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Scientific Studies on Vitalzym Systemic Enzymes

Cystitis Patients Needn't Cry
By: William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame
Vitalzym systemic enzymes

Up to recent years there was no hope of recovery for the pain and incapacitation of Interstitial Cystitis (IC). For those not familiar with IC it’s almost exclusively a woman’s disease. It starts with a bladder infection which in and of itself is dreadfully painful. The infection may become “sub clinical” in other words you think it’s gone but it has really just been weakened but is still hanging around. The infection can travel to the kidneys, it can burrow deep into the lining of the bladder eating away at the deep tissues. The low level infection causes inflammation which itself creates fibrosis. Inflammation is the reason for 95% of all pain.

Where do these bladder infections start, usually in infancy or early childhood from wiping in the wrong direction. Wrong direction? Men may ask this and even some gals don’t know that girls and women are supposed to wipe the back sides from front to back. Wiping from back to front can bring bacteria from the anus or the fecal material being wiped and introduce it into the urethra (urinary tube) where the bugs can crawl up into the bladder and kidneys producing painful infections. With babies, they have no way to tell mom and dad that they have a bladder infection so the infection usually grows deep and stays getting better and worse on and off for years. By the time these infections are found they usually have dug deeply into the walls of the bladder creating damage and scar tissue from the damage.

Another common way of getting a bladder infection is lack of hygiene. Any woman who gets a bladder infection after sexual intercourse had better take herself and her lover into the shower before having sex from now on and make sure both their crotches and back sides are clean and sparkly. The pelvic contact and grinding during intercourse is a perfect way of pushing bacteria up a woman's urethra. Not that men can’t get bladder infections but the bugs have a much longer way to travel and they usually get flushed out by the urine before they get to the bladder. Which brings me to another step in the prevention of bladder infections, go take a pee after each bout of intercourse!

But back to IC. Dr. April Hernandez of Atlanta, Georgia recommended a natural treatment plan for an IC patient in her old hometown of Toronto and then followed the results that patient had. In an extensive case history on the project Dr. Hernandez relates that the patient she followed began having trouble after the birth of her second child and had suffered with IC for the 5 years previous. She had a catheter inserted after giving birth in order to be able to urinate and due to short staffing in the hospital the urine bag was not changed frequently and it would often be left in while full causing the urine to back up into the bladder. In patients whose bags are frequently changed bacterial infections are a concern.

At first the patient thought the pain in her sides was normal, due to an inexperienced doc attending her, the signs of a kidney infection were misdiagnosed as toxic shock. When another physician checked for kidney stones the kidney infection was found. The infection ran the length of the urinary tract and soon settled into the bladder and after some time the doctor diagnosed IC.

The patients pain was intense and dominated her life to the point where she and her husband had not engaged in sexual relations in over a year, and this had drawn the couple apart. She also avoided contact with friends and was becoming reclusive. Her immune system had been run down by the lingering infection and seasonal colds took their toll. Exercise with the pain had was out of the question. Dr. Hernandez, familiar with European studies on their systemic enzyme blends against IC convinced the patient to use the enzyme product noted in the research against the inflammation, tissue damage and scar tissue of her IC. After a short period of improvement the patients pain, dysfunction and symptoms returned. Dr. Hernandez then switched the patient to Vitalzym.

Within days of beginning Vitalzym the patient had a reduction in her pain. Lessening more and more as the weeks progressed. The mucous coating of the urinary bladder became more ‘flexible’, the layers of mucosa were healing and the patient was capable of holding a greater volume of urine. This demonstrated that the mucosa had healed to the point of producing the mucous needed to protect the lining of the organ from the acid of the urine. The acidic urine could no longer infiltrate into the underlying muscle and irritate the sensory nerve endings (the mechanism of pain in IC).

After close to two years on Vitalzym systemic enzyme, Dr. Hernandez reports the patient is still mostly pain free and fully functional. Her urinary processes are normal, though the infection of IC remains. The immune system has strengthened to the point where winter colds are no longer a concern and she credits the Vitalzym for saving her marriage.

Interstitial Cystitis patients are given no hope of relief by conventional therapy. No hope to ease the pain, no hope for normal urinary function, no hope for a normal “everyday” life. Pain will be their lot until the day they die, and before that disappointment will ruin a good bit of their lives. Systemic enzymes can now provide hope. With over 5 decades of medical use in Central Europe and Japan and over 200 peer reviewed studies, the mechanism of action of the proteolytic enzymes as therapeutic agents is well understood. And, this mechanism of action fits well with the needs to protect and heal tissue, reduce inflammation and lyse away at fibrosis as is needed by chronic UTI's and IC patients.

Vitalzym scientific studies
New Hope For COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis
By: William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame
Vitalzym systemic enzymes and articles

Likely one of the worst feelings one can have is the inability to breathe in fully. The feeling of lack of a full breath, of not being able to pull in enough air, of only being able to pull the air down to “here”, seems like a form of strangulation. As a childhood asthmatic I’m familiar with the feeling. Having had the bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia I’ve experienced in my life I can relate somewhat to the many COPD patients I’ve helped to rehab.

What causes breathing disorders of COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis? These conditions can stem from many things: inhaled irritants such as textile lint, rock and coal dust, asbestos, chemical fumes, smoke (cigarette and otherwise). Sometimes these ills form for no plausible reason at all. In such cases, where a recognized root cause for the condition has not been found, the word idiopathic is used as part of the diagnosis.

