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Crying and Colic Baby Go To Sleep


How to Quiet a Crying Baby, Fussy Newborn, Infant with Colic -
Even Adults with Alzheimer's Go To Sleep!


Baby Go To Sleep Heartbeat Therapy Music CD's STOPS CRYING 

90 Day Money Back GUARANTE from Audio Therapy Innovations!

Does your newborn baby have colic?

Are your infants days and nights mixed up?

Need help quieting a crying baby?

Need support in helping your child learn to sleep in their OWN bed!

Do you, or another adult you love, have insomnia and can't get to sleep?

Baby Go To Sleep Heartbeat Therapy Music was originally created for sick, crying babies, newborn infants with colic or preemies in NICU wards...

But it worked such miracles that it's now available for babies at home, adults, & adults with Alzheimers, too!


Find out for yourself!!

Baby Go To Sleep stops crying

       Baby Go To Sleep CD's may well be the most loving gift you could give to yourself, your child, your family or your friends this year! Someone you know needs these calming music CD's right now!


Baby Go To Sleep CD's...

America's Number-One Selling Musical Therapy Sleep CD's
(Helping children sleep for over 30 yrs! HONEST remedy for babies with colic, also!)

Works with adults, too!


Winning Edge hours are 9 am to 5 pm MST Monday-Friday. 
Baby Go to Sleep ORDER line: 1-719-598-9761 or 1-800-841-4248


     For over 30 years, Baby-Go-To-Sleep has produced the number one best-selling music therapy heartbeat CD recordings. They've been clinically PROVEN to help children sleep and to calm babies with colic or special needs; they even calm adults and Alzheimer's patients to sleep!

     I gave one of these CD's to my next door neighbor whose 2 twin grandchildren haven't slept through the night since they were born - and now they are age two!!! They've been very sick, but from the very first night they played the CD, they started sleeping through the night!!! Mommy, daddy & Grandma are VERY happy!

    And yes, these CD's even help adults too!
Did you know that music is the language of memory? Most music therapists will acknowledge this fact. In brain scans, music lights up the medial prefontal cortex and triggers a memory that starts playing in your mind. The strongest responses to music cause the greatest activity on brain scans. This is why a stroke patient can access lyrics before they remember language and why Alzheimer's patients can still remember songs from their youth.

If ANY of the things above are happening in your family or in someone's home or hospital that you love, you OWE it to them to grab one of these Baby Go To Sleep Heartbeat Music CD's and play it with them and WATCH the response! Thousands of hours went into creating the ORIGINAL Heartbeat Lullaby CD. That's why the beautiful music, the melody, the woman singing and the mother's heartbeat that you will hear when you play the CD - it does something magical. It calms the spirit of anyone from your baby with colic, to your crying child, to an Alzheimer adult.

    Watch it calm any and all of them - to sleep! It works and the manufacturer is so SURE of that - they actually offer a money back guarantee within 90 days of your purchase, along with your receipt. You HAVE to see it to believe it. Keep reading!


The One & Only Original Heartbeat Music Therapy CD...Don't settle for imitations!

Baby Go To Sleep CD's

 Note: Originally, these were only available in cassette tapes when created, so you will read a lot of testimonies from people calling these recordings tapes, but NOW, are only available as CD's!

    It is becoming well-known that babies who are exposed to music therapy show increased oxygen saturation and decreased heart rate (which is a good thing - they are being calmed down so they can sleep) and some studies have shown preemies doubling their daily weight gain when music therapy is part of their routine.

If you have a child in NICU or NCU at the hospital, PLEASE ask if they will allow you to use these CD's for your baby. If you have a friend with a preemie in the hospital, give this to them as a gift. The babies sometimes are release 2 weeks earlier than the infants who AREN'T exposed to this heartbeat musical therapy CD!


     Statistics show that 40% of children under age 5 keep their parents up at night, and 1 out of 3 babies has colic. (American Academy of Pediatrics)


Are you one of the 7 out of 10 parents who have an
colicky infant or crying baby waking you in the night?

