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How to WIN Your Pinewood Derby Car Race
How to WIN Your Pinewood Derby Car Race
Pinewood Derby Book Alone

Beautiful color covers with pictures of our winning cars. Super informational booklet to help you design and win YOUR pinewood derby!

MSRP $10.00
Price:  $10.00
Now ONLY $3.95
Pinewood Derby Book + PDF both!

Awesome to have to book in your hands, too!

MSRP $12.95
Now ONLY $5.95
Pinewood Derby PDF file ONLY

Awesome deal!

MSRP $10.00
Now ONLY $3.95



How to WIN Your Pinewood Derby Car Race
Using Our EASY Speed Tips Secrets!

You Can Build the FASTEST

Pinewood Derby Car on the Track!


This is where learning how to build a winning pinewood derby car started!
Giving you the WINNING EDGE since 1993!


Third Edition!
how to win a pinewood derby pinecar race
We've sold over 150,000 copies of "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby since 1993!"
Dedicated to helping KIDS learn how to build FAST pinewood derby cars...let this be YOUR year!

We want everyone to have a chance at winning their pinewood derby car race! Just Thousands of a second DO count!

     When you order the booklet "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" by mail, you'll be able to see all of our 4 winning pinewood derby designs on the front and back COLOR covers. In the PDF download, (which you'll receive in just seconds by email!), you'll still see picture diagrams of the measurements and shape of our first place winning pinewood derby car plus all the details of how to build your car with simple scientific steps that REALLY work! Even after all these years our jaws drop as our car SPED UP at the END of the track - way ahead of the competition! SO much fun that we had to add all the winning testimonies from our customers!


pinewood derby We Smoked Them!

     "I was a little skeptical at first. Buying a instructional booklet over the Internet was something I never dreamed of doing. But, not having any knowledge of a pinewood derby car, and having the tremendous desire to WIN, I did. That would become the best decision I have ever made! For the love of my 8 year old son, who doesn't have a competitive bone in his body but, wanted to compete in the pinewood derby because everyone else in Pack 55 was doing it, "I BOUGHT THE BOOK" and I am eternally thankful to you folks at The Winning Edge!!!

     We, as a 2 man team, followed the basic steps toward building a pinewood derby car winner. I believe the little tips and tricks are what truly makes the difference. In short, we competed against 55 competitors. WE WON! Yes, that is right...1st place. The final race for first in the overall competition we still held the lead by over 1/2 the cars length, MILLI-SECONDS! And the thanks goes to you, Winning Edge, THANK YOU. My son, with the biggest smile I have ever seen, said, "We smoked them Dad, We smoked them!" Thanks again, and God Bless." Karl Starmer and Luke Starmer, Fulton, Missouri



Do YOU have a pinewood derby race coming up?




pinewood derby car race  Tiger Cub Wins His 1st Pinewood Derby!

      "THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful pinewood derby book! My son is a Tiger Cub, and he was so excited when his very first Pinewood Derby car beat EVERY OTHER car in last night's races! In fact, he set three consecutive new track records - it was amazing! We followed your instructions, and just like you said, every little detail really adds up to the WINNING EDGE!! Thanks again for allowing us this tremendous memory..." Hal, Milwaukee WI


 Winning Edge hours are 9 am to 5 pm MST Monday-Friday
Pinewood Derby ORDER line: 1-800-841-4248  


     The Pinewood Derby is MUCH MORE than a racing event for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America! There are many other groups racing  in a pinewood derby that need this book. Some of them include the Awana Grand Prix by the Awana's, Royal Rangers, Shape N Race Derby by the Christian Service Brigade, Kub Kar Rally, RA Racers by the Royal Ambassadors, YMCA chule cars, Indian Guides, Woodcar Independent Racing League and other organizations.

     Building this little wooden car, with wheels and axles, is one of the most exciting times in most kid's young lives. All you need are the tips in our booklet, "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby."


