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Big Money Garage Sales

       If you came directly to this page from a search engine or another site, you need to click here or on the banner above to go to "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales." Come and visit!


Making the MOST Out of Your
Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Tag Sales or Rummage Sales!


Big Hi-5!!
        " Dear Cathy, I owe you a big hi-5. My sister and I had great success with our garage sale. We made close to 700.00 . Last year, my daughter and I had a sale at her house in Knoxville, TN . We actually did ok , around 400.00, but when we started to clean up afterwards, we found all the shoes that we had placed so carefully on the floor, had been kicked further under the table, stepped on, etc. When we recounted the shoes, and realized that we had only sold 1 pair out of 20 pairs of shoes! With our sale... we sold 17 out of 23 pairs the very first day. We only had one pair left by the end of the second day!! Thanks again for all your suggestions, they worked great." (Roz Lee, Lehigh Acres, FL March 27, 2009)

First Yard Sale
        "I just had my yard sale this weekend (July 7 & 8). I followed your yard sale tips from your book. I made $412.15 in two days.This was our first yard sale. I did not have any big items for sale, the most expensive item I sold was a Winnie the Pooh storage set for $ 30.00, Next time my husband says he will look into selling tools and electronics, which is what the men were asking for. My husband and I appreciate all of your helpful tips. I'll be having another yard sale in a couple of months. All the profits from our sales are going towards graduation expenses for next year from California State University Los Angeles." (Beatrize from Rosemead California)

One Day $900!
        "We had our garage sale. We did a 1 day Saturday only sale and made over $900. The last garage sale I had I only made $30. You're book made a big difference!" (Natalie Kozika)

FINALLY Had My Garage Sale!
        "Just wanted to say thanks for your booklet. I saw your article on Dollar Stretcher a few months ago, ordered the guide and FINALLY had my garage sale this weekend. We made $420! I know lots of your readers have made more, but we were pretty happy, especially since a lot of the stuff we sold was given to us or found on the street! Using the signs was a big success for us as well, we're kind of a side street of a side street, but everyone said we were very easy to find. Anyway, thanks a lot -- my husband was very impressed with our take -- and it would have been more if he weren't Mr. Lowball! LOL! Thanks a lot." (J. Goodwin, L.A., CA)

Over $925 in 1 Day!
        "Thanks so much! With the help of your pamphlet we grossed over $925 in our one day garage sale!" (Brian S. from Dallas, TX)

First Garage Sale Ever!
        "Thanks for the garage sale tips! This was my first sale ever! I put an ad in one paper and priced everything I could think of, after being inspired by your ideas! I sold over $300 worth in the first 2 hours! Everyone remarked on how organized it was ("like a store!") and asked if it was all my stuff, since it looked like a multiple family sale! I had families return later in the day after scoping it out and some people came the second day! My husband and I were going through the garage and house searching for more items to put out to please everyone! The first day I never had a break. We had people there an hour and a half before and after the hours I had posted! But I made the money! $600 for two days in a small town in Indiana! Thanks again! It was a lot of work, but well worth the extra touches!" (Kelli Ochs)

Little Items Brought in Most Money
        "Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your book. It was a great help to have someone's input on having great garage sales. I had my sale this past Fri. and Sat. as a part of the All City Rummage and made a little over $1000 of which $880 was on little items. Again, thanks for all of your tips. They really worked well!" (L.K. Windsor, Bloomington, IN)

Excellent Book
        "I want to thank you for your excellent book. I had about a week to finish organizing a yard sale for our church. It's a small fellowship and we wanted to make some extra money. Our first sale two years ago made about $350.00 in two days and I thought we could do better. After typing in "how to organize garage sales" on my computer I found your book. I had it downloaded on Word. I remembered to order it on the first day of my sale. Even though I was more than tired, I read the book that night. The next morning I implimented the ideas I could and we had a $450.00 day. This is without going thru my house as you have mentioned. We will be doing another sale and I have no doubt that we'll break $1,000.00. I thank you for your wisdom and ingenuity of even thinking about putting it on the computer. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others." (Mrs. Wanda Gladney, Seattle Washington)

