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Self Publishing, Writing & Marketing Books & Booklets
Self Publishing, Writing & Marketing Books & Booklets

Beautiful, softcover book 8 1/2"x11"

MSRP $24.95
Price:  $3.95
PDF file download ONLY


MSRP $19.95
Price:  $3.95

You Can Make Money Self Publishing & Writing
Your OWN Books & Booklets from HOME!


We'll Teach You How to Start Your OWN
  Successful Publishing Business!


self publish books

Valuable Secrets About Self Publishing Others Won't Tell You!

Aren't you getting tired of working for someone else all of the time?
Have you ever thought about the idea of writing a book, booklet or manual?
You can work at HOME - self-publishing , writing and marketing your own books!

Purchase our self publishing NO shipping fees...
and have it in your hands in a matter of minutes!

self publishing books

Buy the beautful book or...

Order our self publishing PDF NO shipping charge...
and have it in your hands in a matter of minutes!


        You need to know right up front that self publishing takes a LOT of hard work (but loads of fun!)....We know it's possible because WE DID IT!! Since you found our website on self publishing, you must have an idea and think you'd like to write a book or self publish an informational how-to booklet. Lots of people think about submitting their manuscript to a publishing company, BUT - instead of only getting 5-10% royalties from your book or booklet - why not keep all the profits for yourself and your family and start your own home business in self publishing?

        If you say yes, that will be the smartest decision you've ever made! How do I know that? Because it was the smartest decision my husband and I ever made! Are you still not sure if you have the talent or writing and marketing skills to be able to get into self-publishing? Believe it or not, we are convinced that every person has the potential to write and put into print helpful information that can be VERY beneficial to other people!

        You might be surprised to find out that you do not need to have majored in English to write and self publish a book. You don't even have to be a college graduate. You don't need to take a course or go to a seminar. Just sit down and start writing out the ideas for your book, manual or booklet. We are convinced that information you KNOW about, is a marketable product that people NEED! And we know this because we've proven it over and over again since 1993, in our own home self publishing business. Joe Karbo has given some pointed encouragement:


"The best product is between your ears!"

        When my husband first suggested that we write a book and begin a business in self publishing, I have to admit, I balked a little bit. I didn't want our home based business to be associated with all the "get rich quick" people out there in cyberworld. It's always been our strongest point to be personal, HONEST, and helpful to our customers.That's one of the reasons we find so much satisfaction and fulfillment in self-publishing, because every word we write about in each of our books comes from our OWN personal experience! We don't just sell books, we share our lives with you!

        With that being our foremost intention as we started writing our books, Tom went ahead and self published our first best-selling how-to manual on How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby. And that was just the, I wrote our second best selling how-to booklet on How to Have Big Money Garage Sales. And the rest, as they say, is history. Our home business became such a success, that we had many people asking us to teach them how to do this for THEMSELVES. Therefore, I wrote our third bestseller, "Self Publishing, Writing and Marketing Your Own Books and Booklets."


        We want to give you the true facts involved in self publishing your own books — working at home — doing the work you LOVE — without any blown up truths! We'll teach you how to create and then MARKET your books online, through your own website! You can bring in YOUR own income — selling YOUR books on YOUR own website because of OUR experience!


        I know what you might be thinking (since by nature, I'm a skeptic as well). Why should you purchase our book on self publishing when there's probably hundreds more books on the subject you could get elsewhere? I'll tell you — because we are living out what we've written about in our self-publishing book! This is our PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and it's valuable information because it WORKS!

        We've sold THOUSANDS of our own informational "how to" books and booklets since we started self-publishing in 1993...We'll give you everything we've learned about self publishing out of our own real lives, PERSONAL experience — not just something we've read out of someone else's book! We'll teach you what's worked for us in our self-publishing home business AND what hasn't!

     Plus, you can NEVER have enough books written on self publishing when you start out in this new venture! Every little bit of advice will help you. But be wary of some of the things we will warn you to stay away from - especially in the beginning! We are hoping OUR book on self-publishing will teach you the mistakes we made and what really and truly WORKS!

     YOU can profit from our mistakes AND our success in self publishing!



Winning Edge hours are 9 am to 5 pm MST Monday-Friday

ORDER line: 1-800-841-4248


        If you're considering self publishing a book or booklet, you need purchase this informational and inspirational manual FIRST!

You'll find answers to your questions in our book...

checkmark  A Complete AND HONEST Guide on

Writing, Self Publishing, Printing, Marketing and Selling

Informational How-to Books and Booklets

self publishing books booklets


Or keep scrolling for lots more information!

selfpublishingbooks self publish books

Our customers will give you the BEST reasons on why our self-publishing book is so important!