FAST Pinewood Derby Racing Tips!!

The excitement of competition!

Pinewood Derby Competiton


     Need some simple, easy to understand information or "secrets" that will give you the "winning edge" in your Pinewood Derby® car race this year? With our Winning Edge booklet on "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" your car will RACE to the finish line!!

     If you've never raced before, do NOT get a huge manual on how to build your car. Talk about confusion!! This simple 35 page booklet tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to WIN!! I know that, because WE DID IT!!! And so have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of others that bought our "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby," as you'll read in the testimonies below and on FOUR other full website pages we have!!!

    Keep it SIMPLE. Let it be a car that you AND your child build TOGETHER, making a bond that will change your relationship forever! Just the fact that you are building this pinewood derby car together is what your son or daughter will treasure forever (and of course, winning is a BLAST!) 


Our Winning Pinewood Derby Cars & Trophies!

winning pinewood derby cars trophies
Here are all the cars and trophies we won racing for 4 years, along with the booklet (2nd version) of "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby." If you want to see the NEW COVER, look at the TOP of this page!
The booklet you see here is our original booklet in our first printing. You will receive the new beautiful color cover that was updated and has pictures of our winning cars & trophies (unless you just get the PDF)!


pinewood derby pinecarsWe Won Our FIRST Pinewood Derby Race!

     "We purchased your How To Win a Pinewood Derby book and WE WON! Our first Derby race - my son is a Tiger cub. Together we built the fastest car in the pack!" Danille Milewski


Personal Note

     It is absolutely incredible to me that when we first published, "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" in 1993, there was only one other booklet written at that time on how to build a pinewood derby car. In 1996 we finally put our booklet on the internet for people to be able to purchase it online and later, to download it, since so many pinewood car derby kids wanted to know our "secrets" FAST!

     Some of the people we sold our book to, have now written their own booklets. Some even built their own website on how you can win in your pinewood derby race. (Some have even dared to copy us!) It's absolutely CRAZY in this world of competion for the pinewood derby! In fact so MANY people have written books on winning the pinewood derby race by now, that it makes your head spin just trying to decide which one to purchase.

    Our book was written SIMPLY, so that ANYONE could take this booklet and build a winning car, whether a child OR an adult! Even reading some of the testimonies we've received can add to your understanding on how to build a winning car!

     We're obviously not trying to get rich by offering wheels, decals, paint, axles, pre-cut cars and SO many other things out there today. You can get most of that stuff for free in your kit from the group you are racing with and some from a local hardware store. Having a pre-cut car takes ALL the fun out of building your very own design (let alone, it's not legal in most pinewood derby races because the CHILD is supposedly the one the race is all about!) 

    What you will find in this pinewood derby booklet is information on EVERYTHING you need to win your car's race by just using the kit you've received from your group. The instructions are simple enough for ANYONE (young or old) to follow. We have hundreds of winning testimonies to prove it! This booklet has proven itself year after year, since 1993, to help you build the fastest pinewood derby car on the track - AND, you can even win a PRIZE for your own pinewood car's DESIGN! We'll help you, step by step, simply..... no confusion.


     We've even had a professional engineer, that bought our book, shocked that our Winning Edge's 35-page booklet WON the race for them! They thought it was too simplistic! They actually wanted something MORE complicated! But why?!!! It doesn't take a scientist to build a winning pinewood derby car. It just takes our instructions and a lot of fun time with dad and son or mom and son (or daughter), bonding together as they create their own masterpiece using our booklet on "How to Win a Pinewood Derby." These are priceless moments that you will NEVER forget for the rest of your lives!

    After all our years of experience, and CONSISTENTLY WINNING in our pine wood derby car races, we are excited to share our easy, step-by-step speed construction tips with you.

