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How to Have Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales
How to Have Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales
Garage Sale Book Alone
Beautiful covers and super informational booklet for you to save - so that you can make a LOT of extra money for future garage sales!
MSRP $10.00
Now ONLY $3.95
Garage Sale Book + PDF both!

Beautiful booklet MAILED and immediate download, too!

MSRP $12.95
Now ONLY $4.95
Garage Sale book PDF ONLY

Get the Garage Sale download in your email immediately!

MSRP $9.95
Now ONLY $3.95

garage sales, yard sales, moving sale, tag salesFollowing "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales" Made Me $4,100.00

      "I bought your download of "How to Have Big Money Yard Sales," skeptically. I followed every word you said, and took it to the next level by giving 5% of my profits to a local charity, and advertised it as that. My garage sale ran for 8 hours - 4 on Friday and 4 on Saturday. The net profit of the garage sale was $4,100! (Get that? Four THOUSAND dollars!) Most items were all under $25. The buyers told me they had never seen such an organized and fun yard sale. Thanks so much!" (Virginia Oresky, Bisbee, AZ)

(Ok, Virginia, you've even made ME jealous! That is phenomenal! Cathy Pedigo, author of "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales.")


How to Organize for BIG Money Garage Sales, 
Yard Sales, Moving Sales, Tag Sales! 
(and Earn More Money from Home!)


garage sale, yard sale, tag sales, rummage sales
Please bookmark this page and COME BACK! 
You'll be needing this garage sale manual sooner than you think!



"How to Have Big Money Garage Sales"
by Cathy Pedigo at Winning Edge

how to have big money garage sales and yard sales
Our garage sale booklet has been featured in Woman's Day and McCalls Magazine plus many more!!


Loads of TIPS on How to Make a LOT of Money from ORGANIZED 
Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Tag Sales or Rummage Sales!


Winning Edge hours are 9 am to 5 pm MST Monday-Friday

BIG MONEY GARAGE SALES ORDER line: 1-800-841-4248


Garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, tag sales, moving sales, 
 fundraising sale - all kinds of making money sales ...

Sell MORE... Make MORE...


Proven methods will more than


your garage sale and yard sale income!!!

garage sales yard sales


Concerned about frugal living and saving money?
Ready to move and need to clean out your house for a moving sale?
Just need to get organized and clear out the clutter?!!...

It's TIME to seriously think about having some awesome garage sales & yard sales!

garage sale, yard sales


Will it be fun or a pain...organized or chaotic?

Will you be encouraged or disappointed?


And most of all...

Will you make enough money to make it worth your time?


Start planning for your next garage sale today! I can teach you 
 HOW from 30 yrs of experience as a frugal mom!

Over 60 MILLION people go to garage sales ... 


garage sale signs and yard sale sign

I'd been having successful garage sales for MANY, MANY years when I decided to write a book on:

"How to Have Big Money Garage Sales"


     I decided, (with much prodding from my friends and husband), to actually put down in print all my years of experience in making LOADS of money with my super successful garage sales and yard sales. Here's a little of my story:

I had been a pastor's wife for 20 years and with our low income, I was determined to help my family be able to go on fun vacations (Disney World, Cancun, Caribbean) without having to work outside the home. All my friend's were shocked at how much money I saved on everything! I was the most FRUGAL mom of anyone they knew. I did loads of couponing, refunding and 3 garage sales / yard sales a year! I was so good at it, I taught my women at the church how to do it, also!

    With all the money I saved from all of this, I hid it from my husband and shocked him one day by bringing out a HUGE box of cash and danced around the room tossing the money around! He was speechless with shock!
(An amazing thing for him!) We went on our very first cruise for our 15 year anniversary with it! That was so much fun that I started getting better and better at saving money, plus making money on my garage sales. I continued to figure out new strategies for my tips and secrets that I share in my book, "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales."

     I really want to help others to be able to INCREASE their garage sale, tag sale, or yard sale income. After going to other people's garage sales, and observing how they did things, I couldn't believe how GROSS most of them looked!
(This is how I learned what NOT to do! LOL!)

    The vast majority of yard sales and garage sales I have gone to are VERY poorly put together. To put it bluntly, they're messy, unattractive, and the organizers (if you can call them that) are DEFINITELY not maximizing their potential and therefore not making a lot of money on their garage sales and yard sales. 

    Remember, I began having garage sales to make a little extra income for our family. The first garage sale I ever had -- that's exactly what happened -- I made a little, little, LITTLE money!

