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Hugo Naturals Organic & All-Natural Body Care

Hugo Naturals Organic All Natural Skin, Hair & Body Care Products

     At Winning Edge, we ONLY sell HUGO NATURALS ORIGINAL, larger sized products, because we don't believe the new line is of the same quality at ALL!  What I wrote on this website ONLY refers to their original brand of products which we are almost sold out of...yet their quality is still brand new and fresh...we use them! Read this entire page to learn about what is for sale ONLY from us! NO where else!

    Tom and I are still using these products, but they are now almost gone, so don't miss out on some of the good stuff that is left, before it's gone forever! HUGEST SALE!


ORDER HERE to find ALL the products, prices & sizes we still offer from Hugo Naturals!

Hugo Naturals Natural & Organic Skin & Body Care Order page

Winning Edge hours are 9 am to 5 pm MST Monday-Friday

Hugo Naturals ORDER line: 1-800-841-4248

Questions? Call: 1-719-598-5050




The info you read on this page is the original items we had before it is sadly gone...forever!

Hugo Naturals Bath Salts - LIKE NEW!
Mango & Guava Effervescent Bath Salts - 2
Hugo Naturals Massage & Body Oils - LIKE NEW!
Unscented Massage & Body Oil - 1

That is all we have left for you so disregard the rest of the page because we do not have some of those products left!
Hugo Naturals Organic All Natural Skin, Hair & Body Care Products
Hugo Naturals Organic All-Natural Skin Care Products

     With Hugo Natural's original commitment to using food-grade quality in his ORIGINAL line of products, HERE, you will find unique ingredients and scents in every bar of soap, conditioners, shower gels, bath salts, body scrubs, massage oils or ANY other Hugo Naturals products we have left!
     They leave you feeling like you are bathing in the Garden of Eden — totally luxurious, yet affordable, with ALL-natural and organic ingredients, including shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamins A, C & E and other botanical extracts.
     Winning Edge offers two outstanding lines of bath & body skin care products for the whole family — for customers who have learned to stay away from parabens and harsh chemicals found in “mass market” body care lines. Hugo Naturals ORIGINAL line of organic, all-natural skin care & haircare products are pure heavenly luxury!

See our kid's line at: Love Me Baby Me. You'll find that adults are also using the Love Me Baby Me hair, skin and body products!

     With Hugo Naturals, everything is handmade using only the finest quality ingredients available. Hugo Naturals includes luxury handmade soaps (each bar of soap has it's own hand-swirled design on the top, unique to every bar!), shower gels, heavenly bath soaks, body scrubs that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove toxins, deeply moisturing skin care lotions and body butters, shampoos & conditioners (for all hair types), massage oils, smooth and glossy lip balms, essential mists (that you'll want to spray everywhere!) — even pure, natural aromatherapy hand-poured soy candles (with no-lead wicks!) — an incredible line of exquisite products!

Hugo Naturals Natural & Organic Skin & Body Care Order page

Hugo Naturals All Natural & Organic Skincare & Hair Care Products

     Never forget that our SKIN is the LARGEST ORGAN ON OUR BODY. Because of that, our cells absorb every chemical we put on our skin, which means to stay healthy, you need to start thinking about WHAT you are putting on your skin and/or scalp every day! We need to start reading labels...but for those of you that don't have time, or don't want to study what kinds of really BAD stuff you've been ingesting through your SKIN, then please trust us at Winning Edge. The quality of the body products left on our site is unbelievably PURE and ALL-NATURAL (along with Love Me Baby Me's body products AND our health supplements at Garden of Life and World Nutrition.)

     We have marked down our prices on Hugo Naturals skin, hair, body products, to below our OWN cost, so that you can afford to take care of the OUTSIDE of your body (which ends up INSIDE your body), as well as what you put IN your body (as in health supplements!)

     Hugo Saavedra is an award-winning chef, and founder of Hugo Naturals. Hugo created his incredible line of all-natural personal care products as a healthier alternative to the chemical-laden body care products on the market today. The result was an awesome product that is chemical-FREE and loaded with essential oils, botanical extracts and vitamins. With Hugo Naturals, PURITY was their #1 priority! As a chef, Hugo devoted his life to offering culinary delights that tantalized the senses. With that same sure hand, he created a BANQUET for the skin, without using harmful chemicals.