      If you want the "WINNING EDGE" in your pinewood derby race this year, you'll love our SIMPLE & EASY TO UNDERSTAND booklet that will teach you the specifics of building a pinewood derby car for speed! In most races, you can win a trophy in two categories – design and speed. Making your car look great is fun AND very possible, but our main thrust is to help you make it the FASTEST pinewood derby car on the track!

What a thrill to find your car up to TWO car lengths AHEAD of the others!!!


how to win a pinewood derby car speed tips secrets

SEE ABOVE: Our first two winning cars and trophies for SPEED and DESIGN. Our son Brian made "STINGER" (on the left) ALL BY HIMSELF... HIS VERY FIRST CAR! We were so proud of him! Next time he got a little more help from dad and kept on winning! After 4 years he had built four cars, ALL WINNERS! His last car was the fastest and and won 1ST PLACE at our Michigan REGIONALS! The book you see is what you'll get!



pinewood derby A Converted Skeptical Engineer

      "OK...I confess. I was skeptical. I was building a Pinewood Derby car for a friends son, and on a whim, I did a search and found your web site. I was intrigued by the description of your book How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby. I ordered the book, but when I received it, I was disappointed. (DON'T STOP READING!)
     I'm an engineer, and I have restored/built several high performance cars, so I know a little bit about physics and cars. When I read some of your tips, I thought 'come on, this is ridiculous'...I thought that your recommended 'design improvements' could not possibly have a significant influence...But I followed most of your tips anyway. After our first heat, I began to lose some of my skepticism. We crossed the finish line about 2 feet ahead of our competitor. This continued for the next several heats. When we got down to the semi-finals, the races were closer, but we still were clearly faster than the other cars.
     After one race, the guy next to me observed that the other car had me off the line, but that our car seemed to accelerate near the end of the track, and passed the other car. I laughed, because he almost quoted from your book, "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby." We ultimately won our class, and when the winners from each of the three classes raced, we won that race as well, taking home the trophy as overall winner. I will gladly sit down to a helping of humble pie. Clearly your tips made the difference. Thanks to your book, a 9 year old kid went home a very happy winner. Thanks again for some very innovative ideas and motivation." Greg Zirbas/Kevin Brown, K. Brown Racing Team, Fort Worth, Texas



EASY Pinewood Derby Speed Tip Secrets to WIN This Year's Race!

      Our pinewood derby car booklet deals almost entirely with building your pinewood car for speed and also offers motivation and inspiration! As you read and work, the excitement and anticipation will build! This year you truly have a chance to WIN your pinewood derby race!

    "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" is a well-proven, educational and inspirational booklet that explains the specifics of building your pinewood derby car for speed. My son raced for four years and he placed in ALL of his pinewood derby car races (even in his first race where he designed and cut the car all by himself!) While at his last Michigan regional Awana Grand Prix race, he took FIRST PLACE in speed out of 230 other cars! 

     During those four years of racing, there was only one VERY small, simple booklet on the market to help us. That's why we decided after four years of winning to write a different, but simple booklet to help kids AND their dads with OUR own personal secrets!

     Learn winning tips for: the shape of the wheels, the placement of the wheels, the shape and placement of the axles, the lubricant to use, the ideal placement of the weight, the shape of the car and our special last-minute racing secrets.
The booklet has three pages of our hand written diagrams, including the shape and dimensions of our fastest winning pinewood car. When you purchase the booklet you'll see all 4 winning cars in full color!

     "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" is useful for the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts Pinewood Car Derby, along with Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, Awana Grand Prix, Shape N Race, Kub Kar Rally and other groups. These tips work! I experienced the thrill of victory MANY times with my son. After he outgrew his pinewood derby races, I wrote this booklet with ALL of our aquired experience and construction tips. At that time, there was only one other booklet on the market half our size!

     We've received hundreds of winning testimonies, as you'll see on all 4 winning testimony pages on our website. We're just as excited as you are when you win, using the same steps for building a winning pinewood derby car as we did. How much is it worth to hear your child say:

"This was the BEST and FUNNEST day of my life!"