Order Baby CD's Now!


        For most parents it's the moment of truth...3 a.m. and the baby is crying furiously. Groggily you realize you - yes, you - must get out of bed and figure out how to help your crying infant.

crying baby


        Some doctors or grandparents may advise to "just let them cry." But tenderhearted, frustrated parents know that's a lot easier said than done.

     Thankfully, crying and colic relief for babies has arrived and it's only a heartbeat away. Since 1985, our children's heartbeat music therapy has helped millions of parents get their babies to sleep without having to let them cry.

colic baby crying heartbeat


        Terry Woodford, was a successful record producer, publisher and/or song writer for The Commodores, The Temptations, Alabama, Hank Williams, Jr., Wayne Newton, and Barbara Mandrell during the '70's and '80's. Since 1985 he was inspired to create baby music therapy CD's that are becoming a "must have" for exhausted parents of fussy newborns and children up to six years old. He developed the first tape in 1985, spending almost one year and 1,700 hours in the studio to produce the first tape! Thanks to thousands of compassionate care providers, Heartbeat Musical Therapy is now used in all kinds of situations - in hospitals, daycare (for nap time), children's hospitals, special care centers for the elderly. AND most recently in animal shelters and zoos! This is NOT just ANY baby CD....


       So far, over 8,420 hospitals and special care centers, in addition to over 2.6 million homes, have used Baby Go To Sleep CD's for fussy babies or newborn colic and found that they work. In newborn nursery tests, 94% of crying babies fell asleep without a bottle or pacifier as the music played. These CD's feature the comforting sound of a real human heartbeat along with arranged traditional lullabies and nursery songs.


        Pediatric and neonatal nurses swear by the Baby Go To Sleep CD's which can often be used in serious cases as an alternative to drug sedation. For example, excessive crying can be dangerous for premature babies on life support, because crying inhibits their healing and growth. The calming effect of the Heartbeat Lullaby CD on the babies is quite fast and visible. This calming heartbeat music has been successfully used in nearly all of the top 20 children’s hospitals in the nation.


        Play our researched-backed music recordings - proven to calm babies as a key part your common sense bedtime routine - and you will get your child on a healthy sleep schedule, stop your fussy baby from crying, soothe and prevent symptoms of colic, and help your baby remain quiet during feedings and diaper changes.


stops crying baby go to sleep


What Customers Say About Baby Go To Sleep CD's...

At My Wit's End!

        "I just wanted to say a big thank you for creating such a wonderful product. My little girl is 2 months old and after being over stimulated and cuddled during the Christmas period she would not sleep during the day withour being nursed. I was at my wits end one day, feeling extremely tired and frustrated when I came across your web site. I instantly ordered the CD (skeptical at first) and eagerly awaited it in the mail. It only took five days and I live in Australia. The first time I tried the CD she slept for four hours during the day and six hours that night. It even put me and my husband to sleep. I'm am so happy that I now get to spend some time with my 5 year old during the day. Thank you so much again and I am telling all my friends about your wonderful product." (Diana Marinac, Carrara, Australia)

I Love Your Heartbeat CD's!

        "I love your heartbeat music CDs. My 16 month old daughter, Sophia, would fight her way to sleep every night — tossing, turning and fussing. She always wanted me to rock her to sleep. In addition to this nighttime battle, she would wake up every three hours. I tried everything. I have always had her sleeping in the crib and I tried other techniques to help, even letting her cry. But when her cries would reach levels of her straining her vocal cords, I had to give in and soothe her. I read your ad for the CD's when I was pregnant, but never ordered them until I was desperate for sleep. (I lost out on 16 months of sleep.) Her behavior changed from the first night I played the CD. She was so much calmer. No fussing to fall asleep. The same is true of naptime. By the third night, she slept from 9 pm until 5 am without a peep. My husband and I are finally getting some rest. Thank you soooo much!" (Lily and Sophia)

A Lifesaver

        "I have your Heartbeat Lullabies tape. It was a lifesaver. I had my first baby in August, and she cried all the time. I received the tape through my Lamaze class. I never read what songs were on it, just popped it in the cassette player, and hoped for the best. Not only did it lull my newborn to sleep, but myself as well. It was about 3 weeks before I heard the entire tape. Thanks a lot." (Stacey, in Severn, Maryland)

It Can Quiet Any Baby!