A Thousand Dollar Trick
        "Just a note to say that your How to Have Big Money Garage Sales book certainly did the trick. I downloaded my order on Tuesday before our sale on Saturday. The garage was ready, all items clearly marked, each room of the house had been attacked, we had the proper change in our money box, we were ready! At the end of the day we had cleared $1000.00!! Thank you for some valuable info." (William W. Mayers, Franklin, TN)

Many Compliments!
        "Being a stay at home mom, I usually have extra time to plunge into hobbies and activites. After looking at all the boxes piled in my basement I knew I had to have a garage sale! I had never had a garage sale in my life and wanted to make sure it would attract people, but also bring in a decent profit! I searched online for a how-to book and your website was the first one that came up. When I read about some of the items the book contained, I admit I was skeptical, but I figured with all the info the book contained for such a low price, it couldn't be too bad!
       Now I write this letter to say THANK YOU! I bought your book in January and planned my sale for the end of April. I followed your advice and had an extremely successful sale. On the first day of my sale alone, I made over $1200! Nobody could believe I made such a profit on such small ticket items, especially my husband who now supports all garage sales that I plan!
       I received compliment after compliment on how well organized and clean my sale was. One customer said it was the best sale she had seen and would definitely be returning to any future sales I had! Your book was so informative yet so simple! I'll never have another garage sale without your incredible advice to guide me along. Again, thank you!" (Amanda Morgan, Plain City, Ohio)

       If you came directly to this page from a search engine or another site, you need to click here to go to "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales." Come and visit!

Mocking Mother Eats Words!!
        "In May, I bought your book on how to have a big money yard sale. I had been saving my junk for about about a year and was now ready to begin "preparing". On a whim, I searched the internet for advice on how to have a successful yard sale, and I found your book! I thought it was wonderful! Everything that you said were common sense things that you just don't think about. The kind of stuff that makes you want to hit yourself in the head and go "duh, why didn't I think of that!".
       My mother made fun of me for "falling" for an internet scam of buying self help books! I told her to just go ahead and make fun of me because I would show her that it was going to work! She told me afterwards that she told everyone that she works with what I was doing and they all had a good laugh and made fun of me. But, I showed them! I had a 3 day sale, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and we sold a total of $1,385.89! She couldn't believe it! And it was all small ticket items. The biggest things that we had were one $40 item, one $30 item and one $25 item!
       Throughout the sale, all of my customers commented on my ad, how organized and how neat my sale was. ("It was the best sale that they had ever been to.") And we had several customers actually put on some of the clothes that they had purchased before they had even left the yard! I just wanted to say thank you! It was a booming success!" (Kathy Wernz, New Albany, IN)

Last Minute Profits!
        "Had our garage sale today. Made $947.00 profit. Only read your book yesterday. Even at the last minute, still enough helpful info in your book to maximize profits!! For example, we probably would have charged too little for most things. No one ever complained. They bought them up like crazy! Your quick response sending the PDF file via e mail immediately afterour phone conversation is so appreciated. I can't imagine how much more we would have made had we done everything you said in your book. Looking forward to many more successful garage sales. Thanks again!" (Tom Grudzinski, Tulsa, OK)

Super, Super, Super Pleased!
        "I ordered your booklet waaaaay last winter as I was decluttering the house. We thought to have a spring/early summer sale, but it got postponed until NOW. Just wanted to let you know that despite being in a rural-ish area in Appalachia, in the two days we've had so far we have made just about $1000--$785 of it on Friday!!!! Thanks again--we are super, super, SUPER pleased!" (Vickie McFadden, Athens, Ohio)

Major Gross!
        "I had ordered your booklet about 6 weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that your material was extremely helpful and that our neighborhood yard sale this past weekend was a huge success. The weather was perfect. We grossed over $1600 (we netted over $1300. We think we're going to try to do a neighborhood yard sale every Spring — it was a great way to do some Spring cleaning, as well as get our neighbors involved in a fun event. It was a ton of work the last 24 hours, but well worth it in the end! Thanks again for your advice (through your pamphlet)!" (Jan Hayashi, Winchester, MA)

Worthwhile Stuff!

