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Restoration Manual - A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers & Pastors
Restoration Manual - A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers & Pastors

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Restoration Manual - A Workbook For Restoring Fallen Ministers, Pastors and Religious Leaders

Restoration Manual - A Workbook For Restoring Fallen Pastors, Ministers & Religious Leaders

"Run in Such a Way that You Might Win..."
1 Corinthians 9:24b


Restoration Manual:
A Program for Restoring
Fallen Pastors & Religious Leaders

     Do you believe there is a future ministerial life for a fallen pastor after a moral fall? Are there solid, biblical reasons why a minister can or can not return to his vocation? How long should it take to restore a fallen minister? What help is being given by local churches or denominations today? Do you have a biblical theology on pastoral restoration?


Restoration Manual:
A Workbook For Restoring
Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders

Restoration Manual: A Workbook for Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders and pastors

Fifth Edition!

$29.95 each

 Purchase 5 or more for $24.95 each!
116 pages - size 8 1/2 x 11
(If it was only a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 book, it would really be 232 pages...
filled with no-nonsense, crucial and comprehensive pastoral restoration help!)

Featured in Focus on the Family's Pastoral Care Directory


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Restoration Manual - A Program for Restoring Fallen Pastors and Religious Leaders


Is There Guidance on How to Help a Fallen Pastor or Religious Leader?

     Overall, there are not many books on the market dealing with pastoral sin and restoration. We have found only a few books dealing with the entire process and nature of a "Restoration Team" or specific directions for restoring a fallen, but repentant minister or religious leader...until now!

    Finally...a complete set of guidelines for broken pastors, hurting congregations and bewildered church leaders!

Where's the Direction for Fallen, Hurting Pastors?!

     Restoration Manual: A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders is a step by step process of organizing a Restoration Team for a repentant pastor with practical recovery steps. It has received numerous endorsements for its format of ministerial healing from a variety of denominational leaders (some of which are listed below.) Over 2000 church leaders representing 25 denominations now have this unique manual.


You NEED this Restoration Manual, especially if the following statements apply:

  • If you, as a minister / pastor, had to leave your church because of exposed sin, or sexual misconduct, this workbook is especially for you!
  • If your church has gone through the heartbreak of losing a pastor because of moral misconduct, this manual is for you!
  • If you're a church leader, ministerial colleague, or religious leader that wants to help restore a fallen pastor, this material is for you!
  • If you know a former minister or church that has or is going through a time of brokenness, this book is for you!
  • If you are a believer that is interested in biblical restoration, loving discipline, rebuilding and the total healing of a broken minister, then this book is desperately needed by you!

What's The Outcome for Pastors, Churches, Ministers?!

     Pastoral dropout because of moral failure is becoming more and more widespread and, to our shame, very public knowledge soon follows. What has the Christian community done with fallen Christian leaders? In many situations, the process seems to be:
  • Relegate the former minister to the secular scene because he has "lost his calling."
  • Keep the pastor on a shelf and forever limit or restrain their gifts, calling and leadership because of his moral failure.
  • Drop them like a hot potato because they have embarrassed the body of Christ and have emotionally wounded you.
  • Ignore them and hope they move away because you don't know how to deal with their restoration and rebuilding OR you're not sure you want to!

Winning Edge Ministries Restoring Fallen Ministers

Where's The Helping Hand?!

There was a commercial that became a national joke. The byline was: "Help!...I've fallen and I can't get up!" Many believers within evangelical Christianity don't offer much hope (or help) for a morally fallen religious leader.


    There are several reasons why many Bible-believing denominations and churches are not helping to restore broken pastors:

  1. They don't believe it's biblical to do so (theological or scriptural reasons).
  2. They don't know how to (intellectual or procedural reasons).
  3. They don't want to (personal or emotional reasons).

Has the Church Missed Something?

All three of the above reasons are rather weak and need to be examined with God's truth, wisdom, love, and grace. Consider the following questions:

  • If there are any spiritually mature believers in the evangelical church today, what does Paul mean in Galatians 6:1a - "Brethren, even if a man is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness..." What if the sinning person was a pastor? How will this broken net be mended?
  • Even if our feelings are wounded, we know what God says in His Word about forgiveness and restoration. What if we don't do what God requires of us? We read in James 4:17 "Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do, and does not do it, to him it is sin." When is the right time to offer recovery to the fallen minister? We'll help you figure that out!


     This restoration workbook is needed material to assist denominational leaders, professional counselors, broken ministers, pastors and wounded congregations in the area of rebuilding what has been broken.