This pinewood derby information, along with motivation and inspiration, will give you the ...

     Here is the Purpose for the Pinewood Derby:  To help kids have a bonding relationship with their parent or helper, learn good sportsmanship, experience the excitement of competition, and to have fun. But it's hard to have fun when your car can't even make it down the track! Order our manual, "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby", and then apply our simple construction steps. You'll have a FAST car that will RACE to the finish... literally!

Our Secret Tips In "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby"...

Build Pinewood Derby cars  What are the four basic factors that really produce a SUPER FAST car?

Pinewood Derby car  What basic LAWS OF PHYSICS will propel your pinewood car WAY PAST the others?

PinewoodDerby tips  What SHAPE is the most aerodynamic for pinewood derby car speed?

Pinewood Derby race pinecars  Why changing the wheel base and center of gravity will ENHANCE momentum (or forward movement).

Pine wood Derby tips  What DETAILED procedures for the car axles will assure a speedier pinewood derby car?

Pinewood Derby tips  Where does the WEIGHT go -- for maximum propelling power?...and how much weight?

Pinewood Derby tips  What is the best pinewood derby car's WHEEL SHAPE for the least friction on the track?

PinewoodDerby tips  Does positioning just one wheel DIFFERENTLY make the winning difference?

build pine wood cars for Pinewood Derby  How much SPACE should there be between the wheel and the side of the car to reduce friction?

PinewoodDerby Car tips  Are there lubrications to avoid on your pinewood derby car? What's the best and lasts the longest?

Pinewood Derby race  What are four special track secrets that contestants often overlook in their pinewood derby car race?

Pine wood Derby race tips  What possible problems are you not able to control? WHAT TO DO if they happen!

Make a Pinewood Derby car  How to know what your pinewood derby car, wheels and axles should LOOK LIKE.

Pinecar Derby book  Weigh-in tips for your pine wood derby car.

Pine wood Derby race  Secrets for positioning your pinewood car correctly on the track (Would you believe that this can make the difference in a win or loss?!!)

Pinewood Derby books  ...and LOADS MORE!

Also, you'll find helpful diagrams in our pinewood derby book:

A DETAILED sideview of our WINNING pinewood derby car design
— Five different wheel shapes
— Front view measurement and wheel alignment
— Four different axle variations


(Or keep scrolling to read some of our winning testimonies!!)

The thrill of victory....rather than the agony of defeat!

win pinewood derby race fast pinecars

If you enjoy the thrill of victory, then you'll want to secure a copy of:
"How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" by Tom Pedigo
(Published by Winning Edge)


This is an important resource for all boy scouts, cub scouts, webelos,
tiger cubs, wolf division, awana groups, royal rangers, royal ambassadors and more...

 In today's world of competition in the pinewood car derby races —

Instead of confusing you with MULTIPLE pinewood derby car designs and COMPLICATED directions, we'll give you a SIMPLE PLAN AND DESIGN that worked for us with CONSISTENT WINS!

We could go on and on about the helpfulness of our pinewood derby manual,
but the excited WORD BY WORD "winning testimonies" from our customers speak for themselves!


Pinewood Derby Winners!!!

Our "proof" that "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby" really WORKS!!

My Kid Was Doing Back Flips!

        "Thank you for your pinewood derby book. The look in my son's eyes (versus the tears in the other kid's eyes) was well worth the bucks. My son's car won first place for all of the local Tiger Cubs! We placed the weights just like you said and proceeded to zoom past every pinewood derby car that showed up except for one. Your overall thinking and designs are very sound, and while we saw other cars with altered wheels, various weight placements, and polished this and thats; only our car seemed to implement ALL of the hints from your book. We definitely had the "winning edge".
       This was our first race and the first pinewood derby car we ever built — ever.
I sat there and watched many little boys bawling their eyes out and looking to their dads for an explanation as to why their cars lost. Sometimes they would ask their dads with tears in their eyes why their pinecar didn't even make it down to the end of the track! Not my kid — I bought the book and my kid was doing back flips and now has a trophy with his name on it. At the start of the very first race, his car was placed up there at the top of the track with the other cars. We didn't know what would happen. Then the scout master flipped the little lever down and my kid's pine wood derby car beat the other cars by 2 feet! I was standing behind my son and picture this — he very slowly turned around and looked at me and gave me a smile that I will remember forever." David and Zachary Burdsal, Golden, Colorado


We Are Hooked!

