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Beyond Organic Foods by Jordan Rubin
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Garden of Life Herbal Immune Balance supplements

Cathy Pedigo is a Beyond Organic Independent VP Mission Marketers (#751). Order all Beyond Organic products as a Preferred Customer - save 20% off retail prices, or as a RETAIL customer paying full price, or best of all you can become a Mission Marketer  (to start your own business!) with Beyond Organic! If you need help ordering Beyond Organic online for the FIRST time, please call us at 1-719-598-5050. For re-orders call Beyond Organic at: 1-800-560-3961 and they can help you with anything you need! 




GRASSfed, GREENfed, Probiotics, Botanicals


Beyond Organic cattle Jordan Rubin farm ranch land organic foods beverages
“You’ve heard it said that you are what you eat…with meat, YOU ARE what THEY ATE” – Jordan Rubin


BEYOND Organic by Jordan Rubin

Creating a HIGHER Standard Than USDA Organic!

Beyond Organic foods Jordan Rubin
Cathy Pedigo at Winning Edge is an Independent Mission Marketer for Beyond Organic #751

SIGN UP with Beyond Organic as a Preferred Customer ($19.95) or a Mission Marketer). Either way, you'll be elegible to receive our Green Market specials each week! These special deals will arrive by email, OR you can just go to their order page at Beyond Organic to find the specials! Not valid for retail customers, so become a preferred customer instead and save 20% of anything you order (which pays for itself quickly)!


by Cathy Pedigo at Winning Edge


     Beyond Organic is the most exciting company to hit the U.S. EVER! Jordan Rubin, founder and CEO of Garden of Life, launched Beyond Organic in Nov. 2011 - Thousands of people are clamouring to order these truly unique BEYOND organic,  gluten-free foods, beveragestoxic-free skincare products, and liquid herbal health supplements!

    USDA organic standards are not enough for most of us that are health savvy! We've needed this BEYOND ORGANIC FOOD for years! The Amasai Milk & Honey kefir type drink (along with 5 other types) are VERY addictive!! Because of the missing dangerous A1 beta casein in the milking cows, those that are milk intolerant are finding they can enjoy cheese and dairy products for the first time in their lives. NO other dairy products, even organic, can claim not having this dangerous gene.

    Did you know when you look for organic grass fed beef at Whole Foods, or other health food stores, what USDA organic standards really are?!! The cattle only have to eat 30% grass - ONLY 30%! NOT SO with Beyond Organic! FREE roaming cattle will eat grass (NO grains!), as well as other green forage such as forbs, legumes, and herbs - 100% of the time! Down below, you'll see the cattle on the Beyond Organic ranch in southern Missouri! Cattle heaven at the farm! We call them GREEN-fed, instead of grass fed!


Beyond Organic Healthy Beverages

      There is not another option to buy food of this quality, anywhere It has WAY higher standards than you will find in your organic foods right now! Beyond Organic is NOT available in stores — you HAVE to order online - delivered FRESH and direct from his farm to YOUR door. Shipping prices are actually less, the heavier the order!! 

    Tom & I compared Beyond Organic prices with Whole Foods, where we normally buy all of our organic food and the prices are just about the same. Some are actually less, and for multiple times the quality! You can order right from Beyond Organic's website for your first order. After the first time you can even order toll-free OR on your own personalized website! You can see by our enroller number of 751 how early and fast we signed up for Beyond Organic. We are excited, to put it mildly! Even people in Hawaii & Alaska can order, but will pay a little more for shipping.

    Jordan Rubin couldn't possibly have Beyond Organic foods in ANY store. Beyond Organic foods are in a class of their superior in every way that there is nothing to compare them to! The PURE Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water comes from Beyond Organic's Spring in the North Georgia mountains. I was shocked at the extremely PURE taste which truly hydrates you more than ANY other pure bottled water. Even the bottles are SAFE - BPA-Free, Recyclable bottles. No chemicals polluting this water! It was so refreshing, I didn't want to stop drinking it!


Beyond Organic Product Labels (only the products he started with because there's too many now!)

Jordan Rubin's "Live Beyond Organic" Book
Jordan Rubin, Founder of Garden of Life, Health Story



Industrial Food versus Beyond Organic food

     Imagine eating easily digestible, TRUE organic, grass fed, GREENfed, beef and dairy products that will come from Beyond Organic ranches and farms from genetically superior cattle not available anywhere else in the world! Beyond Organic meat AND dairy products are GREENfed and LOADED with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids & CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)!

    CLA, according to my research, is missing from most of our diets, but is a VERY healthy fatty acid found in red meat and cheese, PLUS, a potential cancer fighter, according to the Journal of Animal Science, published online, June 2009. CLA can cut levels of a fat-storing enzyme by 66%; enhances immunity, and discourages the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. GREENfed beef & cheese, coming from these superior cattle, will have more than 5 times the amount of CLA as commercialized grain fed beef!


 Beyond Organic GreenFinished Beef

 You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny red sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)


Jordan's heart is MY passion, also!