What is happening in COPD and PF? In these conditions we see a chronic inflammation in the tissues of the lungs. This inflammation can be sparked by the constant irritation of inhaled substances that either can’t get out of the lungs once they are in (such as lint and rock dust) or from the caustic burning of chemical and smoke exposure. In idiopathic PF, we’ve usually no idea why the inflammation is there. Now, this long term low to mid level inflammation creates a monster of its own - scar tissue. The lungs inside are very delicate and scar over really easily. The inflammation of bronchitis and asthma can scar the lungs even though their inflammation is measured in days not the months or years of inflammation as with COPD and PF patients.

The lungs contain little sacs called alveoli. These sacs are very elastic and they are the structures responsible for transferring oxygen from the air into the blood. The opening to these sacs are relatively small as the opening to a balloon is small compared to the balloon itself. When scar tissue builds in the lungs this spider web of human silk not only keeps the lungs from fully expanding, restricting them from the inside, the fibrosis also builds up over the openings to the alveoli keeping air from being able to get into them and in turn from getting into the blood. The result is the inability to take in a full breath of air and lowered blood levels of oxygen. Oxygen levels in the blood ideally should be at 95% saturation rate or better. From 90 to 95 is ok but not great. Most healthy folks would faint if their blood saturation went below 89%! Many COPD and PF patients live with saturation rates in the 80’s and as you can imagine at that level of oxygenation brain function is not at its optimum and just doing the activities of daily living can be a chore equal to running a marathon.

What treatments hare standard for COPD and PF patients? Cortico steroid anti inflammatory drugs. Anyone familiar with the dreadful side effects of prednisone and the cortisone family of drugs doesn’t need a lecture from me as to how bad they are to use long term. For those of you not familiar with the side effects of the cortico steroid drugs look them up on the internet or better yet, speak to someone who’s been on them for a while.

The Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID’s) cannot be used with COPD or PF patients as they would be toxic for long term use at the level of dosing needed to bring down lung inflammation. Also, it’s been shown through he deaths of thousands of patients using the newer COX 2 drugs, that these medications can actually create inflammation in the heart, lungs and internal organs! A pharmacological Oxymoron!

It is through the medium of the cortico steroids that medicine tries to bring down the inflammation and by so doing tries to reduce the rate at which the lungs fill with fibrosis. Most everywhere except for Germany, Japan and Central Europe medicine has not heard of systemic enzymes and don’t use them widely. So in most of the countries of the world there is nothing available to eat (lyse) away at the fibrosis growing within the lungs of COPD and PF patients. Most docs will tell you there is nothing that can be done to get rid of the scar tissue of these conditions or to get rid of scar tissue / fibrosis in general. The use of systemic enzymes with these or any patients is completely safe as they have no toxicity what so ever (No LD-50) and can be taken along side any medication except for coumadin, warfarin or heparin.

My first exposure with the application of systemic enzymes (Vitalzym) against PF came from the work of the pulmonologist the late Dr. White of Winston Salem North Carolina. He used Vitalzym systemic enzyme to control the chronic inflammation of a PF patient of his and was amazed to find the patient had greatly increased his Pulmonary Capacity and oxygen saturation in just 7 days!

In the ensuing years since Dr. Whites work, I’ve spoken to a number of COPD and PF patients who have tried Vitalzym either on the recommendation of a health care professional or on their own. So far there hasn't been a single one of those patients who did not benefit from taking the enzymes. Increased Vital Capacity (total volume of air drawn into the lungs), increased blood oxygen saturation, thinner lung mucous which is easier to bring up and be rid of. Their stories are so consistent that I’ve proposed a study to finally put the imprimatur of “science” on the clinical results we’ve been seeing.

For those COPD and PF patients reading this, don’t wait for the studies to be published. You might not have that long... Get on the Vitalzym enzymes, (at 3 to 5 capsules 3 times daily taken in between meals) and in 1 months time go get your lungs retested. Your doc will be very surprised, you’ll already have figured it out and be running rings around the old you!

Vitalzym enzymes scientific studies

Tearing Down The Road Signs on the Way To Heart Disease
By: William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame
Vitalzym systemic enzymes articles

OK here is another I told you so. All of the health food faddists who have been soooo intent these past 8 years with lowering C reactive Protein and Homocystine levels with B 12, Folic Acid and Tri Methyl Glycine: It does not make a dimes worth of difference to heart disease!!! Who says? A Scandinavian study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (12 March 2006). Yes this is an allopathic journal, and most allopathic journals hate natural treatments and publish bogus studies such as the one a few months ago that said that Vit. E did nothing to help fight heart disease. Not at the doses they were using it doesn't but try boosting the dose x4 and see what happens. But I’m getting off the subject. As I pointed out, it is a Scandinavian study. Why is that important? Because usually those folks call it the way it is and are not beholding to drug companies creating self-fulfilling studies to falsely validate dangerous drugs or falsely knock down valuable natural cures. Back to the B 12, Folic and TMG...

Each of those nutrients are wonderful in their own right. The 2 B’s, Folic and B 12, are essential components of red blood cells and carry oxygen all over especially in seniors to the brain! The TMG is a methyl donor and greatly aids in exercise recovery, increasing ATP production (real important to CFS patients and athletes), also their down line metabolites create choline ( an essential brain neurotransmitter) and Nitric Oxide (the blood gas all men want to spark and maintain their erections). But as reducers of heart disease those nutrients suck! Why should this be so? It’s been shown that these nutrients lower the levels of C Reactive Protein (CRP) and Homocystine level that are indicators of inflammation in the vascular system. Why if these indicators are lowered should the rate of heart disease not be?