      "Thanks for your pinewood derby book. We purchased it a couple of weeks before our first pinecar race. Our son is a Tiger Cub in the Cub Scouts program and we had never built a pinewood derby car before. We had absolutely no idea what to do! I had you send me the text via e-mail, which helped us to get started before the book arrived in the mail. When the day of our pinewood derby race came, we were ready, but not at all expecting the results we experienced! Our son's pinewoodderby car was the fastest in the building! His time was compared to all the other Tiger Cubs and Cub Scouts racing, between 75 and 100 cars, and it was the BEST! His total time for his six heats (one on each lane of the track) was almost two seconds faster than any other pine car there. The look on my son's face alone was well worth the cost of the book, not to mention the pride that he felt and confidence that he gained. It was a great family project and we can't wait until next year's derby. We are hooked!" Pam Lusicic, St. Louis, MO

Awana Grand Prix Derby Winner!

      Just a quick note to say "Thanks so very much!" My son had his first derby last Wed. for Awana. When he brought home the kit to build a car I had no idea what I was supposed to do and to complicate things even more he said "I really want to win at least third place." I started looking for ideas and found your web site. I followed your tips and ideas very close and we ended with a slick looking race car. Roger did a lot of the sanding and helped with every thing that I felt a 8 year old could do. Race night came and he beat the first 3 cars by a good three feet and he only lost one race out of the entire night.
     There was something wrong with one lane of the track as some cars did not even finish and no one won with that lane. Roger was in third place on that lane at the bottom of the hill and by the end he had passed one and was almost passed the winner at the end. Your explanations of weight positioning are getting the credit for that for sure. I heard one mother say “it looked like that car started going faster after the hill” I had to step away to keep from laughing at that because it was exactly what you description said it would do.
     Roger ended with FIRST place for speed! He is still sleeping with the trophy and is the happiest little guy he could be. Thanks again, you gave a little guy that has never be able to pull out a first place win in anything that he tries - 
a BIG reason to keep trying! It may have even meant more to me than to him." Jim


We WON AGAIN at This Year's Pinewood Derby Car Race!

      Thomas, What can I say?..... We did it again! After purchasing your book last year, my son won his pack's pinewood derby championship by going 4-0 and beating out 49 cars. Tonight his car went 4-0 and beat out 44 cars to win his 2nd championship in a row! The Cub master said that in his 8 years as pack leader, there has NEVER been a repeat winner.....that cannot be said anymore! There were two really close heats where his car just edged out the other ones at the line. The tips you have in your book gave our car the winning edge. He told his mom that "this was the best time ever" in his life. On a side note.....This year they had a Father's Pinewood Derby competition and there were 14 entries.... needless to say my car went 2-0 and took home the 1st place trophy as well. I raced my son's pinewood derby car to see whose was fastest.....result was a virtual dead heat. So far the 3 cars made using your tips, have gone 10-0, and have taken home three 1st place trophies. Looking to three-peat next year." John A.

This Pinewood Derby Book is No Gimmick!

        "I was leery about purchasing something on the net sight unseen, but my son's gloomy expression from last year's pinewoodderby made me desperate. We only had three days to make his car, so I went ahead and ordered your download of the book. I read, I saw, I understood, and the closest anyone came to him out of thirty-five pinewood derby cars was two feet! I can't wait to get the actual book! For anyone blessed with kids that look up to them, this is not a how-to, but a service to mankind!" Eddie Mars, Versailles, KY

Your Pinewood Derby Book Was the BEST!