What Others Are Saying About Our Self Publishing Manual:


Read It Twice Already!

        "Thank you for putting together the Self Publishing Book. I received it yesterday and have read it twice already. I have read many books and manuals on how-to-do various things and yours is by far the best. I really was informed and educated on some of the important issues that I will need to publish my manual. I am really excited about starting my project. Your book has given me the added excitement for my wife and I to actually do it. I know it will take some time to complete and the reassurance from your book has given me the confidence to stick with it. We have both been in education (teacher/counselor) and coaching for 10 years. We are looking forward to writing about some of our past experience and knowledgeable areas." Tom Curran, Orlando, FL

Choking on Excitement

        "I am choking on my excitement! I just put your manual down five minutes ago and had to say thank you RIGHT NOW! I am a mother of a two year old and a four month old, and I decided to quit my job of six years to be the best mother I can. The only problem I ran into is that I am a huge people-person and workaholic. I have to be creating or improving something to feel satisfied. It isn't that my children don't provide me that outlet, it's just that I have so much more to give! Your self publishing book was more than I expected. It was definitely worth the price! I consider myself a frugal person and rarely think I get what I paid for. In this case, I feel like I OWE you money!" Tina Ramirez, Klamath Falls, OR

Can't Praise Your Self Publishing Book Enough!

        "This book has been extremely helpful in guiding me through the many steps involved in publishing and selling how-to booklets in my own mail order home business. In fact, I can't praise Cathy and Tom enough. They both generously share their valuable experiences of what has and hasn't worked for them as they have successfully built their business. This alone is well worth the price of the book. They have easily saved me thousands of dollars that I would have needlessly spent were it not for their clear and simple guidance. Many "how-to make money" books are vague and unclear in their suggestions. Not so with this book. Everyone who is considering going into business in this area, or are already in this business, should buy this book. Thanks again." John Christianson, Honolulu, HI

Quite Insightful on How to Self Publish

        "I just completed the manual on how to self publish. It was easy to read and quite insightful about more topics than I had ever thought about regarding getting started with my own business and writing a book. I appreciate your no-nonsense and hands-on business sense approach dedicated to each step of making the dream a reality - with lots of hard work, of course. My husband and I are settling down to the hard work required for making our business as successful as yours. It is rewarding to know that you and your husband are praying, staying, and working together. May you and your family be blessed with continued success..." Jean and Brett Pierce, Mt. Rainier, MS

Couldn't Put it Down!

        "Thank you for your prompt shipment of the manual I ordered last week. Several years ago I ordered a booklet that I had seen advertised in a newspaper that was primarily devoted to get rich quick schemes. I sent a check and it took about 6 weeks for it to arrive. By the time I got it all the enthusiasm was gone. Not so with your manual. I immediately started reading it and couldn't put it down. Your book has really turned on some ideas in my head. I truly feel like it is a gift. It is a very easy read with a lot of good information. Previous to discovering your web site I knew I was going to self publish my manual but I just wasn't sure how it would go....or where to start....or so many other things that you addressed. Thank you again for being willing to share your knowledge with the struggling masses. With your information and inspiration I hope to be as successful as I am sure you are. I am really excited." Peggy Schneider, Fresno, CA

My How-to Book is Almost Finished!

        "A while back I bought your self publishing book and let it sit on the bookshelf for some time before reading it. Once I picked it up and read it, I began writing on a subject I had been thinking about for quite some time. My how-to book is almost finished now. Your book was really helpful in writing it and I will use the marketing technique you lay out. I am getting more excited each day as the book gets closer to printing and marketing. I pick up new things every time I read it. I am going to go to some of the recommended sites and sign up for the newsletters. I am sure I will learn some more good info. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR BOOK." Irv Chase, Iowa

Hope for Self Publishing!

        "Thank you for your informative book on self publishing. I loved it! I'm a single mother of one and am very excited to get started. I was almost ready to give up because the classified ad cost was eating me out of house and home literally. I was near tears when I came upon your website offering some hope! If I can even achieve mild success I will definitely know it was due in part to the invaluable information you and your husband gave to me. Thanks again for the advice." Sydney West, Cleveland, OH

Self Publishing Manual Truly Heaven Sent!