    After all the work of preparing, pricing and setting up the sale, I was frustrated when it was over. I decided there had to be a way to increase my sales and income. So, through trial and error and a LOT of practical ideas, I finally became consistent in making OVER $1,000 during a SINGLE garage sale - just on little ticket items...not even ONE expensive item! 


By securing this garage sale manual, you can too!

Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales...Maximize Garage Sale and Yard Sale Income!


After 30 YEARS of organizing and setting up garage sales, I have learned so much!

In fact, I'm confident that I can help you more than triple
the results of your garage sales and yard sales!

       If you've had a two-day garage sale or yard sale, and made less than $500, you haven't organized for profit! I'm not talking about big money items (like bikes, stereos, furniture, etc.) but little items (clothes, books, toys, knick-knacks, etc.) You can make well over $1000 during just one garage sale as you'll see from some of my customers who've made WAY more than me just by following my book's tips!!

"How to Have Big Money Garage Sales" is informational AND inspirational...
It's fun and easy to read...not long, boring and technical. It gets RIGHT to the point!

You'll learn EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about having
profitable & successful garage sales, yard sales, tag sales & moving sales!

     A lot of you are like I was. DIRT POOR and needing money, which is why I priced this booklet so low (especially with the download PDF version.) I will talk more about my booklet, "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales", later, but first, read the testimonies I get from people that follow the simple, but CRUCIAL guidelines for making money at your next garage sale or ANY kind of sale.

    If you don't do EVERYTHING I say to do in the book, it won't work. Trust me, I've tried every single angle. If you DO what I say, you can feasibly make $1,000 or more at every garage sale or yard sale, by following what I will teach you. I love, love, LOVE, helping people through my own experience from my garage sales. Here are some testimonials from my customers:


What Others Say About This Information-PACKED
Booklet on Garage Sales...FUN Testomonies f/Customers!

garage sale and yard sale testimonies

Wonderful Advice in "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales"!

     "Cathy, I want to thank you for your wonderful advice in "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales." I made $1,418.60 on my first-ever garage sale. WOW - I can't begin to explain how surprised I was when I counted the cash!! My two teenage children were too, as I promised them 25% each of the profits, since they purchase a lot of their own things. They were running around the house, literally, screaming with excitement.

     I received numerous comments on how my garage sale was the most organized they had ever seen. I even had a return customer, who had contacted her sister 45 miles away telling her she HAD to come see my sale. I didn't have much left when they arrived, but they still purchased some items that I did have.

    Granted, this was my first-ever garage sale, so I had a lot of items to sell, but I never DREAMED of making this much money on stuff I no longer needed or used. I took your advice on EVERYTHING! My biggest ticket item was a Simmons baby crib in mint condition (mattress included) for $95.00. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!! You made a believer out of me - maybe I won't wait 15 years to host another "Big Money Garage Sale!" (Kim Sandifer, Edwardsville, IL)

Amazing Garage Sale!

        "Our one-day-only Amazing Garage Sale netted over $1,700! People loved my advertisements and my signs. We had two big-ticket items of $90 and $75 — the rest was small stuff. We were literally swamped with people and created traffic jams on our street several times. My wife, mother-in-law, and I still laugh at some of the things that people actually paid money for! It was a blast! Thanks for your common sense advice on having a yard sale or garage sale!" (H. Wayne McCallum, Rockwall, Texas)


You Won't Believe It!

        "Hi Cathy! We had not had a garage sale for many years so decided to purchase your booklet for help. Wow! In a 6 hour period, we made $2,253.60 in cash! We had only one thing that was sold for $150 and one thing for $75. Everything else was sold for less than $15. In addition to the cash, we bartered things for another $600 worth of services from a gardener and painter! Can you believe it? Sure, our family had lots to sell but we succeeded because of your advice. We organized everything the way you recommended, played salsa music, laughed a lot! Maybe people stayed around and bought because they were having a good time! Thank you so much!" (The Ward Family, Santa Rosa, California)


Never Put Together a Garage Sale Before!