If you think about it , that is actually a very stupid question, but most in the nutritional sales field were so pent up on lowering CRP and Homocystine they did not bother to ask themselves the question. So let’s answer it with our own question: Even though those nutrients do lower CPR and Homocystine are any of those nutrients themselves anti-inflammatory? The answer is a resounding NO. So if they are not getting rid of the inflammation that is the actual cause of heart disease, what in actuality are they doing? Answer; while they are eliminating the MARKERS for inflammation, they can’t do a damn thing about the inflammation itself! If you had a highway and you tore down all of the street signs and signposts for that highway, would you have torn up the highway? Nope, the road would still be there. The problem with eliminating the road markets of CRP and Homocystine without actually doing something about the inflammation is that you’re killing the messenger and not doing a thing about the sender of the message.

I made this exact point in several lectures to health professionals, the latest time to cardiologists in Mumbai (Bombay) last September. I’ve been called less than intelligent by the lab egg heads who think they know it all because they know their chemistry but not their physiology (why learn that, chemistry is all they need)! I’ve been called meddling by docs and companies who wanted to sell products that decreased CRP and Homocystine without actually doing a damn thing about the inflammation. Their only goal was profit. There is no problem with profit but we must differentiate between profit and profiteering and we must differentiate between an educated mistake and an out right deception. And, while many well meaning docs and nutritionists took the words of the lab egg heads who work for the nutritional companies, these companies were trying to capitalize on the fear of CRP and Homocystine among the population just as the drug companies are trying to capitalize on the fear of bird flu to sell drugs that have shown themselves to kill kids yet not really do a blessed thing to cure the flu.

We can tear out all the road signs we want, the inflammation in the blood vessels and heart will still be there. We can artificially lower the markers for inflammation and we’ll still suffer with the heart attacks and strokes that blood vessels closed by swelling will create. Do we use the Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs to lower our inflammation. Not unless you want to die faster than the heart disease you are trying to run away from. Read my articles on these drugs to see why they kill 18,000 to 22,000 Americans a year according to the same New England Journal Of Medicine (July 1999).

Long term corticosteroids are out of the question as again the side effects of long term use are worse than heart disease. So what do we use? My long term readers will know the answer. If you are new here’s the scoop: systemic enzymes (Vitalzym being my choice) will reduce real inflammation and by so doing genuinely reduce CRP and Homocystine. All without side-effects, all without toxicity (no LD 50) all with- out bad effects only good effects. If you are new to our work please read my articles “ What Are Systemic Enzymes” and the “Essentials of Life and Wellness”.

Fight inflammation for real, don’t fool yourself! (As a sidenote, Vitalzym Cardio (SEB), which we also sell, is VERY important to take for this problem as well as Vitalzym. Don't fool around with your heart. From the Winning Edge Team...why not get the winning edge over your health this year?

Vitalzym enzymes scientific studies

The ABC’s of Understanding Enzyme Blends.
By: Dr. April Hernandez, DC

Vitalzym systemic enzymes articles

In the world of alternative medicine there is a fast emerging sector of supplements that falls under the heading of enzyme therapy.  Among the various therapies you will see that there is one in particular called “systemic oral enzyme therapy.” This differs from digestive enzyme therapy because it is taken without food and is meant to work on the body. 

The confusion, as of late is among the “systemic” blends. If you read the label, it may say a proprietary blend of x, y, z. of 1500mg. Then it may be marketed for something like anti-inflammatory properties. Now on the very next shelf, you can read the same xyz ingredients and same mg’s but marketed for cardiovascular.  Many companies try to explain what is called fibrinolytic properties. This is simply the enzyme’s ability to eat scar tissue and debris.  One enzyme may say it is “more fibrinolytic” than the other. Even with this information written, it appears to be very unclear in the consumers’ mind because of the questions I receive. Furthermore, this very point, if misunderstood, misrepresented or mismarketed can wipe enzyme therapy off the map forever.

I wish to explain this using my brand of enzyme called ABC systemic oral enzyme of 1500mg.

The first blend of ABC has 10x of A, 2x of B, and 3x of C.

A=Bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties.

B=Nattokinase- which is also anti-inflammatory and may thin the blood

C=Lipase- which digests fat

All wrapped up in a 1500mg capsule.

Now, since it is high in A- 10x of Bromelain, it is correctly marketed for its anti-inflammatory properties.  It would “systemically work” on the body’s widespread inflammation safely. This would be properly and safely taken by sports figures to help their muscles and even if a handful were taken, the small amount of 2x Nattokinase, would not thin the blood too much for the person to hemorrhage. If another company takes the exact same mix and misrepresents this blend as a blood thinner, YOU would pay a lot and have to take a ton of it before it could put a dent into the blood.  If it were incorrectly marketed, a person who was on medical blood thinners may feel that they could drop their medication and take the enzyme blend.  If the consumer advisors for the incorrectly marketed enzyme blend told him the wrong dose, the blood may never thin like the medicine and this person could die. 

The second blend of ABC has 2x of Bromelain, 10x of Nattokinase, and 3x of Lipase.