        "Your pinewood derby book was the best. Your instruction and insight was just what we needed to build the winning car! Just got through with my church's AWANA Grand Prix. My kids placed 1st and 2nd in their age group. Also, the 1st place car won overall fastest. He beat out the adults winner by more than 4 tenths of a second. Everybody asked what we did, but I wouldn't tell them. Thanks a million for writing this booklet." Stephen, Matthew, and LeeAnna, Saginaw, Texas

The Biggest Hug Ever!

       "I would personally like to thank you for giving my son Max and I the chance to work together and build a winning car. We weren't sure how it would work out but after the first race we knew we would be giving people a run for the money. There are two FATHERS that always win, one is an aeronautics's engineer and the other has been winning for the last four years. The last pinewood derby race was us three and it was a photo finish and Max won! The other parents didn't believe it so they told Max to wait after they gave him the trophy. So they wanted to race again and this time he beat them by even was undisputed. My son looked at me and started shaking and ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. I had tears in my eyes because that was the first time we ever won our pine wood derby! Next year the competition will be even greater but we know what to do for our pinewood derby next year! Thank you so much for this book - it was the difference!" Eugene Santiago

Followed Your Pinewood Derby Instructions to the T!

      "Last year my son was a Tiger Scout in the Chicago land area. I was never a scout and knew very little about the pine wood derby. I am not very handy with tools, so I went to the store and bought a pre-packaged car for the race. My son painted the car and it really looked good. We both were excited the night of the race. After the first race, I knew we were in for a long night. We took last almost every race. The look on my son's face just broke my heart. The derby took place on a Saturday night. The following Monday, I went on line and starting reading about the pinewood derby. I happened upon your e-book and decided to purchase it. I feel as though that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We had a year to get ready for the next pinewood derby and I was determined to not see that look in his eyes again. I enlisted a friend of mine to help me and my son work on the car. We all had a great time learning together. My son and I learned how to work with the tools. My friend was as excited as we were to build a good pinewood derby car. To make a long story shorter, we followed your instructions to the T. We won FIRST PLACE thanks to you and my handy friend. We also won for the best looking pinewood derby car. I will email you a picture of my son with his car and the great smile on his face. I just wanted to write to say thank you for sharing your ideas." Dary Trannon

Or keep scrolling for more testimonies and ordering information!
Pinewood Derby Tips Work Great!

      "The tips in your book work great!!! This was our first year racing pinewood derby cars. I have 2 children in different age brackets. Each of their cars came in first place. Neither car lost a heat. Everyone was asking what did you do? The tips in your book, "How to Win a Pinewood Car Derby," made all the difference. Thank You." Vincent Doll, Torrington, CT

This Pinewood Derby Booklet is a Must!

      "All I can say is WOW to....How To Win A Pinewood Derby book. Keep in mind this was Wednesday and the race was Saturday. I read EVERY page and did EXACTLY what the booklet said to do. Come Saturday, only 3 days later, we were ready to go and very excited to say the least. Long story short...We annihilated our local pack (20 cars). We won easily the district for the wolf pack and took 2 overall out of roughly 300 pinecars. This booklet is a MUST for the serious Cub Scout pinewood derby racer. THANK YOU!!!!" Wendell and Sam Shorthose, Jefferson City, MO

My Dad Cried

      "Today we won First Place in our Awana Grand Prix! We followed the plan in your book and defeated a real pro who had built more than 20 pinecars over the years. This was our first pinewood derby car. We ran eight heats and finished FIRST PLACE every time! What is most amazing is that my Dad has NEVER built anything. He is an attorney. He told me that when he was eight years old, he tried building a pinewood derby car by himself and finished LAST in his race. We enjoyed reading the story about what inspired you to write your book. In fact, my Dad cried! He lived without his dad when he was a boy, and even though he is 37 today, he told me that he remembers the humiliation of finishing last like it was yesterday. After the race, we made new friends. This has been an unbelievable day. Thank you for writing your book." Ted & David Spanos, Burbank, CA

