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Crying and Colic Baby Go To Sleep


How to Calm a Crying, Fussy Baby

Bedtime Sleep Tips for Your Child with Baby Go To Sleep


Our Baby-Go-To-Sleep music therapy is the right kind of music to put your child to sleep...even if your baby has colic! It incorporates all the principles which calm children to sleep:
    • Simplicity
    • Repetition
    • Predictability
    • Symmetry
    • Consistency, and
    • Emotion in the human voice

In addition, on these music therapy recordings a real human heartbeat is used as the drums.

   Baby-Go-To-Sleep music therapy, widely used medically, has been proven effective for 15 years. This music has soothed hundreds of thousands of children to sleep... especially babies with colic. Since l985 it has been used in over 8,000 hospitals and special care centers and in over one million homes. The number one selling music therapy CD's for children worldwide, our CD's are recommended by doctors and nurses to help children sleep. This music really works!

   Below are tips to use along with your Baby-Go-To-Sleep Heartbeat Musical Therapy to get your child to sleep through the night... even on children with colic! The Heartbeat Musical Therapy recordings are designed to be used as part of your child's bedtime or naptime routine to create a soothing, calming atmosphere that gently induces sleep. The CD should be used during the last 10 to 15 minutes of your child's bedtime routine.

Consider These Important Children's Sleeping Tips:


Create a regular routine for your child at bedtime and naptime. Include the same calming activities your child can expect and look forward to every night.
Never include stimulating music, play, or other arousing activities in your child's bedtime routine.
Complete the final steps of unwinding for bedtime in the room where your child sleeps.
Your child needs to fall asleep where she will wake up. THIS IS CRUCIAL! Babies need a routine!

• If you allow your child to fall asleep in your arms, on the couch, or in your bed, that place becomes his favorite go-to-sleep location. Then, when he wakes up in his own bed, it can seem strange and disorienting. It is not where he is accustomed to going to sleep. He will probably cry out for you to hold him again so he can go back to sleep.This is a PERFECT time to be playing the Baby Go To Sleep Stops Crying CD! Between a comfortable bed, this music playing that has a woman singing and a mother's heartbeat, and you gently rubbing their back for a couple of minutes, I believe this will calm your crying, fussy baby so that they are ABLE to fall asleep gently.

Although rocking, feeding, and cuddling your child are natural nurturing ways to calm your child, don't rock, feed, or cuddle her completely to sleep, or she will need these activities to go back to sleep. After you have calmed her, place her on her side or back while she is still awake. This method allows her to learn to calm herself to sleep. When she wakes in the night she should be able to calm herself back to sleep, unless she is crying because of a basic need.

If you hold or rock your fussy baby, stand or sit close to the bed. Before you bring the baby into his or her bedroom, we recommend using our Baby-Go-To-Sleep Heartbeat Musical Therapy recording. Start playing the CD at a low volume before even bringing the baby into the room, so that it is already a quiet, calm, comforting environment, where eventually they get the cue that this is where they go to sleep. If you wish, you can gently rock your baby in your arms for just a few minutes before the time you want her to go to sleep. The CD should continue to play during the gentle, brief transition from your arms to the child's bed. Let the music continue to play until it stops, and by then your baby should be in a deep sleep.

If your child is exposed to startling sounds or noise while sleeping, use an auto-reverse player and let the Heartbeat Musical Therapy CD play at the same low volume all night or until you can be sure the room will remain quiet.

The last awake impression for your child should be in her own bed, in her room, and in her favorite go-to-sleep position. When she wakes up in the night and she doesn't have a basic need, she will be in a familiar place and able to fall back to sleep on her own.

Did you ever cry yourself to sleep? How did you feel in the morning? Don't let your child cry herself to sleep. If she cries more than two or three minutes after you lay her down, gently pick her up, calm her, and lay her back in the crib. Continue to let the Heartbeat Musical Therapy recording play. Again, don't let her fall asleep in your arms.

If your child is in the habit of crying for you in the middle of the night, don't be discouraged if he continues to wake up and cry out for you the first two or three nights. Just remember, you are going to respond differently than in the past.

If your child wakes up during the night and cries a couple of minutes, go into her room and place your hand on her to reassure her you are there and turn on the CD. If she doesn't stop crying after two or three minutes, pick her up. Don't allow her to become so upset she cannot self-calm. Hold or rock her gently until she is calm, then put her back in bed. Don't let her fall asleep in your arms.




Additional Things to Remember About Fussy Babies and Crying

   Toddlers and older children can use crying as manipulation in order to stay up longer, play longer, or remain 'where the action is'. Parents can usually tell whether a valid want or need is involved. But babies are different. It is normal and natural for babies under one year old to cry. It is one of their primary ways to communicate and, at this age, crying is not an attempt to consciously manipulate parents.

   Although playing the Heartbeat Musical Therapy recordings might help stop manipulative crying, especially when the child is overly tired, other solutions may be necessary. There are many parenting books available discussing this problem. Whatever method you choose, do not handle your child roughly and do not allow your child to cry for prolonged periods of time. Remember, the longer you allow a child to cry, the harder it is for him to self-calm.

   Baby-Go-to-Sleep Heartbeat Musical Therapy music is designed as an important part of your child's bedtime routine, not as a replacement for a parent's caring, loving presence and involvement. These CDs were created to assist loving parents who want the best for their child. We are so confident that you will be pleased with the results, the recordings are sold with a money-back guarantee; if, within 30 nights of purchase, you are not completely satisfied, Audio-Therapy Innovations, Inc. will refund your complete purchase price.

Full Refund Promise

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Terry Woodford, President of Audio Therapy Innovations & Creator of Baby Go To Sleep CD's "The Sandman"


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