If this blend were to be marketed as a blood thinner, that would be ok as long as only a small amount were prescribed to the client to prevent hemorrhage. If this were marketed as an anti-inflammatory for sports and the person thought just because the ingredients were the same, he or she may mistakenly take handfuls of the enzyme, not knowing that he is thinning his blood to the point of inducing a hemorrhage.  The 10x of the Nattokinase puts this blend in the category far from a systemic enzyme.

The Third and final blend has 2x of Bromelain, 1x of Nattokinase and 10x of Lipase. It is correctly marketed for weight loss because it is High in lipase, which breaks down fat. If it were marketed any other ways a person may have to take a whole jar before any anti-inflammatory properties were visible.

I hope this illustration is clear. The public needs to be aware that companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon of systemic oral enzyme therapy for capitol gain. Unsuspecting customers may fall pray to companies claiming to be the best enzyme blend and they may also have health care professionals as spokespeople. Clearly, the companies themselves do not understand the complex world of enzyme therapy, and even if they do, they put making money ahead of the people of America. This is the sleazy side of systemic enzyme therapy. To avoid being pimped, only buy from a reputable enzyme company who uses enzyme professionals to formulate products. Falling prey to misleading marketing even if a product is all-natural can kill you just as effectively as a pharmaceutical drug.


Vitalzym enzymes scientific studies


Feed Your Head! Maintaining Brain Size and Function As We Age
By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

Vitalzym systemic enzymes articles

Look at an MRI of an Alzheimers patient’s brain and what will you see? You'll see a shrunken mass looking something like an over-cooked baked potato; dry looking with fissures and cracks, not at all like the image of the big juicy brain we know with it's swirls and convolutions. What happened? How did it get that way? Is there any way to avoid or even reverse some of the damage?

Alzheimers in a way is an accelerated and more serious form of the brain degeneration we'll all be subject to as we age. Let me explain the physiological process. From 27 onward our bodies begin the aging process. In this process, various things happen to slowly limit the function of our internal organs not the least of which is that the organs themselves, including the brain, begin to be laced through with scar tissue (fibrosis) and shrink. From 40-45 onward our brains not only shrink due to fibrosis but hormone changes (i.e. a drop in testosterone) also decrease the size of a portion of the brain known as the medical amygdala. Cells in the substancia negra of the brain which controls our brains connection to the body, begin to die off and with it the production of dopamine, the chemical needed for the brain body connection, begins to wane.   If these cells die off too quickly or at too young an age that produces Parkinson's disease. If they die off slowly, as is normal, we gradually become weaker and less precise in our movements over time and our libido is lacking or gone altogether. Soy foods have been found to increase the brain shrinkage.  (See our article Soy The Poison Seed for references)

As the fibrosis laces itself spider web like into and across the mass of the brain, it restricts tissue, much as post operative scar tissue can restrict limb movement or the bowels. This growth of fibrosis also clogs micro circulation and inhibits full blood flow as it does in the extremities most often seen with cold hands and feet and also seen in a more serious ways in Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetic Neuropathy. 

60 to 70% of the brain is made up of lipid's, fats.  When someone calls you a fat head they are actually paying you a complement.  All neuro transmitters are made of fats,  memories are fats connected to proteins to form what look like fields of microscopic trees.   When we begin to have failing memory it is because either we are low on the fats used to send signals from one end of the brain to another or there is a protein build up between the trees of the memory forest short circuiting the trees or insulating them rendering them incapable of  transmission.  This fact forms the theory of aging called Cross Linkage. And the protein build up that forms between the memory trees is called polymerization.    

The most important and abundant of the fats used for neuro transmitters is acetylcholine. As Acetylcholine levels drop we have trouble thinking, remembering and again connecting body to brain.  Most of the anti acid drugs work to suppress the formation of choline. While this may shut down the stomach acid cycle, it also short circuits the secondary pathway for having erections and we don't yet know what the long term implications of consistently shutting down this choline pathway and choline production may be to the rest of the body. Will it ultimately harm the brain?  We don't yet know. 

I've used the word “normal” a few times when referring to the degenerative changes the brain faces as we age.  While loss of function, size and ability are indeed normal, I am not implying that the changes are good, that we should accept them as being inevitable or that some of the degeneration can't be arrested or reversed.  Just because the body has been pre-programmed with planned obsolescence and “normally” sets us up to wither and die, does not mean we have to accept the dysfunction or the proposed date of death!  

What can we do to counter the degenerative changes, arrest the changes currently in progress, and maintain or improve our levels of both mental functioning and the brains connection to the body?

First and Foremost: Get rid of the restrictive fibrosis and cross linking polymerization. Senior patients given HGH injections were measured for it's effectiveness in two ways 1) the blood levels of IGF 1, which HGH makes, were tested to see if they were higher, 2) imaging was done of the brain and internal organs before and after to check for growth.  With consistently higher IGF 1 levels, the organs and brain increased in size, which is good, but they never regained their original adult size. The reason? Restrictive fibrosis. It is my postulation that if highly fibrinolytic (scar tissue/fibrosis eating) systemic enzymes were included into the mix that they would eat away at the restrictive fibrosis allowing for greater growth of the brain and viscera.

Now the question will arise as to the absorption of enzymes in the first place and then their being able to cross the brain body barrier in the second place. There are over 200 peer reviewed studies proving the absorption and therapeutic action of orally administered systemic enzymes. A search on Pub Med using any of these key words will prove the point: papain, bromealin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, nattokinase, serrapeptase, systemic enzyme. You'll be buried in studies.