Skeptic Sees Non-stop Traffic
        "Cathy, I sent for your book 10 days before my sale and read it cover to cover the minute I got it. I was a skeptic at first and didn't want to spend a lot of money for the ad in our local paper but went ahead and followed your advice. I don't have a garage so I had my sale in my driveway and carport. My Mom came over to help and we had NON-STOP traffic all day! And are you ready for this?? I made over $600 in just one day!! I was shocked and my husband couldn't believe it. He thought I was crazy to go through every nook and cranny in the house looking for things to sell and said no one would buy that "stuff". Boy was he wrong and he admitted it!!! My friends were amazed and now they all want to read your book! Thanks for your help. Now I just have to figure out what to spend all this money on!!!!" (Teresa Lockner, Elmira, NY)

People Came Back More Than Once!
        "We did it! Your book verified for me that I had done everything possible to make the garage sale successful. I had the most organized sale imaginable. People came back more than once over the 2 days of the sale. The first day alone we had over 300 people and have made well over $1000 in these two days. Thanks for your hints..."
(Jean B., West Chester, PA)

Beneficial & Helpful!
        "Cathy, just wanted to let you know that your book helped out immensely. My customers were awed by how organized my items were. I had a Friday p.m. and Saturday a.m. sale. In two days we made $720! I was estatic! Your book was well written and very organized (imagine that). I will recommend your book to others. It was very beneficial!"
(Amy Woods, Trenton, IL)

Made Over $850!
        "I bought your book and used several suggestions to have the most successful garage sale I'm sure I will ever have!! We live out of town about 20 miles so traffic is a concern. People were calling friends on cell phones right there in the garage. I am so happy I had your book to guide me. We made over $850 dollars!! Thank you for helping us." (Jo Ann Martin, Tuscola,TX)

Weary But Worthwhile
        "Well, we are tired but $650 better off from day one and we still haven't put everything out yet. By the end of the sale the next day we had brought in $1350. Thanks for putting together this book. It's a nice way to make an extra $8-$12,000 a year!" (Glendon Cameron, Atlanta, GA)

Thank YOU!!!
        "Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for ALL your helpful advice. I waited until 6 days before the sale to contact you. I can't tell you all the people that commented on the cleanliness of the garage and also of everything we were selling. The first day we made well over $650.. That was mainly within the first two hours. We commented on how the people came in,looked around and bought and bought and bought. There was not ONE person who complained about our prices or even tried to talk us down. We totaled $850, in spite on one rainy day. Just wanted to thank you for all your helpful advice. We followed it carefully and owe the success to you. Our neighbors couldn't believe the proceeds. Everyone in my neighborhood wants your book because they too now want to have a successful sale in the spring. Most were skeptical until the proceeds were discussed. They were amazed. Thank you again and again" (Tom and Kathi Warnick, Mentor, OH)

Charity Garage Sale a Hit
        "My son's daycare held a fundraising garage sale and raised $750 in only one morning!! I can't imagine what we would have raised if we had held it over 2 days! Thanks for all the great tips!" (Erin Paynter, Colonel By Child Care Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

$850 in One Day!
        "Just wanted to tell you about our sale. I placed my ad and then the weather changed and rain and snow was in the forecast. I had the sale anyway and moved it into my garage. It was unbelievable! I made $850 and wasn't even able to put any of the big stuff out. That was all little ticket items - almost everything was a quarter to $2. Thanks for your tips! Just think what I could have made if I'd had it outside with everything out!" (Sherri Allsman, West Valley City, Utah.)