    Jordan Rubin Beyond Organic cooking with Tom Jordan Rubin's passion and his heart has ALWAYS been for healthy FOOD - not onlyJordan Rubin Beyond Organic and Cathy cooking health supplements, as you can see by this picture of Jordan Rubin & us (Tom and Cathy Pedigo), as he was cooking healthy food for us at a Garden of Life conference. We were invited to his home, where he was cooking and demonstrating some of his favorite organic recipes for us to eat. YUM! That was the day Tom & I truly understood that Jordan was on a great, mission... and now he has another mission to fulfill - BEYOND ORGANIC!

    Jordan Rubin has given all of us a chance to be a part of Beyond Organic. Either as a retail customer, preferred customer with a 20% discount OR as a mission marketer! Beyond Organic is not a typical retail method of buying your food. He is letting all of us be a part of sharing about Beyond Organic foods to our friends, family, EVERYONE! This way we can ALL become involved and even make enough money to buy Beyond Organic products or even supplement our income enough to bring in a really good income!! Buy direct on Beyond Organic's website! (Call Cathy for help at: 1-719-598-5050. I'm available from noon to 5pm MST Mon-Fri.)

    As the USDA standards go even more downhill, MORE people will demand HEALTHY food! Beyond Organic is a company I want to throw my life into! Why? Because I've known and worked for Jordan Rubin for 11 years, as I've sold Garden of Life's health supplements, and I've watched how God has blessed and multiplied this company from DAY ONE and now is doing the same with Beyond Organic - HEALTHY food, beverages, facial & body products and herbal health supplements that we can trust. 

    Beyond Organic's products are created the way God intended
with beyond organic standards, raw and rich in probiotics, nutrients and enzymes – exactly the kinds of foods that healed Jordan Rubin, in that little trailer on the ocean, years ago!

     Tom and I were blessed to meet Jordan Rubin and his wife, Nicki, over 8 years ago at a Garden of Life conference, and we fell in love with their passion to help people achieve amazing health and vitality through Garden of Life's health supplements, healthy foods, and through many books he's written. Jordan has been a HUGE part of helping people get healed of SO many physical problems, since the day he was healed from Crohn’s Disease! Read his books, Patient Heal Thyself or The Maker's Diet!

    After talking to Jordan right before this new company launched, we are convinced that Beyond Organic is what WE and ALL of our customers have yearned for - for YEARS! Visit his site: BEYOND ORGANIC, so you can actually buy Jordan's products or become a part of Beyond Organic. Click on ENROLL to become a Mission Marketer!


Change Your Diet, Change Your Life,

Change Your World!

Beyond Organic Independent Mission Marketers Cathy & Tom Pedigo
Cathy & Tom Pedigo/Winning Edge Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic #751
We invite you to join our Beyond Organic team - either as customers or sellers.


     Jordan Rubin's products need NO fanfare. EVERYONE who has been healed by Garden of Life's health supplements is clamoring for Beyond Organic foods, beverages, skin care products and herbal liquid supplements. 

    Jordan shared with us that they had a 97% birth rate with their cows, during their first calfing season! That is totally unheard of - the stats say you'll only have a 50% birthing rate! Holy COWwwwww....I think that shows God's blessings are on the whole premise behind Jordan's new vision for Beyond Organic! 


      One of the most exciting things about being a Mission Marketer with Beyond Organic, is not just the opportunity to offer wonderful, healthy foods and beverages to your family and friends, but to bless children and families throughout the world.

    Through a unique program conceived by Beyond Organic founders Jordan and Nicki Rubin, “Give a Meal, Get a Meal” partners with ministries and non-profit organizations that best exemplify the Biblical mandate in James 1:27 that proclaims: “True and undefiled religion is to care for widows and orphans in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Beyond Organic's “Give a Meal, Get a Meal” program is just one of the reasons why we call ourselves Mission Marketers, rather than network marketers, or other commonly used descriptions.


    The Give a Meal, Get a Meal Program from Beyond Organic is Tremendous!

     Urban Youth Impact: Making a positive impact on the lives of poverty-stricken inner-city youth living in the Tamarind Avenue corridor. UYI seeks to offer programs designed to develop critical life skills that result in less juvenile crime, fewer teen pregnancies, less substance abuse, less child abuse/domestic violence, and fewer school drop-outs.   

    Mercy MinistriesMercy Ministries’ free-of-charge, voluntary Christian residential program serves young women, ages 13-28, who have been physically and sexually abused, including victims of sex trafficking, and those who face life-controlling issues such as addictions, eating disorders, self-harm, and unplanned pregnancy.

    The Widows & Orphans Fund by Beyond Organic Foundation: Provide food, clothing and shelter to widows and orphans around the world by partnering with churches, ministries and missionaries in order to have the greatest impact on those we serve.


 Beyond Organic Change Your Diet





     Since we are Garden of Life sellers, the question above is a no-brainer! It’s been amazing, watching Garden of Life grow into the huge company it is today. Of course, the same is happening with Beyond Organic.  Beyond Organic, is becoming a household name and people are trying to copy their products (but beware, they aren't even CLOSE!) You MUST sign up first before you can buy Beyond Organic products.