Their therapeutic action is not in question either as 5 decades of medical use in Germany and Central Europe and Japan have more than shown their worth.  As to the question of crossing the brain body barrier, two cases of the enzymes lysing away inoperable brain tumors and one case of it reducing spinal stenosis more than show that despite their large size the enzymes do indeed cross over into the CNS (central nervous system). 

So if we use the enzymes to both eat away at the restrictive fibrosis that grows through the brain and dissolve away the polymerization that shorts out memory and thinking we've gone a long way towards improving brain function. If we also add that the enzymes have shown themselves excellent at lysing away at arterial plaque slowly and safely, opening circulation in general even in the arteries that feed the brain then we see that there are added advantages to systemic enzyme use. Current studies are in the works to demonstrate scientifically what we've seen clinically: Systemic enzymes open blood flow in the micro and macro circulation, even in cases of Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease, with out danger of creating clots (embolites).  In fact the enzymes have been approved in the European Union to prevent blood cots.

Between getting rid of restrictive fibrosis, cross linking proteins and opening circulation we've done a great deal in improving brain function, now let's get on to feeding the brain what it needs to function. Let's help the brain to grow.

IGF 1 is the reason the brain and our internal organs grew in the first place. As we age our pituitaries output of IGF 1 drops. If we increase our IGF 1 levels to those we had in our teens then the internal organs will respond and grow. Many folks spend tens of thousands of dollars yearly for Human Growth Hormone injections to increase their output of IGF 1. If you can afford it fine, but that's the long way around the barn.  IGF 1 is available from both Colostrum and Deer Antler Velvet at extremely reasonable prices. The sublingual spray of the IGF 1 is very effective. 3 squirts under the tongue, hold for a minute then swallow - 3 times a day.

With the colostrum it takes a good bit more and it also takes a bit longer for it to work  but it will still work. Most folks feel the positive effects of the sublingual spray in a matter of days or short weeks. If the medical studies were right, the organs will take several months to a year or so to grow so be consistent with the IGF 1 and use it forever.

Now for enhancing the neurotransmitters: these are easy, let's start first with choline. This wonderful member of the B vitamin family is found in high levels in products like egg lecithin powder. The egg lecithin is rich not only in choline but it's also a source of other good phospho lipids the brain needs to create neuro transmitters. Soy lecithin is more plentiful and easily available and rich with neurotransmitters but the dichotomy is that the Hawaii Mens Health Study found that soy causes brain shrinkage. While the culprit isoflavones (estrogen) in soy is found in tiny amounts in the soy lecithin why bother with the problem at all when egg lecithin is available with all of it's brain nutritive functions minus the damage the soy based products cause.

Speaking of phosphates, how many folks remember their mothers (especially Latin mothers) making fish head soup and telling the children, who were turning up their noses against eating it, that the stuff was brain food?  Your mother was right!  In all the huff and hustle to find nutrients and drugs that improve brain power we've forgotten one of the most important brain nutrients Phosphorous!   Certain other Latin’s have not forgotten the importance of phosphorus to the human brain and they have developed a supplement known as Sukrol to feed the growing brains of children needing phosphorus and B complex vitamins.  This supplement is made in Guatemala but available at Wal-Mart in the vitamin section.  What's good for building kiddy brains is also good for renewing adult ones as well.

Looking at a comprehensive program if all the above it looks like this:

  1. Systemic Enzymes (Vitalzym): 3 to 5 capsules 3 times per day.
  2. IGF 1 sublingual spray, 3 squirts 3 times a day.
  3. Balanced B Complex 100's, one capsule per day.
  4. Egg Lecithin Powder: one tablespoon per day.
  5. Sukrol: 1 tablespoon twice per day.

If we maintain our brain size, fight the tendency of our neurological circuits to short out, maintain full circulation to the brain and feed it the things needed for thought and nerve transmission then we should have full and sharp use of our brains for life. A long productive and happy one!

Vitalzym enzymes articles

Treating Diabetes With Enzymes: What We Know Now
By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

Vitalzym systemic enzymes scientific studies

Up to a year ago, for anyone asking if systemic enzymes could help lessen the load of troubles that beset Type 1 diabetic patients, I would have told them about lowering pancreatic inflammation, and possibly helping with lower extremity circulatory issues. I would have never suggested that the use of enzymes could decrease the need for insulin, increase energy or reverse the seemingly myriad of things diabetics suffer from. Then we started getting information from Type 1 patients that amazed even me and that have subsequently sparked new research. Here are two typical case histories.   

Case History #1:

A Type 1 diabetic Native American patient from Montana in his mid 40's, very insulin dependent, with peripheral neuropathy in the lower extremities (LE's) and presenting paresthesia as well in the upper extremities (UE's) radiating distally to the hand.  Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) in the LE's had already caused several toes to be amputated. 

Patient began taking therapeutic doses of fibrinolytic systemic enzymes (Vitalzym).  Within weeks, circulation was opened in his feet and lower extremities. Skin there returned to a pink / flesh colour. Remaining toes now have full circulation and are no longer candidates for amputation. Lower extremity and upper extremity pain became paresthesia (tingling and pins and needles), and as a result is much more bearable. The patient’s insulin needs were decreased.