Former Skeptic Silenced
        "Thank you! Thank you! We had our garage sale this weekend. My husband was a big skeptic. At lunch time on the first day, my husband came to me with wide eyes. He said we had already made $555 in just 4 hours. Even after having your book for only 2 days before the sale, the grand total for the weekend was $700. Imagine what we would have made if we had saved our trash for years! I keep thinking back on the things I have thrown away and kick myself. I had several people comment on how organized I was. Again, thank you!" (Lynda Watlington, Friendswood, TX)

No One Could Believe How Much I Actually Made!
        "I just wanted to let you know that I had a 2 day garage sale at the end of June. It had been raining steadily for several days. On the day of the sale it was dry, but the humidity was 100% (no joke-This is TEXAS!) Many people complimented me on the organization of the sale. I had mostly clothes and still did well. A neighbor across the street told me that since I lived in a depressed area, I would really do well if I made $50-$100. No one could believe how much I actually made.....(drum roll please!!)....$714!! Thank you for all of your hints and advice! May God bless you for sharing your knowledge and experience. This was my first garage sale, but not my last!! Thanks again!" (Susan Magaña, Lockhart, TX)

Excellent Book
        "I want to thank you for your excellent book. I had about a week to finish organizing a yard sale for our church. It's a small fellowship and we wanted to make some extra money. Our first sale two years ago made about $350.00 in two days and I thought we could do better. After typing in "how to organize garage sales" on my computer I found your book. I had it downloaded on Word. I remembered to order it on the first day of my sale. Even though I was more than tired, I read the book that night. The next morning I implimented the ideals I could and we had a $450.00 day. This is without going thru my house as you have mentioned. We will be doing another sale and I have no doubt that we'll break $1,000.00 I thank you for your wisdom and ingenuity of even thinking about putting it on the computer. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others." (Mrs. Wanda Gladney, Seattle Washington)

Being Organized Pays Off!
        "My family is moving to a new home in another city soon, so I knew I needed to have a garage sale before packing. I really wasn't looking forward to it until I got online and discovered your booklet, "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales." I got the e-mail version and received the hard copy booklet and caught "the bug" right away because your writing was so enthusiastic.
       Well, all I can say is THANKS! All your ideas, the planning, and being organized paid off! We made $780.00 at our one-day sale!!!
       I had one woman come through wearing a cartoon sweatshirt with the caption, "Garage Sale Goddess." When SHE told me that I had the cleanest sale she'd ever seen, I knew that your advice was FOR REAL. I will never think of putting on a garage sale as drudgery again. Thanks so much for all your help!" (Becky Welch, Eugene, OR)

        "I just had my garage sale this past Thurs., Fri., and Sat. It was unbelievable. I made over $600 in the first day and about $160 the next 2 days combined. My inventory was pretty well gone though. I got so many compliments about how organized I was. This was my first attempt and I will be having one in the fall. Thanks for a great booklet. My husband was a skeptic about spending $$ on a book but he has changed his attitude now." (Stacey Hahn, Coal City, IL)

       If you came directly to this page from a search engine or another site, you need to click here to go to "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales." Come and visit!

Tactics Work!
        "WOW!!! Had a 1/2 day garage sale and pulled in $900!!!! With the same stuff in the past, would have bearly made $200-300 and sent leftovers to Goodwill or back to attic. Tactics in your book worked great!!!! Never saw a lull in customers. Everything seemed to come together. Plus had a lot of fun. I go to garage sales all the time too and sure am glad I had your advice. Keep up the good work and Happy Hunting!!!! Second Note: $1300 in 1/2 day!!! Your book did it again! 1st time followed tactics in your book made $900 in August 2002. Had another half day sale on the first Saturday in November 2003 and sold more than $1,300! Simply amazing! Thanks!" Paul Zimmerman, Henderson, TX

My First Ever a Success!
        "I just wanted to tell you that I ordered your book and followed your instructions exactly for my first-ever garage sale. I had enough stuff for a single car garage and I only wanted to run it one day, Saturday. My friends who came to help me were amazed at my organization, everyone who came complimented me on my signs (husband made them) and told me how easy it was to find me, but best of all after expenses, I made $1,054. One day 9 to 5, your book!Thank you!!!" (Pat Swain, Port Townsend, Washington)