     ALL of Hugo Natural's ORIGINAL bath and body care products use natural/organic ingredients to keep your skin healthy and beautifully moisturized. LOADED with nature’s finest ingredients – like jojoba ester, coconut oil, shea butter and nutrient-rich botanical extracts – these treatments restore your skin and hair to their most beautiful, healthiest state, without using harsh additives or fillers. You know Hugo knew his stuff, just by the fact he has coconut oil as a BASE in all his products. The health benefits of coconut oil used in hair care, skin care & food, include: stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength. These benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and its properties such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc.

     What DOESN'T Hugo Naturals use? Parabens, propylene glycol, phalates, petroleum products, sulphates, mineral oil, gluten, NO artificial colors or ANY artificial fragrances — absolutely NOTHING harmful that can be absorbed by your body!! And for those of you who can't use skin products with ANY fragrances, Hugo was gracious enough to also include a lot of unscented products, just for you! The item may be unscented, but it is STILL pure luxury to use and FILLED with vitamins and shea butter, etc. Hugo Naturals has everything for every person to experience a spa treatment at home!


ONLY OUR Hugo Naturals Products Actually FEED Your Skin!
AND Whatever You Put on Your Skin Goes INTO Your Body!

     Exquisitely scented with essential oils and plant essences, deeply moisturizing, extremely effective — Hugo Natural's creams, body scrubs, shower gels, and other products, feel as rich and indulgent as spa treatments. Plus, there’s the extra glow you get from knowing they are cruelty-free and created with the earth’s good in mind. We want you to experience truly ALL natural and organic body care for yourself, so we have kept our prices lower than even Hugo's site himself!! And if you are looking for the same thing for your babies and children you'll find them at: Love Me Baby Me Natural, Organic Baby, Children's Haircare & Skincare - our second outstanding line of skin, hair and body products.

     Ever heard the quote, “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin?” Well, Hugo said it a LOT when he first began his line. And now I know why, since I have been using Hugo Naturals products and studying their ingredients. It has come to my attention in the last few years, how important it is to realize that whatever you spread on your skin (or scalp) is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and can cause very serious damage (or healing) to your body. People (like I was) just don’t realize that our skin is the LARGEST organ on our bodies!! It’s absolutely terrifying to read all the articles on the potential toxicity of our skin care items, soaps, hair products, cosmetics, etc. Just do a search on google for parabens and cancer. Scary. I've included a lot of them on my site just to help people become aware of th dangers of parabens, propylene glycol, phylates, etc.

     Did you know that not every “natural” or even “organic” skin, hair and beauty products are TRULY natural and/or organic?!! Did you also know that even our supposed health food stores carry TONS of products with parabens & harmful ingredients in them, and when I’ve asked why, their pitiful excuse is that if they didn’t, "their products would not have any shelf life"?!!

Hugo Naturals Organic and All Natural Hair, Skin & Body Care

All OUR Hugo Naturals Products Are:

100% All Natural Ingredients
100% Vegan
100% Hypoallergenic
100% Pure & Organic Essential Oils
100% Real Botanical Extracts and Petals
100% Pure Luxury
100% Hand Picked Ingredients
100% Natural Coloring
100% Made in the USA
100% Cruelty-FREE
100% Chemical-FREE


"Hugo Naturals Apothecary luxurious products are as easy on the earth as they are excellent for your body and hair. Loaded with nature’s finest ingredients – like jojoba ester, coconut oil, shea butter and nutrient-rich botanical extracts – our treatments restore your skin and hair to their most beautiful, healthiest state, without using harsh additives or fillers."

Hugo Naturals body butters

     The two companies on our site (Hugo Naturals and Love Me Baby Me), use NATURAL preservatives and NO harmful ingredients whatsoever. AND they are the most totally luxurious skin products!