Case History #2:

86-year-old male Caucasian from Las Vegas history of Type 1 Diabetes for over 50 years.  One below the knee amputation (left side) already done due to DVP, the other leg about to be amputated due to general lack of blood flow and arterial blockage. Poor circulation body wide and a gray / white pallor to the skin also body wide.  Neurological pain was had at both lower extremities. Urine flow beginning to flag as patients kidneys became laden with scar tissue (Glomerulosclerosis). Patient was highly insulin dependent. Above that the patient was functionally blind in one eye from a Lasix procedure that had generated scar tissue over the retina. 

After several weeks of systemic enzyme (Vitalzym) use the patient first noticed a lessening in his lower extremity neurological pain (neuropathy).  His skin colour in the remaining leg changed to rosy as circulatory pathways were opening. Outer layer of whitish dead skin shed off leaving what resembled a “body wide dandruff”, exposing new pink /flesh tone skin beneath.  The existing leg became pink with blood flow, no longer ulcered, no longer had ischemic pain and was saved from amputation.

Urine flow increased as fibrin was lysed (eaten away) from the kidneys.  If the urine was allowed to stand in the toilet a layer of tiny bits of fibrin (component of scar tissue) in what resembled fiberglass floated to the top. The fibrosis that had blinded one eye was lysed away and the patient now has better than 20/20 vision in that eye.  Most significantly, the patients own insulin production has returned (thought to be impossible under the auto immune theory of diabetic pancreatic destruction).  He is no longer insulin dependent. After medical testing the patient is no longer considered diabetic at all and is off all medication.

Sound fantastic? It did to me, even as a Naturopath who expects nature to do fantastic things. Diabetes is one of those diseases you never expect patients to get better from. Even after several years of working with systemic enzymes I had heard of some Type 2 patients improving their energy and leveling off their sugar highs and lows but I had never expected any form of improvement in Type 1 patients, the medical literature was very clear.  Once the immune system destroyed the insulin producing portions of the pancreas, there was no getting those tissues to function again!  That medical “truth” has turned out to be merely a medical theory.   

Lets take a look at the present understanding of the root causes of diabetes and add our own conjectures based on what we have observed clinically.   We know from the present research work being done that the root cause of diabetes is inflammation of the pancreas.  How and why this inflammation sets in we yet do not know.  As we also know from the physiology of trauma, inflammation breeds fibrosis or scar tissue. One follows a chronic course of the other. 

Fibrosis is also the culprit in the Peripheral Vascular Disease. In this condition, fibrin plugs form in the micro circulation (tiny blood vessels) forming blockages to full blood flow.  Fibrin also forms the matrix for arterial plaque.  Inflammation of trauma to the inner lining of an artery (intima), causes the traumatized or weakened section to shore itself up with scar tissue. On the spider web of scar tissue fat, calcium and heavy metals accrue forming what we know as arterial plaque. Once the fibrosis blockages become extensive enough, the patient presents the signs of PVD, which are cold extremities, intermittent caludication (pain on walking from lack of oxygen supply to the tissues known as ischemia), non healing ulcerations of the skin and eventual death of tissue creating gangrene leading to amputation.  

The high blood sugar levels had during diabetes damages the body’s organs.  One of the first organs to be damaged are the nerves to the legs and then the arms. Wherever the circulation is poorest the nerve damage follows and radiating nerve pain is had (neuropathy).      The damage begins with, you guessed it, inflammation and progresses with, you guessed it again, fibrosis.    It is this inflammation into fibrosis that seems to be a recurring theme in diabetes.

For a moment lets do some education on orally administered systemic enzymes. They have a 5 decade history of wide spread medical use in Germany, Central Europe and Japan with over 150 million patients in Europe alone having undergone enzyme therapy in the last 4 decades.     There are over 200 peer-reviewed studies proving the absorption, therapeutic action and total lack of toxicity (no LD-50) of systemic enzymes.  Their primary action is anti-inflammatory, (though not through a COX 1 or Cox 2 action.  The enzymes instead “eat” pro inflammatory cytokines).  The enzymes also have a proven lysing action on all types of fibrosis and scar tissue leaving normal or endogenous tissue entirely intact and un-bothered.  This is due to the body “tagging” excesses of fibrin as exogenous proteins. (The subject of protein tagging and its discoverer won the Nobel Prize in biology in the late '90's).  Entering the key words: systemic enzyme, serrapeptase, nattokinase, bromelain, pancreatin, papain, trypsin, chymo trypsin into the search engine at Pub Med will bring up some of the current research on systemic enzymes and their applications.  A search in the “medical fields” section of will show abstracts of the extensive older research done with the first systemic enzyme blends of the 50's and 60's.    It has to be said that there is nothing, no drug or substance, in either the allopathic medical world or in the natural health world that can remove scar tissue but highly fibrinolytic systemic enzymes.

Current thinking on diabetes is that the body’s immune system attacks the pancreas creating inflammation.  This may be so.  Further, the current thinking is that the inflammation brings about the destruction of the Islets of Langerhans and its Beta Cells, the places where insulin is made.  This may not be so.  If the studies that are currently being planned and executed further demonstrate what we are seeing clinically with Type 1 patients on systemic enzymes, then this point will have to be re-thought.   Clinically most of the Type 1 patients have a significantly lower need for insulin while some no longer need the insulin at all.   This would suggest that the Beta Cells and the Islets are not destroyed.  I conjecture that they are merely clogged by the fibrosis created by the inflammation.  Once the causative inflammation is reduced and once the fibrinolytic action of the enzymes has eaten away the fibrosis and reopened the channels, then what ever production the Islets can make can actually get into the system. 