Prized Possession For Our Tag Sales!
        "Hi Cathy. Your booklet has now become a prized possession for our tag sales! What a great help it was in placement of items and so much more. We are so excited about tag sales now, as we feel much more expert in how to go about planning, advertising, setting up, tagging items, etc. Many thanks again for your wonderful book, chock full of great ideas! We love it!" (Beverly D., Hamden, CT)

Best How-to Book Ever!
        "Thank you very much for writing the best How-To book ever! We made $500.00 in just 4 hours of our very first Garage Sale! My husband was very surprised at how smooth the sale went, and how organized I was. I first received your book in text form by e-mail. It is invaluable! I followed every suggestion in your book. I experienced a confidence I never had. We could not have been as successful without this knowledge. Thank you!" Faye M. Jones, Honolulu, HI

Got E-mail So Quick
        "I am so glad I got your e-mail so quick! I called Tuesday telling you my garage sale would be on Saturday and that I didn't have enough time to get the booklet through the mail. So you e-mailed the book and I read it that night. I found your tips very useful. After 6 exhausting (but fun) hours, I had $1,042.50 in my money belt!!!! I could not believe it. Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my call. Thanks to you I have my brand new pots and pans, a new cutlery set, a new coffee table, and a new rug in my family room!" Ana Cristina Schaps, Miami, FL

$1494 in 2 Days
        "I had a one-day sale last Saturday and made $1,000 in bills (doesn't count the change.) But I did have literally TONS of stuff. I have about half of it left over and just want to get rid of it so - this Saturday I am have a Half-price Garage sale. (2nd Note) I had my second day of the garage sale - I advertised as a half-off garage sale and made $494. Just think if I didn't let things go for half price. I even gave some larger items things away. So - for two days I made $1494. One ad was $29. Second ad was $15.50. And your book was $11.95. Not much of an expense! Thanks for your help." (Barbara Webster, Conneaut, OH)

Friends are Astonished!
        "Thank you Cathy, I just had my first garage sale ever and grossed $682 just from my family's things. And I still have enough things to have a fall garage sale easily. My friends that went in with me are astonished and now want to borrow your book." Kathleen Schnelle, Claremore, CA

Loved Your Book!
        "Loved your Garage Sale book! Made over $500 in one day. It was amazing. I had so many people, I was overwhelmed. When two people came back to pick up what they had bought, they both bought another item! These people are thirsty for yard sales! My mom even called some relatives to tell them how successful I was! (I am not a salesperson either!) Thank you so much for publishing your book!(and making it available by e-mail!)" Tammy Fahey, Greensboro, NC

You Have a Gift!
        "I just ordered your Garage Sale book and the text version on line. I must tell you how helpful and well designed it is. I NEVER, EVER completely read things of this type. Your text version completely held my interest to the end. You have a gift, girl!" Debra Gaspard, Slidell, LA

The Perfect Sale
        "Thanks so much for sharing your tips! Unknowingly, I have been collecting items for "the perfect sale" for eighteen years in a single wide mobile home, and in May discovered all of the treasures when we purchased a 3 bedroom house with a 2-car garage! My husband and I are still trying to figure out just where we had all the stuff, but so much for the history...
       We had a sale yesterday and made $431.29 in just 5 hours. If you do the math, that is $86.26/hr! $43.13/hr each! Hard to beat. I found your site last Tuesday and received a text copy of your book via e-mail that evening and began my mission of having the perfect sale...just imagine what I could have done if I had known about the book sooner! ...IT WAS WELL WORTH THE TIME SPENT! And believe it or not, there was very little price haggeling...most people paid whatever price I had set.
       We had numerous comments on the organization of the sale too... things like: - "this is the best sale I've been to ALL YEAR"...from an obvious true yard/garage saler! - "this is the most organized sale I've been to all morning, and I've been to a lot already." Many customers said thank-you like they really meant it too! One lady told my husband and I that we were really nice people, that she enjoyed visiting our sale, and thanked us for having it........utterly amazing.....there are still nice people in the world. Thanks again...and I'm looking forward to my actual copy of your book to use for sales to come! Thanks." Jodie in South Carolina