        "Thank you for your "Self-publishing manual," it was truly heaven sent! I was out of a job and in gradute school (still is), and I have had a passion for writing since the age of thirteen. I'm not sure how I found about your site, but I ordered a copy of your manual. One day I was really down about the direction my life should go, and did not want to get out of bed, but I had to get my son off to school. So I got up and when I arrived home from dropping off my son at school, I wrote a tip booklet, "Becoming an Expert in Your Field" in just over 2 hours! Within a month, I had written six how-to-e-booklets and now have my own! As I am pursuing much larger titles, I can work on booklets to help fund and promote larger projects. Thank you so much for sharing your story and success." O. Pettway-Jones from Michigan

Your How to Self Publish Book is Super Fantastic!

        "I just recently purchased your manual on How to Publish Your Own Book. It is super fantastic! It really has pointed me in a great direction! I am one of those who realizes the importance of advertising on the web and have been wanting to get my books out there. I've never known where to start until I read your manual." M. T., Lawrence, KS

Best Source I've Found on the Subject

        "This self-publishing book is fantastic! It is definitely the best source I have found on the subject. I feel the information provided will definitely help get me on the road to success with my self publishing venture!" Rob Randolph, Flossmoor, IL

Priceless Information on Self Publishing (from Motivated Moms)

        "I was able to use a lot of the resources in the book I bought from you! Although I had already successfully self-published another book, I still found priceless information in yours! Thanks for being an inspiration!" Janet Russell, "Motivated Moms"

Gung-Ho to Create Our Own Book!

        "Your self publishing book has given me hope. I have always loved to type out my thoughts, and always wanted to publish something - in fact I was beginning to brainstorm on my next idea when I came across your website. I was impressed with the logic formulated in the self-publishing manual - very informative, and very useful information. Now my wife and I are gung-ho to create our very own online business, and begin creating our own books, booklets, and manuals. Thanks again!" Patrick and Heather Taylor, Bellevue, WA

I Really Did It!

        "I really did it! Thank you so much! I bought your Self-Publishing Manual about a year ago, and just now got up enough gumpshun to set up my own website and sell my eBook online. Your manual has so much practical and needed information in it." Laura Dean

What An Inspiration!

        "I received your manual on "How to Self Publish" today...what an inspiration! I have read many books on the subject and none were as well written and to the point as yours! Keep up the good work!" Roxie Huffman, Evansville, IN

Your Honesty I Applaud!

        "I loved your self-publishing book. It was so informative and I was glad you got straight to the point in your book. Thank you for showing me the ups as well as the downs of becoming a self-publisher. Your honesty I applaud." Tim Joiner, San Diego, CA

Up and Running!

        "I was well into writing a book before reading Cathy and Tom Pedigo's self publishing book, but I found myself confused on how to create a finished product. Even more confusing was how I was to market the book. After reading this book I had a booklet to be proud of and a internet storefront to sell it in two weeks! Thanks for the great internet marketing insight!" Wayne Schlicht, Cottage Grove MN

Love and Appreciate Your Self Publishing Book!

        "I just love and appreciate your self publishing book. I intend to follow your advice to the letter. I appreciate the hard work and honesty you all bring to the table. Thank you. I am so excited about my project. Once again I thank you for being so "real" and ask your prayers for my success." Pat Terrell, Amherst, NY


Or keep scrolling for lots more information!

        Over this span of 22 years, we have thoroughly enjoyed our home business. is a business, not a hobby. We also believe that writing informational how-to books and booklets is NOT a get-rich QUICK scheme! BUT...if it's needed information, and you market your material wisely, your self publishing home business will become an "add money slowly-but-SURELY" opportunity that WILL blossom into a successful full time business, as ours has! Some writers occasionally strike it big immediately, but the titles of most books we've read are very deceptive...especially if you're hurting for steady income. Have you ever seen titles like this?...


  • How Publishing Fortunes are Made
  • The Solid Gold Mailbox
  • How to Make Loads of Money in Self Publishing
  • How to Make $1,000,000 a Year - Write a Book!
  • How I made $1,000,000 with Direct Mail
  • How to Build a Great Fortune in Writing a Book
  • How to Get Rich through Internet Sales

how to write a book

With our book, you will receive...

The REAL truth about self publishing...


No inflated lies...
no promises of becoming a millionaire overnight!


        We wrote this book to share with you what has worked for us AND what hasn't! We don't want to give you "hype" or try to give you exaggerated claims. For us, self-publishing was a long labor process before we gave birth to big profits. Also, we firmly believe we are the "norm" in self publishing and those who are an instant success are the "exception." Some of you may already be able to say -- I’ve got products -- I’ve got a website -- I'm ready to do business online -- Now, how do I attract new customers? Our self publishing manual will give you a LOT of help in that area also!