        "I bought this book since I had never put together a garage sale before. I was skeptical about buying How to Have Big Money Garage Sales, but it helped a lot. I was mainly selling all of my baby clothes and baby items. After reading your book, I went through my all the rooms in my house and found tons of other stuff. I held a 3 day sale. The first day I made $520, the second day $480, and the third day $280. So almost $1,300 total!!! And my husband wanted me to donate everything!!! Thanks for all the help." (Donna Ritchie, Tacoma, WA)


$1,000 in One Day

        "Just wanted to drop you a line that I had a very successful ONE-DAY garage sale...We had a $1,000 garage sale thanks to your booklet! I kept prices reasonable and the highest item was a $30.00 microwave. Others neighbors were telling me how successful they were that day making $75 to $100 at their yard sales. I didn't have the heart to tell them how well we did. Thanks for your tips." (Kendra Elliott, Bicknell, IN)


$2,000 in 2 Weekends!

        "Thanks for the great info....did well with your yard sales book....two weekends gave us $2,000! Wonderful advice...I followed all of it to the tee! Thanks!" (Mary D'Amato, Brimfield, MA)


First Garage Sale Well Worth the Effort

        "My husband and I have just had our first garage sale this weekend. I purchased your book about 6 months ago in preparation. We made over $2,000 in two days ($1,500 the first day). I had many comments about our sale and its organization and layout. Your advice was very helpful. It was a lot of work but was well worth the effort because of your book. Thank you very much!"
(Deanna Yen)


Three Years Straight!

        "Happened again for 3rd year in a row. We had just a 1/2 day garage sale first Saturday in Oct. and sold over $1,100 worth of stuff - and we thought that we didn't have that much. The first time we followed tactics in your garage sale book our sales totaled $900 in August 2002 and the second time $1,300 in November 2003. Simply amazing! People who do a garage sale MUST read your book! If they don't, they are wasting time and loosing money!" (Paul Z., Henderson, TX)


Shocked at $2,000 Yard Sale!

        "Just a quick note...My sister and I made $2,000. We were both shocked. Your yard sale book was a big help. Thanks again." (Stacy D. Brannan, San Rafael, California)


Garage Sale a Huge Success!

        "Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help! I ordered your book and applied your principles to my garage sale. It was a HUGE success. We have never had a garage sale before (so we had lots of stuff to sell) but ended up making over $1,200! We are already creating a section of the garage for more sale items and are planning another garage sale this summer. I am recommending your book to all of my family so they too can have successful garage sales! Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" (Jenise Roane, Bloomington, IN, One happy customer!)


Keep scrolling for more information...


how to have big money garage sales

Sample Topics In "How to Have BIG MONEY Garage Sales"...

  • HELP! I NEED TO MAKE MONEY! WHERE DO I BEGIN? -- eye opening chapter leads you through the process of developing an inventory of items available for sale, determining what kind of sale you can (and should) have, and how to best focus your energies for a successful yard sale, garage sale, tag sale, moving sale, etc. This is guaranteed to get you excited and motivated!

  • HOW CAN I SEPARATE GOODIES VERSUS GARBAGE? -- offers some simple guidelines for determining which of the items you may have cleaned out, yet have some possible value to others and should be sold in your garagesale, and, then again, which are really trash and should be pitched out!

  • STUFFING THE STUFF -- provides some suggestions for storing all the items you plan to include in your yard sale or garage sale during the year, so that they are organized, ready to go and, especially, don't take over your home until the big day!

  • INCREASING YOUR INVENTORY FOR YOUR GARAGE SALE OR YARD SALE -- outlines some ways that you can actually increase the number and type of items you have for sale (making it more attractive to customers and more profitable for you), places to find "treasures" to include in your garage sale or yard sale, and ways to encourage your kids to provide you with more merchandise (and actually get them excited to be a part of your money-making sale!

  • WHAT DO I CHARGE FOR THIS STUFF? -- helps you to understand the ins and outs of pricing merchandise for a garage sale or yardsale, how to keep from over (or under) pricing your products (BIG mistake!), when to offer bulk discounts, and how to price big-ticket items for maximum profit.

  • GARAGE SALE MARKETING PSYCHOLOGY -- offers some tips valuable for attracting customers to your garagesale with effective newspaper ads, fliers, signs, and other marketing efforts.

  • GARAGE SALES MONEY MENTALITY -- helps you to put together the financial resources for your yard sale...including setting up your cash box, making sure you have enough change, and deciding when (or if) you should accept a check as payment.

  • LABELING CLOTHING THE SMART WAY -- teaches you how to turn the sale of used clothes into a money-maker with correct labeling, helping your customers immediately recognize which clothes are for men / women / children, which are their size, and how much everything costs, plus much more!