I believe that the global (body wide) non-toxic, anti-inflammatory effects of highly fibrinolytic systemic enzymes and the scar tissue eating effects of the same enzymes are the reasons we are seeing the decrease in pancreatic inflammation, decrease in diabetic neuropathy, in it's associated Peripheral Vascular Disease, and the decrease in insulin dependence we are seeing clinically in Type 1 patients.   Let's see if the research further verifies the observed findings and gives us more insight into the pathways of action.

Vitalzym enzymes scientific studies

Enzymes in the Fight Against Cancer
By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

Vitalzym systemic enzymes articles

Cancer, the very name alone scares most people.  These days man has a vast amount of information on what things cause the disease, how it progresses, it's growth rates vs. age, which forms are faster spreading than others but what we don't posses is the answer as to how to stop it.   I won't touch on what I believe are the business reasons why the disease has such poor treatment rates in the US as opposed to else where, this isn't the forum for it.  Suffice to say that other countries have a better handle on fighting the disease than we do and lets look at one of the reasons why.

Neoplasm's (cancers) are smart and cagey buggers.  They can hide and grow for a good spell undetected, they don't need oxygen to live (at least 99.9% of them don't), and while you can kill most all of it with special treatments and surgery all it take's is for one cell to survive to have the condition grow back again.  Many cancers are hormonally driven, such as testicular cancer in younger men or cancers of the reproductive organs in middle aged and older women.   This provides the perfect fuel as during those periods of life certain hormones abound.  A cancer is built to survive.  CA (cancer) cells are covered with fibrin (the same stuff scar tissue is made of).  Then as the cells glom together to form tumors these growths themselves are armored with fibrin.  This thick protective coating is designed to prevent the bodies' own defenses (i.e. Natural Killer cells, White blood cells or Oxygen) from getting inside the cell or tumor and destroy it.  It is this same defense that keeps chemotherapy out of the cells in all but industrial strength doses.  (Doses that are just as likely to kill the patient as the cancer).  It is this same defense that keeps out whatever natural agent's patients may be using to combat the disease.

Would it not make sense to have something strip away the outer fibrous wall of CA so that whatever agents we are using as medicine, whether natural or otherwise, can actually get into the cell and do their job?  Sure as heck does?  That idea has made sense in Europe and Asia for almost 30 years.  There docs have been throwing highly fibrinolytic enzymes (scar tissue eating enzymes) both in blends and as solo enzymes at cancers outer coating and getting better results with turning the tide that the folks here in the States.  So why has something with a 30 year history of proven worth and clinical application not reached the shores of America yet?  Good question.

In truth, there have been attempts to introduce systemic enzymes into cancer therapy here as far back as the 1970's.  Dr. William Kelly DDS, had an enzyme based anti cancer therapy he used on pancreatic cancer patients.  For those not familiar with that form of cancer the survival rate from it was 0.  Dr. Kelly had a record of remission with his patients of 80+%. (1).  Not possible thought the ivory towers of establishment medicine. Also two major hindrances kept popping up for Dr. Kelly, first he was a dentist not an MD.  Secondly it was also not believed here in this country that enzymes could be absorbed orally.  That kept many a doc from even looking at Kelly's findings. (2,3).

SO they sent a young medical intern, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez to investigate Kelly's claims and debunk him.  Far from proving him a fraud the young MD found Kelly's treatments worked and his recovery rate was as he said.  That did not settle things.  The story of Dr. Kelly's persecution, the mysterious death of his wife and his being run out of the country is too long a tale to take up here.  Nuff said that his therapy worked.

Concurrent with those events, in Germany and Japan enzymes were being used both singly and in groups by orthodox medical researchers to augment established therapy.  It was found that by introducing a strongly fibrinolytic enzyme like chymo trypsin or serrapeptase that anti cancer medications penetrated the cancer cell easier.  Therefore lower dosages of chemotherapy could be used and high levels of toxicity in the patient could be avoided.   Along with that researchers found that the enzymes seemed to reduce the side effects of the chemotherapy and, definitely reduced the debilitating muscle wasting that chemo therapy produced in it's patients.  (4,5,6)

In radiation therapy patients, these doctors found that taking systemic enzymes after treatments reduced the fibrosis that grew in the treated organs.  Organs treated with radiation become very hard filled with scar tissue, which restricts the organ and reduces its overall function.  The enzymes were found to prevent a good bit of that scaring from occurring and where it had already happened, the enzymes reduced existing fibrosis. (7).  The use of orally administered systemic enzymes to aid in the treatment of cancer was embraced by these countries.

After decades of resistance systemic enzyme therapy as an adjunct to overall cancer treatment has finally gained a foothold in America.   Wholistic and alternative cancer treatment centers are using enzymes to assist in the fight against the disease.  Individual oncologists, realizing the clinical advantage posed by these agents, are now introducing them into the toolbox of things one can do against the disease.  No less than the likes of the great Naturopathic physician Dr. Michael Murray recommends systemic enzyme use in his work "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer With Natural Medicine".