Hugo Naturals uses NO parabens or phalates or propylene glycol




NO Parabens
NO Phalates
No Propylene Glycol
NO Sulfates/SLS
NO Petroleum Products
NO Artificial Coloring
NO Artificial Fragrances
NO Animal Testing
NO Animal Products
NO Gluten
NO Mineral Oil/Nut Oil


               Hugo Naturals has a variety of scents to choose from, each one so totally mouthwatering, it’s crazily addicting! Seriously, you'll daydream all day about getting home so you can get into your shower again and indulge yourself with their body scrubs, shower gels and bath salts! When you see the healthy ingredients on the labels (completely ALL moisturizing and FULL of vitamins) plus, ALL the natural & organic ingredients they’ve put in them, let alone all the HARMFUL ingredients they have  left OUT, you’ll understand why I’m hooked!

     It makes me wonder why ALL natural, organic skincare products, especially USDA organic (and I say that with tongue in cheek) aren't as luxurious, perfection, pure, and finest "all natural" as Love Me Baby Me and ONLY the ORIGINAL HUGO NATURALS. I never, in my life, have found ONE all-natural product, let alone TWO, that are PERFECT in every way. When you read the labels you KNOW and understand what the words mean….and they are ALL healthy - absolutely NOTHING dangerous whatsoever!


Hugo Naturals Natural & Organic Skin & Body Care Order page
Click on this button to find out prices and ALL the products Hugo offers!

     Since discovering that our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and that it soaks up whatever we put on it, like a sponge, I’ve been feeling guilty and maybe even a little scared when I read the labels on items I’ve purchased in the past that are non-organic or not ALL-natural for my skin, face or hair. I, personally, don’t want my family OR my customers to get any of the cancers possibly caused from some of the ingredients put into our skin/haircare products.

     There are NUMEROUS articles linking parabens, etc to CANCER. You will find a lot of them halfway down this page and more on my Articles site and all over my Love Me Baby Me site. Why in the world are even some health food chains allowing products in their stores that contain parabens, propylene glycol, and even more?!! As I’ve started studying the labels of products and their ingredients I’ve been absolutely HORRIFIED at what we are putting on our scalp and our skin. We’re just opening the doors for cancer(s)! Here's a little knowledge that I think we ALL need to take to heart. This is SERIOUS. I'm devoting my life to trying to open people's eyes to what is happening and ONLY selling things that I would use or recommend to my customers, whome I've grown to love, which includes the best of the best all natural, whole food health supplements!

     Many beauty products found in health food stores contain harmful ingredients and are not 100 percent natural, no matter what they may claim. There are no federal certifications or official guidelines for beauty products, so anyone can claim that such a product is natural or organic. This is why I read EVERY label before I even THINK about purchasing it....that includes food, supplements AND body products!

     Some "organic" beauty products contain only a single-digit percentage of organic ingredients. Alba Body Lotion, a "natural" body product, contains ingredients such as octyl methoxycinnamate, benzophenone-3, and methyl/propylparaben, for instance. The EPA has linked methyl parabens to metabolic, developmental, hormonal, and neurological disorders, as well as various cancers. Another common ingredient used in "natural" beauty products is sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, or SLES/SLS, which is an eye and skin irritant.

     The parabens referred to in the articles are commonly used as preservatives, even though they have been linked to various cancers. There is no question that people are being damaged by beauty products. The adverse effects of toxins is compounded over decades. Chemicals are transmitted into the bloodstream in a number of ways: powders have the least absorption, while oily solutions or those designed to increase moisture allow more of the chemical to be absorbed.

     Just a miniscule portion of cosmetics, skin products and toiletries have ever had all of their ingredients tested for safety, and the FDA doesn't review the safety of fragrances either. And, one of those primary ingredients hidden in fragrances – Phthalates - is among the more common poisons you're exposed to every single day! It is important to remember that nearly everything you slather onto your skin and scalp goes into your bloodstream, so make sure you read the labels!



About Hugo Saavedra, Founder of Hugo Naturals

Hugo Saavedra - Founder of Hugo Naturals

Hugo Saavedra has always been passionate about seeking out the best, most unusual ingredients and combining them in unique and exciting ways.