  • IMPORTANT PREPARATION REGULATIONS -- lays out the "rules" for preparing an organized and well-planned garage sale...with tips for abiding by zoning regulations for your area, displaying your merchandise, controlling traffic patterns (both car and pedestrian), handling early-birds, dealing with hagglers, and more.

  • CHOOSING THE LENGTH AND DAYS OF YOUR GARAGE SALE -- provides some valuable guidance for knowing when to have garage sales ...including whether to pick a weekday or weekend, whether to run a single-day sale or keep it going for multiple days, what time of day to start, and when to end.

  • BEST TIME OF YEAR FOR YOUR GARAGE SALES -- helps you determine, based on your goals and the merchandise you have to sell, whether it is better to hold your yard sale or garage sale in the spring, summer, winter, or tips for targeting special occasions (spring cleaning, back to school, the holidays) to make the most of your money making sales!

  • GETTING INFORMATION IN THE PUBLIC'S FACE -- leads you through writing and publishing an effective garage sale ad...including how long to make it, what words to use (and which to avoid), highlighting your star items, while trimming the fat, posting it on the exact right days, choosing the best media outlets, and how long to let it run (BIG secret on that one!)

  • GARAGE SALE ADVERTISEMENT EXAMPLES -- offers several sample ads I've used, to show you what works, what doesn't, and provide you a template for creating your own killer yard sale ad OR garage sale advertisement. Believe it or not, this is KEY to BIG MONEY GARAGE SALES!

  • PERSONAL HINTS FOR A MONEY-MAKING GARAGE SALE -- provides insider secrets from the author, who has run successful yard sales and garage sales for 25+ years...including ways to attract more customers, keep them at your garage sale longer, get people to come back a second time, and how to keep kids occupied, and my great tip for money making sales, for things kids will BEG their parent to buy for them!

  • PREPARING THE GARAGE FOR YOUR SALE -- leads you through the process of cleaning up and setting up your garage for the best sale possible...including clearing a path for customers, deciding on a layout for your tables and racks, making the best use of your available space (ALL of your space) for garage sale AND yard sale items, and making sure the items you want to keep don't accidentally end up in the garagesale!

  • BEST ARRANGEMENTS FOR GARAGE SALES OR YARD SALES -- gets into the details of displaying your merchandise...including which garage sale items should be on a table, which should be hung, which can go into boxes, how to organize your sale merchandise into categories, when to avoid heaping things into piles or boxes, tips for making big-ticket items stand out, and ways to make sure people know electrical items work.

  • GARAGE SALE & YARD SALE SIGNS -- offers some suggestions for creating more effective, attractive, and eye-catching garage sale signs and yard sale signs ...including what kind of materials to use, how big it should be, what information to include, how to handle directions, and where to put them plus much more!

  • MONEY BOX MIX -- outlines the amounts and denominations of change you need to have on hand to make sure you can handle even large bills during your yard sales, garage sales or tag sales - without having to run to the bank in the middle of the day!

  • SAFEGUARDS DURING YOUR GARAGE SALE -- provides some tips for making sure you, your home, your family, your belongings, your sale items (and particularly your cash box!) stay safe from harm or theft during your yard sale or garage sale.

  • OTHER WINNING TIPS -- some final last words from the author to make sure that you have a BIG money-making garage sale, yard sale, moving sale or tag sales. If you follow every single thing in this book, you have a guaranteed successful BIG money garage sale! 

Order "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales" or keep scrolling for more information...


Garage Sale Book a Blessing!

        "What a blessing your garage sale book hints were! I had never had a garage sale and do not go to them. They never look like I would even find anything appealing. However, we are done having children and needed to get rid of the baby items and tons of clothes. I came across your web site while researching information on garage sale how-to's. Obviously, I ordered it. I used all your suggestions and God did bless my efforts with a wonderful sale. We sold over $2,000 on Friday afternoon and by Saturday at noon we had cleared $2,800. I am praising God, but I also know this story may be an encouragement to others. Thank you for sharing." (Karla StevenPella, Iowa)


$1,600 in 2 Day Garage Sale!

        "Thanks for e-mailing me the text so quickly on Wednesday. Our garage sale was a huge success! We had it Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and we made over $1,600 dollars in two days! We received numerous compliments on how organized we were. One lady refused to accept her change because she said we deserved it! I never would have thought to sell certain items had I not read your garage sale book. Thanks again for your timely e-mail. Your tips were VERY helpful!" (Francine Bradford, Dallas, Texas)


Garage Sales Book Extremely Helpful!