     This one-of-a-kind, 116-page workbook will help the broken pastor "pick up the pieces" of his life as it gives hope and direction. This topic has been uncharted territory but needs to be discovered and explored...quickly! I believe it is a practical, personal and powerful tool!


What Exactly IS "A Workbook For Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders" All About?

Many broken ministers are in need of a thorough workbook on pastoral healing and total restoration. This manual offers 27 "checkpoints" for the repentant leader and his Restoration Team. These checkpoints are relevant and Bible-based. There is NO COMPROMISING of Bible standards...only a Christ-centered process of rebuilding through grace.

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This restoration manual contains checkpoints for pastoral recovery:

Restoration Manual for Fallen pastorsProcedural Restoring Fallen PastorsScriptural Restoration Manual for Fallen ministersEmotional How to Restore Fallen pastors Denial Restoration ManualMedical restoring Religious LeadersIntellectual how to restore a Fallen PastorPsychological Restoring the fallenTemporal church with fallen pastorMarital ministersFamilial pastorsPersonal/Recreational Restoring Fallen Religious LeadersSupernatural churchesFinancial pastor sinningMoral help for fallen ministersPhysical How to Restore Fallen church LeadersEcclesiastical/Pastoral fallen ministersVocational Fallen PastorsPositional Restoration WorkbookLegal Winning Edge MinistriesSexual sexual sin pastorsRelational/Social sex addiction ministersProfessional setting up a restoration teamVolitional helping a Fallen PastorFormal Restoration Manual for Fallen MinistersMental Helping Fallen Religious LeadersBehavioral church leaders in sinSpiritual

Restoration Manual, Aftershock, He Restores, Betrayal of Trust, Restoring the Fallen, Restoring Fallen Leaders, Overcoming Sexual Addiction, Dangers of the Internet, Earl Wilson, Jack Hayford, Stanley Grenz, Ted Kitchens, Focus on the Family

The order of checkpoint priority will be determined by you and/or the Restoration Team. There is a "Checkpoint Rating Scale" that will help the fallen passtor or religious leader and the team to pinpoint areas of maximum hurt or brokenness. Each "checkpoint" has six sections:

Description - A brief explanation and direction of the checkpoint.

Motivation - One sentence that gives a succinct summary and the directive force for the checkpoint.

Foundation - This section is the biblical basis for the checkpoint.

Questions - Specific issues that the one being restored and the team need to openly talk about. (Over 215 questions that demand answers!)

Suggestions- Direction, guidance, insight and practical experiences for the team to implement. (Over 105 suggestionsthat command action!)

Quotations - Sacred and secular quotes providing direction, reflection and introspection.

How to Restore Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders

     In addition to the checkpoints, there's an appendix that contains a variety of helps such as:

Pastor-in-Residence Program
Initial Meetings Purpose Planner
Guidelines for Restoration Team
MacDonald's Accountability Questions
Restoration Team Request Letter
Sample Copy of Minutes
A Theology of Restoration (12 pages)

Following the in-depth theology, I've also included a
"Suggested Bibliography" (60 books/articles), and
"Verses of Hope and Healing!" (44 verses).

      This is a 116 page - size 8 1/2 x 11 inch manual dealing with accountability that leads to wholeness! Again, if it was only a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 book, it would really be 232 pages...filled with no-nonsense, crucial and comprehensive restoration help!

     This workbook is needed for the sake of all the ministers presently on a "shelf" or fellow believers hurting from pastoral misconduct in the church. As a leader in your professional area, you may be working with, or know of pastors, who would benefit from a Restoration Team and who would need a step-by-step process of rebuilding.

Winning Edge Ministries Restoration Manual for Fallen Ministers & Religious Leaders

Restoration Manual Testimonials and Endorsements

     "The restoration of fallen leaders is such a complex issue that many look for shortcuts. Tom grasps how comprehensive the restoration process must be, and his manual is an excellent guide along this long, winding path." (Jim Gaffney, Pastor of Recovery, Mariners Church, Newport Beach, CA)

     "It has been about five years since I was last in contact with you. I am delighted to say because of God's grace and because of your material which we used extensively I have been restored in my walk with God, in my marriage, and am praying soon to return to full time ministry. Thank you for your material and for you wisdom in providing a way out of terrible darkness and destruction. I have shared you material with others and I know that they are being blessed as well to read the books and material." (Bill Parks) 

     "I have found the Restoration Manual, produced by Thomas Pedigo, to be a valuable tool in my work with pastors and churches. His manual provides many practical guidelines for churches who believe in the importance of restoring fallen leaders." (Roger Charman, Focus on the Family - Pastoral Ministries, Colorado Springs, CO)