His business career began at age 11, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A ship hand gave Hugo a branch of bananas at the port dock and on his way home, a woman stopped her car and asked how much they were. An entrepreneur was born. Early endeavors included converting his mother’s apartment to a restaurant at age 14 (she cooked, he took care of the customers and it was a great success.) When he moved to the United States, Hugo continued his career in the restaurant business – learning to cook in New York and opening his own award-winning restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hugo won several prestigious cooking contests in the New Orleans area, competing against such culinary heavyweights as Paul Prudhomme.

Hugo’s next move was to Los Angeles, where he developed Sanfer Farms, supplying fine restaurants with high quality organic herbs, baby lettuces and edible flowers. Hugo’s timing was superb and he caught the attention of legendary chefs such as Wolfgang Puck (Spago), Joachim Splichal (Patina) and Michael Cimarusti (Water Grill, Providence). Quickly, the name "Sanfer Farms" was showing up on the most innovative and influential menus in town. Hugo’s love of organic produce and exotic herbs spurred him on to his next venture — a line of exquisitely crafted soaps, which he sold at Farmer’s Markets along side his exotic produce. The demand for the soap was overwhelming, and soon outstripped his farming business. Hugo expanded the line to include lotions, body scrubs and bath salts. These products developed a large and intensely loyal following and Hugo expanded his sales into Asia, Canada and Europe.

All of which lead to Hugo Naturals. He has taken great care to create the most beneficial products possible, while retaining a feel of luxury and comfort. Using a cornucopia of TRULY, all natural ingredients, Hugo has created a banquet for the skin with the same sure hand that once whipped up prize-winning dishes. Hugo Naturals is a true expression of the creativity and integrity of its creator. I just wish he had stayed with the company he created!



See below!


The Toxic Parabens Hiding in Your Bathroom Products

All Hugo Naturals incredible products are the creations of Hugo Saavedra, an award-winning chef and founder of Hugo Naturals with unmatched perfection in every bottle!

All of Hugo's luxurious products are 100% Natural and Chemical-Free!

Hugo Naturals is a true expression of the creativity and integrity of it's creations.

This is an excellent article by Colleen Hube, focusing on parabens, but wisely advising you to avoid any synthethetic products as much as practically possible, to reduce your cancer risk. This extensive article, originally published in the Wall Street Journal, examines the dangers of phthalates, chemicals that are used in products ranging from toys to cosmetics to pills.

Phthalates Affect Fetal Development

In experiments on rats, phthalates have demonstrably blocked the action of fetal androgens, which affects gender development in male offspring, with results including undescended testes at birth, low sperm counts, and testicular tumors later in life. Whether phthalates have the same effects in humans has been a matter of heated debate.

Studies Show Effects on Humans

But this year, however, two direct links to humans were made. One study found that boys whose mothers had high phthalate exposures while pregnant were much more likely to have certain demasculinized traits. Another study revealed that 3-month-old boys exposed to phthalates through breast milk produced less testosterone.

Banned in Many Countries

Male reproductive disorders, including testicular cancer, are on the rise worldwide, and many scientists are wondering if phthalates are in part or whole responsible. Five million metric tons of phthalates are used by industry each year, 13 percent in the United States.Japan has already banned certain types of phthalates in food-handling equipment, and the European Union (EU) recently banned some phthalates in cosmetics and toys. The United States does not restrict phthalates and has lobbied the EU not to increase their regulations.

 Hugo Naturals Natural & Organic Skin & Body Care Order page
Click on this button to find out Hugo Naturals prices and ALL the products Hugo offers!




Moms: Be Aware! Is It "BEAUTY" or "CANCER"
That Is In Our Bathrooms?

Hugo Naturals Organic & all Natural Skin Lotions

100% All Natural Ingredients!

I'd like to create a little scenario that will awaken your senses and hopefully make you think twice before the daily rituals of making yourself clean, fresh and beautiful for the day in your bathroom. As we wake each morning from our children greeting us or our alarm clocks buzzing, we slowly step out of bed, turn on our showers and stand under the warm, soothing pellets of water massaging our bodies. We start our morning routine by gently scrubbing our bodies with Ammonia, Formaldehyde and Phenol. We next reach for our shampoo to suds into our scalps some Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ... and keep in mind a great deal of us already have some form of color in our hair. While rinsing out our shampoo, we generously apply a nice dose of Propylene Glycol, and while that is permeating our heads we decide to massage and shave our legs with A-Pinene.