     Ever since Jordan wrote his famous book The Maker’s Diet,” literally millions of people have been healed of all sorts of physical problems! Not only because of his famous health supplements, but because of the way he told us to change our DIET and what we EAT!!! Over the years, Tom & I have heard the cry of people’s hearts...the same cry God put within Jordan Rubin’s heart for launching Beyond Organic!

     After over 11 years with Garden of Life, Jordan Rubin has decided to trust God with his lifelong dream of Beyond Organic. He's acquired an extensive ranch with over thousands of cattle in Koshkonong, Missouri, along with several mountain springs in North Georgia, after searching for many years for the perfect place to launch that dream! Anyone in the U.S. will be able to buy truly beyond organic foods with Beyond Organic Green-Fed Standards!

     Jordan has always taught us that the digestive tract is the center of our health! Now we are going to be able to BUY and EAT the exact foods he was talking about in all the books he wrote. Beyond Organic foods are for HEALING our bodies, not just filling our stomach!


Beyond Organic Terrain Living Herbal Supplements


Terrain Herbal Supplements from Beyond Organic

    SO many new things are being added to the Beyond Organic product list, that I can't go into as much detail anymore, but I will give you the links of the places to go to read more about it or even order the product.

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny red sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)

    The NEWEST exciting things Jordan has added to Beyond Organic are the Terrain Living Herbal Supplements, available in nine different formulas. I guess that you can't take out Jordan's first love of the BEST of the BEST health supplements, so he's added Terrain as another urgent option to stay healthy. Beyond Organic's Terrain living herbals are the first and only living herbal supplements that simultaneously rebuild your body’s healthy flora while providing a full complement of herbal nutrition.

    Terrain is a living, liquid herbal supplement created through a synergistic combination of powerful organic botanicals infused with ancient symbiotic microorganisms providing a wide array of bioavailable phytocompounds. Beyond Organic's fermentation process creates beneficial metabolites such as organic acids and B vitamins. Enjoy the Sacred Herbs, Holy Basil, Oregano, Peppermint, Kombucha Black Tea, Turmeric, Ginger, Echinacea and Milk Thistle. For those of you that know THE most important health supplements for your immune system and for serious diseases, REJOICE! These all come in liquid form. They are RAW, LIVING, Certified Organic, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Probiotics and Organic Acids.  

Beyond Organic Body, Skin and Facial Care Products

Beyond Organic Skin Care


     Not only is Beyond Organic producing the healthiest food in the world, they now have an exciting, toxic-FREE anti-aging skin care line AND body care products with absolutely ZERO toxins in them! Every single ingredient in the Beyond Organic skin and body care line is certified Toxin Free by the Toxin Free Foundation. You can actually FEED your skin!

    How many of you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body! Whatever you put on your skin goes right into your cells. Whatever you decide to use on your body, hair, nails, face, etc. can either kill you or HEAL you. In Jordan Rubin's Beyond Organic skincare and body care products, you will NOT find: Phthalates, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Parabens, Propylene glycol, Toxic preservatives (like DEA), Coloring agents, dyes or heavy metals, Triclosan or ANY other toxins you've probably even heard about! Jordan is just as much a fanatic about keeping our bodies toxic-free through food products, health supplements AND skin products!

    Read about the new skincare line at: Beyond Organic skin & body care. Make sure and look at the ingredients and be amazed that you recognize each organic ingredient! You can order the complete sets (and save more money!) OR, purchase the individual skin or body care products. SAVE MONEY and become a preferred customer OR, a mission marketer (a great side business for you to think about!) so that you can buy everything wholesale - 20% below the retail price! Here is the anti-aging facial skincare line and here is the body care line.

    Women AND men are LOVING these pure, pure products to put on their face AND their bodies. Even my husband who has NEVER used a skincare product on his face before, is now using the products every day. And my husband isn't the only one! Even Jordan admitted to being a first timer with facial skin care products, but became committed to using them for the health protection.

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny red sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)

 Beyond Organic shopping




    Beyond Organic's foods and beverages OR skin care products will not be found in health food stores or other stores. We won’t be able to get them from Garden of Life, which is a health food supplements company. Anyone can become a customer of Beyond Organic and buy these foods and beverages ONLINE and have their order shipped direct from his farm to their door right from their WEBSITE!

    If you become a mission marketer, and have people sign up under you, they can also buy and/or share this food with others. Become a part our team, so that you can get a personal Team Leader, that will teach you what you need to know to grow your own new business with people that will be ordering from you and your free website, as a mission marketer!

     YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MISSION MARKETER to purchase this food! For those of you just learning about this now, visit the Beyond Organic site and read all about it. Read about the AMAZING probiotic, enzyme filled GREENfed, grass fed, beef and dairy products (EASILY digestible for anyone and gluten-free!), that Jordan Rubin's farm will be producing. Below is a picture of Jordan Rubin on his ranch with happy cows!