The Talk of our Pinewood Derby Race

      "Just got back from our Pinewood Derby and guess what...we won first place in our pack! I didn't get a count but they figured there were about 60 pinewood cars that entered and we whipped them all. In the finals, which consisted of six heats and the six fastest cars, we finished first in all six heats. Overall we ran 23 heats and finished first 20 times, second 2 times and third one time. I'm telling you our pine wood derby car was the talk of the race. Only several times was it even close when we finished first...our car was beating others by over 2 car lengths. Can't tell you how excited my son well as his dad (me). Your book was so easy to follow and understand. Tell your husband thanks for a great book. Thanks again," Doug Custer, Bixby, OK

Pinewood Derby Grand Champion

      "I just wanted to thank you for sending the pinewood derby book so quickly. You e-mailed and mailed the book right away. I was very nervous about this because it was my son's very first pinewood derby race, ever! I had heard of designs and tips from other parents but never quite understood until I read your book. It was very easy to read and understand. Here is the most exciting news of all — MY SON WON !!! His very first race ever and he won! Not only did he win his division for speed, but he won the Grand Champion for speed, BEATING ALL TWENTY FIVE CARS IN THE PACK. Using your tips and guidelines will definitely help a beginner OR a Polished Pro! I am very thankful to you for your information — it helped produce a winning pine wood derby car. My son and myself thank you, and if I can give anyone else advice about whether or not they wish to purchase this book, BUY IT! This book is worth it's weight in gold." Kenneth Waggoner, Youth & Choir Director & Cub Scout Den Leader, Spring Hill, FL

Our Magical Pinewood Derby Car!

      "The race was Sunday and I still can't believe it. Out of 28 cars and 8 heats our pinewood derby car was undefeated! I followed your instructions to the letter. Everyone stood around with their jaws dropped as our "magical" pinewood derby car won EVERY race. This was our first year in Cub Scouts and our first pinecar. Many parent/child teams who had been doing this for years stood in total disbelief as us newbies won. My son was jumping up and down, and if it were not for a large dose of self control, I would have been jumping up and down too!
         The only thing I wish you would add to your pinewood derby book is advice on how to be a good winner. I had a smile a mile wide until I looked around the room and saw many children crying. I did not know what to say or how to act, so it was a little uncomfortable. If you use my quote, please do not use my real name or email address since I do not want others in my area to find out my secret. I have a 3 year old boy, also, and now that I have set the bar so high, I will need to help HIM win when he is old enough to start scouting. Thank you, thank you, thank you." John

      Want to read MORE fun winning pinewood derby testimonies? CLICK HERE to visit our awesome collection of WINNING pinewood derby stories!



      Author's Note: We found it interesting to find some of the simple rules we talk about in our booklet from Wikepedia, the free online encyclopedia, which explains exactly HOW the pinewood derby is supposed to be run. We, personally, have found it sad that grown men will buy a pre-made pinewood derby car when the whole purpose of your pinewood derby is to build the car YOURSELF, and you won't believe the excitement when your own personally made pinewood derby car WINS!! Not only because of your speed, but also because of your own, thought out, design!!!

     Parents, try not to take all the fun and exhilaration out of this kid-parent bonding pinewood derby event. Just get this simple booklet (and if your child is old enough, let him even read it FIRST!) and then build the pinewood derby car together, and let your kid be the BIG helper in how he wants it to be designed, with you explaining from the booklet (that is simple enough for your OWN KID to read), how aerodynamic rules apply, and watch how ego-building it is for him to actually feel a PART of building his own pinewood derby car for his race this year. Believe it or not, the cars that UNDERDO, can do better than those that OVERDO!! Just watch and see, and read our pinewood derby testimonies, below, if you don't believe it's true.

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