Now here's the pitch: Vitalzym is a serrapeptase based enzyme blend that is super highly fibrinolytic (Fibrin / scar tissue eating).   To quote from Dr. Murray:" Serratia peptidase exerts more powerful effects than chymotrypsin and trypsin in all of these applications".  Serratia peptidase is the same as serrapeptase.  Remembering that enzymes in blends exert a far greater range and strength of actions than solo enzymes and remembering that serrapeptase is the "activating" enzyme in the Vitalzym blend, I believe that Vitalzym is the best systemic enzyme to apply in the fight against cancer.  Nuff Said.


1) Dr. William Kelly's' book "One Answer to Cancer" is available free as a download on:
2) Moriya, N, Nakata M, Nakamura M, Takaoka M, Iwasa S, Kato K, Kakinuma A. Intestinal absorption of serrapeptase (TSP) in rats. Biotechnol Appl Biochem. 1994; 20(Pt1):101-8.
3) Miyata, K. Intestinal absorption of Serratia Peptidase. J Appl Biochem. 1980;2:111-16.
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7) Beaufort, E.: Reduction in the adverse effects of radiation therapy with hydrolytic enzymes.  Therapeutikon 10, 1990, 577-580.

Vitalzym scientific studies


I Told You So, Cox 2 Drugs Kill!
By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.

Vitalzym systemic enzymes articles

The Franciscan in me tries to restrain me from gloating and saying I was right all along, but for now I'll allow myself the pleasure of saying about Vioxx and the rest of the COX 2 crowd,  “I told you so”!

It was some 6 or so years ago when the folks from Searle, a pharmaceutical company owned by Monsanto, came over to a booth I was working at a American Academy of Sports Medicine convention and proudly proclaimed that their new COX 2 drug Celebrex would put the enzyme company I was then working for out of business.   Heady with their latest research, they said the COX 2 drugs did not have ANY of the side effects of the COX 1 (i.e. Aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen etc), and that no one would need such a crude and natural thing as enzymes to control inflammation when just a couple of doses per day of their new wonder drug would do so with out all the fuss of having to take large numbers of enzyme pills per day.  (Pfizer bought Searle from Monsanto some years ago and now owns Celebrex).

Their initial research was shown to be false by actual use of the drug.  As the Wall Street Journal article on Celebrex recounted on April 19th of 1999, Celebrex was not side effect free, and indeed in the 3 weeks since its release 11 patients taking it had died of the very things that were not supposed to happen from using COX 2 drugs i.e. kidney failure and intestinal hemorrhage!  So the lab eggheads at the drug companies were wrong in their conclusions about COX 2 inhabitation and its lack of side defects.  So much for knowing biology over physiology. 

Now medical research says, that the egg heads were not only wrong about the COX 2 drugs not having the kidney damage, liver toxicity and intestinal wall thinning effect of the COX 1's, as they first claimed; one COX 2 drug, Vioxx, has now been shown to cause heart attacks and strokes!  And, it stands to reason that if one drug that works on the COX 2 pathway has those bad effects, the others can't be far behind.  So thinks the US FDA, the British National Health Service and Dr. Garret FitzGerald of the University of Pennsylvania who wrote in an article on that for the New England Journal of Medicine.   (1).

Now here I'm going to step on some natural health toes; I've said for some time that the natural COX 2 inhibitors such as boswella and turmeric would have the same side effects as the COX 2 drugs if used long term and if they truly work as claimed in the COX 2 pathway.   Some will tell me that these herbs won't do that because they are natural and natural things can't hurt you!  That is a grave misconception!  Tobacco is natural, opium is natural, and coca plants that make cocaine are natural.  Vitamins A, D and Niacin are all natural and naturally toxic with the ability to cause death by liver damage if taken in excess!  Just because something is natural does not mean that it is harmless!

Since all the methods to control inflammation from COX 1 and COX 2 to Corticosteroids are dangerous, deadly and have seriously bad side effects, does it not make sense to control inflammation, with non-toxic enzymes!  (2).  Inflammation we now know is the major cause of heart and vascular disease; it is the root cause of pancreatic dysfunction leading to diabetics and pancreatic cancer.  Inflammation has been found to be the root cause of Alzheimers and various other life threatening diseases. (3).  But in the search to control inflammation we should not take something that will kill us faster than the inflammation! 

Systemic proteolytic enzymes are nature’s non-toxic way to control inflammation!  Over and above that they are the only way medical, natural or other wise to eat away at fibrosis (the second major cause of blood clots and internal organ dysfunction).  Systemic proteolytic enzymes have over 200 peer reviewed hospital and university studies to prove their effectiveness and safety.  Over and above that, there is over 40 years of clinical experience in Central Europe and Japan where oral systemic enzymes are used widely in standard medicine.  Given the choices of death by inflammation, death by COX 1 drugs, death by COX 2 drugs, or death by Corticosteroids would it not make sense to choose life by lowering inflammation and fibrosis naturally and without toxicity using systemic enzymes?  There is no need to kill Peter to help Paul because when we do so both Peter and Paul die. 


  1. Researchers Expand on Dangers of Vioxx to Drugs in Same Class, Marc Kauffman and Brooke Masters, Washington Post, Thursday Oct. 7thy, 2004 page A03
  2. Bodhankar, S.L.: Acute and Sub acute oral toxicity of Vegpanenzyme in mice and rats.  Abstract ID 698, Society of Toxicology 2004 Meeting, Baltimore Maryland USA
  3. Quenching the Fires of Inflammation Article Life Extension Foundation Magazine June 2004

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