Jordan Rubin Beyond Organic cattle





     Jordan's dream is that we could all share and become mission marketers for Beyond Organic in order to make enough to pay for our own food (if not our own salary!), and then with his Give a Meal, Get a Meal program we will also be fulfilling a biblical mandate to feed the widows and clothe the poor and MUCH more! 

    If you have questions about anything, AFTER going to the Beyond Organic website, please call either Cathy or Tom at: 1-719-598-5050 - NOT the toll free number, because that is reserved for Winning Edge customer's orders!! If it's busy, keep trying, Monday-Friday  Noon-5pm Mountain Standard Time! We are usually here, unless we have another appointment at that time. Otherwise, scour the Beyond Organic site and sign up online.

    Jordan Rubin wants Beyond Organic food sold person to person. Going to the Beyond Organic website means you can go shopping, sign up to be a mission marketer, listen to webinars and videos you'll get in your back office or by email, learn all you can about it and shop on the Beyond Organic website.


Beyond Organic’s GreenFed™ Standard for ALL Foods!


    Beyond Organic offers GreenFed (WAY higher standards than grass fed beef and dairy products, which the USDA says the cows only have to eat a measly 30%!) A GreenFed diet is ideal to create health for ruminant animals such as cows, goats and sheep. Beyond Organic cows are raised on pastures that are pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer free. They consume grass and other forage such as forbs, legumes, and herbs. When consuming GreenFed beef and dairy you can be sure you are getting the proper balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids and it is A-1 beta casein free! Beyond Organic’s GreenFed meat and dairy products are loaded with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and CLA.




     If you are ready and excited to purchase any Beyond Organic products, click on the order now buttons below and it will take you to the Beyond Organic site, where you can learn much more than is on this page. For starters, just scroll down our page to read about each product and if you want to see the labels click on more info next to the product name on the Buy Now list and it will show each label in detail. If you have ANY problems, whatsover, trying to sign up or order these Beyond Organic foods, just call us at 1-719-598-5050 and we will help walk you through it. Below are some tips to help you.

    Do you want to be a Retail Customer? Click on Buy Now. Then, keep adding things to your cart - whichever products you would like and continue shopping. When you are through, click on check out. If you have purchased Beyond Organic products before, you are a returning customer. Otherwise, click on "new customer." Now fill in your billing & shipping info.

    Would you rather be a Preferred Customer and receive 20% off  for one year for $19.95?  On the page at:, click on SHOP NOW (in the green section near the top).

    Next, click on ENROLL at the VERY TOP RIGHT CORNER as either a preferred customer or a mission marketer. Retail customers don't need to enroll since they don't get the discount. While signing up, you will pick a user name (Your user name is usually your first and last name all run together in small letters.) Then you will pick a password of your choice. AFTER you've enrolled, (by filling in your billing & shipping info & verifying the address(es) you give, and anything else it asks for, including your credit card info (just use your first and last name, no middle initial). Make sure you finish the WHOLE enrollment!

    THEN, look immediately at your email where you will have about 2-3 emails (look in spam or trash if you don't receive within a few minutes!!) You'll receive info on how to order next time by logging into and click on login (top right) with your username and password (that you just used when you signed up.)

    After you have logged in, make sure you see your name in tiny red letters at the top of the page! Bookmark this page. This is your back office where you will always order or you can check on your orders and even set up an autoship order if you want to! To order without autoship, click on SHOP NOW. Place your first order and save your login and password!

    Would you like to be a Mission Marketer under us and still receive the 20% discount, but have the opportunity to sign people up under yourself to make commission and maybe a good income? The yearly renewal fee will be $19.95, not the same as what you pay to join the first time. You should call me first, because I will get you set up under one of my strong leaders and teach you more you need to know.

    Make sure you are on our page at:, and then click on Enroll, under the type of Mission Marketer you want to be (they will explain the differences). You make more commissions faster when you place a 500 PV first time only order! After that, you only need to buy 75 PV a month in autoship in order to get paid your commissions.) Call me (Cathy) at 1-719-598-5050 for questions on how to advance to manager or VP.) Just type your name under "I agree" and then click Continue. The computer will guide you to the end. Beyond Organic will send you the instructions on how to go to your own personal Mission Marketer website, where you will place orders (including autoship orders) and start and manage this new exciting business venture! Bookmark this page!

     You'll have your own personal login, which you'll see in your email! Write down what you used for your login and password when you were signing up. You'll NEED this for the future. You'll also get your own ID number for your customers to order under YOU! It is truly exciting!

    If you have any trouble during this process, please call me at 1-719-598-5050. Ask for me, Cathy Pedigo, a fellow Mission Marketer and a Vice President in Beyond Organic.





Descriptions of Each Product

(You get a 20% discount as a Preferred Customer OR a Mission Marketer)



Live Beyond Organic book

Click on the book to buy now!