         We really believe that our book is special because it was born out of a lot of our blood, sweat and tears. By purchasing our book on self publishing you've made an important decision for two reasons. First, so that you don't make the same mistakes we did when starting out, which can save you literally thousands of dollars!!; secondly, because YOU have something very special that you want to give to others - INFORMATION! Believe it or not, you know some things that other people would love to know! IN FACT, THEY'LL EVEN PAY YOU FOR IT....and depending what it is, they might pay you a LOT!

         Here's something to think about...More than 50,000 manuscripts are produced each year, yet only about 5% will be published by reputable, traditional publishers. Does that mean that the other 95% are poor quality and should never come to publication? Absolutely not! Mark Twain, Zane Grey, Upton Sinclair, Carl Sandburg, Edgar Rice Burroughs, George Bernard Shaw, Edgar Allen Poe, Rudyard Kipling, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Robert Ringer, Spencer Johnson -- All of them were self publishers! You can be, too!


self publishing business

You can become a at home...

and bring in a good income!

        Sounds like a prestigious title, doesn't it? Let me tell you right up front what's involved in being a self publisher. Your job description will entail: Author, Composer, Writer, Editor, Printer, Typesetter, Financier, Marketer, Promoter, Advertiser, Warehouser, Shipper, Publisher, Accountant, Business Manager, Decision Maker, Public Relations, Legal Consultant, and much more!

Why Do Self-Publishing?!!

        I must honestly say that our self publishing business has been a lot of FUN! I've said to my spouse, "Honey, if we had a lot of money and were financially independent, what would we be doing now?" As our eyes meet across the room, we laugh sheepishly and agree that we'd still be working on writing, marketing and self-publishing our books. Why?...because it has been fulfilling, pleasurable and just plain fun...AND because it has now become our full time income!

self-publishing and writing a book

Here's one of the First Reviews We Received from "The Write Touch"

        "This how-to on self-publishing doesn't pull any punches. It's concise, to the point and actually helpful! You'll not only learn some valuable tips on self publishing, but also learn that it's not "a get rich quick" scheme. Of all the how to books I've read, this is very appealing in its honesty and tips." Epubs staff


how to Self-Publish a book

Sample Topics in our Self Publishing Manual


publishing Help! I need an idea! How to choose a subject that will sell!

writing a book write booklet How to copyright your book ... Is it absolutely necessary?

self publishing Where to spend your money in self publishing and WHERE NOT TO!

how to self publish my book ISBN numbers ... Do you need them? How to get them!

self publishing and marketing How to form a legal business as a self-publisher

starting a self publishing business Publish your book and make money YEARS faster than going through a publishing house!

starting a self publishing business Our favorite forms of advertising and marketing at virtually no cost!

home business How much money you'll need to get started in self publishing as a home business

starting a self publishing business Don't lose control of your content, title, cover and INCOME by giving your book to a publisher!

self publishing booklets BAD ADVICE...Why sometimes it's best NOT to follow the expert's advice!

how to write a book Six formulas for marketing and promoting your how to booklets and manuals

publish my book Why you should self-publish vs getting published!

publishing books Self publishing a how-to book or booklet and turning it into a business!

self publish books How to choose your professional printer and important questions to ask them FIRST!

creating a book that is a bestseller How much you should CHARGE for your book or how-to manual!

self publishing books Our favorite websites and e-mail newsletters for self publishing information

self publishing The TOTAL nuts and bolts of self publishing ...We'll take you through it step by step!

starting a self publishing business Keep 100% of the profits of your book - not 5-10% through a publisher!

self-publish And much, much more!

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self publishing books

Retails for $29.95

Your Price ONLY $3.95 + shipping for NEW softcover 8 1/2" x 11" book.
Or get a PDF Download for $3.95.

        NOTE: Guess what else? In case you're still undecided...Self Publishing, Writing and Marketing Your Own Books and Booklets is tax deductible as a business expense because it is training material for your business! Now you've got no excuse...get going and get started in the most fun home business there is!

   Are you ready to order Self Publishing, Writing and Marketing Your Own Books and Booklets? If so, get ready for a great adventure. You won't be able to put the book down....until you get started on writing yours!

OR call our toll-free order line at: 1-800-841-4248

FREE SHIPPING OVER $75 (includes anything from our website!),  2-3 DAY PRIORITY MAIL shipping...or get the PDF download .


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self publish books

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 by Cathy Pedigo at Winning Edge

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