First Garage Sale a Huge Success!
        "Just wanted you to know that I had my first garage sale after ordering your book and it was a complete success! The Lord really blessed me with the strength, good weather and a very successful sale. I was hoping to clear enough to make it worthwhile, but I have enough to purchase a beautiful new sofa! I followed your hints... Just wanted you to know that your book was a great help, the sale was a huge success, and the Lord took care of me the whole way!" Karen, Crawfordsville, Indiana

Booklet More Than Paid for Itself!
        "Just a quick note to let you know how our sale went...We came away with $460! I felt pretty good about the total as it was a busy weekend in town with graduations, etc., so not as much traffic as there might have been. We really appreciated you e-mailing the text of your booklet as promptly as you did. Both my husband and I feel that your booklet more than paid for itself as most of our friends told us they'd never made more than $200 on any of their sales! It was our first ever garage sale and we feel we learned a lot from your tips that we would've probably had to have learned through trial and error otherwise. Many thanks!" Stan and Laura Moss, Bismarck, ND

Successful First Ever Garage Sale!
        "I just wanted to let you know that with the tips I received from your book I had a $500 2-day sale. It was my first ever garage sale and I feel it was quite successful. There were 6 other subdivision sales going on the same weekend, so I feel pretty lucky I did as well as I did. I don't have a whole lot left, but will try to go through the basement again and through the house and see what I can sell this fall! Thanks again" Karen H., Shawnee, Kansas

First Garage Sale a Delight!
        "I ordered your Garage Sale booklet after reading an article about it in the Woman's Day Magazine. We had our first EVER garage sale last weekend. I used a lot of your ideas...we made a little over $300 and were delighted! I was telling my sister about our garage sale. She doesn't feel they're worth it because she only made $12.00 on the only one she held. So I ordered another of your books for her. Thanks a lot for your sensible ideas." Lois Hunt, El Cajon, California

More Than Worth the Cost!
        "Today was the first day of our scheduled two day garage sale. Two friends and I had total sales of close to $500! My sales alone totaled about $318! Your book was an enormous help. Although some garage sale planning is common sense, you pointed out many things that I would never have considered doing, and they really worked! People came and shopped and shopped and shopped because we made everything so easy for them. We're looking forward to great sales tomorrow as well, even though we unloaded about half our inventory today. Thank you so much for putting such great tips under one cover. It was more than worth the cost!" Alicia Huff, Lawton, OK

Garage Sale Goddess Receives Help
        "I appreciate the promptness of the electronic copy. I have read your material. While I have conducted a number of garage sales, and have my own "garage sale goddess" t-shirt, you provided some great tips and insight. We are going to have a Grandma's OVERFLOWING attic sale!" (Diane Felder, Westerville, OH)

What a Difference
        "What a difference you and I made in this sale!!!!!!!!!! I am a business person, but the only carport sale I ever had was a dud. I didn't ever want to fool with another. We are hobbiests and have many different areas of interest, so, therefore, we accumulate lots of stuff. Last spring we inherited all of my mother's household possessions and stored them in our already cluttered attic. It was clear, I had to have another carport would be my ultimate and final. This is the morning after!!!!!!! The first thing I wanted to do was sit down and thank you. BOTTOM LINE.......I made over $500 and got rained out on Saturday!!!!! It was so much fun I very likely might have another!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!" (Mary Jane Grimmett, Sherwood, AR)

Happy With the Results
        "Just wanted to let you know, I took in over $600 during my three day sale. I still have a lot of stuff left, but I am happy with the results! Thanks for all the advice!" (Paula Kydoniefs, Kenner, LA)

Did the Trick!
        "Just a note to say that your How to Have Big Money Garage Sales book certainly did the trick. I downloaded my order on Tuesday before our sale on Saturday. At the end of the day we had cleared $1000.00 !! Thank you for somevaluable info." (William W. Mayers, Franklin, TN)