     "My first quick spin through it was extremely positive. You've done a good piece of work. It is very clearly laid out." (Dennis N. Baker, General Director of the Conservative Baptist Association of America, Wheaton, IL)

     "The Restoration Manual...was extremely format...biblical short-cuts...all bases covered." (C. Neil Strait, District Superintendent of the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene, Grand Rapids, MI)

     "I know no one who has done it as well, as succinctly." (Ray Smith, President of the Open Bible Standard Churches, Des Moines, IA)

     "I have already looked through the Restoration Manual. I believe it is a very helpful tool." (Dr. Ralph H. Earle, Psychological Counseling Services, Scottsdale, AZ and author of "Lonely All the Time".)

     "I do applaud your concern for those who have fallen and for this very positive contribution you are making toward the restoration of these brothers and sisters." (Billy Murray, General Overseer of The Church of God of Prophecy, Cleveland, TN)

     "I will present your Restoration Manual to the General Executive Board for their considerations as the manual for guiding our program." (Chet Smith, General Superintendent of the Congregational Holiness Church, Griffin, GA)

     "Our new Vice-President of U.S. Ministries, Dr. Harold Mangham, has used your material and speaks highly of it." (Dr. David L. Rambo, President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Colorado Springs, CO)

     "Let me commend you for the major investment you have made in developing this material." (Keith Huttenlocker, Church Service Executive Director of the Church of God, Anderson, IN)

     "...excellent work well done, and we are sure your work will prove a benefit and blessing to many Districts and Pastors." (William D. Morrow, District Superintendent, Western Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)

     "You manual will serve as a good resource to (our restoration) committee." (Wilbur W. Brannon, Director of Pastoral Ministries, International Headquarters of the Church of the Nazarene, Kansas City, MO)

NOTE: Some of these men who wrote these endorsements have since retired, switched positions or passed on. However, they all enjoyed the content and direction of this workbook. We thank them for their insight, help and hope for healing and restoration.

     "...But God does not take away life; instead, He devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged from Him." (2 Samuel 14:14b)

Restoration Manual, Aftershock, He Restores, Betrayal of Trust, Restoring the Fallen, Restoring Fallen Leaders, Overcoming Sexual Addiction, Dangers of the Internet, Earl Wilson, Jack Hayford, Stanley Grenz, Ted Kitchens, Focus on the Family

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers

(After the Moral Crash Workbook)

A Manual for Talking & Working Through Your Raw Emotions


Restoration Manual
A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers & Religious Leaders

Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers AND Restoration Manual Book Package

      Our Broken Clergy Wives book is 133 pages - a size 8 1/2 x 11 inch manual dealing specifically with healing the broken WIFE of the pastor who has morally fallen. This book is loaded with powerful emotion filled information that will prayerfully help her be able to work through all the RAW emotions she will be dealing with after her husband's moral crash. With live interviews at the end of the book with two other minister's wives who will share all their gut feelings and how they were able to heal through this crisis in their families, she will not feel alone in her pain, hurt and confusion!
      If this was a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 book, it would really be 266 pages...filled with compassionate help for the fallen minister's WIFE, which no other book we've found has dealt with in such depth. If you are a fallen minister, I strongly urge you to get the companion manual for your wife. She NEEDS this to start healing, and to know she is not alone in what she is going through. To encourage you to get HER help, also, we are marking the price down $5.00 each when you get the package of both books.


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Restoration Manual, Aftershock, He Restores, Betrayal of Trust, Restoring the Fallen, Restoring Fallen Leaders, Overcoming Sexual Addiction, Dangers of the Internet, Broken Clergy Wives, Earl Wilson, Jack Hayford, Stanley Grenz, Ted Kitchens, Focus on the Family

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Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers & Pastors

"Broken Clergy Wives of Fallen Ministers & Pastors - A Manual for Talking & Working Through Your Raw Emotions - AFTER the Moral Crash" is loaded with powerful emotion-filled information and advice that will help the wife of a fallen pastor work through the devastation and loss she will be dealing with after her husband's moral crash. With live interviews at the end of the book, from two pastor's wives who will share everything they went through and how they dealt with it, you will NOT feel left alone (or crazy) during this painful journey. 


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     This book was written to help churches bring their congregation into the very lap of God during your praise & worship time. The author calls this model The Temple Pattern, which involves a simple threefold process of musically moving from the Outer Court (celebration and jubilation) to the Inner Court (reflection and expectation) and into the Holy of Holies (adoration and spiritual communion). A must-read for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper. After visiting hundreds of churches, Rev. Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival.

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