Beyond Organic Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water 

BEYOND ORGANIC - Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water - 16.9 oz bottle

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)

 Order Beyond Organic Reign Supreme Mountain Water


     If you are buying bottled water....STOP!!!! You will never find a bottled water that even comes close to the PURE Supreme Mountain Spring water from BEYOND ORGANIC!!

    #1, the bottles are BPA-FREE!! So you don't have to worry about the plastic leaching into your drinking water! Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water was tested against seven of the most popular bottle water brands in health food and grocery stores and restaurants. Reign’s purity reigns supreme over every single brand.

    Their spring, producing International Award Winning Water for Best Taste - Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water, originates from the pristine mountains of North Georgia surrounded by 130 certified organic acres. This clear blue spring is a renewable resource naturally free of contaminants. The supreme purity of Reign provides maximum hydration and utilization of the body's most important resource, water.

    Reign supreme mountain spring water is up to 20 times more pure than other leading brands, which makes it the ideal vehicle for nutrient transport and detoxification. Reign spring water contains the highest percentage of H2O and the lowest percentage of solids else making it the cornerstone for proper hydration. Can't stop drinking this's SO PURE!! Case pack of 24. 16.9 fl. oz bottles


Beyond Organic Reign Botanical Infusion Mountain Spring Water

BEYOND ORGANIC - Reign Botanical Infusions - 16 oz bottle 

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)


 Order Beyond Organic Reign Botanical Infusions


    BEYOND ORGANIC Reign Infusions combine the purest mountain spring water with clinically studied botanical extracts to support your good health. The following super foods are strained down to just the mico-particles, and then added to the spring water: Reign Botanical Infusions supercharge the body with all natural extracts antioxidant fruit essences, such as:

BEYOND ORGANIC Infusion Varieties:

  • Reign Fruit Infusion - African Mango, Indian gooseberry - Refreshingly light flavor! You'd never really know this was anything but fresh, pure water, but it's got awesome health properties!
  • Reign Awaken Infusion - Organically grown Green Coffee, Cacao, Cinnamon - Stimulant Free, Invigorating, Refreshingly light flavor....Kick the Coffee Habit! This definitely has a taste of cinnamon in the pure, pure water. Cacao, where chocolate comes from, and it is LOADED with antioxidants!

    Beyond Organic Reign Infusions are made with REIGN PURE spring water infused with fruits or an uplifting cinnamon spice combination in Awaken, to kick the coffee habit for something yummy and healthy! Tom and I tried the fruit one first and were amazed. It was cold, out of the fridge and just a touch of flavor...truly water at it's finest with fruits and other things added to each flavor, that don't really change the taste that much! I'll drink this all day and fill my body with extra nutrition instead of just water!



 Beyond Organic SueroViv

BEYOND ORGANIC SueroViv Probiotic, Cultured Whey, Electrolytes Water

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)


 Order Beyond Organic SueroViv


Beyond Organic's Original Probiotic Water - Beyond Organic SueroViv!

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)

A Whole Food, Cultured (or lacto-fermented) Whey, Probiotic, Minerals & Protein Beverage
YUMMY flavors - similar to popular sports drinks, but with 10x the Potassium!
Cultured with powerful probiotics, abundant in magnesium, B vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes
125 mg Calcium per 8oz serving – 250mg Calcium per bottle, Zinc, Selenium, Beta Carotene
Electrolytes along with naturally occurring Sodium
Half the sugar of store-bought juice & juice drinks, Organic juices, organic essential oils, organic honey

SueroViv is available in:

  • Citrus (tastes like lemonade)
  • Orange Cinnamon
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • SueroGreen  & SueroGold (these are the 2 newest that REALLY cleanse and detoxify your body!

    Wow! How can he improve the Beyond Organic Reign Supreme Water?!! THIS is loaded with much more nutrition! Jordan Rubin knew he wanted to start with liquid whey from the milk of Beyond Organic’s GreenFed cattle when he created Beyond Organic's SueroViv. He also knew that he wanted to culture that whey with probiotics. After culturing, the whey is mixed with Reign Supreme Spring Water from Beyond Organic Springs in north Georgia. Reign, the purest spring water Jordan Rubin found (and he searched around the world to find the purest with least amount of solids!), the perfect ingredient in a functional beverage due to its purity. One of water’s two primary roles in the body is to deliver nutrients to the cells, and pure water is best suited for this purpose. Since the cultured whey is loaded with healthy nutrients, Reign water is the PERFECT delivery vehicle to our bodies.

    Jordan settled on three specific flavor components that would add health benefits as well. The first was organic juices, like lemon and raspberry juice, teeming with antioxidants. Organic honey was added to provide a natural sweetness that balances against the tangy cultured whey. His final flavor ingredient was a nod to our ancestors. Organic essential oils have been used for centuries for their health-promoting properties. The right Minerals Electrolytes are defined as substances, usually minerals, which contain free ions that make them electrically conductive.