        "I'd like to tell anyone who doesn't believe these tapes work that they should give them a try. We have a two month old son who has cried most of his life already and within an hour of putting in the CD he was asleep and has slept all night long every night since. I also use them for naptime. I am online re-ordering the rest of the CD's because they work so well. I am an RN and being medically minded I was extremely skeptical of any "quick fixes". This is one "quick fix" that is a sure thing. If it can quiet my baby it can quiet any baby!!" (Kathryn Merritt, Shreveport, LA)

Without a Whimper!

        "This CD worked the very first time we used it! Our 7 month old went to bed AWAKE without even a whimper! Now we're getting it for friends who are expecting this month!" (Sandra Dawson, Boise, ID)

It's a Miracle!

        "It's a miracle! Dominic is four months old and tonight was the first time we used your CD. I laid him down awake and he fell asleep on his own, without a peep out of him, in about 3 minutes. He had so much trouble falling asleep before and wouldn constantly stir awake. Thank you so much for your little piece of heaven in music form!!!" (Angela and Mike Sasser, Biloxi, MS)

Sorry I Waited 2 Months to Try it!

        "I tried the tape after 2 months of having it. Yes two months of NO sleep! I have used the tape every night since (she is now going to be 1 year old). I just wanted to thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!" (Melisa Byrd, New Windsor, NY)

Volunteers of America, Westchester Care Center, Tempe, Arizona

        "This letter is to inform you of how wonderful the [CDs] really are! I’m the Director of our newly opened Alzheimer’s unit. Prior to receiving your [music] we had an average of 5-10 behavioral outbursts per day. We began playing your recordings during "high" agitation times and can happily report we have seen a decrease. On an average, outbursts are now 1-4 times a day, with some days "episode" free. Our staff, residents, and families are grateful. The [Christian] version tends to work best with our residents!" (Linn C. Program Director)

Never Seen Anything so Phenomenal

        "I ordered your Jesus Loves Me tape for my daughter to use with my grandson who is 4 months old. In less than 24 hours we began to notice a difference. By the end of the second day, the tape worked like a charm. We've never seen anything so phenomenal. We have been telling everyone about it. It's like a miracle! Now after two weeks, he is sleeping through the night an average of 7-8 hours. Before he woke approximately every two hours and during the day also. Now at times, he prefers to be put into his crib with the tape playing instead of being held or rocked. Just wanted to let you know, we sure won't be asking for our money back." (Kathy Brothers)

Fell Asleep Within 2-3 Minutes!

        "My father got this CD for my daughter who is 4 months old. She fell asleep within 2-3 minutes of listening to the CD! I am ordering it for my best friend who is due in September. Thank you!." (Kelly Ewachiw, Huntington Woods, MI)

Couldn't Fight the Sleep

        "I purchased one tape and the first night I used it, my son went to sleep in his own room for the first time without a 15 minute fight to sleep elsewhere. He is 21 months old and does not like his room, but was so relaxed that he could not fight the sleep. Thank you!." (Sharyn Thornton, Raymond, MS)

Works on Cats!

        "I tried your CD for the first time today, after receiving it yesterday in the mail. Amazingly, my colicky daughter fell asleep within two minutes. But there is more! While the CD was playing I glanced out to see both my cats stretched out and sleeping on our deck. I thought this unusual, I've never seen them sleeping outside before. They are indoor cats and only go out for fresh air. I suddenly realized that I not only had our indoor speakers on, but our deck speakers were on as well and the cats had fallen asleep to your CD. This gave me quite the laugh and I thought you'd like to know as well!" (Linda Bailey, Franklin, TN)

Now Sleeping in Crib!