Once our relaxing experience in the shower is complete, we reach for our towels to dry our bodies and unknowingly start spreading around a layer of Contaminant Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PHAS) on our skin. Then, ever so softly, we dust our bodies with a lovely dose of Asbestos Substances.Let's not forget to spray scented Aluminum under our arms (for what we think is a fresh, clean scent), and brush our teeth with FD&C Blue #1, SLS, Resorcinol, Saccharin and Fluoride, with a trace of triSodium Phosphate. This is typically followed by gargling and rinsing to the splashes of Ethanol and Phenol Alcohol.

We set and style our hair and finish it off with a healthy dose of Polyvinylpyrrolidine (PVP) ... which slowly seeps into our lungs. Sitting in front of our well lit mirror, we gently apply a thin layer of Phenol Carbolic Acid, Dioxin, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben and Propylene Glycol all over our face -- because goodness knows, we must get rid of those tell tale lines.

Since we have an important meeting today, we must be sure to wear foundation and a little FD&C Red #3, not to mention some eye-Iron Oxide to look extra pretty. We continue on by lining our eye lids with a little toxic Ascorbyl Palmitate and extending our lashes with a simple stroke of bacteria & Polyvinylpyrrolide (PVP). Our lips are beautifully colored with a dab of Benzo-A-Pyrene and some Benzo-B-Fluroanthene, and then we douse ourselves with a spray of our favorite scent that is loaded with Toluene and Benzaldehyde.

"Exquisitely scented with essential oils and plant essences, deeply moisturizing, extremely effective — Hugo Naturals lotions, scrubs and creams feel as rich and indulgent as spa treatments.

Created from the purest hand-picked ingredients in the USA!"

This is all accompanied with a little carcinogenic Nitrosamine, NMPABAO, on our face, arms and legs, to help block those dangerous rays from the sun. Aaahh, we are now ready for the day! We feel simply radiant, and as we look in our mirrors we really like what we see ... a "breathtaking" kind of beauty. STOP! THINK ABOUT THIS! What is the price we are paying for beauty? In order to create this "look" on a daily basis, we are slowly and consistently KILLING ourselves.

Through my work and my web site, I have been trying to enlighten and educate everyone that what we put on our skin absolutely absorbs into our bloodstreams. All the chemicals mentioned above are slowly but surely seeping into our bodies on a cumulative basis, day after day, year after year.

I want you all to try this simple experiment: Get a fresh clove of garlic, cut into it, and rub it all over the bottom of your foot. Just TIME how long it takes for you to actually taste it in your mouth. I am dying (notliterally) to hear your comments on this experiment below.

Please understand that our skin is not a barrier that keeps all these chemicals and ingredients out. Rather, our skin absorbs everything that we apply to it. Consider the therapy hormone patch or the nicotine and diet patches that are adhered to our skin's surface. Do you know why these therapies work? Because our skin is as porous as a sponge.

Hugo Naturals Natural & Organic Skin & Body Care Order page
Click on this button to find out prices and ALL the products Hugo offers!

Some very interesting facts as to WHY we need to use ALL natural and organic skin products!

  • At least 3 personal care products are used on our infants and children daily.
  • Men use 10 personal care products daily.
  • Women use 6 cosmetics and 13 personal cosmetics daily. And during the day, they re-applied and used over and over again.
  • Assuming that "mainstream" products each contain at least 2 carcinogens, which are cancer-causing agents, daily exposure to AVOIDABLE carcinogens is:
    • Six for infants and children
    • Twenty for men
    • Thirty-eight for women
  • Even though the ingredients are listed on the labels of the products we buy, the manufacturers don't bother telling you which of these ingredients may pose a risk to cancer. There are simply no warnings.
  • It is unthinkable to me that parents would knowingly continue to expose their infants and children to these dangers, let alone themselves. We, as a whole, are constantly exposing ourselves to possible health risks.