    Beyond Organic and Jordan Rubin (who I believe is a genius!) knows that our bodies are finely tuned electrical systems, and electrolytes are depleted when you perspire. It’s important for anyone who leads an active lifestyle to replace those electrolytes. However, you want to make sure you are replacing them with the right electrolyte minerals. The minerals in liquid whey are bound to organic substances in the whey itself and they are literally a part of the whey. Contrast this with minerals taken from rocks or are found in their salt forms, which are inorganic and not bound to any organic substance. Jordan Rubin believes these inorganic minerals are not the best form of electrolytes for the body since they are not a normal part of our food chain.

    Essential oils are the concentrated lifeblood of plants. In Biblical times, essential oils were often used as a form of currency and valued as a prized possession. Today, essential oils are used in a variety of applications - orally and topically. Where Jordan was concerned, they added a unique health benefit and a distinct flavor.

    Beyond Organic's founder, Jordan Rubin, named his new beverage SueroViv, which literally translates to whey of life. Available in three refreshing flavorsRaspberry Lemonade, Orange Cinnamon and
CitrusSueroViv is the next generation of functional beverages. Plus the detoxifying Suero Cleanse products!

    Probiotics are typically fragile and unable to tolerate water, heat or pressure, but not with Beyond Organic! SueroViv probiotic water hydrates your body while supporting your digestive and immune system and is impervious to heat, pressure or other extremes. You can take SueroViv and pour it in your water when cooking, because boiling doesn’t destroy these probiotics. You can consume powerful probiotics by drinking them or eating them!

    Beyond Organic's SueroViv is a tonic elixir that is perfect as a sports drink and similar to kombucha, but healthier than coconut water.


Beyond Organic Amasai cultured dairy beverage with CLA and Omega 3's

BEYOND ORGANIC - Amasai - 16 oz bottle

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)

Order Beyond Organic Amasai


    Amasai, in FIVE flavors is totally addictive!! Beyond Organic's finest jewel - Amasai is a raw, A1 beta casein-free, probiotic, cultured dairy drink very similar to kefir only a 1000 times better!! It is a drinkable, cultured dairy beverage that provides 30 live STRONG probiotic cultures. It tastes like a smoothie, containing high quality proteins, healthy fats including CLA, omega 3’s fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals and easy to digest proteins. Amasai helps support your immune system and digestion functions. And when consumed every day, can help build your body. Even those who are lactose intolerant and sensitive to dairy products seem to enjoy this extremely healthy dairy beverage for breakfast, for a snack or even a dessert!

    The first flavor of Amasai I tasted, the milk and honey was like heaven to me - It's better than ice cream!!! This is something to drink every day!!! Beyond Organic Amasai is certified organic and comes from cows that are GREENfed - no grain whatsover, and that are antibiotic free and vaccination free. Amasai is similar to a yogurt or kefir, but SO much healthier it's rather unreal, and with its unique makeup, contains powerful nutrients and provides amazing health benefits. Jordan has recipes for making pancakes with the Amasai and chocolate chip ice cream with it too, along with many more fun recipes in his book. And when you cook it, the probiotics are not killed - they are that strong!!

What is the Benefit of Beyond Organic Amasai over Yogurt or Kefir?

Green Fed Cattle - No grain whatsoever!
True Whole Milk is used with a higher level of fat soluble vitamins.
Low Temperature Processing leaving the delicate proteins in their whole state.
Over 30 Live Probiotics Cultures.
Improved absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Reduced cellular-level inflammation.
Improved digestion.
Better recovery after the use of antibiotics.
Reduced rates of diarrhea.
Improved immune response.

    Jordan Rubin is using old world methods with Beyond Organic to keep his dairy products under 101 degrees so, technically raw, and killing bad bacteria with a very low heat process that is longer, to allow the bad bacteria to die off, without killing the vitamins and proteins that are in the milk. Then, he ferments it with 30 probiotics for way longer than industry standard, to develop this great product that has very low lactose (because the lactose breaks down in fermentation), very high in vitamins, Omega 3 fats, and protein.

    The animals are kept under humane conditions and only milked as much as their green diet and their individual systems will allow. The result? A Beyond Organic whole milk (4.5%), kefir type of product that is digestible by even the worst digestive tracts among us AND Gluten-free!

    This traditional beverage contains CLA and Omega 3 fatty acids and can be consumed every day to support your immune system and digestive functions. Great for those who are sensitive to traditional productsLaunching with 3 flavors: Plain, Milk & Honey (my favorite) or Raspberry (2nd place)....SO YUMMY!!!! Plus 2 new flavors - see online! There are 6 bottles (16oz ea.) per case. 3 month shelf life refrigerated, but awesome frozen and unthawed too, just shake vigorously!