        "Thank you sooo... much for your wonderful product. After 6 months of having my son sleep in my bed he is now in his crib. The very first time we played the tape for him he fell asleep in 5 minutes. He sleeps 6 hours at a time now. This is a lot for him. He was up every three hours prior to this. It has only been a week but I thank for helping me with my sanity!" (Ilene Benner, Palm Bay, FL)

A Lifesaver!

        "We have a very fussy (probably colicky) 6 week old. She would only sleep for maybe 2 hours at night at a time. The first time we put on the CD, she slept for 5 hours straight, followed by 6 and then 7 hours on the next two nights. The CD really is a lifesaver. Thank you for making it available! I've already ordered one for a shower gift. In gratitude," (Darcy Wharton, Rocklin, CA)

Puts the Dogs to Sleep, Too!!

        "My niece just got her CD's and is out cold!! It puts the dogs to sleep too! Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful CD's!" (Lainie's Aunt, Megan Woodworth, Beverly, KY)

Started Sleeping in Crib!

        "I adored the CD's so much I am buying another one for a friend's baby shower. Our baby started sleeping in the crib for the first time when she listened to them." (Deeanne Quist, Mattoon, IL)

If you'd like to read more testimonies, CLICK HERE!


Want to share your testimony on our web page?  We'd love to hear from you!


Show me what you offer...Take me to your
(Or keep scrolling for more information!)

Getting Your Baby to Sleep Made Easy

     Baby-Go-To-Sleep heartbeat music therapy recordings are the classic and most documented product in the field of music to help children relax and sleep...even babies that have colic. Our CD's, created to help your child, are the most credible, most researched product of their type available.

baby go to sleep cd's

Technically...What Are Baby Go To Sleep CD's?

        Baby-Go-To-Sleep Heartbeat Musical Therapy CD's have been specially produced to use the most effective principles of relaxation to naturally and gently soothe listeners of all ages to sleep. In all of our Baby-Go-to-Sleep recordings, a real human heart, recorded from the chest, is used as the rhythm instrument (drums) for traditional lullabies, nursery songs or Christian children's songs. The heartbeat is intentionally the predominant sound and never stops between songs. The heart rate has been set at a constant tempo for each song and only changes tempo between songs. The tempos for each song range from 78 to 62 beats per minute; the tempos which approximate the resting adult heart rate.

       The songs were selected because of their simple melodies. Most are infants' and children's favorites that have withstood the test of time. We incorporated the basic principles of relaxation into the arrangements, keeping each section and component of the songs simple, repetitive, and predictable. In order to express the emotions of compassion and tenderness in their singing, most of the studio singers held dolls or imagined singing to their own child at bedtime. The performers were also asked to sing the melodies without improvising, so parents and children could sing along. We later replaced or eliminated any sounds that the nurses observed to be startling or stimulating. Various other recording, arranging, and performance techniques were used to maintain interest in a soothing way throughout the recording.

        This music can be used for colic babies or fussy newborns or any child up to age six - at naptime, bedtime, or during times of stress to reduce anxiety and help listeners sleep. It can also be used during the last trimester of pregnancy to calm both mother and baby at bedtime and help get baby on a regular sleep schedule – even before birth!

       The Tapes were initially developed in 1985 to calm children and help them sleep in daycare centers at naptime. When they proved powerfully effective, they were then tested and perfected in hospital intensive care and newborn nurseries. The rest, as they say, is history!

        Baby Go To Sleep CD's are being used in over 2.6 million homes to help children develop regular sleep schedules and over 8,420 hospitals and special care centers in the U.S., Canada and abroad.


Our Musical Therapy CD's Have Won These Awards!

  • Vol. 1 - Winner of the 1999 Parents Choice Silver Honor Award!
  • Vol. 1 - 1999 Parents Choice Silver Honor Award Winner!