        "Dear Cathy, We used the tips outlined in your book which was received by e-mail in time for our garage sale this past Saturday and Sunday. We made over $1,200 during this two day sale. We received the hard copy of your book today. Your book was extremely helpful as this was only the second garage sale that my wife and I have ever had. We are planning to do it again in two weeks. We have already recommended it to others. Thanks for the quick turnaround." (Leon Carroll, Bremerton, WA)


Mother of All Yard Sales

        "Cathy, Our "Mother of All Sales" is over and our final profits from our 3-day yard sale are $1.055.55!!!! Needless to say, we are thrilled! I am recommending your little book to everyone I know. My friends and family made fun of me for my $1000 goal, but I happily accomplished it. Your yard sale book offered just the right ideas I needed. Nothing was very complicated, just good information. I worked very hard and put my everything into it, and it paid off. Thank you again for your book." (Lana Dorazio. Peoria, AZ)


$1,200 Garage Sale in One Day!

        "I conducted a garage sale this past weekend using your ideas and made over $1,200. Thank you so much for your advice - IT WORKS!!! By noon, more than 98% of my stuff was SOLD and this was my first garage sale! People were commenting on how nicely organized it was." (Mary Torrey, Lafayette, CO.)


Big Bucks Bonanza Garage Sales!

        "Cathy, I just ended my two day garage sale. I made over $1,200.00 dollars! This is the most I have ever made in a sale, EVER! Remember we talked and I told you, I purchased your last garage sale book and then this week I bought the newest one! We did almost everything you said to do to the "T" and we had so much traffic. I had 5 people come back 3x's and two others twice! It was a busy weekend but with your help and our prayers we were blessed! Thanks for all your wonderful tips! Everyone should read your yard sales book - it has wonderful nuggets. Worth the buy for sure!!" (Crystal Brooks, Sherman, TX)


Awesome Garage Sale!

        "I got your book off the internet and I have to say it helped so much. We had an awesome garage sale. We advertised it as AWESOME GARAGE SALE and started it Friday at 5pm - 9 pm and Saturday 7:30 to 2 pm. My daughter and my husband put signs all over the place. People started coming Friday at 11:00 am and didn't stop till 9 pm Friday night. Saturday wasn't as busy but it was steady. We made $1600.00!!!!! for the whole sale. I have never made over $150.00 ever, at a garage sale. Your book was so helpful and I am so glad I got it. Thanks for sharing your information." (Wendie Burnett, Maryville, TN)


Yard Sales Book Did it Again!

        "$1,300 in 1/2 day!!! Your yard sale book did it again! 1st time followed tactics in your book made $900 in August 2002. Had another half day yard sale on the first Saturday in November 2003 and sold more than $1,300! Simply amazing! Thanks!" (Paul Zimmerman, Henderson, Texas.)


If You'd Like to Read Even More Garage Sales & Yard Sales
Winning Testimonies,

     Let me teach you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to have amazingly successful garage sales or yard sales. I'll lead you from the very beginning of your the grand finale of taking your money to the bank...literally!

organizing Garage sales, yard sales

        You'll receive my own personal hints and examples...secrets that have taken over 25 years to develop and fine tune. In the appendix I even give you my own two-car garage layout drawn out on paper, for you to learn how to arrange tables, etc. for maximum potential. (Yes, even THAT is important!)

        Let me assure you, "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales" will really give you the WINNING EDGE over other garage sales, yard sales, moving sales and tag sales. If you're like I was -- tired of having hum-drum garage sales; a lot of work for a little money -- you need this manual...NOW!

     You're not the only one interested in garage sales and yard sales! Look who's been contacting us and writing about our manual "How to Have Big Money Garage Sales":