Beyond Organic Really Raw Cheese with probiotics

BEYOND ORGANIC - Really Raw Cheese - 2 lb. minimum 

You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)

 Order Beyond Organic Really RAW Cheese Cheddar & Havarti


     Beyond Organic Really Raw Cheese is an artisanal, hand-crafted, using the highest quality, full mineral sea salt, infused with probiotics, great for you and your family. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jordan's raw cheese!!! Beyond organic, Really Raw CheeseA1 casein free. Beyond Organic Artisanal Raw Cheese is never heated above 101 degrees, but is kept at that temperature for a longer period of time than commercially processed cheeses, to kill bad bacteria. So, Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is technically "raw". Our cheese is created by our own award winning cheese maker. Made fresh on a family owned farm from raw milk produced by GreenFed cows, and infused with a powerful clinically studied probiotic, Really Raw Cheese is amongst the purest and healthiest cheese in the world! And it is SO GOOD!!! Beyond Organic Really Raw Cheese provides high quality protein, calcium and vitamins and is easy to digest.

     Jordan Rubin's Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is processed on the same land where the cows are milked and done in small batches to bring you the best product. Most "Raw Cheese" from other manufacturers, is heated to just 1 degree under traditional pasteurization temperatures so that it can be called "raw" without actually being much different from every other cheese product in the market. Beyond Organic uses very low temperature pasteurization so that the vitamins and nutrients in the milk are not destroyed.

    Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is made from real whole milk that runs about 4.5% fat and is rich in Omega 3s and lots of probiotics!

Really Raw Cheese Varieties: (2 lbs minimum)

Raw Chedar & Raw Havarti pkg 1 lb each
Raw Cheddar - 1 lb sizes for all!
(AWSOME yummy white cheese that isn't artificially colored orange!)
 Raw Havarti - yummy white cheese, that I love, love, love!
Other cheeses - coming soon and/or when available!


Order Beyond Organic Dark Chocolate Probiotics Omega 3's


Beyond Organic grassfed greenfed ground beef hot dogs

BEYOND ORGANIC - GreenFed™ Ground Beef


GREENfed Lean Gourmet Ground beef  3 lb minimum


You will see the retail prices ONLINE. Click on the tiny sentence that teaches you how to save 20% by signing up as a preferred customer or a mission marketer (seller.)


Once you have signed up as a P.C or M.M you can get the Beef Package which is new and HARD TO GET, so get it quick, IF available. 

 Beyond Organic grassfed greenfed beef hot dogs ground beef


    BEYOND ORGANIC GreenFed (better than grassfed) beef is high in nutrients, and loaded with great taste! This beef contains powerful nutrients such as CLA, carnitine, carnosine and vitamins B6 & B12. Finally, a GreenFed beef using biblically kosher slaughter methods for animal welfare and human health. The beef cattle are finished on entirely green food, NO grain, with NO hormones, fungacides, antibiotics, pesticides, vaccinations, etc.

    Green Finishing Program - Cattle intensely graze on grasses and greens such as forbs, herbs and legumes no grain –and have a peaceful, happy existence on open pastures. Our organic pastures are never sprayed with chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and are free of synthetic, chemical fertilizers. Our beef is naturally higher in omega 3s, and CLA than conventional grain fed beef.

    Minimally Processed – No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives
Only supplement with certified organic greens and grasses when necessary. We adhere to animal kindness standards in our raising, finishing and processing. Sustainable land and soil management for optimal soil fertility and forage nutrient content. Biblically-based processing methods

GreenFed Beef Selections to begin with:
Ground Beef - 1 lb packages (2 lbs minumum)


  Beyond Organic Change Your Diet Pack


****All this material comes from Beyond Organic and can be changed at any time! It also tells the point value for each product for those of you that are going to be Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic.


Change Your Diet, Change Your Life,

Change Your World!


 Cathy & Tom Pedigo Beyond Organic Mission Marketers
Cathy & Tom Pedigo - VP level - Independent Mission Marketers for Beyond Organic - ID #751
We invite you to join our Beyond Organic team as a customer OR a M.M. Call us: 719-598-5050





     Visit Beyond Organic and read SO much MORE. We have begged Jordan for this truly BEYOND organic food, for over 12 years and it's finally here! These foods & beverages are life-changing! I'm one of the lucky people who got healed by Jordan Rubin's health supplements from Garden of Life, so I know what I'm talking about and why I was convinced that becoming a Mission Marketer was one of the smartest things I could ever do.





     For years, you’ve probably been told that red meat or beef is bad for you. If you’re like most people, when confronted with a lusciously delicious burger, you probably have felt temptation — and guilt. Now, with Beyond Organic, you can indulge your love of red meat - beef - and live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. We've got AWESOME recipes for your new Beyond Organic GREENfed ground beef!!


What Does YOUR Cow Eat? Is It BEYOND Organic?...NOPE!

     Grassfed beef has become very popular in the last several years. Grassfed beef differs from conventionally raised beef in several ways. Most notably, in what the cows eat. Grassfed beef, as the name implies, eat the diet that ruminant animals are supposed to eat, grass.