        Baby Go To Sleep CD's have also had great success when used for emotional comfort and physical healing in individual cases involving the following:

       Colic, Premature babies, Neo-natal and Pediatric intensive care, Physically challenged, Home health care, Children on life support, Mentally challenged, Severe chronic illness, Painful medical procedures, Alzheimer centers, Burn units, Headstart, Daycare centers, Autism, ADHD, Coke/crack-exposed babies, Abuse shelter care, Foster care, Nursing homes, Hyperactive disorder


Baby Go To Sleep CD's Clinically Proven to Calm Infants!

        Researchers at Indiana University School of Nursing completed a randomized, researcher-blind placebo pilot study to evaluate interventions for neonatal painduring and after circumcision. Compared to babies not played the music, newborns listening to Heartbeat Musical Therapy Recordings remained calmer and pain perception was less. (Results were published in the proceedings of the 18th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society, Abstract p. 157 October 1999.)

        A study was completed at Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron on babies born at 25 to 30 week gestation or those weighing from one pound two ounces up to two pounds 12 ounces. Those who were played the heartbeat music therapy recordings four hours per day were released from the neonatal intensive care unit an average 12 days sooner than babies who didn’t hear the music. (1997-2000)

        During a six week study observing the behavior of 59 crying babies, 94% stopped crying or went to sleep within 2 minutes when the Heartbeat Music Therapy recording was played, without the use of a bottle or pacifier. (1985 Newborn nursery, Helen Keller Hospital, Sheffield AL)


Woodford Now Nationally Recognized Therapeutic Music Expert

        After these many years of discovery and added hope, Woodford speaks nationally to nurses, doctors, social workers, and other care providers as an expert in using music to heal and help calm frightened children. Bringing his expertise home, he frequently speaks to new and expectant parent groups, focusing on his relatively simple, but incredibly valuable talk on “How to help your child stop crying and sleep through the night”.

        Woodford’s advice is widely sought by parents, and he has been an informative and entertaining guest on national, regional, and local media including CBS Up to the Minute, TNN, CBC (Journal Diary), Health Network’s "Ask the Pediatrician", The 700 Club, ABC, Family Channel, BBC and others. He’s been interviewed by over 400 TV news stories and talk shows, talk radio programs and newspapers in major American and Canadian cities.

90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee from Audio Therapy Innovations!

Are you worried that these Baby Go To Sleep CD's won't work? Try them!
You have nothing to lose...and a good night's sleep to gain!!
90 day money back guarantee from Audio Therapy Innovations, Inc.

Order Baby Go to Sleep helps colic

GiftWonderful gift idea for baby showers, church nurseries, etc.


Winning Edge hours are 9 am to 5 pm MST Monday-Friday

 Baby Go to Sleep ORDER line:

Have a Cell Phone? Call us at: 719-598-9761
Landline Only? Call us at: 1-800-841-4248


Reviews on Baby Go To Sleep
"Stops Crying Guaranteed" CD's


Los Angeles Times, Sunday July 6, 1997
Ann Durgerian, co-owner of the Carousel Baby Shop in Pasadena, swears by the Baby-Go-To-Sleep audio-therapy tapes, the store's top seller for parents seeking sleep.

BabyTalk Magazine
Crack babies going through withdrawal have also been comforted by the tape and increasingly pediatricians prescribe it for colicky babies or those who have trouble falling asleep.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Regarded as one of the century's great advances, it features sedating versions of "Old McDonald" and "London Bridge" accompanied by a heart beating opiately in rhythm.

National Enquirer, October 20, 1998
Woodford's Baby-Go-To-Sleep Tapes have sold more than 1.1 million copies -- and the US Military has given out more than 100,000 saying they are "directly linked to improved job performance and reduced household stress and decreased child and spousal abuse.

About the Artist

For 18 years Terry Woodford produced, wrote, published and/or engineered records for artists such as The Supremes, The Temptations, The Commodores, Wayne Newton, Hank Williams, Jr., and Alabama. He held many positions in the music industry, including Regional Board of Governors for NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences). He co-founded the first college degree program to teach the commercial music business at the University of Northern Alabama.

