lubricant, without a "sticky" feel and is easy to use. It has found excellent acceptability by all of my patients and is most satisfying to all. I highly recommend the use of this product.
John V. Wheeless, Jr., M.D.
Very Private intimate moisture Dear Very Private:
Thank you very much for the trial bottles of "Very Private" moisturizing lubricant. I am a practicing internist and have used it for sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies and for rectal and vaginal examinations to minimize the discomfort of these, not very pleasant, examinations. I would have to compare it with the previously used, thicker, more viscous lubricants in its relative effectiveness and acceptance. I have found that it is smoother, certainly less irritating, and much easier to clean the examined part after the examination. Even a small amount of plain water will remove it, whereas, with the thicker lubricants the tendency is for them to stay longer and are, therefore, more difficult to remove, and, I think, less comfortable for the patient. As for its value as a lubricant, I have, thus, found that it is in every way a superior product. I can recommend it highly, and thank you again for introducing me to this new and valuable assistant for examining the interior parts of the body.
Sincerely yours,
Gerald W. Labiner MD., F.A.C.P.
UCLA School of Medicine

Very Private body wash

Very Private Order Page

Order on our ORDER PAGE!

Or call us toll free to order at: 1-800-841-4248

What Customers Say About Very Private Products!

"The intimate moisture is great! We are going to nickname the next baby VP (since Very Private has played a big role in the baby making process!)!!!
"Dear Jacqui,
After just a few drops of the intimate moisturizer, I see a big difference in the way my body and mind responds while lovemaking."
"I'm going through menopause and intimacy had really become painful. I thought something was wrong with me till I discovered your web site and Very Private. Now, sex is really great, maybe better than ever.
A Very Private friend"
"Dear Very Private,
You won't believe that on my honeymoon, the most important time of my life, I was a little tense and over anxious and my body just let me down. I was so dry. Thank God I found Very Private, ...
Now, when I'm a little tense I use just a few drops. I've never have the problem anymore.
"Dear Very Private Company
Very Private is a great product. I love the way it feels, so liquidy and silky and very natural. It performed right away and it makes me feel so comfortable and secure because it's discreet and it works. My husband didn't even know I was using it!
"Dear Jacqui,
I never knew this dryness problem existed till my mom got her menopause. She was in her late forties. Since then I'm a little older and I've experienced dryness and tried almost every product. Most are to slick and feel unnatural. I'm sure glad my girlfriend found you on the web. I bought two bottles of the intimate moisture, one for mom and one for me, thank you.
"We've tried every lubricant, NOTHING feels as natural as Very Private.
"I used to be so sore after lovemaking. By chance I received a sample of Very Private Moisture from my gynecologist. What a pleasure! We make love as long as we want, as often as we want. No more soreness!
"My wife who is a little on the shy side has become much more playful since we introduced Very Private into our love making.
Frank "
"I had a hysterectomy two years ago and intercourse was really painful because I was so dry. With Very Private everything has changed, I'm active again and feel no discomfort. Very Private is so natural and when I use it we make love over and over again. Really. It's great.
"I've had chemo two years ago and ever since it's been extremely difficult for me to have intercourse. I was so dry and intimacy was really painful. We've tried everything, KY, other jellies. They all seem to dry too quickly. Also a product called Astroglide that was much too thin and runny. We just about given up hope. My doctor suggested Very Private. What a life saver.
"I'm twenty-seven and I really love intimacy. I always felt that lovemaking was too short but if we continued we both tended to get really raw and sore and my tissue was swollen for several hours. We hated the feel of other lubricants, just too slippery. Very Private feels just like me, great. What other products do you make?
Very Private body washVery Private intimate moisture
"To the Very Private Company:
I think you should go public.
A friend of Very Private"
"Dear Very Private,
Thank you so very much for the Body Wash and Body Silk moisturizer lotion. Finally, something that helps with my skin problems.
After the first week of use I noticed a difference. No more itching after my shower. I have been a patient at Kaiser hospital for the past 19 years. They always try to recommend something to wash with. They should try your products. Thank you again.

Very Private intimate moisture

"Dear Very Private,
The body wash is amazing.
Both my husband and I have been using it and have both had great results. We both have had this dry skin on our arms that we could never really get rid of and now we have!
"I'm addicted to the Body Wash. It's like getting a skin treatment every time I shower.
Even my boyfriend noticed!
"I used to have one yeast infection after another. My gynecologist suggested I use the Very Private Body Wash for my body and the intimate area. It's like a miracle worker. I haven't had a yeast infection in 8 months and my skin feels so silky. What's in this stuff?
"Dear Very Private Company,
I have really sensitive and dry skin. Anything with fragrance or additives makes me itchy or break out in blotches. So I really appreciate the Body Silk. It works. My skin feels much softer and looks better. After tossing out a lot of products I appreciate quality.


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Very Private Order Page

I've love to try Very Private Body Wash & Intimate Moisture!
Take me to your


Or call our toll-free order line at:
Any other questions, call: 1-719-598-5050

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Very Private body wash

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Very Private Body Care pH Balanced Products!
The safest and gentlest products for pH balanced daily body and intimate care. For a total feeling of cleanliness, safety and femininity these are the best! The Intimate Moisturizer can be used daily for vaginal dryness and as a lubricant. The Body Wash has a special ingredient that actually helps prevent yeast and bladder infections and will not hurt delicate, private tissues like soap can. FDA approved and Seal of Approval.

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