    Conventionally raised animals —what accounts for at least 99% of the beef sold in grocery stores — are fed grains such as corn as a means of fattening them up before they go to market. Unfortunately, they are often fed other “foods” that they were never meant to consume, including leftovers from food processing plants—baked goods, potato skins and even candy


A Healthier Way to Eat Beef With Beyond Organic

     At Beyond Organic, our beef exceeds even grassfed standards, creating a new standard known as GreenFed beef. Beyond Organic cattle eat more than just grass and, when properly raised, should eat everything green in sight — including grass, legumes, forbs and herbs. They are allowed to roam freely, grazing on their diet of choice. It is a more humane method than randomly penning thousands of cows in a feedlot and force-feeding them foods they were never meant to consume. It is also a more natural method of raising cattle, and one that leads to a more nutritious end product.

     Grassfed beef — and certainly GreenFed beef — is leaner than conventional beef. It has a more omega-3 fatty acids and far less omega-6 fatty acids. It has far more CLA, a fatty acid that is good for your immune system AND your waistline. It even has higher levels of vitamins B-6 and B-12.


Jordan Rubin Beyond Organic foods and beverages


Beyond Organic GreenFed Standard

     In the creation of Beyond Organic GreenFed beef, we adhere to 10 strict guidelines regulating our cattle production. Jordan Rubin is PASSIONATE about the humane treatment of his animals! On Beyond Organic ranches, the cattle that provide the Beyond Organic GreenFed beef you consume, will meet the following criteria**:

1.) Biblically Based, Kosher Processing Methods

2.) Kind, Humane Treatment of Animals

3.) GreenFed—not just grassfed

4.) Non-GMO

5.) Fair Made

6.) Chemical Medicine FREE
-No Antibiotics
-No Hormones or Growth Promotents
-No De-wormers
-No Vaccines

7.) Quality and Safety in processing

8.) Old World Production Methods – focusing on slow and careful raising of

9.) Pesticide/Herbicide/Fungicide/Chemical Fertilizer Free Grazing

10.) Sustainable Land and Soil Management – for optimal soil fertility and microbe diversity


     We believe that Beyond Organic's GreenFed Beef is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Thousands of years ago, cattle were a prized commodity. Today, Beyond Organic is raising cattle in the same way as our ancestors did. The advent of “modern” farming has robbed us of what once made beef so healthy and prized by our ancestors. Our mission is to change that and help you change your diet, change your life and change your world.

     **We raise much of our beef cattle from birth on our very own certified organic land to be processed in our certified organic processing plant. To meet the growing demand of the Beyond Organic consumers, we have put in place a plan to purchase cattle from local ranchers to grow, finish and process our beef. When we do bring in cattle from other ranches, we put each cow through a three day natural detoxification program and raise them on a 100% green diet using no medications, chemicals, vaccinations. Before we process these cattle into beef, each one is tested to insure optimal levels of CLA, a key to determine the health promoting properties of our Beyond Organic GreenFed beef.



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Helping & Healing Your Life and the World's!
Cathy & Tom Pedigo from Winning Edge

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1-719-598-5050 or 1-719-598-9761

Jordan Rubin's Beyond Organic Website

BEYOND ORGANIC foods and beverages from JORDAN RUBIN, founder of Garden of Life

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Garden of Life RAW Protein

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During the last few years my husband decided to learn how to start cooking and we've discovered he has a tremendous gift....This guy can COOK!!!!! We decided to compile every fantastic recipe that he has cooked for our guests and our own family that literally have people begging for us to invite them over again. The highlight of my day is looking forward to the fantastic meals he prepares. He has a gift for making my mouth water before I even sit down at the dinner table. The smells are fantastic! These are truly recipes to die for and we're now offering them to you also. Bon appetit!

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This book was written to help churches bring their congregation into the very lap of God. This can be accomplished by adapting a certain musical progression during the time of congregational singing. The author, Rev. Tom Pedigo, calls this model "The Temple Pattern" which involves a simple threefold process of musically moving from the Outer Court (celebration and jubilation) to the Inner Court (reflection and expectation) and into the Holy of Holies (adoration and spiritual communion). A must-read for every pastor, worship leader and serious worshipper. After visiting hundreds of churches, Rev. Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival.

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Original Limu Fucoidan Juice From The Limu Company
Limu is a veritable storehouse of healthful nutrients that together, cannot be found in any land based plant. In fact, Limu boasts over 70 vital nutrients, including immune-supporting antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, glyconutrients, vitamins and minerals, and of course, Fucoidan. It's no wonder that the anticipation... the demand... and the significance surrounding our life-changing product prompted representatives of all 4 of the major news networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, to contact us to share our story! The Limu Company has developed the first and only proprietary technology for extracting Fucoidan in a form that's usable by the body without destroying Limu's other delicate, but extremely powerful nutrients. In fact, every bottle of Original Limu™ is 83% pure reconstituted Tongan Limu, with every vital nutrient intact for fast integration into the human body. Our exclusive recipe - containing an all-natural blend of papaya, mango, pear, and apple - and our proprietary chill-blending technology, guarantees that every serving is as delicious as the last. The result? A breakthrough... golden-colored... life sustaining beverage... that cannot be duplicated, and that tastes as good as it is good for you. Think of it as nature's gift to your immune system.


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