Please -- read labels and never take for granted what the beauty and cosmetic industry wants you to believe! This is particularly important for those of us who are care takers of others (children, relatives, etc.) We as a collective group need to protect those closest to us, our loved ones. Make the choice today and make a healthier change for tomorrow!

Rosemary Anthony, Owner and founder of Love Me Baby Me




Are These Harmful Ingredients In YOUR Personal Care Products??

Here is a list of HARMFUL INGREDIENTS TO AVOID which may be found in your personal care products:

Called a humectant in cosmetics, it is really "industrial anti-freeze" and the major ingredient in brake and hydraulic fluid. Tests show it can be a strong skin irritant. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on Propylene Glycol warn to avoid skin contact as it is systemic and can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Comes from crude oil (petroleum) used in industry as metal cutting fluid. May suffocate the skin by forming an oil film. Healthy skin needs to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This process should not be inhibited. Holding large amounts of moisture in the skin can "flood" the biology, and may result in immature, unhealthy, sensitive skin that dries out easily.

Same properties as Mineral Oil. Industrially it is used as a grease component.

Potentially, SLS is perhaps the most harmful ingredient in personal-care products. SLS is used in testing-labs as the standard skin irritant to compare the healing properties of other ingredients. Industrial uses of SLS include: garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car wash soaps.

Studies show its danger potential to be great, when used in personal-care products. Research has shown that SLS and SLES may cause potentially carcinogenic nitrates and dioxins to form in the bottles of shampoos and cleansers by reacting with commonly used ingredients found in many products. Large amounts of nitrates may enter the blood system from just one shampooing.

Clays in foundations that may clog and suffocate the skin.

Derived from animal skins and ground-up chicken feet. Both of these ingredients form films that may suffocate and over-moisturize the skin. BAR SOAPS Made from animal fat and lye. May let bacteria feed and grow in it. May corrode & dry the skin.

Many of the hyped ingredients found in most cosmetic brands cannot penetrate the skin because of their high-molecular weight, so they are of little benefit. For example: procollagen, collagen, elastin, cross-linked elastin, and hyaluronic acids...

Other virtually useless ingredients are insoluble oil-based Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), Placental Extracts, and Royal Bee Jelly.

For more articles, please visit our Articles Page!!

Hugo Naturals List of Ingredients and Features

Brassicyl Isoleucinate Esylate - A natural hair conditioner and emulsifier derived from plants in Genus of the Mustard Family

Sodium Lauryl Lactylate - Vegetable derived sulfate-free, food emulsifier. - An extremely mild cleanser and rich foaming agent.

Plumeria acutifolia flower extract - True Monoi Oil of Tahiti is also known as the "Secret Oil of the South Pacific"

Hippophae Rhamnoides Seed Oil - Argan Oil of Morocco - Rich in Vitamin E, Carotenes, and Squalene. Provides hydrating and hair nourishing properties.

Japanese Honeysuckle Extract - Naturally derived preservative - extensively tested to ensure effectiveness

Glycerin - Vegtable derived, Kosher Food Grade source that provides exceptional humectancy.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Certified Organic Aloe Vera by International Aloe Science Council (IASC).  Proven skin conditioner and moisturizing agent.

Tea Tree Oil - One of nature's most effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.

Kumquat Extract - Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Himalyan Pink Salt - Rare salt from the Himalayan mountains. - Rich in magnesium and potassium minerals to soothe and invigorate skin.

Arnica Montana Extract - Powerful anti-inflammatory. Helps promote healing due to it's vasodialator properties.

Rice Protein - Naturally derived vegetable protein adds body and strength to hair keratin.

Carageenan - A viscosity agent and stabilizer from carrageen seaweed.

Jojoba Oil - An extremely light, dry oil that will not become rancid. Adds instant emolliency to any skin care product.

Rice Silk Powder - A naturally derived powder that provides lubricity and promotes absorbance.

Inulin - A naturally devired polysaccharide from Chicory Root that is an excellent hair hair moisturizing agent.

Tocopherol - A highly pure, naturally derived source of nutritional quality Vitamin E.

Dead Sea Salt - Rich in minerals such as Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Oxide, Potassium Oxide. Helps reduce inflammation associated with skin disorders .

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil - A natural skin emollient rich in Omega-9-fatty acids.

Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract - Derived from natural Colloidal Oats - a proven skin conditioning/healing agent.

Seabuckthorn Oil - Excellent anti-irriation and skin conditioning agent. Promotes skin-cell rejuvenation and is rich in carotenoids.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil - Scientifically proven anti -bacterial and anti-fungal agent

Hydrolyzed Quinoa - Unique protein that helps repair damaged or chemically treated hair.

Allantoin - Derived from the Comfrey plant. An outstanding skin conditioning agent that enhances the natural process of removing the upper layer of dead skin (desquamation).

Sea Whip Extract - Also known as Gorgonian Extract, it comes from the tropical ocean floor. Rich in essential nutrients it provides moisturization and anti-irritation to the scalp and skin.

Saccharomyces Ferment Extract - Vegetable derived fermentation produces enzymes that have been clinically proven effective as deodorizing agents.

Shea Butter - One of the premier emollients available. Rich in essential fatty acids, it melts at body temperature and absorbs rapidly without leaving a greasy feel.

Decyl Glucoside and Lauryl Glucoside - Vegetable derived, non- ethoxylated surfactants. Ultra-mild cleansers that produce a rich lather without stripping the skins natural oils.

Arginine - A unique, natural pH neutralizing agent.


Love Me Baby Me Organic Hair and Skin Care Products for Kids
Here's a Map to Get Around Love Me Baby Me Site for Children's and/or Adults, Organic/All natural Skin/Hair Products!
Click on the Top upper left Love Me Baby Me Logo to get to the HOME PAGE!



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Many anxiety sufferers and those suffering with panic disorder do not know how to how to effectively control this personal, lonely, and sometimes painful emotional battle. We want to give you the tools you need to win the victory over panic attacks, worry, anxiety and fear. We are not going to teach you just one "miracle method" anxiety disorders must be attacked at a variety of levels using multiple methods. Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, worry, and fears wreck the lives of innocent people and their loved ones. You and I need to fight back ANY way possible with ANY means at our disposal. That's what we're going to teach you!

Pinewood Derby Racers...How to WIN Your Pinewood Car Derby!
The excitement of competition! A detailed, inspirational booklet that explains the specifics of building your pinewood derby car for speed. Make your car the fastest it can be with secrets that will give you a winning edge! Useful for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts Pinewood Car Derby, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, Awana Grand Prix, Shape N Race, Kub Kar Rally and other groups.

Garden of Life Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements - Lowest Prices!
Garden of Life has what we believe are the finest vitamin and nutritional supplements on the market. We dare you to try them and watch the remarkable difference they will make in your health! Fastest shipping on the internet - Low Prices - up to 50% below retail and priority mail shipping!

During the last few years my husband decided to learn how to start cooking and we've discovered he has a tremendous gift....This guy can COOK!!!!! We decided to compile every fantastic recipe that he has cooked for our guests and our own family that literally have people begging for us to invite them over again. The highlight of my day is looking forward to the fantastic meals he prepares. He has a gift for making my mouth water before I even sit down at the dinner table. The smells are fantastic! These are truly recipes to die for and we're now offering them to you also. Bon appetit!

WORSHIP MUSIC IN THREE DIMENSIONS - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God
This book was written to help churches bring their congregation into the very lap of God. This can be accomplished by adapting a certain musical progression during the time of congregational singing. The author, Rev. Tom Pedigo, calls this model "The Temple Pattern" which involves a simple threefold process of musically moving from the Outer Court (celebration and jubilation) to the Inner Court (reflection and expectation) and into the Holy of Holies (adoration and spiritual communion). A must-read for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper. After visiting hundreds of churches, Rev. Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival.

How to Stop Smoking and Quit the Nicotine Habit!
"How to Stop Smoking" will give you winning strategies for quitting the tobacco habit and overcoming your nicotine addiction by providing powerful, step-by-step, WORKABLE tools for you to use in your battle to quit smoking. The author, Dr. Roger Aveyard, has been working in the behavioral health field for over 25 years and has experienced the struggle of smoking, the agony associated with the habit, and an unrelenting desire to learn how to quit. He's been there, done that, and has come out a winner!



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