In 1987 he left the entertainment industry to pursue music as a method for healing infants and children. As the leading authority on pre-recorded music therapy for children, Woodford is often interviewed on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines throughout North America.

He is a nationally recognized speaker who lectures on how to identify sounds that can be harmful or healing for children. His popular wellness topics include "Don't Let Them Cry - Get Your Baby To Sleep Naturally" and how to reduce sleep deprivation in the workplace. He is a very entertaining and informative speaker sought after by hospitals, corporations, and national conferences. Woodford can be reached at 719-473-0100.

Product Description
Lullabies and nursery songs - GUARANTEED to help children newborn to 6 years old sleep through the night - or your money back. Clinically proven to calm babies. Includes all 9 songs from the 1999 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award winning Heartbeat Musical Therapy CD #1 plus all 9 songs from CD #2 - on one compact disc. The music on this CD actually stops babies from crying, soothes symptoms of colic, and helps parents get their children to sleep through the night - without having to let them cry! Included in each CD is a "Parents' Guide - An Introduction to Heartbeat Musical Therapy" booklet with common-sense suggestions for bedtime routines that work. This music can even be used during the last trimester of pregnancy to help both mom and baby get a good night's sleep.

In all of our Baby-Go-to-Sleep recordings, a real human heartbeat, recorded from the chest, is used as the rhythm (drums) for traditional lullabies and nursery songs. The heartbeat is intentionally the predominant sound and never stops between songs. The heart rate has been set at a constant tempo for each song and only changes tempo between songs. The tempos for each song range from 78 to 62 beats per minute; the tempos which approximate the resting adult heart rate.

The songs were selected because of their simple melodies. Most are infants' and children's favorites that have withstood the test of time. We incorporated the basic principles of relaxation into the arrangements, keeping each section and component of the songs simple, repetitive, and predictable. In order to express the emotions of compassion and tenderness in their singing, most of the studio singers held dolls or imagined singing to their own child at bedtime. The performers were also asked to sing the melodies without improvising, so parents and children could sing along. Various other recording, arranging, and performance techniques were used to maintain interest in a soothing way throughout the recording.

We are glad to be able to preserve these traditional lullabies and nursery songs in a way that is both fresh and timeless. We feel we are using these songs for their highest purpose. We have confidence these arrangements are in keeping with the way the great composers who wrote them would like to have them arranged and interpreted.

This music has been proven over and over and over, in thousands of challenging situations during the past 15 years. It has made homes happier by providing a profound experience of peace and relaxation, helping children and adults to go to sleep in over a million families. It has brought healing relief in over 8,000 hospitals and special care centers to parents and children struggling with serious problems. In places where life is not harmonious, it has offered harmony. We feel this music is God's gift, and we are grateful for it.

baby go to sleep and pregnancy Gift Baskets

Baby-Go-to-Sleep Pregnancy & Baby Shower Gift Baskets


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"How to Stop Smoking" will give you strategies for quitting the tobacco habit and overcoming nicotine addiction by providing powerful tools to use in your battle to quit smoking. The author, Dr. Roger Aveyard, has been working in the behavioral health field for about 30 years and has experienced for himself the struggle of smoking, the agony associated with the habit, and an unrelenting desire to learn how to quit. He's been there, done that, and has come out a winner!

Can a Fallen Pastor or Repentant Minister be Restored to the Ministry After a Moral Fall?
Do you believe a future ministry is possible for a pastor after a moral sin? Are there solid, biblical reasons why a pastor can or cannot return to his vocation? "Restoration Manual: A Workbook For Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders" is a step by step process for organizing a Restoration Team for a repentant pastor, with practical recovery steps. This unique workbook will help the broken minister pick up the pieces of his life as it gives hope, help and healing direction. It's received numerous endorsements for its format of ministerial healing from a variety of denominational leaders. Over 2000 church leaders representing 25 denominations now have this unique manual!


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