McCall's Magazine Woman's Day Magazine (3 times!)
Chicago Tribune - Illinois (twice!) Family Circle Magazine
St. Petersburg Times Tampa Tribune
New York Times Orange County Register
WGCL-AM-1370, Bloomington, Indiana Canada - Vancouver Sun
92.5 WPAP Your Money - A Consumers Digest Publ.
Atlanta Journal Fresno Bee
KOVR13, Sacramento, CA Friend's Magazine
AARP The Jewish News
News 15 - Ft Wayne, Indiana Good Times Magazine
Jackson Citizen Patriot - Jackson, MI Star Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX
Kiplinger's Retirement Report Associated Press Radio Network
News Talk Radio, Saskatchewan The Buzz, KQBZ, Seattle, WA
Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC Austin American Statesman, Austin, TX
Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghampton, NY The Times of Northwest Indiana
Kansas City Star, MO South Florida Times, Miami, FL
Dayton Daily News - Ohio Wisconsin State Journal, Madison WI
Columbia, SC State newspaper Tri-City Herald newspaper - WA
CBS MarketWatch, New York Dallas Morning News, TX
Observer-Dispatch, Utica, NY Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock, AR
Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ Scranton Times, PA
Sun Herald, Biloxi, MS KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, NV
St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO
WCCO Radio, Minneapolis, MN Messenger-Inquirer, Owensboro, KY
Bradenton Herald, Bradenton, FL San Bernadino Sun, San Bernadino, CA
Hickory Daily Record, Hickory, NC Woman's World Magazine (twice!)
Friendly Exchange Magazine Home Improvement USA
The Frugal Life newsletter LunaSol Magazine
The Reporter, Vacaville, CA The Birmingham News
Heart & Home Newsletter Rockford Register Star, Rockford, IL
Our Ohio, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Bethabee Magazine
Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Winnipeg, Canada Net Life Magazine
Your Retirement Advisor Eagle Tribune, North Andover, MA
Who What Where Magazine, NY/NJ/CT WSVN TV, Miami, FL
The Oklahoman, OK Microsoft At Home
Martha Stewart Living Magazine Dollar Stretcher newsletter
Fox News TV in Cleveland, OH The Idiot's Guide books...and many More!

Specifics on Ordering
"How to Have Big Money Garage Sales"

      For LESS than the cost of feeding your family a fast-food meal, you can discover the "secrets" of making your next garage sales & yard sales hugely profitable! How would you like to make $1,000.00 or more at EACH sale? You CAN!!

Are you a Realtor? Buy these garage sales books as a gift for your clients who will be planning on holding a HUGE moving sale! Get a discount for over 50 books  for only $3.95 each by calling us at: 1-800-841-4248 and they will LOVE it!


Make $1,000 or MORE on your next garage sale or yard sales!


I need to start getting organized for my next garage sale!  
I want to ORDER NOW!

Or call our toll-free order line at:
1-800-841-4248 or:
Direct: 719-598-9761

Winning Edge
2440 Willow Glen Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920-1200
Order Line: 1-800-841-4248

Contact Us
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Garden of Life has the finest vitamin and nutritional supplements on the market. We dare you to try them and watch the remarkable difference they will make in your health! Low Prices - up to 50% below retail and fast shipping!

During the last few years my husband decided to learn how to start cooking and we've discovered he has a tremendous gift....This guy can COOK!!!!! We decided to compile every fantastic recipe that he has cooked for our guests and our own family that literally have people begging for us to invite them over again. The highlight of my day is looking forward to the fantastic meals he prepares. He has a gift for making my mouth water before I even sit down at the dinner table. The smells are fantastic! These are truly recipes to die for and we're now offering them to you also. Bon appetit!

WORSHIP MUSIC IN THREE DIMENSIONS - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God
This book was written to help churches bring their congregation into the very lap of God. This can be accomplished by adapting a certain musical progression during the time of congregational singing. The author, Rev. Tom Pedigo, calls this model "The Temple Pattern" which involves a simple threefold process of musically moving from the Outer Court (celebration and jubilation) to the Inner Court (reflection and expectation) and into the Holy of Holies (adoration and spiritual communion). A must-read for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper. After visiting hundreds of churches, Rev. Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival.

How to Stop Smoking and Quit the Nicotine Habit!
"How to Stop Smoking" will give you winning strategies for quitting the tobacco habit and overcoming your nicotine addiction by providing powerful, step-by-step, WORKABLE tools for you to use in your battle to quit smoking. The author, Dr. Roger Aveyard, has been working in the behavioral health field for over 25 years and has experienced the struggle of smoking, the agony associated with the habit, and an unrelenting desire to learn how to quit. He's been there, done that, and has come out a winner!

Pinewood Derby Racers...How to WIN Your Pinewood Car Derby!
A BEST-SELLER! Make your car the fastest it can be with secrets that will give you a winning edge in your next Pinewood Derby race! Useful for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts Pine Car Derby, Royal Rangers, Royal Ambassadors, Awana Grand Prix, Shape N Race, Kub Kar Rally and other groups.

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