$445 in 4 hours
        "I thought you would be interested to know that our yard sale went off very successfully last Saturday, thanks to the wonderful suggestions in your book. Many people remarked at how beautifully it was set up. We were only open 4 hours, but we made $445. in spite of the freezing weather. We thought this would be a one time only venture but we had so much fun that we're planning to do it again in the spring." (Beth MacNeil, Brockville, Ontario, Canada)

Booklet Was a Great Help
        "Several months ago I ordered your booklet about "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales". First, let me tell you how helpful it was! I was only able to have a 2-day garage sale, but it brought in more money than I thought it would -- your booklet was a great help!" (Marcy P., Monteca, California)

E-mailed Text Helped Bring in Double the Amount
        "Thanks for e-mailing the text. I looked through it on Friday, my sale was on Saturday. I am certain that I nearly doubled the amount I would have made because of your ideas. I am going to "attack" my house some more and see what else I can come up with for this coming weekend. Thanks for the hints, they really gave me incentive. " (Patty Kosonen, Ft. Bragg, CA)

Even in Small Appalachain area made $300!
        "Just wanted to let you know I had my yard sale Saturday. I am from a small, Appalachian area and made $300 in 6 1/2 hours. It may not seem like much compared to other testimonials in your booklet but it is more than I have ever made before and excellent for this area of the world. I heard a lot of positive comments about the boxes and organization. I am actually looking forward to my next one in the fall. Thanks!" (Karen Julian, Elizabethton, TN)


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How to Self-Publish and Market a Winning How-to Booklet
Valuable information regarding how to write, self-publish, copyright, and sell how-to booklets in your own mail order home business. A complete (honest) course in writing and selling informational how to books.

Pinewood Derby Racers...How to WIN Your Pinewood Car Derby!
The excitement of competition! A detailed, inspirational booklet that explains the specifics of building your pinewood derby car for speed. Make your car the fastest it can be with secrets that will give you a winning edge! Useful for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts Pine Car Derby, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, Awana Grand Prix, Shape N Race, Kub Kar Rally and other groups.

Expectant Hearts CD - Romance & Relaxation for Parents-to-be
Snuggle up with this one of a kind pregnancy CD featuring original songs from today's hit songwriters. Each romantic song captures and enhances these precious moments and creates musical memories you'll treasure forever. Perfect for while you're pregnant, in labor, delivery and beyond, this is music you will treasure forever! As a bonus for you and your baby, we have included over thirty-minutes of soothing and relaxing Celtic Harp music.

How to Stop Smoking and Quit the Nicotine Habit!
Our How to Stop Smoking manual will give you winning strategies for quitting the tobacco habit and overcoming your nicotine addiction by providing powerful, step-by-step, workable tools for you to use in your battle to quit smoking.

Garden of Life Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements - Lowest Prices!
Garden of Life has what we believe are the finest vitamin and nutritional supplements on the market. We dare you to try them and watch the remarkable difference they will make in your health! Low Prices - up to 48% below retail and fast shipping!

During the last few years my husband decided to learn how to start cooking and we've discovered he has a tremendous gift....This guy can COOK!!!!! We decided to compile every fantastic recipe that he has cooked for our guests and our own family that literally have people begging for us to invite them over again. I tell him over and over that the highlight of my day is looking forward to the fantastic meals he prepares. He has a gift for making my mouth water before I even sit down at the dinner table. The smells are fantastic! These are truly recipes to die for and we're now offering them to you also. You've just got to try them!

How to Attack Panic and Anxiety - A Comprehensive Battle Plan for the Battered and Anxious Prisoner of Panic
How to Attack Panic and Anxiety was written in order to effectively fight this intensely personal battle. You must get to know the face of the enemy - that is, what does this thing look like, how does it operate, what is its strategy? If you don't have this information, then you will be fighting in the dark. Many anxiety sufferers do not know what they're shooting at - or they don't have an effective weapon to fire. And, even if they do, they don't know how to shoot. Our manual will give you the tools you need to win the victory over panic attacks and fear. You are NOT alone!
by Cathy Pedigo  at Winning  Edge


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